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Enjoy these gay-ass strips.


Inb4 violent psychotic break.

You are flying too close to the sun and actually veering into the bullshit sitcom non-drama that you are meant to parody.

Y'know, while we're waiting for Patreanon, let's talk about that.

How does Willis fail in his attempts at comedy-drama, and what could he do to fix his efforts?

Don't worry, that's the last of their sub-plot for this chapter.

But in all honesty, this moment isn't really supposed to be dramatic, just "cute" for the lack of a better term.


I don't know why you just posted this, but I'm starting to think that the previous could have been better presented if Willis had chosen to present it over the course of the rest of the chapter in a non-linear fashion, flashing back and forth between the daytime starting with OP's strip and Amber waking up, and the previous night after Amber recognized Ryan.

There's a person that actually spends money to get this shit early, is he retarded or something?

"In the tank"? I've never heard that phrase before. Unless it was supposed to mean "on the take"?

I think it might only be a dollar to get access.
Either way, I also think you can scam the system by pulling out just before Patreon actually charges anybody.

I just looked it up myself, and it appears to mean "in support of". I think it's a recent thing.

Don't mind me, just bored waiting for patreanon

Could be easily saved by having a mature examination of masculinity within a gay relationship. Or go dramatic about Jack wanting standard relationship stuff while Annabeth goes full "no homo."

Tonal inconsistency. Jokes are inserted into otherwise drama strips without regards to emotional beats. Blending comedy with drama means you're using comedy to give the audience a respite, highlight the drama, or provide irony. Blending drama with comedy means manipulating your audience's emotions to provide better impact for the humor or changing the tone of comedy, e.g., black or bittersweet humor.

Guy pulls out before it's time to collect. Willis hasn't seen a dime out of these threads.

Because he is terrible at zany and dramatic and then he makes it worse by trying to mesh both his zany and wacky unrealistic plots with his super-serious-you-guys drama.

Case in point: McRapeterson.
College parties are full of rapists, guys! This is a serious real life issue! See, now one of my characters is dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder!

Now to give it proper gravitas I will include this pudgy girl superhero as the one who is actually doing something about this!
And look, McRapeterson has a bitching face scar and color-coordinated goons like an AdamWest-Batman villain!

College rape is a serious issue, you guys!

Hmm. I want to do stories about characters revealing their homosexuality even if their family opposes it... I know, I'll add a gun to the plot so that AmaziFupa can be involved and the story can have a bitching action scene in which a girl in a motorcycle catches another girl that had been thrown off a moving car!

Parents rejecting their homosexual children is a totally serious issue, you guys!

>Or go dramatic about Jack wanting standard relationship stuff while Annabeth goes full "no homo."
Yeah that's basically what I'm doing.

You see, I make the jokes go ALONG with the drama, not distract from it.

>Now to give it proper gravitas I will include this pudgy girl superhero as the one who is actually doing something about this!

No, no, no, that could actually work as a dramatic story line. What Willis did was remove all emotional connection to the plot by removing Joyce and instead making the second half of the story about Amazi-Girl, who was a minor plot device in the first half of the story, and the never-before mentioned impact Joyce's almost rape had on her. In the comic business they call that a fridging.


On a higher level, Willis needs to get a goddamn editor or learn how to take some fucking criticism. His unbridled aversion to being proven wrong ever means that, not only doe he keep doing shit like ending story arcs with a wacky comic-book punch-em-up, but when people complain (and I mean honest critics, not the Cred Forumstards), he doubles down on his mistakes rather than examining them. I wouldn't be surprised if he made, say, the Mary/Carla arc or Becky's gradual infection of every single plot even worse to spite us.

He needs to let go of his anger and learn to create for the sake of art rather than to spite his critics.

>Becky's gradual infection of every single plot even worse to spite us.

He flat out admitted to this one.

The Mary/Carla arc's problem was primarily one of setup.

Delicate touch, otherwise it'll get obnoxious real quick. Also, shouldn't Annabeth still be in the lingerie?

I'd imagine he took it off after the hot fucking.


t. tumblr user

Oh yeah, this "no homo" joke only has about one more good go around before it gets old, you know, the good ol' rule of three.

Yeah, I thought this would have been pretty obvious too.

>not forcing him to wear the ripped and tattered remnants of some skank's underwear after savagely ravaging his mangina

Annabeth's right, Jack is a fucking fag.

It's more than an hour now and Patreanon has vanished without a trace.

Truly this man is the Son of God.

The joke was never good because your comic is bad


I think the joke would have been funnier if Annabeth was still in the lingerie.


>That forced joke at the end
Patreanon here with the latest strip, and I'll make you guys a deal.
If someone can find me a whole weeks worth of strips where goes the whole week without ending a strip with a one off joke on the last panel, I'll commission someone, someone decent, to draw porn of any two characters from this series.

That one liner makes no fucking sense.

Joyce doesn't care about other women being raped, so fuck her feelings.

We could prevent other women from getting raped, but it might trigger Joyce.

Wow, what a difficult decision, a real conundrum.

She's saying that she has no real solutions to the complicated social issue because all she knows how to do is hit people.

She's talking in the third person because she's fucking psychotic and that's probably a catchphrase or some other psycho shit like that.

>she's going to relive it
She was being treated badly and drugged, whereby the moment she realizes she gashes the fucker and then a superhero shows up. Wow, hate to dig that trauma up.


Like if anything the person in the wrong at the time was Joyce for fucking HITTING him instead of going to someone. He didn't grab her, he didn't touch her. He may have roofied her, and yes that's wrong, but there's literally NO proof of ANYTHING he's done, even if Joyce repeated what he said and did. Especially since it's this late and it's out of her system.

And yet, and fucking yet they think that slandering this guy would hurt ANYONE but them, since if it fucking goes far enough he could actually press charges for defamation.

Is Willis still operating under the notion that there's only one photograph? Did he forget that Amber-Girl uploaded one of the pictures to some kind of social media network or whatever the fuck?

Also, while I understand where Dorothy's coming from here, I don't think one picture is going to send Joyce on a downward spiral and drive nine inch nails into her wrists. It might make her uncomfortable, yes, but the fact that he'd be put out there as an assailant would be better than just shoving the picture in her face and being like "Yo, nigga, remember this guy?".

Also, the last panel just did not need anything. It has no reason to exist.

This is also a good point. It's all for the greater good, and Joyce could end up reaching out to other victims who DO come forth with more information about Ryan.

Now that you bring it up, I have the feeling the line is a callback to something else. in b4 it's supposed to have been a catchphrase this whole time.

Apparently it was so traumatic that she had to express her anguish by drawing anatomically correct penises in permanent marker on whiteboards in th dormitory.

Why are they acting like she actually got raped

Okay seriously, stop acting like the last twenty strips haven't made it clear that Ryan at the very least, tried to rape Joyce. He roofied her drink, and he was trying to force her into a secluded room with just him and her drugged ass. He was going to rape her. Wanting to see him get his comeupance a smart way is one thing, constantly shouting "But there's no proof! All he did was get mad with her after roofieng her drink!" is something an idiot says after their favorite characters gets shown in a bad light. He's a rapist, wanting to stop him is the GOOD thing.

But doing this isn't going to stop him.
Doing ANYTHING isn't going to fucking stop him.
They literally can't, and they could face repercussions for this. Or they would, if this was properly written.

You're automatically a faggot because you didn't filter him out.

I disagree. Amber, and by extension, amazi-girl, is a fucking mess, and it's quite obvious she can't deal with emotions. It therefore makes perfect sense that she'd say something like that--she has absolutely no idea how to answer the conundrum proposed by Dorothy, being used to doing the right thing and solving all her problems by hitting people.

That said, Dorothy is hilariously underestimating Joyce, and it's almost insulting how they treat her like a child. She almost got raped, yes, but she's a goddamn adult woman and she's already been shown as able to make hard as fuck decisions that put her at odds with the way she was brought up. Being hesitant about spreading the word of a fucking serial rapist because you don't think your near-victim friend can't take it? How pathetic does she think joyce IS?

>Apparently it was so traumatic that she had to express her anguish by drawing anatomically correct penises in permanent marker on whiteboards in th dormitory.
Which is weird since she never even saw his dick.

Doing something to try and stop a rapist is something. The constant looming threat of some fucking psycho chasing after you should make most people stop raping for fear of their own safety.

If I was writing this though I'd have Ryan develop an unhealthy obsession with Amazi-Girl now that she's humiliated him in front of everyone, and he starts raping other girls while forcing them to wear masks and capes.

I wonder what mary was going to call her there...there's a LOT of C insults of varying degrees of maturity.
"cumbubble" or any variant of 'cum' or 'cock'


It may make sense, but it doesn't make us care about it.
If there were any reason to feel sympathetic for Amber other than growing up in an abusive household-- a reason more immediate than one that she overcame after beating up her father in a parking lot-- then we might grow to care for Amber and feel bad for her. As it is, she's pretty much bringing everything on herself by acting out impulsively.

And yes, they are being extremely inconsiderate of Joyce, despite claiming to be doing the right thing for her. Maybe they should talk with her about how she would feel about an effort to find the not-really-a-rapist-but-being-treated-like-one-anyways-hey-doesn't-that-sound-familiar-sure-ain't-no-similarities-to-no-Brock-Turner-in-this-here-webcoming-nosireebob.

Correct, but it's funnier to draw dicks on whiteboards than it is to draw a spiked glass of soda.

Honestly, going after Ryan like she did at the rally was possibly the worst thing to do. If Willis cared to write Ryan as three-dimensional, he'd have Ryan start to stalk campus looking for both Joyce during the day and Amazi-Girl at night, since he assumes they're both in cahoots.

Dorothy is not a good person. She's barely a nice person most of the time.

That'd be a little weird, but him going after short, chubby brunettes would make some degree of sense. Or, since he apparently had a decent amount of access to Amber's phone, he could go after Dorothy.

Crazy Bitch

Naw, probably cunt, given the cut off.

Or Danny. Let's be honest Danny is the weakest individual in DoA, so if anybody's gettin' raped its him.

