First look at Colleen Wing on Marvel's Iron Fist

Set photos of Jessica Henwick and Finn Jones bloody and fighting some goons, and Colleen ain't messin around: jones&sort=newest henwick&sort=newest

Honestly I can't wait for Luke, Danny, Misty and Colleen finally team-up.

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So how powerful should Danny's punch be on the show? Should it vary depending on the time he takes focusing his chi?

>Should it vary depending on the time he takes focusing his chi

I think this is a good way to go. I'd add that maybe doing the chi punch requires a ton of energy, meaning there would be a valid reason not to use it in every fight situation (would make it worth it when Danny does actually use it)

I hope we get a Heroes for Hire series instead of Iron Fist or Luke Cage season 2

And focus. Focus gives room for charging during boss fights that are always strung out while mass jobbers only get basic shit since no cooldown

Meant more towards mental focus too and not just plain charging muh lazers

Im curious as to how they'll make his costume work.

I'm mixed regarding this. One one hand, yeah it would be dope as fuck. But on the flip side, what's the point of a Heroes for Hire show when the Defenders show already exists as the team-up show? I honestly think Luke Cage and Iron Fist can handle multiple seasons individually (and ESPECIALLY if Jessica fucking Jones can get a second season)

What sound should it make?

I hope they gets rid of his fucking curls.

Like 70s Chinese dubs

Maybe a shkow or boom?


I'd like a waphoom

I want something like this playing in the background

What do you guys think this is all about? I hope they don't go the route of the punch hurting him everytime he uses it.

I rather have a shhzoom

that's not his blood user

What about a shhwhoom?
The z would come off weird, at least I think it would.

I just want a kamehameha rip off charging sequence

and I'm not even gonna watch it

>and I'm not even gonna watch it

Why not famalam?

Guy she's fighting looks possibly Indian. A Kara-Kai cult member perhaps?

Not enough time, between 2.5 degrees, my mecha cartoons, my 40k shit, my shitty x-men comics, mountain biking, some vidya, and the few tv shows I do watch, it's just low on the priority list.
I might some day, but I don't plan on it.

Plus, I'm honestly not a huge fan of the block release-styled television. I got quite endeared to tv-as-episodic-serial and when streaming really took off, I think that aspect of television took a huge nose-dive in quality. Things felt less like tv series, and more like really long movies, but without the budget.
Case in point: Mad Men season 5. It aired like right after Netflix streaming's popularity skyrocketed and the season was full of bloat and meandering and was an utterly terrible week-to-week experience. Especially since I'd been watching the prior seasons as they aired where each episode was its own, but still kept momentum with the greater thematic arcs of each season. MMs5 could be cut down to 4 maybe 5 episodes and still kept the dramatic poignancy it wanted. I will say that the final scene of that season was superb, but it just took way to goddamn long for the show to get to the conclusion that the audience (and Don) had reached episodes before.
It's not that I'm opposed to that style of showrunning, per se, but it really doesn't appeal to me nearly as much and I find it hard to get enthused about such things.

Holy shit that was long, sorry.

Same here. Looks like shit.

Maybe Scimitar, sword-weilding henchman of Iron Fist foe Master Khan?

But as opposed to Mad Men, the Netflix stuff is written with binging in mind, so the week-to-week bloat won't be there.

It's like reading a trade, but with live action.

I don't know. I seem to remember Scimitar using a scimitar, and that looks more like a katana.

>A Kara-Kai cult member perhaps?

That would be tight if we got some old school villains up in here

It's the tacticool version of Scimitar lol

Yeah I guess a w sounds better than a z in live-action but zzzzzzzs are just so much more comic booky and I want them

oh fuck is this my new Marvel waifu
how can Waspfu and Witchfu compete
she has a sword

Look at the cross-guard. It's a katana.

who do you think would win
her or Katana in a cute-off

Oh, well, my point was that MM (s5 in particular) WAS written to appeal to the binge fad because when you binge, you don't notice the drag as much.

