Is Ed Benes the greatest comic book artist of our generation?

Is Ed Benes the greatest comic book artist of our generation?

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Known almost only for asses


you want to fap but are too afraid to buy actual porn comics? Say no more

What's Benes working on these days? His work was so frequent in the early 2000s but now it's pretty rare.

I like how he's basically "what if 90s comics didn't look like shit and the artists could actually draw"

Green Lanterns fill-in (with some other Brazilian artists)

Ew no. His stuff is dogshit. Frank Quitely tho

if you move Psylocke up and right a bit, the whole cast is just staring at her ass in either disbelief, or ready to fuck it.

yes. I bust out his Supergirl Many Happy Returns every now and again to bust a nut. The man loves ass and will find a way to fit it in a panel

He is a benefactor of the humanity. thanks Ed!

There are so many emotions I want to express to this image that simply do not exist in English.

Ed Benis

Literally who?

and I think you meant Alex Ross?

Ah yes, back when comic artists were allowed to draw gorgeous women with ample assets without being called problematic and gross.

oh, user...

>gadot was hired to play this

good times

The SJW killed Ed Benes!


Now we have this
This guys never learn

Bravo DC

his BOP work(the first time round) was pretty good. but he's not the greatest overall, in all seriousness. but just cheesecake, yeah, him, Cho and Hughes are the holy trinity. I prefer him over Cho since Cho's works tend to be too clean.

What's wrong with choosing cheesecake over regular porn? Even when you have terabytes of porn at your fingertips, sometimes a classy (or not too classy) pin up can do wonders.

***Here Comes A New Challenger!***

Why are they standing so close to each other?

That's not how friends stands ?

Dem asses

Ivan Reis da GOAT

He's the best cheesecake artist of our generation for sure. Suck it Cho.

Peter got CAPTAINED.

>Black Canary has hard nipples
jeez man put a warning on that so i have time to take off my jeans

Listen, I'm a red blooded American. I love a big fat ass as much as I love a good steak. But Ed Benes is total and unrepentant garbage, an 8-mile stretch of liquid shit.

All of his women have the same hideous face with ugly bloated lips, he has no ability to draw tits that aren't disgusting beach balls with no adherence to gravity, his storytelling ability is complete fucking trash, and his inks always look like they were done with a charcoal briquette. He's fucking TERRIBLE.

Rethink your fucking priorities if you think that Benes is good simply because you're pulling one over on the SJWs.


But his school where he trains fellow Brazillians in the art of drawing hot women for DC is quite possibly the best of it's kind.

Based DC.

Superman's looking right at Black Canary's asshole

Let's celebrate!


I stopped reading after that.

I picked up that trade for $5 a few weeks back. Story was blande as fuck but the art was worth it.

whew....dat canary ass is perfect in that...god damn

He does Cho better than Cho.

Not the best artist art out there, but knows his anatomy well. Also his characters and spreads aren't stiff as fuck, and does it without the fucked up ankles/calves Cho does.

The pee-pees are touching.

Even Superman is amazing of dat ass

>A future generation of artists are actively studying these works and being trained in the creation of this style in between attending carnivale and hanging out at the beach.

Benes is literally worse than Greg Land.

>defending tracers
fuck off

Why all people who work for DC is a Chad-looking motherfucker?

In what universe can that statement be extrapolated as a defense of Greg Land.

Benes is so fucking bad that he makes Land's hideous lazy shit look almost palatable.

I don't like his art. I think it's basically Liefeld's art if Liefeld was good enough to not be a joke.

There are better cheesecake artists.

>How come people at DC aren't fat fedora wearing neckbeards?

Very realistic

Wow, she has a puffy vagina.

And not forget her recent works on Red Lantern.

hehe Benis

I see you OP

That's not James Stokoe, OP.

The fact that you are even asking that is just so sad


do colossus and nightcrawler have jacked up teeth?

because literally everyone else is showing theirs off

for womens my favourite is Yanick Paquette

Batman upside down, chained and bandaged always make me laught

This is a Chad???

>Batman upside down, chained and bandaged always make me laught

He is the most dangerous member of the JL.


Well he got Psylocke's ass right...

Well Miller was a but creepy, anytime you talk to him he gets on his "this is my phantom paaaaain!"

Ma Benes has never worked for Marvel?

Canary was her favorite

To be fair though, he did got one arm and leg cut off, also the destruction of MSF and all those good moments like birthday parties and fishing down the ocean


he did in the mid 90's

One of the Ed Benes students.

Another student.

Ed Benes is working with Mark Waid on a 144 page graphic novel.

Why nobody is speaking about this?


Well say goodbye to the ass-shots

So why Waid chose Benes to work in such a important project.

I liked Waid run on Captain America and I'm Brazilian.

Lack of choices? Dunno, but I can see Said restricting Benes



Ed Benes would be perfect for all female superheroine team.

He did Birds of Prey