>it's almost insulting how they treat her like a child.
Except Joyce is the reason that they are having this problem right now. If they had gone to the hospital and police right after she was attacked, then they could have just grabbed Ryan and handed him over to the cops.

Now the only way to punish Ryan is by finding girls he successfully raped, either before or since he attacked Joyce.

>years of repressed homosexual urges combined with unaddressed anger issues result in Ryan being found with his head through a wall and his anus needing stitches

Joyce's reaction made perfect sense, and it's an action that happens in real life CONSTANTLY. A fuckton of sex-attacks and domestic abuse incidents never get reported, as the victims feel themselves partially to blame or don't want to get caught up in anything, instead wanting to remove themselves as much as they can from the situation. Willis is a hack, but I don't find any problem with the way he wrote joyce reacting. What I do have a problem with is him continuously trying to write joyce as both an immature child and a grown-ass woman.

>they could have just grabbed Ryan and handed him over to the cops
I mean during the rally. Even if he escaped the party when the incident first happened, that police report would have allowed Amazi-girl or whoever to grab Ryan or just call the police to pick him up.

Yeah but no.
There were TWO OTHER PEOPLE with her. None of them thought "hey maybe we should do something about this?" at the time? Joyce had his blood on her, they could've logged. They had the roofie in her system, they could've logged. And actual eyewitness accounts. ALL PROOF AGAINST HIM. Yet the same two people decided not to do anything? Are they fucking serious?
And they should've sent her ass to the hospital ANYWAY because there was no guessing what the fuck the roofie would do to her body. Their could've been a delayed allergic reaction for all they fucking knew.

Why do you people keep calling the threads "dumbing of age" like you don't like the series, yet still make daily fucking threads for the past several years?

Nice bait, mate.

If she can beat up multiple guys at once with ease, why is she worried if one guy knows who she is?

That sounds awful. This bullshit is confusing enough with its plotholes, you don't need to make it non linear too.

im not sure if thats really so much a joke as amber admitting that she has no idea what to do

Are these girls clones?

>That said, Dorothy is hilariously underestimating Joyce, and it's almost insulting how they treat her like a child. She almost got raped, yes, but she's a goddamn adult woman and she's already been shown as able to make hard as fuck decisions that put her at odds with the way she was brought up. Being hesitant about spreading the word of a fucking serial rapist because you don't think your near-victim friend can't take it? How pathetic does she think joyce IS?

Joyce has explicitly said on multiple occasions that she doesn't want to think or talk about the rape. And this was even in response to the idea that she has some responsibility to report the crime for the general safety of the campus. Dorothy is thinking about treating her the way she is treating her because Joyce has made it pretty clear that's how she wants to be treated.

The other problem with a poster campaign is it could be prejudicial to a future case against him. If other girls did come forward at that point he could just say he is the victim of an unfounded smear campaign


I like the admission that Amazi-Girl had no fucking clue why she was doing what she was doing and what the end game would be and what the fallout would be.

I still have the general stance that if the main thing is stopping Ryan from attempting to rape anyone again, they've got to have accomplished it at this point. First off, he tries to rape Joyce, gets injured by his target *and* her friend. Then, when he's minding his own business, the local vigilante threatens to broadcast his identity while beating up people around him (I think he only got punched once and that flying kick, the rest was directed at the other interns). At this point, going to another party and attempting this again must be the last thing on his mind, right? How committed to these rapes is he supposed to be?

He is presented as a serial offender in a sense, because at the first party he thinks about "finding his mark" as if it's a habitual thing he does. But I imagine a lot of that is opportunity rather than compulsion. The Joyce situation must've made him rethink the idea that it's something he can keep getting away with.

As for punishing him properly for it and getting Joyce closure, I feel like that bridge was burned when they didn't go to the police. Closure would've required a jail sentence which they will not get this far after the fact (unless he still thinks he can go out and rape and just has a bunch of the drugs on his premises), while the beatdown he got is probably a most satisfying punishment for Ryan Joyce will ever witness (unless Willis bends reality again to make everything turn out right).

i wonder if sals ever going to stop straightening her hair. it would make sense with her racism plot and she looks better with the curly hair anyway

>If someone can find me a whole weeks worth of strips where goes the whole week without ending a strip with a one off joke on the last panel, I'll commission someone, someone decent, to draw porn of any two characters from this series.
took a while, but i found one
and then another 8 day stretch not long after
i want billie/sal

Oh hey he actually acknowledge that bringing this shit up could effect Joyce negatively. Looks like I owe someone five bucks.

I should be mad, but... this strip makes for good gambling

>This is also a good point. It's all for the greater good, and Joyce could end up reaching out to other victims

There is no proof that there even are OTHER victims.

> Cred Forums for the last two weeks: Jeez, Willis, don't you think that sending Amazi-Girl after Ryan without Joyce's permission is a bad thing?

> Cred Forums today: Jeez, Willis, don't you think that stopping a rapist is more important than Joyce's feelings?

That would require Willis actually changing his designs. We all know that's way too much work for him.

See if you can get Yoto. He's been busy as of late, but the man knows how to draw good DoA smut

He's done it before, so it means that he already has the design made.

"If we try and catch the guy who almost raped our friend, our friend might remember she was almost raped but never got as far as having a hand laid on her. I think the negatives outweigh the positives."

I want to have awkward raw sex with Joyce that she regrets the next day but ultimately takes responsibility for.

It doesn't have to be exceedingly nonlinear. It would just go back and forth between the boring parts of what's going on right now with the comparatively more exciting scenes in the political rally. Plus, it could help distract from the glaring plot holes by breaking the story up so that nobody notices them all at once.

No, but knowing Willis, he's already written Ryan to have raped three other girls, all of whom are literally Joyce but with different hair/eye colors and hair styles.

Those are both right, the latter more so than the first.
The former is more of a story/character development point. As somebody pointed out earlier, Ryan reappearing has become less of a Joyce storyline and more of an Amber/Amazi-Girl storyline. Joyce was directly affected, and Amazi-Girl was barely involved. Sure, she felt guilt during the whiteboard storyline, but it was still ultimately a Joyce story.

With the political rally and Ryan's return, and Joyce nowhere to be seen, Amber has taken the reins and made it a story about herself bringing Ryan to justice, when it could be a story about Joyce alone overcoming her fears and taking down Ryan herself.

But if this is anything like the Toedad story, I'm going to guess that Joyce ends up punching Ryan in the face so hard she breaks her hand again on his jaw while simultaneously knocking him out cold. Also, I still don't understand the physics of that, much less the physics of the Toedad car chase in the first place.

Okay, see, here is the thing.

We, the readers, know that.

Amber, and the other girls at the party who interacted with Joyce know she was acting drugged, and Ryan was an asshole. They also believe Joyce, that is fine.

However, they have no proof that anything happened. Consider their actions as if the strips 6 fucking years ago never happened. They are trying to create an online Lynch mob, for an act they believe happened but have no proof of, and they are supposed to be the good guys here.

The message is, do not go to the police ladies, just create an angry mob and have them solve your issues.

Fuck them.

I doubt Joyce would approve of an angry mob. The problem is this this arc has centered around the feelings of characters with a poor impulse control and histories of violence.

It feels like Willis is trying to retroactively absolve himself rather than address the issue that Joyce made the wrong call and has to live with it. If Amazi-Girl brings in Ryan then Joyce's actions don't matter. If Dorothy creates a smear campaign against Ryan that sees him brought down by other victims or by pure social pariahness then Joyce's actions don't matter. He had to fridge Joyce because otherwise by bringing Ryan back he'd have to address the consequences of his setup.

That's why Amazi-Girl and Dorothy shouldn't be involved in this. Maybe they can appear as background characters working behind the scenes to bring Ryan to justice, but this is primarily Joyce's story.

And yet, she's not here. This could be a watershed moment for her by having her overcome her biggest fear and the most harrowing threat to her on campus since arriving, but Willis eschews it to get in his Brock Turner revenge fantasy instead.

I suppose it all comes back around to Willis in the end. This whole thing is Ryan lashing out against Brock Turner through Amazi-Girl, and Dorothy is along for the ride in a straight man role.

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

You know what I think would help Joyce's "trauma" more than anything? Actually getting the guy caught.

Ok, I need your guy's help with these next two comics.

This is basically a dream sequence into Angel's concious, and I just want to know if I should keep them in.

I mean, this chapter is already about 30 strips shorter than the DoA chapter so I have some freedom.

But Yeah, I just want your guy's opinion in this.

After this scene everything goes back to normal.

It'd get her closure, it probably wouldn't help with her trauma. Plus Joyce is now operating under a very reasonable assumption that reporting what happened would get her yanked out of school.

The big problem is that Dorothy comes off as trying to justify non-action with Joyce as an excuse. Joyce is already having panic attacks and developing agoraphobic tendencies, the idea that a presumably anonymous posting about Ryan on social media will cause her a great deal of harm is a silly concern. If that was the drama of the story, conflict about the blowback on everyone for bypassing the legal sytem, it'd be fine, but it really reads more like Dorothy wanting Amber to deal with Ryan while she stays out of it.

These should have been placed before Angel starts thinking of ways in which her rape is actually a good thing. Also, while I get what you're trying to do with the last panel, it falls a bit flat.

Alright I get you.

I'll have happy pink Angel instead to tell herself that getting raped was good and for pam.

I'd truncate your first strip to bring in the pink Angel earlier and make her body language while convincing blue Angel kinda sexual and aggressive.

That's what the strip is called. Try harder.

I don't mind this actually.

Imagine this going to the police
>Here is a guy we saw protesting at a rally with a viewpoint we do not approve of
>He tried to rape our friend a few years ago
>Here is all the evidence we have for you to go off of
>three people's word
>No, we didn't have a rape kit done because she wasn't actually raped
>No, there is no surveillance footage
>No, there is no actual evidence aside from that scar that our friend gave him when she fought him off
>What do you mean he went to the hospital and it's reported he got it from a bar fight?
>What do you mean he has more evidence supporting his story than ours?

