If you really think about it, the world of this series is the manifestation of Magneto's dream.

No, it's the manifestation of a japanese guy who saw the avengers movie and tried to make some cash by merging capeshit concepts and naruto concepts.

It's pure cancer.

I thought it was good. Just checked it out today actually

>Still abiding flatscans
>Allowing stipulations so that they even have so much as the illusion of equality or relevancy in MY world
>allowing one to be the top hero and to take a flatscan protege

i watched like 12 episodes and it seems like a cookie cutter shonen heavy with trope. art is good and some of the characters are charming but meh

Gave me more hope than MoS.

> mfw magneto will go out of his way to ruin deku's life
I'm at episode 8

Just a reminder that Boku no Pico Academy just got a spin-off about gritty street level heroes.

>I watched like 12 episodes
The manga is way better.

She's like Spider-Man.
But a frog.
And a waifu.

The kid who can grow eyeballs, lips, and ears on his wings is one of my favorite designs from the main class

I also love that the General Studies class is basically just The Legion of Substitute Heroes

Not really, manga and anime are pretty much exactly the same. Pure gold.

Only a hipster would watch a show all the way through then act like he didn't.

Fuck no. Not even close.

Tape Dispenser of Justice is more like Spider-man
If they have kids they'd be the perfect Spider-offspring

Are you implying Miles is not a waifu?

I more meant the parts of the manga after the show.

If you really think about it, this series goes on Cred Forums.

Really makes you think

>parts of the manga after the show.

> I wonder what the Sports Festival is going to be
> it's a shonen battle tournament
> mfw

>panty lines

> launch is behind him
Never forget our forgotten dragon ball waifu...

>> mfw magneto will go out of his way to ruin deku's life
He totally would.
What a douche.

>Just checked it out today actually

wait until the festival

>watching the anime

fucks up the pacing in action, suspense, and humor. not to mention less detailed illustrations.

Oh Magneto, when will you learn that you can't accomplish your goals by messing with teenagers?

>normies still exist
no it isnt

I'm sure this thread's gonna get taken down soon, but while it's here it does give me an excellent chance to comment on something.
You notice how weird it is that the Government is always considered to be a villainous force in Western Superhero media. The X-Men were dealing with Mutant Registration bullshit for years and then Captain America started a goddamn Civil War to preserve the right of Superheroes to preserve their anonymity and not be government agents in spite of the fact that he was already a government agent whose identity was a matter of public record. Even DC has done stories about the dangers of government oversight with characters like Amanda Waller.
Meanwhile we've seen a large boom in the superhero genre in Eastern comics in recent years (One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, etc...) and most of them share a similar setting concept in that heroes are registered with the government and de facto government agents. And seemingly no one has a problem with this.
I just find that funny.

Technically House of M DID have normies. They were just second class citizens.

But user, messing with teenagers IS Maegneto's goal.

Normalfags like deku are easily bullied by the likes of bakugo.
It's not too far off from how in house of M, bring human was frowned upon.
Is right about house of M. Also, that's very true. Japanese capeshit seems to have no problem with registration acts. Hell, it's made into a joke with Saitama's original hero ranking