The kiss with Sharon was the worst kiss ever in a superhero movie, not romantic/sexy in the slightest...

The kiss with Sharon was the worst kiss ever in a superhero movie, not romantic/sexy in the slightest. I know nothing is ever gonna be more romantic than the upside down, in the rain, at night kiss from Spider-Man, but they could have tried. Instead there was no music, it was in broad daylight, neither of them really soften their professional exteriors, it was like watching two mannequins bumping together.




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Apparently that scene where Steve and Sharon kiss was added in reshoots, with the intention of reducing the gay/Stucky subtext

1. These are two entirely different situations with entirely different characters.

2. Who fucking cares? Really what is the point of this thread? What are you trying to prove to people? What made you even think about doing this? I care more about the answers to those questions than whatever this thread is about.

My point is "Make Superheroes Sexy Again" not just as disassociated objects of audience lust, but with each other. Onscreen romance, there needs to be more and better.

Related to this, I'm hoping Batman does fuck Wonder Woman in Justice League.

>he said he'll spit roast me with you?
>more or less
>more more, or more less?

It would have been fucking retarded if there was this one super sexy romantic kiss in the middle of a movie that had fuck all to do with it. It just showed that Cap's not the lonely virgin Cred Forums wishes he was.

No fuck that.

I want to see Superheroes do fucking heroic shit, and fight stuff, I don't want to waste precious minutes of these movies with shitty pg sex scenes. If you want to fap to your capes go watch one of the billion porn parodies that are out, many of them have better costumes anyways.

>heroic shit

Kissing ladies is hero shit, that's classic hero.

>go watch one of the billion porn parodies

Proof that nerds are cretins who don't understand the meaning of romance.

What the fuck? What kind of retard watches a kiss expecting it to be "sexy"? That is fucked up.

I unironically like this scene.

They needed to make sure the audience knew he had a case of the no-gays.

Real romance is awkward and silly like in an MCU movie. Moments like the spidey kiss never happen irl unless you are a instagram celebrity.


>Real romance is awkward and silly like in an MCU movie.

Me too, the flamethrower ejaculation is so great.
>Real romance is awkward and silly like in an MCU movie
They're superhero movies dude, it's all about the heightened reality. DRAMA.

Marvel confirmed anti-gay!

And they wanted to show the comic fans that they haven't forgotten about CapxSharon.

I honestly like the scene. The "that was..." "late." dialog really makes it work, because they seemingly set her up as a love interest in the second movie, and then didn't do anything. The only thing that makes it weird is that Cap actually loved Peggy Carter in the mcu rather than her being a random french woman that never found out his true identity.

and Bucky and Sam's reactions were great.

Shipper tears make it all worth it.

I can't remember, did Bruce and Natasha ever kiss in AoU? If they're saving it for Infinity War it had better be steamy.

They came close I think.

But after the whole AoU Widow/Joss Whedon controversy Marvel will probably just have them decide to be friends the next time they meet.

>you know your best friend who is watching us right now, tried to kill me

"Wanda, no one dislikes you, Wanda".

>this is what fujoshits believe
this would had made sense if they didnt cut Sharon's scenes/importance and Cap3 was a proper Cap movie.

Gay guys don't do kisses with girls well.

The double bro-nod needed a trigger
And that was the funniest part of the film

It's a real kiss. Kisses aren't super romantic in real life, they just happen when somebody wants to kiss someone.

You would know this if you weren't a kissless virgin.

Go back to tumblr, landwhale.


>It's a real kiss. Kisses aren't super romantic in real life, they just happen when somebody wants to kiss someone.

I didn't think it was possible to get to 18 without being kissed by someone who really wants you.

Thanks for proving me wrong, I guess, the world just got a little more sad.

this post is retarded on several levels but first and foremost you definitely did not think that there did not exist people who haven't been kissed by someone who wants them by 18

Cap is a 97 year old virgin, he doesn't have any experience with women, please be understanding.

They didn't cut Sharon scenes aside from an entended funeral speech.

I wonder if Wanda and Vision will ever kiss on-screen.

"Oh, Captain Rogers, I can explain...Wanda and I were making...Fondue."

Real life doesn't enter into this discussion at all, this is about the movies. Where's the magic?

No, the Thor/Jane one was. Passionless. I could have done a better job with Chris.

And like any Dumbing of Age strip, it ends on a lame joke

>dialog really makes it work

Oh my god, no! None of the dialogues on any of these movies really work! Every piece of dialogue is basically the character explaining his or her emotions in a really forced way

The best superhero movie dialogue is every one of Jesse Eisenberg's lines as Lex Luthor.