Except for the guy flat out saying he's evil, there is no way for him to get taken to court. It would be a waste of everyone's time.
But this is Willis. Where Toedad went and hunted his daughter down with a rifle on college campus.

Realistically if there were no charges pressed against the guy and you made a website saying "He's a rapist" you'd put yourself up for a lawsuit. Which would also make it harder to get the guy convincted in court, since now he has the defense that there is a website up for some time that could have influenced the public image of him and not give him a fair trial.

So the pink angel should be sexually aggresive?

Thank you!

>>He tried to rape our friend a few years ago

I know it feels like that, but hasn't it only been a month?

Can't they just call the police?

There isn't much point bringing in realism to this story as realistically the cops would have been called anyway when they had to get an ambulance to take Ryan to the hospital after his beating. While it wouldn't be entirely unrealistic for Ryan to walk away after blows like that, given the time frame he'd either still be in the hospital or needing extensive therapy.

I kinda want to do edits where Ryan is brain damaged.

Yes, pink Angel is mirroring the rape.

Alright, I fixed it up a little bit, hopefully this suffices.

I'd remove the second speech bubble in panel 2 and the first speech bubble in panel 3. I'd also give blue Angel some floaty symbols of her own that gradually get replaced by pink Angel's symbols until their completely gone in the last panel of the second strip.

It's too late at this point. It doesn't help that Ryan has been savagely beaten twice in the meantime.
The first time you could wave as self defense (kinda. The bat bludgeoning was a bit much). The second time Ryan could find a good lawyer who could claim Joyce is sending her friends to stalk and attack him.
Joyce OTOH has no evidence Ryan tried to do anything (its out of her system) and wasn't actually raped.

He should be the one who should call the police on them and claim Amber is a MENACE!

Alright, thanks mate.

I'd believe that Amber was stealing pizzas.

Far be it from me to discount the traumatic experiences of being drugged and attempted rape. But that's about all that happened. Joyce was drugged and then he tried to attack her and got repeatedly assaulted for it, (slashed with a bottle, Getting beaten with a literal bat). The fact that he got up and got away from that's impressive on its own but the fact of the matter is, if you KNOW that this guy is out there, and the only trauma comes from what he ATTEMPTED to do, then fuck. Do whatever you can to stop him. She won't remember the trauma of getting forced down, she won't relive the trauma of being forcibly penetrated, she won't relive the trauma of the conflicting feelings of pain, fear and sexual pleasure. She won't have to live with the long term ramifications of being cum inside. But some girl might and I'm sure she'd be very unplussed to hear that her rapist could've been detained or at least she could've been aware of him had they posted whatever info they could but didn't cuz it'd make Joyce sad.

>it really reads more like Dorothy wanting Amber to deal with Ryan while she stays out of it.
Dorothy manipulating Amber's violent and impulsive tendencies to attack people she feels have indirectly wronged her would be a lot better story. But this is not the time for such a story, or at least not in this context.

Save that idea for another time; I can even see Sal as an anti-Dorothy trying to keep Amber's violence in check.
But with Ryan, it's entirely Joyce's story. It's more of Sarah's story than it is Dorothy's, come to think of it. At least Sarah konked Ryan on the head twice.

is the imp is actually a dood?

also the comic needs to be lewder

Dorothy should be feeling guilty that this whole thing was partially her fault. She took Joyce to the party and then forgot about her because she was too busy grilling Roz.

Someone "decent" generally asks for 200 dollarydoos as the very least. unless you want to give money to shitty web artists

yeah, the imp dude (Thanks for the idea for a gag) is a boy.

And I don't know about how lewd it will get, I mean if I can think up of a nice tiddie or dick joke, I'll do it, but I won't do straight up porn.

Unless you got a little bit of cash.

I ain't paying for your shit until you actually start learning to draw

but I like how you do lewd. Also you just sank my mental image of tomboy imp all the way down to earth's core.

Wasn't Dorothy one of the people who said to just drop the whole thing when everyone was deciding about taking Joyce to a hospital?

No, I'm pretty sure Dorothy wanted to go to the hospital the first night and wanted to go to the police the next day. Joyce and Sal were the main proponents for giving up with Billie in a close third cause she wanted to go back to bed and sleep off her hangover. Dorothy did mention that there's a bad track record for actually busting rapists but still thought something was better than nothing

Yeah, that's the thing, if they actually wanted to stop him, they should have gone to the hospital and police. They chose not to, and because of that an attempted rapist is free because of their decisions, and anything they do now that they haven't gone to the police is at best harassment and at worst assault and battery.

They could have gone to the police, that night, and didn't. I'm sorry, it sucks, but you no longer have any evidence. The rapist has won because of Joyce and everyone's decisions.

Well, I seem to have missed quite a bit since I last popped into these threads...
He just throws jokes in at the end of most strips, because that's what he assumes he has to do. It's been mentioned before, but it seems to be an attempt to diffuse any kind of tension that might make his audience uncomfortable.
You know, if you edit out Amber's word balloon, then this strip becomes okay. Not good, and certainly not great, but okay.
Dorothy really isn't Joyce's friend. She insults her, guilts her for being Christian and being whitebread... she's just a more hypocritical version of Roz, and I didn't even think that was possible.

Joyce has come up against many things that have challenged her worldview, and is still a good person. She's not unchanged, but she is still a good person. If Dorothy came up against anything that challenged her worldview, she'd dismiss for being "mansplaining from a position of privilege", or some shit.
I assumed it was "cretin", given how archaic Mary's speech can be.
Honestly, it'd be better for Joyce to feel bad for a while then keep being afraid of being alone in crowds, in case Ryan showed up again.
A month and a half, I think.
Technically, it's Roz's fault - she didn't want to give Dorothy all the hot goss about all the hot dickings she was going to get at the party, so Roz invited herself or something.

>He just throws jokes in at the end of most strips, because that's what he assumes he has to do. It's been mentioned before, but it seems to be an attempt to diffuse any kind of tension that might make his audience uncomfortable.
And yet, we've seen that he doesn't HAVE to do that to be effective, and it's actually been more effective a story moment when he doesn't have a punchline.

Why does the thing in the 3rd panel have a penis?

I don't see a bulge man.

I think you may be looking to hard.

Looking over this again, I still have to ask why Willis focused so much on Mary when the actual story focus was on Ruth and Billie.

It's happening again, sort of, with how the current story involving Ryan should be focused on Joyce and not Dorothy and Amber.

>If Dorothy came up against anything that challenged her worldview
Not directly her worldview, but when an important part of Dorothy's person (her and her family's faith) was challenged by Joyce's parents at family weekend, she didn't fly off the handle like you're assuming-- she tried to withdraw from the situation and avoid making a scene specifically for Joyce's sake.
Also when Becky was a jealous bitch she didn't retort presumably out of respect for Becky/Joyce's feelings, but that can be shrugged off as Becky's dumb plot armor where she can do no wrong.

did he take it up the boipussi???

Yes user, of course, where else would he take it?

Actually, don't awnser that, I don't want Cred Forums surprising me with another way you can stick your dick in someone.

Males only have orifice fewer than females.

Because in the original run, Mary didn't come across as villainous enough. Since people had already started commenting on the Mary/Carla feud, Willis had to hammer home how cartoonishly evil Mary really is.

But "cartoonishly evil" doesn't make for a good villain.

It's kind of funny how Willis is trying and failing to find a cross between "light-hearted college antics" and "dramatic coming-of-age story" while other writers have managed to pull it off with few to no errors. I wonder how long until Willis steals outright from a cartoon like Steven Universe.

unless you use a colostomy bag.

Just under 55 minutes to go.

Odds are that Willis won't jump to another scene, but I've been wrong before. In the event he DOES make the jump, though, where do you hope we'll land? My money would be on Billie waking up and remembering Ruth didn't kill herself.

So would you guys consider this DoA's "Loss"?

It's the exact moment things spiraled into absolute lunacy. Right here is when DoA stopped being a down to earth slice of life and became a cartoon starring a wacky lesbian.

I really don't remember a lot of the stupid goofy bullshit until after Toedad pulled out the gun.
From there on characters all became ridiculously exaggerated versions of themselves (Carla becoming a turbo-cunt whereas before she was just a jerk, Mary becoming a super villain whereas before she was merely grouchy and disagreeable, etc), Willis tripled down on the parent/male/cis/Christianity hating, and zany crap like rube goldberg machines, scarfaced evil mastermind rapists with identical minions and of course, the fucking car chase, started happening.

DoA was already pretty bad before this, but it was never the same after it.

I'd say that there are several "Loss" moments where DoA went from goofy and upbeat to trying to tap into a different genre, but this is definitely the most blatant.

This actually wouldn't be so bad if Willis hadn't revealed his "no one dies" rule. When the comic seemed like grounded slice-of-life, "no deaths" didn't seem like such a big deal because the characters weren't in mortal danger than often. Once the comic went into full-on Looney Toons power fantasy, though, "no deaths" turned into a giant neon sign that every action sequence is going to be nothing more than meaningless thrills with no physical consequences, no matter how much the characters perform stunts that should leave them crippled if not dead.

With this in mind, Ross pulling out the shotgun in this strip erases any tension this storyline might have had. No one's going to get shot because

a) no deaths
b) Willis won't write any of his characters spending hundreds of strips recovering in a hospital

so Ross taking out a shotgun on campus will only lead to Ross "losing" to Becky/Amazi-Girl/Willis as permanently as possible, which turns a supposedly tense, high-stakes action sequence into a boring slog. Also, forget about any more character development for Ross or any debates about the validity of his beliefs and actions - he's now just another supervillain to get beaten up and thrown in jail, never seen again.

This one moment sets the tone for what DoA has become: this is a world where Good People defeat Bad People and you're an asshole if you criticize it.

I consider the black wall of trigger warning the worst comic so far because not only was it super stupid, it's the only comic that breaks the forth wall, thus breaking all immersion during a serious moment and then adding the cat at the end just to make sure that his fans arent too offensive. It's almost offensive how he thinks how sensitive people are, it kind of feels condesending or something, I don't know why, but It just feels... mean.

Well it's not like there wasn't drama leading up to Loss- CAD had tried to be more serious plenty of times before, but Loss was the moment everyone remembered.

