Black Manta Thread

Alright folks, its time to pay respect to one of DC's best, and underrated, villains. And if you don't, start hugging your children

Who do you guys want to play him in the film?
>> Idris Elba
>> Michael K Williams
>> Lance Reddick
>> Michael Jai White
>> Other?

If not Michael k Williams I'd like Keith David

>On Earth 2 there is White Ray, Black Manta's hero doppelganger.
>He genuinely asks Sea King about his wife and kid

You meat earth 3?

I wonder what Earth 2 Bizarro is like.

Legend > Black Manta

An evil Indiana Jones hunting down Atlantis artifacts is better than MY FATHER IS DEAD

Either of the two Michaels.

Hell yeah

David is like in his 60's.
He is just too old.

Shame manta left SS
It really felt like a good spot for him.

All the throats he could cut. A good way to vent his Aquaman hate boner without being punched by an atlantean.

Manta is not about his motive which has changed many times over the years.

He is about his devotion to his hatred.

My favourite white ray story is when apon hearing of sea kings return he takes off his apron shakes hands with everybody at the soup kitchen and calmy walks off into the sea.

Remember that time he saved Aquababy from drowning?
A real hero



Holy shit this is amazing
Why is this not a thing that exists?

smug Manta

How much of the nu52 Aquaman is worth reading? I read up until his old team the Others appeared and started getting killed and stopped, but not because I thought it was bad.

Should I continue?

Yeah, he'd be autistically devoted to doing good.

but would he be an interesting character?


bump for Manta

Yeah Johns run is great.
Run that follows is also good, keeps the same feel Johns run did.

Maybe skip the stuff where Aquaman is turned into a rebel against Atlantis? I remembering thinking it was dumb.

Rebirth run is better than run before it, but I think I liked Johns and run after run more.
Still a pretty good run so far.

Oh and Aquaman and The Others get a spinoff comic that kinda sucks, so not much missed skipping that.

Is Aquaman getting a omnibus like Flash?