Gunnerkrigg Court


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Its like reading a book, but you can only read 3 sentences every week.

would they have wizards in gunnerkrigg court? would they have wizards who kidnap young women?

So is this a flashback to Kat finding the manual to build her little device thingo?

How terrible would it be if this was Diego's over-specialised creation for retrieving the arrow? Hidden in plain sight.

we'll have to use 'that'

I'm guessing one of their backup plans involve destroying the arrow and possibility the murderghosts.

I wonder what difference it makes though. Since even a proper send off by a psychopomp means total oblivion for the 'person' as they rejoin the either.

Sure, their ethereal stuff probably adds something to the whole but that's like recycling a corpse. The person is still gone.

Yeah, it's in the same format as the last flashback in this chapter

I was confused at first, I thought she might have been sucked into the arrow maze as well.


What did she mean by this?

"Fucking hell. I'm sick of this shit."
"What the fuck is that o'er ther?

>Don't make me use it...

Could she be talking about the fuck word? Will the comic suddenly becoming PG-13 rated snap Annie out of her trance?

We've almost seen cunt once or twice, it wouldn't make too much of a difference.

Kat has hard time not to molest her vulnerable friend it seems.

Tom, stop trolling people by hiding as user.

Oh no, not 'that!'

I have a feeling somewhere further along this chapter that adults, whether accidentally or deliberately (perhaps they want to keep Jeanne down there), will come in to screw up their operation.

I don't want to get drunk tonight but I think I'm going to anyway

ew no thank you

that is terrible

Fucking trash webcomics authors.

I, too, am drunk


But there are no lesbians on page user
Just a fire spirit and a bisexual girl.

Kat is a cute, beautiful, perfect, pure lesbian!

We should bully them!
I wish there was more art of Kat getting bullied.

>Spends 1/3 of the webcomic crushing over buff dude gym teacher
>Spends the next 1/3 into bird dudes
>Gets with hot lesbian who makes the first move final 1/3
Oh yeah totally 110% lesbian never a doubt never a doubt.

>lying to yourself and faking interest to teem normal
yeah that's totally not a typical process in discovering that you're super super gay at all.

Kat is not the kind to fake love interest.

>bisexuality does not exist
can we get through one of these threads without doing this please


is down for anyone else

>don't make me /u/se it
Yuri is this way Siddell.

It's up again now.

Not her fault Paz vanishes from the plot for months at a time and she's just a background character whenever she does show up.

Damn plot dominated a couple of years of plot and now there is nothing that can be done with it.

Because they are all so dammed dull.

Better place for this comic.

Sometimes, an happy relationship is just that.

Gunnerkrig Court is anime?

The accurate word is hentai.


What is the chapter number again where we see Kat meeting annie for the first time, but from Kat's point of view?

So, I got confused a bit the first time I saw that image because I thought it was the insect Psychopomp, but it turns out it's how Zimmy see Kat?

So what does that means?



She's a nascent machine-goddess.

She is unaware of this.

>I wish there was more art of Kat getting bullied.


And she also wants bird dick

It means she is actually Kimiko Ross, hence, Zimmy's dreadful reaction.

no she is not, delete your post thanks

Is she a cute underage lesbian, too?

No she was an old hag from page one and the lesbean thing just sprung up from nowhere a few pages ago. Granted she's just a brain in an android body now, so I guess gender means nothing.

I can't draw currently, because of problems with my hand, so I thought I might try writing a fic.
Probably about Annie in heat.
I'm most likely gonna be absolute shit at writing, tho, because I don't read books.
So, sorry in advance.

Amnesia, maybe?

Also, now that I am outta commission for a while I decided to try out this 'social media' thing people are talking about.
Tom posted something nice on

Oh, Tom, you card!

Here you go.
I have no idea how to use this shit.

Well, that was a good post, wasn't it?
HERE you go:

Finally somewhere else you can shill your shit. Are you finally going to stop using these threads to advertise yourself?

I am hardly advertising here, am I?
Like ten people who are already familiar with me see me every day.
That's not advertising, that's being part of a community.

>passable art
>downright fucking shit fetishes

I'm sorry.
I just like shit.

Does twitter have nsfw tagging or something? Because one of those 'retarded joke' posts appear on search and I'd hate for one of Tom's kid fans to find it.

It does.
That's why I thought I might as well.
I don't know how twitter works yet. :/

That explains why you like this comic.
I think I'm going to have to stop reading it now.

Haha, please don't. :)

I'm still mouring. That fucking hack

Go where the money is. Welcome to the horror that is The World.

I would make way more money pandering to casuals. The weird shit is just what I like and what I think is most beautiful.

I want to go on a date with Zimmy! She's cute and pretty and I like her!

Jack pls

I want to hold her hand!


I don't understand what's going on in this chapter.

Also, purely by chance I just now came across someone who uses Tom's wizard pic as their profile pic.
Twitter is an interesting place.

That game project Tom retweets is pretty cute. I was actually surprised it was hetro-romance.