You could easily present it to someone who doesn't know about DoA and ask them if they think it's sincere or mocking, and they'd choose the latter.

What else was there again? All I can think about is Becky coming out of the closet by shouting it to everyone at the top of her lungs and the trigger warning with the cat.

I think is definitely the worst though. The tone permanently shifted after it. Any moments of actual nuance like were traded out for characters exploding into yelling and violence, and suddenly these supposedly grounded teenagers can engage in action movie stunts and Looney Tunes slapstick,

I'm not sure how, but your post reminded me of the strip where Toedad fought Dina in the woods-- a densely forested woods on a college campus, but maybe that's just how Indiana works-- and we did not see Dina again afterwards until the hospital, which would otherwise lead the reader to believe she was left for dead.

Like, seriously. What the fuck, Willis? You have Toedad straddling her, ready to cold-cock her with his rifle, and then the next thing we see is Becky and Joyce at the fountain, and after that comes Toedad driving in. Dina may as well be dead! But we know she isn't. So she's simply forgotten.

There was the attempted rape, for one. That took place during what was otherwise a goofy party scene.
And after that was the Whiteboard Bandit story, where the titular bandit was a triggered Joyce.

>the Whiteboard Bandit story, where the titular bandit was a triggered Joyce.

God, that was so fucking stupid.

>here's a funny filler story
>lol dicks, lol "white board ding dong bandit"
>actually fuck you joyce is triggered here's some hamfisted drama

Bump for Patreanon.

>30 minutes past the hour

We can only assume that the current strip is so poor in quality that Patreanon has opted to end his own life rather than expose us to its mediocrity.

If it were that poor in quality Patreanon would share it with us so that we might all commit suicide together, like a bunch of codependent Japanese schoolgirls.


Are you going to announce Patreanon's death every thread?


I don't

There's more than one

a new patreanon dies every night

I meant there are more than one people declaring death, but that works too

Patreons are sacrificed to the progressive throne to get a comic a day early.

I'm imagining the patreanons are just a line of people next to a computer, and when they read it, they off themselves.

The webcomic version of Kamikaze Scottsmen

Patreanon dies historic on the Fury Road! He lives, he dies, he lives again!

Sorry I'm late, I had some friends over to play board games. (We played Arkham Horror and it was such fun.) In tonight's offering, Walky shows up with his first facial hair because just waltzing into a girl's bathroom is something that's socially acceptable and not weird at all.

What is happening

Why is it happening

Why is any of this needed

RIP any tension or gravity



Why do both Walkertons need to talk like retards?

>18 and finally growing facial hair
Either I'm too Greek or Walky is faking his age by about two years.

Also, I like the tonal shift here. "Hmm, I think I've talked too much about exposing a rapist for one week. Better throw in a filler strip for a cheap laugh."

Also, are there connected bathrooms in this dorm? If so, then my college cheaped out.

I really hope actual commenters have the same question.

Also, Dorothy seems really happy in the last panel to be shoving Walky out the door.

I think Walky is actually developmentally retarded and the college is just a complex fantasy that his parents set up with actor playing the other students to make their son feel normal

I mean, it's the only thing that makes sense

I still can't help but see that little line as a smirk, even though I know it isn't one.

Sal went to school in the South for a while and it permanently damaged her accent. Walky is just a barely-functional simpleton.

Well thanks, now I see it too.

Hello fellow Greekbro, I could grow a full, if thin, mustache by seventh grade, you?

And apparently the dorm building where this is set has both suite style and barracks style bathrooms IRL. It also means that Carla does not have a private bathroom.

I prefer the explanation that the cast is actually a part of an elaborate social experiment and they were specifically put together to facilitate case studies. Although it being an elaborate fantasy for the sake of a retarded Walky would explain Sal's attitude towards him; the actress is very uncomfortable with the whole scenario and only does the minimum needed to keep getting paid.

Kind of pointless strip, although I do generally prefer their relationship stuff over most other stuff in the comic.

What is Amber so happy about in panel 2?

Isn't it obvious? Walky and Dorothy are going to break up and Amber will hook up with Walky.

I'm not joking. A recurring element in Dorothy and Walky's story arc is the underlying tension of their relationship.

Is Sal meant to sound like Sandy or Applejack?

>Arkham Horror
Sweet. Did you win, or doom all of humanity?

There are more rape survivors in the comments section today than at a Bill Cosby hearing.

>Also, are there connected bathrooms in this dorm? If so, then my college cheaped out.

Each pair of double rooms has a semi-private sink an toilet, but they have communal showers.

Willis has the attention span of a spastic spaniel.

>Attracting the rape audience.
No to be harsh but those are one of the last people you want.

I only believe the ones who say they would want to see Ryan in jail no matter what. The ones who think Joyce's feelings outweight Ryan being free must have been new-age raped.

or theyre just selfish and thinking that if they were joyce they wouldnt want to be reminded

In Adam's Fall, we sinned all
So God made Willis to slowly kill us

Well, they say to write what you know...

>Letting a rapist be on the loose because "muh victim feelings".
I know it's hard, faggots, but do you want someone else to get raped?

Clearly they do. What's great is Joyce is a white blond.

Dude pulls in five grand a month just from Patreon. If it's stupid and it works then it's not stupid.

It should be interesting to see that crowd respond to tonight's Patreon strip tomorrow when Walky shits all over the mood.

Alternately, being relieved to not have to unpack her Amazi-Girl persona in a non-punching situation.

>Sorry I'm late
Unacceptable. Do you have the expansions? The King in Yellow is seriously brutal.

Astoundingly, she predates EITHER of those characters, having been a thing online since like 1998.

She probably based on [Southern Female Character] from [Obscure Evangelical Brainwashing Cartoon]

Something something justice system, something something judges, something something not enough jail time.

...She's Rogue. Willis was a fan of X-Men: The Animated Series when he started writing It's Walky!, so he wrote his own superhero soap opera with the exact same kind of angsty, fiery Southern belle because of course he goddamn did.

How is it Sal speaks that way but nobody else in her immediate family does?

the canon answer is she was sent to boarding school at a young age in Texas and just got the accent through her surroundings

the right answer is it tickles Willy's willy

Because in It's Walky she was raised (mostly) in the South, because she got swapped for Beef as a baby.

His parents let him watch a show that acknowledge evolution as a thing?


man...that isn't even creepy

Willis just can't do anything right

Was was this supposed to be?


Gomen kudasai. I'd commit seppuku in shame, but then who would share these stupid fucking comic strips?

Yeah, I've got three of them. Black Goat of the Woods, Kingsport Horror and the revised Curse of the Dark Pharaoh. [/spoiler[

>Willis has the attention span of a spastic spaniel.

Spaniels are actually fairly smart as far as dogs go

This fucking blonde chick is completely fucking retarded. First she stops the police being called when Joyce actually had the drug in her system, and now this?
Does she want people to get raped?

It was one of the comics he did after Shortpacked ended.

But what's "Dab" and why are they melting?

it's supposed to be spooky but it comes off as retarded

they say dab and leak black water, it doesn't make sense so that means it's horror!

i think the idea is supposed to be that people were talking about dabbing too much and he didnt like that or something

>not having any facial hair by the time you're 18
Is that even possible?

I'm 22 and I didn't grow facial hair until 2 years ago.

Sierra continues to remain based at least.

...that comic long preceded dabbing.

I didn't have to shave until I was 19 or 20, so yes.

Were you born a girl?

I'm 26 and I only became able to grow more than a slight amount of stubble about 2 years ago.

even now I have a mustache, most of a goatee, and a neckbeard, and that's it.

Puberty hits everyone at different ages. Guys can still go through puberty well into their 20s.

>what could he do to fix his efforts?

Getting the Hell over himself would be a great place to start. Followed by getting some therapy. Maybe follow up by realizing he might be wrong about many things

Fair enough. I'm 90% sure that he wouldn't allow something like that today, though.
Tennessee, actually, which just makes her accent even less comprehensible.

Damn, I just realized that Mary was also at the rally, but only as a background character since she didn't speak in a single comic. It looked like Roz and Mary were actually going to do something in the lead-up that wouldn't have been as completely stupid as the Amazi-Girl scene.

I mean, the comic is stupid, but if the door was open -- and it looks like it was -- this is no different than my college experience. I had girls wandering in to my bathroom all the time, and vice versa.

Did user ever do more of those Carla/Mary Goofus and Gallant parodies?

It might have just been Willis reusing character designs. Frieda switches between looking exactly like Mary and exactly like Dina.

it's exaggeration for the sake of comedy

just not very funny

I forget exactly; I just know that I'm hairy as fuck.

Oh, so that's how that works.
Yeah, my college dorm cheaped out, then. We had to share one single bathroom. It had three showers, at least.

Dab on' em.

That explains my constant boners in public.

Are you sure they didn't just want to smash?

I lived in two dorms; first one was fully suite style with two rooms sharing a bath with one shower, one toilet and two sinks, second one was full barrack style with 8 toilets, four urinals, and ten showers for half a floor. It was terrible.

Just use quotation marks to describe Willis' "comedy".


If I didn't know better, I'd assume this was penned by two completely different writers who only meet on a 5 minute bus trip every other day.

Christ, it really does read like a writing exercise done by two passive-aggressive people.

That is some next-level sarcasm you've invented, user.

Could've sucked him off, or just had a good ol' circlejerk

>not experiencing the decadent joy of stretching the inguinal canal

Give it time. Willis always ruins the based ones the hardest.

>What is Amber so happy about in panel 2?

Now that I think about it Amber (as amazi-girl) once said that Walky makes her feel uncomfortable because he reminds her of Sal. The actual wording was really bad, but that was basically the point.

So maybe her smile in panel 2 is because she's completely over the Sal thing, and so Walky doesn't bother her. That's really shitty if that's the case since I already think the end of that issue was really poorly done with Amazi-Girl.

Another possibility is that She's happy to see Walky after they had that talk on the roof that one time (once again, as amazi-girl) and she likes him to some degree. Which would be fine, I guess, but I don't see why that needs to be seeded right now during this rapist talk. It would serve much better at the end of the discussion as a transition to going to class. And if this conversation is already ending then that's also garbage.

