Vision #11 Preview

>Written by Tom King
>Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta and Jordie Bellaire

>The Avengers draw a line in the sand. They tell Vision he is not to cross this line. If he does, they will destroy him. “Remember,” they say. “You’re an Avenger. First. Always.” “Stay where you are,” they say. “Don’t cross the line,” they say. Vision nods. He tells them he understands. Then Vision crosses the line. The end is coming for the most critically acclaimed book of the year, and no one is safe. Don’t miss the issue everyone will be talking about. Also, hail Hydra.


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End Preview

>imma kill victor
>cmom man...

A high-res version is already available

Oh shit...

>>The Avengers draw a line in the sand. They tell Vision he is not to cross this line. If he does, they will destroy him. “Remember,” they say. “You’re an Avenger. First. Always.” “Stay where you are,” they say. “Don’t cross the line,” they say. Vision nods. He tells them he understands. Then Vision crosses the line.
What is it with Marvel and their solicits always being so obnoxious?

>issue 11
>not recognizing that even the solicits are a part of the slow burn tragedy that is The Vision


>Omega the Unknown movie

Oh c'mon, don't tease me like this.

Tom King has probably written all these solicits. It's his story to tell.

Do you guys think there's still time to squeeze some Kang in the series?

Because I vaguely remember Immortus being against Vison and Wanda because he had his own creepy plans for Wanda, and the Second Vision was based on young Kang (Iron Lad)'s brain, and I thought Vision's current body is partially made of Vision II's?

I can't wait for All-New Vision by Jeff Lemire, where he emulates this book without understanding what it was that made people like this book in the first place.

Half-life 3 confirmed

More confirmation this is its own continuity bubble since Simon has been MIA since Uncanny Avengers 22

Nah. With Vin dead and Viv being a Champion, what would they write about?

They could have a Tom King-esque writer, maybe. But they can't emulate King.

Ice Fucking Cold.
Kill them all, Vision. If you don't, they are gonna start another Civil war

Beast shitting up a panel for the millionth time

Friendly reminder that despite marvel pushing the shit out of this it still did not sell.
People seem to have really shit taste

>The Avengers draw a line in the sand. They tell Vision he is not to cross this line

The line is the page division

Welp he finaly snaped.

holy shit this art is awful

This is what civil war 2 should have been. Classic man vs machine.

Kill yourself.

I want Vision to murder the Avengers.

So Victor is in jail for killing Vin and the Visions neighbors
Nico is going to kill the crab girl in A-Force and Carol and Medusa want her in custody
Xavin is still in Majesdanian jail pretending to be Karolina for the whole genocide of two planets thing

Maybe they can put all of the Runaways in jail and a new volume could be about them breaking out and on the run

Spare Kamala, for she has not sinned

Then she should be getting the heck out of dodge. This is definitely too big of a fight for her.

Who's that guy besides spiderman? Blue Marvel? Isnt he like Sentry level? inb4 he jobs

Just imagine if Vision actually executed Victor.

It won't happen of course, but just imagine...

I only hope that whatever last minute reason causes Vision to change his mind doesn't feel like a total cop out.

Monica is there as well. That's two ludicrously powerful black people.

Skyshark was a crime against nature.
She might also have done something since then i droped the book when the new civil war rolled round.

>Activating Ultron subroutine

>Half-life 3 confirmed
never ever

doesn't matter, it will do well in trades and probably continue decent but low sales for many years. In 10 years it will be called one of the classics.

Vision is probably the worst jobber in Marvel. He is insanely powerful, yet is one of the first to fall in every team battle. He can lower density at any moment and avoid attacks but he never does.

Awww shit, at this point it'd be a better idea to sacrifice Victor to Vision and appease him.



Fucking this. This would have been a much better hook for a crossover. It would be a classic Man vs Machine thing, but also have the angle where Vision was just trying to live a normal human life, but forces meddling 'for his own good' fucked it up. It would show off Vision's power and show why you don't make him angry too.

Instead we have the current precognition angle, with lots of heroes lining with Captain Marvel and being pro-Stop Thought Crime.

I hope so

If not i doubt we will see anything like it from marvel again for decades.


>continuity bubble
I'm not sure because Cable got healed (like his eye fixed and his arm no longer shriveled or in need of a robot arm--he got healed of the TO virus in X-sanction) in Spurrier's X-Force, but he's back to (ab)normal in Duggan's Uncanny Avengers. He also looks like complete shit too.