I forgot to make my last point which was that I'd rather just watch a really well made film and call it a night. Which isn't a dig to tv (some of my favorite pieces of media are from it; Boss--imo the best 2 seasons of tv to ever exist, and some of the best stuff filmed this century--Frasier, Damages, Keeping Up Appearances, and a few others).

I do get that they likely keep that in mind, but it's still not exactly to my liking. In grumpy old man terms it's "not muh" television ha!

In a cute-off? I'd have to go with Katana.

>I'd add that maybe doing the chi punch requires a ton of energy
In his original stories, he could only use the power once a day. Twice and he'd be exhausted. Three times, and he's lucky to be alive.

The tacticool Scimitar thing was a joke senpai

American Samurai, maybe? A bit obscure, but it's not like Iron Fist has a rogues gallery filled with mooks.

Sorry, I read that as "actual scimitar" at first, and I thought you were talking about how scimitars really have long blades similar to katanas, rather than the short ones seen in cartoons and movies.

Well for once you get a show with Danny and Luke minus Jessica Jones.

Although yeah Luke and Danny do deserve their own season 2, maybe we can skip Defenders Season 2 and have Heroes for Hire with those two Misty and Colleen, drop the white girl.

They're cute as fuck, though.

For some reason I can only see two images from that set. When I click page 2, it shows me general Finn Jones pictures.


>She has a white Katana

Prelude to costume time.

That's Danny in that passengers side, right?

Like thunder, when he goes all out.

So the fact that he still has a beard pretty much confirms the costume is gonna be a last episode sort of deal, right?

Shame. I was hoping they'd mix it up.

That doesn't confirm it at all...

Yep, he was full hobo at the beginning. Expect clean-shaven Prep end of episode 13.

I think it does, because he has hobo beard, followed by an opportunity to clean up, where he goes with just a trimmed beard, but not fully shaven.

Also, unless they are filming it all severely out of order, he'll have it in like episode 9 or 10 or whatever they are filming now.

They're currently on their 6 month of shooting, so yeah, they should be on episode 10/11 by now. IIRC, they should be on their 7th and last month Oct 3rd.

Holy Fuck. He's adorable.

What, you think they'd cast an ugly person as the lead?

>Fully hobo

>new clothes
>fresh beard
>clean face
>clean fucking light grey shoes
>cut, clean nails

That image, my good sir, is an eccecentric rich fuck on an errand for some artisanal bagles.

The beard anyway. BTW, he won't be rich at the beginning.

jet engine into sonic boom with a backround like someone dropping a hot ball into a glass of water

It's weird to look at the half-asian Colleen Wing actually look the most half-asian she's looked in like 30 years

She's not even half in canon, but full! People just get confused about her ethnicity. Probably the red-hair.

She's half Chinese half Japanese with an Irish name and hair colour, right?

>So how powerful should Danny's punch be on the show?
One Punch.

Pretty much. Her father Prof. Lee Wing, might have some mixed ancestory, but nothing's been confirmed. I just assumed it was just a bottle job.

She looked like a Hapa in the Daughters of the Dragon 2006 mini.

>His youtube channel is devoted a hit metal ball in water and detroying things.

>*putting a

Judging by this universe and Coleen wing outfit, they won't even try to make it work.
Instead he will dress in very dark colors with some padding in it.


New Luke Cage poster featuring Colleen's partner in crime.

Her arm's gonna get blown off by the end of Luke Cage, isn't it?

Activating the fist should be the Hamon sound effect (breathing and all that).
Then maybe a detuned shotgun sound?

I dont really expect the mask, but perhaps toned down green and yellow if anything

That or The Defenders.

Maybe it already is bionic?

MCU has a huge fetish for cutting off hands, so you bet it's going to happen

>Although yeah Luke and Danny do deserve their own season 2, maybe we can skip Defenders Season 2 and have Heroes for Hire with those two Misty and Colleen, drop the white girl

I'd be okay with this. As long as Jessica doesn't infringe on the Heroes 4 Hire. I want her far away as possible.

My guess is that she'll break it and get some sort of permanent brace.