Nah man, when Annabeth wants to fuck, he wants to FUCK.


He wanted to Zalgo but not call it Zalgo.

Hadn't Zalgo run its course several years before that strip?

Why's this guy draw like Kris Straub? Like seriously if it wasn't for the way the punch was drawn I'd say that straight up was him as user

mary wasnt at the rally. she hates robin.

Mary doesn't seem like the kind of person who goes out of their way to cuss. So if we are left to assume she as just about to, then it would be very uncharacteristic of her to do so.

Nice job Willis.

Mary comes across as more worldly and far less sheltered than Joyce.

Speaking of Kris Straub: While I'm glad that he's managed to take "Candle Cove" into a mainstream sphere with "Channel Zero" on SyFy, I'm not personally fond of the direction he's taking the idea.

But I guess you gotta fill a television series somehow.

I just want him to have the money and budget to do cool things.

A fair assessment, and again, it's always good to see people going far with what were initially small projects. I just liked the notion of "Candle Cove" as a shared hallucination, and not something more sinister than that.

The show's design is pretty damn spiffy, though. That fucking Tooth Boy.

Ugh, teeth are one of my biggest phobias. That's going to be a nightmare to watch. I can't wait.

Honestly I was majorly surprised at just how good it looks. When I heard Syfy I assumed it would be grade school cgi and maybe a muppet for a monster

The movies are outsourced to The Asylum, who are the reason everybody assumes SyFy's TV movies are cheap.

And given the original "Candle Cove" story, I'd love for the monster of the series to be nothing more than a Muppet.

You'd need the right cinematography to pull off a muppet.

Boy, now THAT takes me back...

I like to think she was going to say "cow," but Ruth jumped to conclusions. But Mary had a potty mouth with Carla during The Incident.

I want a foul mouthed Mary shit talking other weebs at a con.

What, about seven years now since it came around?

Is he still doing Broodhollow?

Mary hates everyone.
Even herself.

bringing this back because goddamn that thread was fun

(The premise is that Mary is happily married to an aspiring writer/closet Cred Forumsack and they're the neighbors to Joyce and user)

I wish the Joyce/user stuff didn't take up most of that thread's output. Mary/user was great shit.

What is the last line referencing with the panda?


Mary's hentai must be insane.

see for yourself: exhentai.org/g/663578/57003a95d0/

I saved a bunch of it, it's pretty good.

Just give me a title, I don't feel like dealing with exhentai.

Weren't there a few more scenarios?

Dealing with exhentai is the joke.

The joke is that all you get is a sad panda, user. Also, some more stuff I've come up with since:

>Ruth and Billie are in a loveless, joyless marriage where they both are raging alcoholics and lash out at each other violently. Both are only together because they're afraid that if one leaves, the other will kill themselves. It's another shitty situation that everyone in the neighborhood is aware of, but no one (outside of Joyce and Walky) seems to want to do anything about because they're total pricks to everyone else.

>Becky and Dina are in an equally damaged relationship. Lesbian Bed Death has set in something fierce, and Dina is too wrapped up in her post-graduate studies to give Becky the attention she so endlessly craves. Thus, Becky has gone to look elsewhere, being a frequent customer at local dyke bars and picking up and sleeping with all sorts of broads behind Dina's back. Also when drunk enough, her hidden feelings for Joyce will slide out, much to her boyfriend's discontent.

>Danny is in a happy and fulfilling marriage and lives far, far away from everyone else in NYC, where he and Joe (who is one of the most popular bachelors in Manhattan) have a successful venture capitalist firm.

>Walky is still with Dorothy, who is becoming a successful journalist while he regresses even further into adolescent memorabilia. Dorothy would find it insufferable, but he's still a wonderfully supportive, reverent husband who gives her everything she wants and then some.

>Ethan owns a toy store or something no one cares about him anymore

Mary didn't let them beat the anime out of her.

Love wins.

>you will never commission ReaganxThatcher lewds from Mary

Bumping for Patreanon

Patreanon still has a few hours before we need to send out a search party and post their obituary in the paper.

I'm not sure if it's related but I'm pretty sure "dab" the dance comes from a particular way of getting high also called "dabbing"

Wonder how they're gonna' explain away Amber being a bitch to Danny.


The answer is that as a girl who is both apparently Christian (largely in the antagonistic "I want to masturbate to anime but still be Christian" Cred Forums sense) Mary is always going to be a punching bag or minor villain and thus her characterization is irrelevant

The joke is that it's gay porn

Oh god I'm friends with someone and we talk exactly like this.

>Hey there's this rapist out there and--
>...what were we talking about?
>Oh right, Danny...

What makes this funny to me is Willlis would be the first to shit on someone elses work for violating the sacred bechdel test yet he does it all the time.

I like how both of them have broken up with Danny and apparently both of them feel like they did it for him

fuck me, the psychology of these too is nuts

Glad I somehow made Annabeth of all characters relatable.

>This storyline is going to be going for three more months.

This strip just continues to make me refuse to care.

The only story-relevant panels are the third through sixth panel. Everything else is ancillary and unimportant.

>He's adorable.
Fuck you; you boned him and you're calling him "adorable" like he's a pet.

>>He's adorable.
>Fuck you; you boned him and you're calling him "adorable" like he's a pet.

user there's nothing wrong with calling a dude who looks and acts like a child adorable.
Though it technically raises a huge fuckton of questions about her taste.

Dorothy only dates losers with no drive so that she can feel better about herself and not feel bad about putting all of her energy into her pursuits and life goals instead of diverting some into someone else's goals/happiness

That's partially my point.
If she's treating him like a child despite actively fucking him, then for all intents and purposes she fucked a child. It's the same kind of issue with how Becky is going tongue-deep into Dina despite her looking like a 12 year old.

It's amazing how bad of a person Dorothy actually is when you think about how she's treated other people.
And she's the person that David Willis wishes he could be. That says a lot about him.

>It's the same kind of issue with how Becky is going tongue-deep into Dina despite her looking like a 12 year old.
>you can never date an adult that looks young

Makes sense when you think about it. Dorothy is condescending and patronizing to everyone she talks to, and Willis can't engage with anyone or anything without getting snotty and sarcastic.

It really burns me that he acknowledged how long it takes him to get through a day, even with daily updates. He just doesn't see anything wrong with it.

You can, but you ought to have documentation to back it up or not draw attention to it in public.

I also forgot to mention that Willis treats autism like childishness, effectively making Dina a 12 year old girl for real.

I wonder how hellish his home life is.
Actually, I almost wonder if he resents his wife in some way. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it shows up in the comic.

Wait one goddamn minute, one of the character beats of Amazi-Girl's Election Adventure was her realizing that her grudge against Sal was irrational and knee-jerk. Why is she acting like she can never go back to Danny? It's been less than 24 hours, all she needs to do is apologize to him for having a freak out.

It's pretty simple, both are incredibly self-absorbed and egotistical people, any negative actions taken are justified as being the best course of action.

>or not draw attention to it in public
Jesus fuck you sound like tumblr. You're essentially saying that anyone who you happen to think looks underage even when they're not can never go out into public with their partner

>Why is she acting like she can never go back to Danny?
because shes the one who did something wrong and danny deserves better

Isn't Danny a fag anyway?

Imagine they get back together and he realizes he wants dicks ups his ass
And then she gets screwed over by another gay guy.


Im honestly surprised it wasn't Becky

No, I'm saying that you can, but you shouldn't be swapping spit in the middle of the food court to get across some kind of anti-gay protest against the local Chick-Fil-A.

Or is it Chik-Fil-A?

At this point, we're pretty sure Willis broke up Danny and Amber just so that he could ship Danny with Ethan and have the two transfer out of school to some kind of Gay Detroit or shit where we can forget about them.

Because goddamn does Willis want to forget about them. Remember that Danny is supposedly representative of Willis' past interpretation of himself.

I'm still waiting for the Sal/Danny/Ethan cuckolding porn where Sal manages to convert Danny and Ethan back into heterosexuality and they both go bareback into Sal while Amazi-Girl watches from the window, crying as she masturbates hanging upside-down from some kind of rope.

>but you shouldn't be swapping spit in the middle of the food court
There is literally nothing wrong with two consenting adults kissing in public.

No, but other people will think there is when one of the adults looks and acts like a twelve year old.

What I'm getting at here is that Willis' convoluted reasonings to keep Dina looking like a kid in the DoA universe can cause unnecessary implications when Becky goes for the tit-grab in public.

>No, but other people will think there is when one of the adults looks and acts like a twelve year old.
People thinking that something is wrong doesn't make it wrong.

>If she's treating him like a child despite actively fucking him, then for all intents and purposes she fucked a child. It's the same kind of issue with how Becky is going tongue-deep into Dina despite her looking like a 12 year old.

Except that's a retarded conclusion to draw. It does sound like something Willis would think though.

Dina's actually pretty close in behavior to a guy with Asperger's I went to college with. It's when he uses her condition as the basis of a joke that he detaches from reality.

Interestingly enough I also went to college with lesbian who looked like she was twelve.

She was dating a fifteen year old.

Too much is a breach of decorum. I would place it above talking loudly on a cell phone.

There is a Law and Order SVU episode about that. The cops come off looking like complete jerks.

It can't be cuckhold porn anymore. Also Sal doesn't need to bring anyone back to heterosexuality as Danny is bi and all she needs to do is be in a sexual relationship with Ethan even if they're not actually having sex directly.

I really just want a drawing of Ethan and Danny spitroasting Sal.

But it doesn't stop them from calling the cops and causing another car chase storyline.

>Except that's a retarded conclusion to draw. It does sound like something Willis would think though.
It's probably retarded. I may be projecting.
I mean, I wouldn't want to be called adorable after boning somebody. It's patronizing, even outside of the sex.

>Dina's actually pretty close in behavior to a guy with Asperger's I went to college with.
It's closer to Asperger's, I think, but I'm pretty sure Willis has referred to it as autism.
Which is still technically true, but there's still a difference.

