When Andrea Romano cast just right

>when Andrea Romano cast just right
Batman TAS had an incredible set of voice actors, but Freeze has to be my favorite.

Anthony Hopkins was offered the roll of Mr. Freeze, but he turned it down which breaks my fucking heart. Imagine if he was the one giving that speech in Heart of Ice. It would of been the greatest thing ever

It already is the greatest thing ever.

The comic BTAS continuation of his story is very nice. Lot better than the standard comic take on things.

Beyond Final Form suit was great.

I'd like to see more properties with Villains taking that path.

They sounded like two different people.

I mean he. He sounded like two different people.

Do you think Scarface is actually throwing his voice for the Dummy? I mean it's not like he has a will of his own, Scarface is the brains of the operation.

"Oh yes...I'd kill for that."

This episode was basically the best thing everyone involved with it ever did.

Arnold must be just a decoy for Scarface, for when he gets caught or breaks. To trick people into feeling sorry for him while he plays possum and plans his comeback.

I love the Ventriloquist. I want him (Scarface) to be played by a Joe Pesci impersonator in one of those edgy direct-to-dvd DC movies. Fucking people up for looking them the wrong way, while Arnold is horrified and everybody else just kind of stares and don't messes with him.

I think the reason why he isn't used more is because the character is similar to Two Face in a way.

That's a shame. They should just make Twoface more of a single person with extreme personality shifts between two opposites, it makes much more sense for him that way, and lets Scarface fill the niche of multiple personalities. It's much more interesting where they can simultaneously exist, like the Ventriloquist manages.

As a Ra's fanboy I can't even imagine how it must have been for my early 90's brethren to hear David Warner's voice and bring this character to life. Literal perfect adaptation.

Fresh reaction face for Cred Forums btw

We can all agree on Mark Hamill as Joker was like striking oil.

We'd have an easier time discussing TAS VAs that didn't completely crush it.

I have never liked Talia. The accent sounds fake and the sexy femme fatale thing is way too thick. She actually sounds like a one dimensional cartoon character unlike pretty much everyone else in the show.

Yeah Talia is one of the characters who voices wasn't that great.

Her Arkham City voice is my favourite.

In fact other characters whose Arkham voices are my favs include Riddler, Penguin, Scarecrow (Asylum), Bane (Origins), Hugo Strange, Hush and Firefly.

Crispin Freeman is my voicebando

>We'd have an easier time discussing TAS VAs that didn't completely crush it.
Early Scarecrow had a loud, over the top evil doctor voice. It was toned down later, but then they recast him, and man. Jeffery Combs absolutely nailed it.

There were two Talias and the second was from Argentina.

Jeffrey Combs was a perfect casting choice though his performance was a bit too dry.

If he played him more like his Rat King, he'd be 100% perfect.

still a great fit all things considered.

His Question was even better.

and Ratchet is his best role IMO.

Didn't they bring him back for Arkham City? That was my favorite fight of the entire game.
"I learn from my mistakes, Batman. Do you?"

the ventriloquist is Scarface

That was Maurice LaMarche.

Don't forget Pyg. He was just perfect.

John Glover was the best voice for The Riddler. He had the perfect amount of intimidating smugness. Other voices always make him sound too geeky.

Ron Perlman is still the best voice for (Matt Hagen)Clayface.

Why did he turn it down?

No I think he had passed away by then.
But the replacement voice was pretty spot on.