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Needs some girls turning into ugly dudes.

Saving this thread... With no survivors!

So, in the 31st century, there's a virus that genderbends the infectee.

Yes, seriously. Because comic books.




No one would fap to that therefore there won't be any. That's how it works, genderbend is solely for fapping.



I'll never understand this transformation fetish.

>Matter eater

>dat donatella
my heart



Turn into chick, fap for a day. Seems reasonable to me.

anybody got more of her?

gotcha senpai

Robot boy was kind of the most gender neutral thing I have ever seen. Robot girl is really pointless



I hope /k/ doesnt see that gun

>no Rule 63 in the OP
You actually fucked up. That's what the threads are always called so how are people supposed to search for it that way? It might be better to just let this thread die and start over from scratch.

Its not even the end of the month.

We should wait more 10 days.

but I really love r63 threads.

Is that a rule?

What is this?

We kind of agreed to make the threads at the end and the start of each month. So we done flood the catalog, we get new pics instead of just resposting, and let our drawfags/writtefags to have more time to breath.

Just relax, user.
It'll all be over soon...

All American gender benders are pointless because most of them are not canon or anywhere as good as Ranma 1/2.


Fuck you, Jack is pure! PURE!

Penn Zero, Part-Time Hero. The show is ok, but pic was from literally the worst musical episode there has ever been.

>the leg gun is thicc too

Hey Zoop, source?

Damn it boner...

I'd prefer it if instead of a bow, skirt and eyelashes, Robotgirl just had those head knobbles pointed down and that's it.

Oh hey, you can see the faintest hint of vag there.

>"Jesus Christ! I've been turned into Jubilee!"

Inferno would tap that


Godamn Zoop, r63 Zuko with short hair is fucking awful.

Shoulder hair like pic related should be the minimum.





I will probably edit a longer hair on these.



>thicc Scotswoman
>thicc leg gun
Everything is right with this pic.

There needs to be more nsfw material of Samurai Jacqueline.

Why not? It's legitimately awesome.

>Everything is right with this pic.



Agreed. The Scotswoman is cute but Jack's female self deserves a good clit licking too.

What she doesn't know can't hurt her.

Princess marco is the best

I'm glad these two got art

> That's how it works, genderbend is solely for fapping.

I'm into it purely for the comedy.

What about Queem Marco?

For me its both. I find the concept just fascinating.

>For me its both. I find the concept just fascinating.