>It's when he uses her condition as the basis of a joke that he detaches from reality.
Apparently being Asptistic means being able to slip in and out of room without being noticed as well.

>busybody shithead call the cops on a couple
>couple shows their ids
>busybody looks like a faggot

Be careful, Willis reads these threads and he's really struggling to make Mary unlikable.

So then it would be Ethan and Sal spitroasting Danny, sort of. Ethan's on the bottom of the stack, Danny sits on his dick, and Sal sits on Danny.

I'd still like the cuckolding because it would be hilarious.

That's probably what would happen.
But this is the DoA universe, where you can't just leave somebody looking like a faggot. I'd wager that the busybody would magically doxx Becky and send bail money to let Toedad out of prison.

On that subject: I'm honestly kind of bummed that we never saw Joyce's mom bailing out Toedad from prison. THAT would have been one hell of a plot twist.

I do wonder how the Tumblr crowd doesn't realize that he's treating autism as a shortcut for wacky behavior and punchlines. It also makes Dina's whole 'I want to be treated like an adult' thing hypocritical, since Willis himself treats her like a child (and because he proceeded to drop that plot point like a hot potato once her and Becky started lezzing out)

Add that to the fact that her parents' characterization is 'dohohoho, look at how quiet and reserved these Japanese people are', and Dina should be a frigging rage-point for tumblr.

I think he gets most of his 'ohh, I'm so persecuted' material from his comments, actually.

I don't think he'd be caught dead in here, since it's such a cesspool and all

>Willis reads these threads
If he did, he'd probably show himself and argue with everyone in here. Willis is notoriously confrontational.

I feel like it's the opposite. He comes here to placate the part of him that's still a fundie.

I thought that link was just for that specific episode:
163 2 "Clock" Jim Hayman Allison Intrieri September 26, 2006 0803 14.41[22]
Stabler and Tutuola team up to investigate when a teenage boy (Daniel Farcher) and girl (Betsy Hogg) go missing on a school field trip. The case takes a different turn however, when they realize that the girl has Turner's syndrome making her look twelve when she is seventeen. The girl is found with her lover (Jason Butler Harner), an older man who has found a legal way to have sex with a girl who looks twelve. The girl's parents (Gregory Harrison and Deborah Raffin) and grandfather (Robert Vaughn) take the case to family court but there is nothing they can do since both parties are past the age of consent. When the court is adjourned, Stabler meets his new partner; Detective Dani Beck.

It amazes me how Willis dropped the potential Becky/Dina conflict regarding Becky's true feelings for Dina in two throwaway lines. He developed it at least two or three times during Joyce's weekend trip home, and then dropped it as soon as he remembered that Becky can't be sad anymore.

If Willis read these threads, it's only to try and figure out who Patreanon is so that he can ban them.
Or it's to trigger his confirmation bias and show himself how much of an asshole we all are.

yeah these kind of people live for that one asshole who calls him a faggot. Because as soon as you do he can play the victim card and ignore all actual criticism

Maybe Willis comes here and posts about how much his work sucks, while simultaneously posting as Cerebus, praising every little thing.

if it makes anyone feel better, this has the least amount of comments I've ever seen on a DOA strip on the site. So it seems like nobody gives a shit about it, not even the fans

I say give it 18 hours; that should be enough time for the actual fans of Walky to come home from school tomorrow.

I mean , by this time it would have at least 120 comments, it's got well below that.

I mean, maybe because it's sunday night?

There are several ways in which it could work. The stack as you mentioned, Sal giving/receiving oral as the guys fuck, Ethan receiving oral as Sal and Danny fuck, and, depending on Ethan's sexual response, possibly even Ethan fucking Sal.

While I'm not a fan of the "rebound means the relationship is doomed" mentality I am pretty pissed that he skipped out on what could have been some good relationship drama even if he ultimately kept Becky and Dina together.

It all comes back around to Amber getting cucked by Sal after stealing her two boyfriends.

>I am pretty pissed that he skipped out on what could have been some good relationship drama even if he ultimately kept Becky and Dina together.
That's pretty much my boat. Even if Becky and Dina stayed together, the conflict itself would have at least been SOMETHING to happen to the two.

But instead of that, we've got nothing happening.

I just want Willis to break them up already. Dina's entire character and development has been swallowed up by that fucking ginger parasite. Now she's basically just an outlet for lesbian jokes and mentioning Becky whenever she isn't on-panel.

Possibly work an angle in where being in a relationship with Sal and Ethan makes Danny more driven and assertive to stick it to Dorothy a bit too.

Part of the problem with Becky and Dina is that even if Willis wants to make it a fun little fling that doesn't go anywhere and ends with no hard feelings it's lasted years from a reader's perspective. His relationships either feature an absurd amount of drama for their length, like Walky and Dorothy or Amber and Danny, or in Dina and Becky's case nothing fucking happens.

Granted, I might be a bit biased as I'm a filthy, filthy DinaxSarah shipper.

Is there even a reason for the two to be in a relationship other than "Because Lesbians"?

It's funny how much happens to people in relationships in DoA in what is relatively a short amount of time. Comparatively, the fact that nothing substantial is happening between Dina and Becky is downright healthy.

Because Becky wanted a girlfriend, and thus got one as soon as she knew she wanted one.

Becky needed her happy ending, and Willis needed to get Dina's 'I want to be seen as an adult' subplot out of the way so he could throw in more car chases and Amazi-Girl bullshit. Two birds, one stone

The actual setup for Becky and Dina could have made for some interesting drama. Dina kissed Becky because she was upset at her friends paternalism towards her and wanted to show/spite them while Becky recently went through massive personal upheaval and got her dreams of running away with her best friend crushed by reality. Shit, you could even make Dina the bad guy.

I still remember that strip as the moment where DoA started sliding down for me.

It just seemed so forced that everyone decided, at once, in one voice, to rail on Becky for hitting on Dina. And it seemed even more forced that a kiss done out of spite results in the healthiest relationship in the comic strip (barring, possibly, Dorothy and Walky)

Dorothy and Walky is not a healthy relationship. And really it's more a matter of poorly handling the relationship than an unworkable setup.

And to think that if he wanted to get the "I'm an adult" subplot out of the way and include more vigilante action bullshit he could have just had Dina take up Toedad's rifle and stalk the night.

>Dorothy and Walky
She begins the relationship telling him that it's never going to get serious and its only for fun. Then Walky does the unthinkable and listens by staying emotionally distant from the girl who outright said 'we won't stay together'. Every time Walky doesn't open up to her, she makes a concerned and hurt face. Dorothy managed to create a relationship based on sex and is still managing to make Walky look bad by doing exactly what she wants.

I've most likely mentioned this in anothe DoA thread, but a few strips afterward, the panel that was an extreme closeup of Becky's stupid face saying "Holey smokes, I got a girlfriend!" was probably the maddest I've ever been at a piece of fiction.

Becky had already gained a stranglehold on every plotline, cannibalized several character arcs, reduced others to redundant background characters, and got almost everything she wanted and more handed to her without having to so much as lift a goddamn finger. Now suddenly out of nowhere the only character I gave a shit about is her girlfriend and now has no other character beyond being obsessed with her.

So I quit reading it. That was the last straw, I only came back in after finding these threads, smack dab in the middle of the Toedad arc.

It makes zero sense as to why they're not fuck buddies and nothing else. Half the time it seems like they don't really like each other.

Dorothy admitted she likes Walky's body. In college that's all you really need. What makes things weird is when Dorothy moves the goalposts and expects Walky to be her boyfriend.

Becky could have easily been integrated into the strip in a more organic fashion without stepping on the toes of other characters. From the outset a conflict between her and Dorothy as they try to negotiate how their relationship with Joyce is impacted and a tension between her and Joyce following Becky's admission of love would be enough to sustain a plot for a few weeks. Willis also should have had Becky transfer to IU immediately after getting kicked out of her college instead of squatting in the dorm for three weeks.

If he really wanted Becky to be so important, he could have just had her there to start with or gradually lead up to her becoming important, instead of shoving her in and staging a hostile takeover where she's impacted everyone's lives in a mere day in-comic time.

Obviously. I'd have pushed back Becky and Dina hooking up to after the Toedad Saga to have room to seed an attraction and actually connect Becky in ways other than, "This is Becky, you're all friends now."

I think it's just more poorly handled conflict. Friends with benefits dealing with deepening romantic feelings (even one-sided) could work in drama, but it's not progressing in a believable way.

>Maybe Willis comes here and posts about how much his work sucks,

Maybe Willis is Patreanon

okay who did this: Cred Forums.org/banner-contest/aco

Amber had to become a psychotic asshole because otherwise we'd feel bad for her when her ex fucks her best friend.

I wonder if Willis remembered that Walky and Dorothy are pretty much just sex friends, so he edited Dorothy out of most of the "Ruth is lying in bed" arc?

Dunno but I voted for it

See .
He says that Dorothy only followed Walky into the room "because of course she would", and that he cut them out of being in the room because it was awkward.

So I'm trying to read all of this thing (pic is currently where I'm at), and it's not as bad as I thought it was. I've been reading whatever's been posted here for maybe three months now and grew to hate it, but reading it from the start I find it semi amusing. What do I do?

Forgot pic.

Just w8, m8, and you'll see why there's h8.

It's f8.

I started out liking DoA as well.

Don't worry. The really infuriating parts don't happen until 2015. If you get to 2016 and you're still enjoying yourself, well, then you've got a problem, you poor bastard

>Amber being cucked

God DAMN IT, user! I'd JUST gotten over my 'Sal ties Amber up with her own rope, stuffs her panties in Ambe'rs mouth and fucks Danny in front of her' kink, too!

I need art, stat.

Those are the two best characters, along with Joyce's roommate

Sounds like a set-up. Maybe the sex gets so loud that Ethan comes over to investigate, and ends up getting in on the action.

>Amber! I'm not gay anymore! But I've got jungle fever, so you're still out of luck.