Also, Simon wasn't MIA in UA v.1 22, he was stuck in Rogue's head, and then purged from her mind on Counter Earth in UA v.2.

You might be right though, since Rogue still has "some" power, also the Grim Reaper having no Death essence from earlier in the series.

>inb4 it's all in his head

>D-List book
>Starring no one's favorite member of few people's favorite team
>No-name writer
>He's peacing the fuck out of Marvel the second issue 12 is out

Of all of Marvel's JUSTs, this is (one of) the most glaring.

V has come to

I can't remember if I read Vision 10.

Who knows how long that movie's been in production?

The family was under house arrest and then it ended with Vision breaking out.

Mostly an introspective issue that ended with Vision using the Vibranium lighter to disable the force field.

vision and pymtron teamup when?

also vision will probably be killed and vivi will replace his role

>also vision will probably be killed and vivi will replace his role

thanks for the idea

i'm so scared

Kill all the whores.

god this book is so good

Vision is on the next iteration of Avengers, so he won't die. He won't get through this cleanly, however.

I'm so happy that great things are happening with the Pym family. Rage of Ultron was fucking great, and Vision is even better

How exactly does vision plan to get through the bullshit that is Monica, Blue marvel, Thor, and Strange?

What if Vision ends up killing Mancha or someone or causes something really bad to happenand out of guilt he goes to live on mars
it's a completely original idea guys, I swear

>phase through the ground
>phase into Macha's body
>Phase density increasing

literally walks through them

You cannot have sex with a robot

Everyone forgets about the power gem

I've had sex with many emotionally lifeless females

Most of Marvel's best books are D-lister books starring no one's favorite member of few people's favorite team. A-list books being trash that only exist to prop up the better, fringe titles is par for the course with the Big 2.

>no name writer
Nigga is writing Batman.

Why are Marveldrones so pretentious? You don't see DC pulling this shit and their books are significantly better.

Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Last I remember was that lady telling the Avengers Vision was going to go crazy.

Vision would honestly be terrifying as a villain.

Sure you can, just needs some synthetic genitals. If you're into men, you don't even need a fleshy penis considering vibrators.

of course, he was designed to be a villain. Most writers just ignore it though cause they don't give a fuck about the Pym family

who is in the possession of the power gem right now?

You mean the Infinity Gem or the one on Vision's head? The former was destroyed (and may or may not have been recreated by God Reed but we don't know yet) and the latter is... on Vision's head where it always is.

googling vision power gem results in MCU refs
can you tell me more about his gem? only recently I started reading vision

Besides Vision, who is there to root for in the MU right now? Seeing the Avengers just fills me w/ disdain at this point. Maybe Steve? Not any of the X-teams or inhumans. Well maybe Karnak. Behind on Daredevil. But Kingpin mini has been good.

Well you're far behind, you missed the issues of Victor visiting the Visions and being revealed as a Vibranium junkie.

Solicits are done by the writer, you retarded company war drone.

It's a gem on his forehead that absorbs solar energy and can be used to shoot lasers using said solar energy. That's about the gist of it.

Maybe you both can't get it because it's called SOLAR gem

>they sacrifice a few virgins also just in case

He is a father out for vengeance, haven't you seen action movies? Even without powers those dudes tear shit up even when facing guys 5x more powerful


>Medusa brings beast instead of Karnak


Wanda visiting Virginia and Viv while the fight is taking place?

Didn't Vision and Virgina fuck in like the third issue?

Sam ;_;

Have you even looked at the Young Animal imprint
It's all pretentious psychedelia bullshit as far as you can see. I'm so fucking hard right now

Its a shame Bendis went and shat on the whole fascunating premise of this with Civil Bore II, which is a crayola version of King's take on pre-emptive actions.

Though I find it hard to believe that someone as smart as Agatha Harkness could fuck this up ao badly.


Yeah her absence is pretty suspicious


>People seem to have really shit taste
>top-tier writer
>top-tier artist
>top-tier cover artist
unbelievably so, yes.

Well it's pretty different then you're typical Marvel comic. People want epic superhero battles involving Spiderman and Captian America, not a dark comedy about a b-list Avenger.

I hate you for making me laugh.

too bad everyone's a loose slut in the Marvel universe