Where is this pic from?

Does anyone know where this picture is from?

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I couldn't find anything, you might want to try

hey OP, where did you find this image?

Not Cred Forums

Fine, you know what? Fine. I told you to google image search yesterday and do some legwork yrself but I guess some motherfuckers gotta be spoonfed
>not Cred Forums

Not OP but I'm interested in how you found it? I gave it a quick reverse image search through a few different sites, didn't get a result on any of them.

Reverse image search gave me the image uncropped. First result.

That's strange, this is all I get.

Google algorithms be weird I guess.

I don't even get 'cartoon', my google just finds this thread

how can it be the case where some people get no results and some people get the exact results

what countries are you guys in? do you have any weird setting turned on/off in google?

That is strange honestly.

This user here, I'm in the UK. I was signed in to Google when making the search, tried it in a new Incognito Window though and got the same result.

I have a tumblr account. I think the search algorithm is more likely to check sites you go on frequently.

You really don't know that the Google search engine is biased and ad-driven as fuck?

yes, but it should change the order of results/prioritise shit you've searched for before, not completely fail to find something that it can find for other people

i'm and also in the UK, so we're 0 for 2 in uk google being able to find shit

the guy who actually found it, do you have 'private results' turned on? if you hit the little earth symbol to remove personal results, do you still find it? I want to get to the bottom of this

Adblock could be messing with your searches. I've tried to reverse search on my PC and I always get less helpful results.

I guess that explains it then

I tried it without AdBlock, same thing

change your country settings in google, I have the same problem because I'm from southamerica and if I use reverse search it doesn't give me the same shit as some euro-anons.

perhaps try a different search engine. Google sends you different results based on your previous searches, which they even take into consideration your incognito searches.

Searching on a public computer instead of yours may yield better results?

Tried Saucenao and iqdb, both had nothing

Here's the full image if anyone wanted it

OP here the dude that posted the full pic, love ya

No prob OP, just some reverse image searching. happy to help