>Sal lets both Danny and Ethan cum inside her pussy
>Rubs her cum-filled pussy on Ambers face

I wonder if Dorothy will pick up on this extremely subtle and masterfully presented hint that Amber doesn't like talking or interacting with people. My guess is that she'll just barrel over it because it's just there for the joke. Nothing shittier than forcing a wacky joke and then pretending like the words in it don't matter.

Youre almost at the point where it starts becoming shittier. It'll start getting stupid and boring, then once the redhead from the first few strips comes to visit? Run the fuck away.

According to reddit I should have semi-consensual sex with Joyce in the missionary position, lights off, for the sake of procreation.

Sometimes Reddit is right.

If there was, hypothetically, a doa movie who would you want to see place who?

I predict Dorothy won't shut up because she wants to take credit for Amber's recovery, if she ever DOES recover.

>I'm the one who told her to talk to somebody, so therefore I should be the one with all the grant money!

I hate the relationship too, because it does not seem to be born from anything that looks like chemistry or setup.

There's also the whole "broke up because Danny spoke to her arch-nemesis" thing. For some reason, Amber can't just tell people "This girl robbed me and Ethan when we were young and it freaked me out", because that would wrap up too much plots.

Also, at this point this isn't Amber. It's Amazi-Girl wearing Amber as a mask.

Danny can't be with Amber because otherwise Willy would have to invent a whole new character to suck Ethan's dick.

Naturally he went with "his best friend's ex" because he's a retard.

Pretty much. Becky and Dina's relationship seems to be based entirely on "Because They're Cute Together". It's like kids in high school hooking up their black friends because they're black and not because they're actually attracted to each other.

Normally it would be interesting to see a superhero whose ego is impulsive and vindictive and whose superego is the calmer, collected personality.

But Willis can't pull it off. Instead, he injects some stupid DID element that just makes it come off as stupid and/or confusing.

Which reminds me that i was a bit bummed to see Willis actually fall for the trope of making the person Joyce's roomate (her name eludes me now) gets a crush on to be the pretty much only other black character in the comic. This was back when I liked the comic.

>Best characters

You make me sad user, especially since I agree with you on the other two points

Sarah is Joyce's roommate, and Joe is the only black dude in the cast (I see Walky as Indeterminate Brown Kind of Racial Background).

Reminder: Joe is Sexy Diglett. Somebody else can post the picture.

>no drama
>the dude with the funniest jokes in early DOA
Yes he is. I mean, I realise now that DIna should have been my third place pic but in light of recent events I forgot her completely

It's not Joe, it's Jacob. I forget his name a lot.

Oh, right, Joe is the other Indeterminate Brown Kind of Racial Background character. Or he may be some kind of light-skinned black. I dunno.

And yeah, it's Jacob who is Sexy Diglett. Has he even been in the comic in the past year?

Joe is the jewish horndog

Is Amber actually smiling or is she putting on a facade ? I can't say for sure

Fuck this weak ass story arch.

-checks the tags-

He's appeared in literally one strip in the last year, and that was back in May.

I swear, the only reason he's on the cast page is because Willis refuses to admit that he only has one black character who actually matters (and even she's been delegated to the sidelines since the car chase)

please user, I can only be so erect

Fuck off you retarded faggot.

No need to call the dick sucking faggot retarded, brah, that shit ain't cool.



technically the asperger's denomination doesn't exist anymore, it's packed into the autism spectrum now

Jeebus Crow.
He might as well ship Sierra and Jacob together, since both of them may as well be tertiary characters.

Hence why I said it was technically true.

That sentiment is about the same level as, "Why would you go to the DOAG threads if you hate DOAG?" Get a fucking job, Dewd.

Willis should have gone for the minority two-fer and hooked Jacob up with Ethan.

New two strips for today.

I think this should be the end of the chapter.

I mean, It's not as good as the "Little sister, Big sister" strip, but that would imply this is a happy ending, it's not.

Am I missing a transitional strip or two? Because it seems like it goes from Angel being raped, to Jack and Annabeth post-fucking, to Angel's mental state, then to them leaving the party.

>What I'm getting at here is that Willis' convoluted reasonings to keep Dina looking like a kid in the DoA
Dude, they are both 18. you know how 18 years old girls can look, right?

>Danny can't be with Amber because otherwise Willy would have to invent a whole new character to suck Ethan's dick.
no, he couldve just used mike

the real reason danny cant be with amber because we need that gay threesome slipshine

Nah, I just like to cut the shit and get on with the plot.

I can put in a "And then" or "Later that night" yellow box in the top left of the first panel if you want.

You really should


In this case you probably should have a transitional strip that segues from the party to the drive home as otherwise important things, like Pam and co. finding out that Angel got raped, are glossed over.

>gay threesome slipshine

It'll either be the most awkward Slipshine yet or raise a lot of implications about Willis' sexuality that will be met with bans if you bring it up in his comment section.

Ok, I will do this, probably tomorrow.

They should not look twelve years old.

I still don't understand where Willis is going with Mike trying to break up Danny and Ethan before they've even touched balls.

I've finally caught up. So pretty much the only thing that ever happens are mental breakdowns, right? Because while this thing was a little amusing at first, it just feels like it drags on, only for nothing to ever be accomplished, with the only things that are accomplished are either depressing reveals or... yeah, never mind, pretty much only that.
The only ever web comic I've actually read I think has been Go Get a Roomie, and while not much actually happens in that, I feel like that's the point, so it reads better than this to me.

I'm curious, as someone who has freshly read all the strips, how do you feel about Dorothy?

She gets all this hate in these threads but I dunno if it's just because of people only seeing snippets of her and filling in the rest in her mind or if I just fundamentally disagree.

And to be clear on my stance, I don't think Dorothy is perfect or anything, but I think she's generally a good person. I'd say even to a boring extent in some cases, where she's reacts so overly mature that it kills the chance for some character interaction.

I don't hate her, but I don't really find her all that interesting either. There's not really a strong opinion about her character for me, she's just... there.


>They should not look twelve years old.
Yeah, well, I'm 26, and I look like I'm in high school. I'm a year older than my boyfriend, and I sometimes get carded at R-rated movies.

We can't magically make our bodies and faces look "older." If someone doesn't like it, then they can check our IDs and eff off.

Dorothy's kind of stupid.
Like, she broke up with her boyfriend to fuck a guy who hadn't even grown facial hair by 18.

But you still don't look like you're twelve years old. That's the important thing here.

>Like, she broke up with her boyfriend to fuck a guy who hadn't even grown facial hair by 18.
she broke up with her boyfriend because he was an idiot
the fact that she later wound up liking a guy shed meant to just be casual with doesnt make her stupid

People like Dina cannot control the fact that their body still looks like that. It's not some magical switch we can turn on and off.

Because believe me, when I was in high school and looked like I was in middle school, I would have done anything to change my body. I got called a "smart little girl" at the age of 17.

Trust me. If women could change their bodies that easily, then women wouldn't be crying over the scales and starving themselves and going to the gym every day.

When Dina turns 23, her body will change some. When she turns 25, it will change again. Her metabolism hasn't screwed her over yet. Give it time.

The average adult female height in the USA is 64 inches. The average 12 year old female height in the USA is 60 inches. From a purely statistical standpoint 1 out of every 20 females in her age cohort are her height or shorter. I don't understand your vehement opposition to the idea that a short, thinly built 18 year old woman would be perceived as younger than she is. Are you Australian or something?

She has several unpleasant personality traits that are frequently on show, but mostly is well-meaning.

What I'm trying to get across is that Becky looks like she's lesbian-kissing a twelve year old girl to other people, and therefore she's a pedophile. I'm not taking Dina's feelings about herself into account before Willis has lobotomized her into being nothing more than Becky's Girlfriend (and The Girl With The Dino Hat, Too).

That's what I'm trying to say. Becky's a pedophile because Joyce wouldn't munch her carpet.

>looks like she's lesbian-kissing a twelve year old girl to other people, and therefore she's a pedophile.

Definitely Australian. Shouldn't you be busy arresting guys for jerking it to chicks with A-cups?

But user, I AM one of those guys.

Besides, all of this makes Becky look like a bad person, and that's a good thing.

No, all of this comes off as a bunch of people looking for something to bitch about. The real issue is that Willis makes Dina very one note in 90% of her interactions with other characters.


I mean, honestly, pull it together guys. If we start complaining about ridiculous stuff like pretend statutory rape, no one will take us seriously. I mean, even less than they already do

>/doag/: Important people discussing important things. Importantly.

>Cred Forums: Important people discussing important things. Importantly.

Did your boyfriend get arrested for being a pedo?

No. He's a year younger than me.

People can think what they want, but no one has approached us as if we were doing something wrong. When we first started dating, my family jokingly called me a "cradle robber" and a "cougar."

When we looked at an apartment, someone thought I was his wife.

No one's ever had an actual issue with the two of us being together because of my appearance.

We do occasionally get comments from people who think he looks like Seth Rogen (not sure to what extent I agree with that since his hair was much longer and he didn't have facial hair when I met him), but that's about as interesting as it gets.

fucking stupid advice

Look, Dewd. Your comic is loosely structured and hard to follow, and it's not about to be bound up together into something great because of some glue and duct tape in the form of "LATER, AFTER THE RAPE..." captions. Your storytelling flows like a hazy fever dream of an art film, in a way that suggests less that you're a genius auteur turning convention on its head and more that you have a loose grip on your scene pacing born of inexperience.

Also, why are you asking for advice here? Isn't this meant to be a "fuck you Willis" comic? If you can't tell a story as well as he does, stop trying to tell a better story than he does. You have some characters here, develop them in their own context. And work on weaving all the impactful scenes flowing out of your brain into a more coherent whole. Start by reading stuff that isn't Dumbing of Age.

Well, it's always nice to get advice, and don't worry, I'm gonna add a nice transitional comis that will make this flow smoother.

Not only is this a parody comic but it's also a learning experience.

>seth rogen and his "young looking" wife

Someone get hollywood on this

Haha, Willis sometimes has what seems to be a weird self-awareness when writing Mary.

Nah, it's the opposite. He's putting his critic's words in her mouth as a sort of "take that", ignoring that those criticisms are valid.