Too low-tech will look weird on the Netflix-verse, and too high-tech will be hard to justify within the story.

Surprised this hasn't been reported by the usual suspects yet.

It should be strong enough to knock out Luke

Well, no. But, who would have thought he would be this cute?

Well, Danny will be Billionaire by the time his series wraps.

Didn't the Agents of SHIT series have a new Deathlock that looked basically like a normal guy with a prosthetic limb?

He started out that way but got more robot-y as the series progressed

Misty was miscast imo.
Should have been played by Yaya Dacosta

He had a prostetic leg for the first episode. Everything else was concealed by clothes. He got upgrades, but mostly only changed his chest and wrists, never the hand.

Everything else is only shown in an X-ray shot.

A hand is much harder to animate though.

Netflix is pretty lax when casting, looks wise.

They mostly go for the better actors, as opposed to models for the most part.

so its an asian lady and a black lady now?

It would be nice to see another type of gook sword.

You mean Col and Misty? That's what they've always been.

Nah, they wouldn't want to miss the chance for someone getting their arm blown off. Probably have Danny be the one to get her the robotic arm to help set-up MistyxDanny.

Its not like Simone Missick has an impressive resume to begin with. Shes been in 6 episodes of different shows, 4 short films, and a TV movie and that's pretty much it. Yaya is younger, hotter, and has been in a lot more stuff.

And, other than GOT to "pull" him up Finn's been in Hollyoaks, The Bills, B-list Horror movies and an Asylum flick. An actor isn't their résumé. I'm glad we're getting more unknowns.

(Ms Henwick's IMDB's small, too.)

That's the sound all punches make when you're a kid.

netflix MCU doesn't need A list tallent, they showen that they can do it and they have. All they have to do is find the right person for the role, not an A lister like movies have to do. It's one reason why the Netflix is better than the movie MCU

Thank god they do auditions, then.

An actor doesn't need range for a part, they need range for a career. As long as they can do their character well in the auditions (however many they have), it should be enough.

True, but they also don't seek to avoid it either. See - Cumberbatch, D'Onofrio.

They just cast what's best for the part, usually.

either that or Dio's timestop sound

an amazing actor but not a huge box office draw like movie actors are.

What, as opposed to the woman playing misty knight, which is where this argument began?

Mrs Missick is perfectly fine.

They have Diamondback wearing power armor. I doubt Misty's bionic arm will look out of place.

I think those are two different degrees of wackiness, but I could be wrong. I'd have to see how diamondback is played, and not just how he looks in un-treated pictures.

Yaya isn't just a model though. And her resume is far more impressive than Simone's. If they can give us a hot Karen Page why can't they give us a hot Misty Knight?


She's looking fine to me @ 2:30

I just wanna know how they scene is actually gonna look without being super cheesy.

God, that costume. I wish they'd just given him a snake skin jacket.

>They call him Diamondback (beat), because he has a Diamond on his back.

So, just like the snakes?

They really lucked out with cottonmouth, who already has weird sharp teeth.


Yeah I don't think the NYPD allows hair like that...
Also how come an actor is only miscast when they don't look 100% like how the character does in the comics?

>Or when you're not attracted to them.

What is Jessica Jones

Oh, off now. She aint that bad.

There's only one of two answers:

either the sound effects from the Final Fight of "Last Dragon" With Glow!Shonuff and Glow!Leroy:
(Glow!Fight Starts at 4:20)

Or the sonic-boom-like "bass thump" and "crackling noise" sound effects on hit (NOT the smack/splash sound) similar to that of the Tekken series from Tekken 5 and onwards: (youtube doesn't do a good job of picking it up clearly)

Tekken flat-out Translates to "Iron Fist" as-is, so to miss something to this effect would be rather weak.

THIS would be very close to something at 21 seconds in if he were to deliver more powerful hits.

Imagine that sound if it followed the sound here at 1:09

Any Higher strength would need to be a point-blank thunderclap.

How does this man look even sillier than an early 70's comic book villain?!