During the lull in Adventure Time, I decided to try out Steven Universe. I LOVE IT!

During the lull in Adventure Time, I decided to try out Steven Universe. I LOVE IT!

It is one of the few kids cartoons that legitimately makes me laugh (adventure time, regular show (used to), and chowder are the only others). The story is endearing and as a gay man the supposed SJW agenda-pushing is not really very obvious. The gems don't have genders, so even if you assume genders, it is still mostly just about intimacy and true love being connected. That is a good message to send to kids.

This show has revitalized my interest in cartoons and comics and I'm looking for some new shows or comics. I have the newest batman (bad blood), but I don't really know where the comic and animation culture is going.

Can you please provide some guidance?


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Most of Cred Forums hates it because of "muh boogymens" so sadly, this is the wrong board because you mentioned SU at all.

Sorry for your rotten luck. Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Skyrim all treated gay relationships like it wasn't a big deal.

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>as a gay man
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A show were a 14 year old boy does not know when to shut the fuck up is funny to you?

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Some people like Adventure Time, yes.

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hey dont say you like things on Cred Forums or else the fun police will tell you its for plebs and doesnt deserve praise


Wow, It's almost as if different people have different opinions and aren't going to share the same amount of love for the interest you have for it huh?

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>faggots are surprised there are now threads about the show

Cred Forums is full of mongoloids. Just don't enter the threads you don't like

Still doesn't call for other people to shit all over a topic simply because someone was asking for assistance in finding other media that's similar to SU.

Sure, everyone who doesn't share the same opinion as you is the fun police.

>people to shit all over a topic
That happens on just about every topic. Whether it's popular or not. First time on Cred Forums?


Hating on for liking the show is the problem, not disliking the show

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thanks, always glad to change the mind of yet another Cred Forumsntrarian

>Hating on for liking the show
Again, people get shit here for just about anything. Favorite show, favorite music, ect. It's not just SU.

I'm tempted to call this bait, though there might be someone naive enough to accidentally make the 3rd or 4th SU bait thread of the evening.

we sure do love hating things!

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Is every episode worth watching or is there some essential watch list out there?

I dont care about any of te human side characters

Hating things is fun. No matter what it is. Some people can make a good argument for hating something Some have terrible arguments for hating something. And some people hate something because it's fun to hate it. It all depends on the person and their reasons for hating it.

I hate to say this user but either nut up and watch the whole show or don't watch any of it. If you don't like slice of life you won't like this show

Haha, yeah man let's not criticize a piece of media just because it's "fun". That is totally a valid reason to look past something's flaws.

Let's just talk about how good it is in a huge circlejerk. It's not like we have generals for that sort of thing.

>muh fun police hating on my fav things ugh they have respect for how much i enjoy something ugh fun police! fun police!

Just watch them in order. You can dump *most* townie episodes and not lose anything. (Note that I said MOST, not all.)

Sadie's Song, Future Boy Zoltron, and Onion Gang are notable examples of being able to skip and not missing anything.

>Sadie's Song
But then how will he get to see Steven's beautiful transformation from a fat ugly kid to a fat ugly kid in drag?

>Thread about SU gets made
>annoying faggots flood it up and throw it off topic

Thats the fun police.

It doesn't really contribute to anything, even by the series standards.

Besides Steven's faggotness you mean?

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>Social justice themes ("body-positive" body types and unshaven legs everywhere, every human character is of ambiguous ethnicity, "gurl power", lesbian undertones, main character is very emasculated and genderless)
>Contrived character drama and "comfy" storytelling taking up 99% of the show for the sake of fandom bait, it feels like an action cartoon that was castrated into a feel-good therapy session to be more accessible to the oversensitive crowd that has a literal panic attack every 5 minutes
>ironically lazy "we don't care ;)" approach to art style and music

I'm fine with SU, and am kind of enjoying it at the moment, but when people say "tumblr show" they mean this, and they aren't necessarily wrong

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>I like the show btw :^)

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