I'm not going to say the best, but at least Eisenberg's Luthor lines sound more realistic and gives us a glimpse into his personality.

While every Marvel character is either the serious guy that quips or the jokey guy that quips even more.

The dialogues in the MCU feel like a contest to out cool each other with dialogues

Have you met a spaz in real life? That is really how they talk

I wasn't being sarcastic, I liked him.

>The dialogues in the MCU feel like a contest to out cool each other with dialogues

I liked most of the Marvel films. However, I didn't realize that they were essentially just a TV series for the big screen rather than a cinematic experience until earlier this year when an user on this board pointed out. I finally got that niggling feeling out of me after that - I'd always felt a little off when I was watching a Marvel film.

Except for Iron Man, which definitely felt like a movie.

They reduced her scenes in the drafting/pre production stages is what i meant. Honestly if CW was an Avengers movies and Cap3 was a proper Cap movie, she could have gotten better writing. But the MCU doesnt write good women.

now all i can thing about is that Dom!Sharon/Sub!Cap doujin i read

It would actually work, though, if it happened, because you've a build up and tons of sexual tension between them.

I'm serious, they should have gone with Cap and Natasha instead of Hulk and Natasha.

But Vision/Wanda sucks too

Let's be real here.

I hate the whole "Let's make Cap gay" Twitter movement, but the Marvel Studios made their bed with that one.

In any cap movie since time memorial the hero always has that lady friend that he tries to help or where they're simple drawn into each other and thus you've them getting into trouble.

Superman had this with Lois, Batman had this with various women, Spider-Man had this with MJ, Wolverine had this with Jean, Hulk had this with Betty, Tony had this with Pepper Potts, Thor had this with Jane and so on.

The problem with the Cap movies is that taking out the first one with where Cap and Peggy were simple drawn into each other, the next two movies has always been about Cap and Bucky being drawn into each other or Cap trying to help Bucky.

I don't know how to say this, but in the movies... Bucky is the damsel in distress. He just fucking is. That's where they placed Bucky character.

The Twitter faggots are coming from somewhere. I hate them, but i can't in all honest fault them, because the Marvel Studios fucked themselves with that one. They could have easily fixed that shit by replacing the Black Widow character in both Winter Soldier and Civil War for Sharon Carter, giving Sharon something to do with Cap so you'd have some lady friend Cap can count on, but nope.

Byrne, what are you doing?

But they didn't. If anything they gave her more to do, since originally Ant-Man was supposed to get their gear back.

>Eisenberg's Luthor lines sound more realistic

You don't get out much, do you?

>You don't get out much, do you?

Just like Eisenberg's Luthor.


Eisenberg was an autismal fuck trying to sound wacky.

There has never been good dialogue in capeshit.

MCU faggots everyone.

>But the MCU doesnt write good women.
Ah yes, the tripfag that was showing off how progressive DC was compared to the MCU a few months ago.

And people say Cred Forumsmblr is a myth.
Fucking disgusting.

Stay mad faggot.

No one cares, Stucky will never be canon and SebStan wants his character to bone ScarJo's character.

What does this have to do with what he said? Are you that butthurt?

He's an SJW, his posts have no value.

I always thought the Make Cap Gay Movement was just the Yaoi Fangirls getting out of containment, to be honest with you. Then again, 16 ten years ago is 26 today, so maybe they just think that just because they had found an echo chamber in, they could find their echo chamber here.

I was in the theater with my 8 yo sister and parents watching this movie.

They just want their shlick pairing to be canon and it was mostly Stucky fangirls who were doing the give Cap a boyfriend thing, and they disguised the whole thing under the veil of progresiveness when in fact they didn’t give a shit about gay rights they just want Stucky.

They gave her that because without it she would have less to do with all of the stuff they cut that had her in.

They released the storyboards with scenes they never filmed and a lot of them had Sharon in it.

>They released the storyboards with scenes they never filmed and a lot of them had Sharon in it.

It was literally one dialogue exchange with Everett Ross and slightly longer versions of two scenes that were actually in the movie, senpai.

>the comic literally has a specific soundtrack for that scene
>the movie makes up a different one

As someone who LIKES Steve/Sharon in the comics, I have to agree. Sharon hasn't had enough screentime and their relationship hasn't had enough development for us to care about her or them in the MCU.

>Youtube just allows this to stay up for over a year

Basically this. Let's be honest, if Stucky was canon, it would be one of the most developed MCU couples.

Or they could ship Steve and Natasha
It would be so easy

Im glad to be apart of your autism folder but this still doesnt have a thing to do with what i said.