How come the WEED they smoke isnt alive?

How come the WEED they smoke isnt alive?

Why couldn't the whole movie be about her

That seriously botherd me while watching it. Also, they have a concept of eating, so what do the food eat?


why aren't the Q-Tips burning in the fire alive?

>Why couldn't the whole movie be about him
FTFY heterosexual scum

So they didn't have to portray smoking weed as bad in any way.

Eat shit this movie is gay and she's the only good thing about it


Cause weed isn't food its a plant.

>plants aren't edible or processed for consumption at all

dude weed hork hork hork


Its not prepackaged
I wonder why we didn't get Doritos amd mountain dew

There's actually a very smart, somewhat brilliant reason for that user.

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its true.

Lettuce is defiantly a plant. Next time try a simple google search instead of spouting the buzzword de jour when someone disagrees with you.

Obviously the rule is that heavily processed food comes alive
so like, a pig is alive, pork is just meat, but ground up pork with spices in a collagen casing is alive again.
wheat is alive, flour is dead, cooked flour with water and yeast into a bun is alive
so a weed plant is alive, then it's dead when you pick the leaves, then when you bake it into brownies, the weed brownies would be alive.

Guess you must've smoked a shitton then 'cause you a faggot.

The same reason the plants they walk through aren't alive, but toilet paper is.

It's not sold in a supermarket. Thread over.

So wait, have none of the staff working at this place ever eat food, like on a break or something? Did no-one ever have a small child demand to eat something immediately after buying it (or even at the checkout)?

Then why are potatoes and carrots alive?

It's not Sprouts.

There are also a bunch of customers that will sneak a sampling of produce, like single grapes.

I remember spotting a woman steal a cherry. It was pretty funny seeing the look on her face when it dawned on her she had no place to spit out the pit, followed by her awkward squirming as she tried to figure out what to do.

They likely don't eat in front of the customers where the food could see it happen. They eat in the back where all the expired/broken food items are.

And I guess checkout is too far away for most of the food to notice assuming they don't wander away from their shelves.

If a food product gets suspicious, Firewater will come around and threaten to kill it

Maybe not in pansytown for pussies

I legit laughed

It was very confusing what was alive and what wasn't.

The jars that have jelly or Peanuts butter is alive, but the packaging hotdogs or buns isn't.
One guy was a roll of mentos, but it is shown that the mentos inside him are also alive?
Each slice of pizza is alive instead of one pizza that's cut into pieces.

It's an herb, not a fucking fruit or vegetable. I don't recall there being sentient oregano or paprika.

They killed him. That's why.

I'd rather watch a whole movie about this douche to be quite honest

They just go by whatever's funniest in a given scene. There are no rules.

His transformation was interesting otherwise he sucked fucking hard too

Despite all of the movie's problems, he was a top-tier villain.

That transformation scene triggered me pretty hard, not gonna lie. It was kind of weird to see something so rape-y in pixar tier detail.

that was nothing in comparison to the shit in the script

Name one supermarket in the US that sells weed.

any HQ rips yet?

Is that a seam or did they give her camel toe?

Her name is Camille Tow, work it out.

Because they need to smoke it for the scene to work and it being alive would just ruin the entire flow of the scene.

It's a work of fiction, it doesn't have to be logically watertight.

That reminds me, they cut the Rat Fingering scene.

I didnt see the movie but weed isnt food, its an herb.

W-what was in the script

A douche isn't a food either.

the douche had a fucking army of rats and tortured the lavash guy by making him swallow shit he fingered directly out of a rats asshole

Wow, now I kinda wish they kept it in just to see that animated