Who's ready for whiplash

Wow, he's just doubling down on the "Dorothy is a judgmental bitch", huh?

i swear dorothy wasnt always this weird

thats not judgmental or bitchy, what are you talking about

I don't like her, but I can't exactly pinpoint why.

I'm put off by her whole "I want to be president" thing, for one. Makes me thing "bitch" for a few reasons.

>We've become so used to Willis cramming every strip with nonsensical bullshit that when somebody just cuts right to the chase it's mind boggling.

Writing off someone as "pissy" is exactly that, user.

Why does Willy always have a transparent panel?

I get a feeling it's something related to marketability, for some reason...

shes talking about their interaction, not billie herself

That was a good movie

See, I think her ambition's not terrible. I think it's fine for a woman to want to be president and that doesn't make her a bitch. What's bitchy is trampling over the feelings of others and letting them know that they always come second to her ambitions. Her inability to actually value people because she sees them as secondary to her purpose is bitchy. Ambition's a fine thing, but if you let your path to your goals turn you into an asshole, then maybe you should reevaluate. You might be president, but you won't be a good person.

Of course, maybe she's not interested in being a good person. Not everybody is.

Also annoying: she thinks she's going to be able to transfer to Yale from a state school in the Midwest. If Yale didn't want her out of high school, there's no way they're going to make room for her after a year of college when the new bright young things apply. Ivies take 20-30 transfer kids a year and they look for people who have compelling academic reasons other than "a bunch of presidents graduated from Yale" to want to attend. Yale also looks for "motivation, curiosity, energy, leadership ability, and distinctive talents." We've seen motivation, but leadership ability? Distinctive talents? Chasing vigilantes isn't really an extracurricular you can put on a CV, even if it *is* for a college newspaper.

Yeah, that basically gives some voice to some indefinite reasons I had.

I also can't help but read too far into it. It being Willy and all.

Literally who?

Also, that mood whiplash. Goddamn, Willis, there's literally no need for a punchline.
This strip is filler; all it does is show that Billie woke up and that Dorothy is a neat freak for some reason.

Also, the last panel implies that Dorothy dropped the trash back on the ground just so that she could pull a giant-ass notebook out of thin air. I'm pretty sure they don't make spiral memo pads that big, and if they do then I'm not going to the right aisles at Walmart.

It may or may not be a trademark. Normally a transparent panel would be an artistic representation of solitude or loneliness, removing everything but the character in question. Here, Willis seems to do it because he's too lazy to copy/paste the lineart for (n+1) panels.

I don't get it, what's her goal? I don't remember her being an antisocial shut-in.

As someone who's at an Ivy League school, the one transfer student that I know well is a little bit dim, so she has something of a chance. They'll take any oddball as long as their grades are good enough. Me being her should be proof enough of that

Dorothy's problem is more that she's totally inflexible in the face of anything that doesn't fit her ineffable march to success. If she wanted to, she could try to be the first president who graduated from a state university. Or the first female official in high office who's open about matching JFK for sexual escapades. Or someone who stands for her own values rather than adopting whatever will make her look presidential. But she doesn't want to challenge the status quo, so she stomps all subversive elements of her personality flat so she'll be acceptable for a broad American voting population, not realizing that making yourself palatable to everyone makes you interesting to fucking no one. And that, in turn, makes her a dull character that nobody gives a flying fuck about.

Agatha's the token Mormon. She shows up when Willis wants to take the piss out of more traditional Christians

>making yourself palatable to everyone

And THAT'S why Willis wants to be like her. He wants to be liked more than he wants to say something important to him, which explains the way DoA's been going for the past few years.

i think its so his basic "a bunch of panels the same size in a row" layout doesnt look as boring
same with the parts that extend to the ends of the image, like panel 1

I'd still like to try and figure out what each character represents in regards to Willis' psyche, besides the established list Willis posted to Tumblr that one time.

You know what I ended up thinking in the middle of writing this?

Dorothy's kind of hot, in that skinny-ass nerd girl sort of way

i think this might have been the dorothy joke he mentioned not being able to write a while back, so this probably says less about her actual character and more about his willingness to settle for garbage that makes no sense

That's a combination of the simplistic art style allowing your subconscious to fill in greater details,

and also if Willis sees himself as wanting to become Dorothy, then of course he's going to draw himself as attractive.

Got any documentation on that? I wanna see what he said.

>What's bitchy is trampling over the feelings of others and letting them know that they always come second to her ambitions. Her inability to actually value people because she sees them as secondary to her purpose is bitchy. Ambition's a fine thing, but if you let your path to your goals turn you into an asshole, then maybe you should reevaluate. You might be president, but you won't be a good person.

I wouldn't really characterize Dorothy as not caring about the people around her. In many cases it is the exact opposite, for example with Walky who she logically shouldn't be falling for beyond their "for fun" relationship. The only person I might say this kind of applies to is Danny, and that's only if you don't think she was right to break up a relationship she didn't want to be in.

>Dorothy's problem is more that she's totally inflexible in the face of anything that doesn't fit her ineffable march to success. [...] But she doesn't want to challenge the status quo, so she stomps all subversive elements of her personality flat so she'll be acceptable for a broad American voting population, not realizing that making yourself palatable to everyone makes you interesting to fucking no one. And that, in turn, makes her a dull character that nobody gives a flying fuck about.

I hadn't thought of this and I agree. She has a rigid idea of how she's going to succeed and get to her goal, and doesn't see multiple paths or alternate end goals. A lot of this was fine for me, because I was under the impression that the way her story would end is her not making it into an Ivy League school, and having to cope with that. But the way Willis writes, it seems like Dorothy will not have any issues and will just shoot out of cast and the issue will be dealing with tough goodbyes. Of course this was when she was more of a focus, and I didn't realize the comic had molasses-like pacing.

Oh good; who needs to sleep ever again.

Her relationship with Mike was pretty fucking weird in Shortpacked.

thats... not dorothy

He said Dorothy, not Amber, you dingbat.

Shit, those are different characters. Sort of.

I didn't notice this until now. So did they really completely drop the whole rape thing? I honestly thought they'd pick it back up. Although I did kind of hedge my bets by calling out garbage.

>Another possibility is that She's happy to see Walky after they had that talk on the roof that one time (once again, as amazi-girl) and she likes him to some degree. Which would be fine, I guess, but I don't see why that needs to be seeded right now during this rapist talk. It would serve much better at the end of the discussion as a transition to going to class. And if this conversation is already ending then that's also garbage.

I say give it a few more days, but I don't expect it to come up until the next time we see Joyce or Amber.

>a transition to going to class

You're implying they ever go to class anymore.

Unless this has just been the longest weekend ever.

And it makes no sense because she's *talking* to someone who's queer.

Considering this is the day after amber broke up with the homo, yes.

I've lost all track of time in this comic. All I know is that it's a new day.

maybe she actually thought ruth was only fucking billie for liberal points

The context was that Ruth was chatting up queer girls just before running into Mary; she was watching from a distance because I guess Willis wanted to remind readers they should hate Mary.

becuase billy has been a constant ray of sunshine even prior to the drama

I just think it's rich that he's trying to echo his own journey out of "spiritual darkness" or whatever he'd call it with Joyce.

Think about it, if we go by Joyce's character, than Willis at that time was actually a caring, open-minded, tolerant individual who was stripped of his bigotries and ignorance almost the instant he left the oppressive shadow of his bitch mother; someone who was always "one of the nice ones" in the belief system he practiced and never TRULY expressed the negativity of such by his own volition.

More likely than not it was the wonderful world of porn which made him resent his parents for restricting him that caused him to go 180. Not some humanitarian desire to love his fellow man.

well we kind of have access to his actual journey in the form of roomies. its definitely not a direct parallel to joyce but it seems similar still

that being said
> a caring, open-minded, tolerant individual who was stripped of his bigotries and ignorance
if he was a caring open-minded and tolerant individual, he didnt have bigotries. just ignorance. obviously that goes away when you get new information

Right, but I mean, think about it, does the Willy we know seem like he was *ever* capable of looking at the other side and thinking "they're people too"?

He certainly doesn't today

right now? no. but i think that was a separate change that happened afterwards

>Her inability to actually value people because she sees them as secondary to her purpose is bitchy.
Haven't decided to what extent I'm on board with this, but that's particularly true for this strip. She is making a tally of interactions instead of talking to people because she wants to be nice to them.

but to what end? its not like she actually gets anything out of interacting with them, theyre not meaningful connections that shell keep when she transfers. if anything it sounds more like a self-improvement checklist. like "get better at talking to people by making myself do it".
either that or she read in a health book that social interactions were important and doesnt actually understand what it means, which isnt bitchy, its more likely a mental disorder.

I actually tackled a lot of that in a previous thread. I put what I wrote and some other people's contributions in the DoA tallies document below the I'M A LESBIAN stuff.

Me smart. Forgot link. Here you go: docs.google.com/document/d/1SNqEtHsg_a2zm0ryB0rG8CzTLEVitftj4kQZ_Kg-Hsg/edit?usp=drive_web

Is this picture our mascot? I feel like it should be.

The punchline is a dumb wacky thing because this is a Willis comic. However, I think part of the motivation here is that Dorothy thinks she's been a shitty member of her community because all the stuff that happened right under her nose. She had the same revelation with Joyce about her dating a gay dude, and resolved to spend more time with her. I think she's trying to be more active on her floor after the Billie and Ruth stuff.

Once again, the punchline is a stupid wacky detached punchline because Willis is bad.

Also, while I maintain the punchline is stupid and wacky for no reason, it's *is* a sort of exaggeration of Dorothy's fastidious/studious nature. It's like if image related was for real instead of just an in-universe joke. So it's bad but at least it's riffing off an actual character trait?

remember when DOA was supposed to be the down to earth comic that spun off of alien invasion hi jinks?

Your comics are shit

At this point, your comic is unrecognisable as a "parody" of Dumbing of Age. If it was hosted on it's own website, rather than being posted in a DoA thread, no-one would know. Furthermore it's impossible to tell which character is supposed to be which other than the pink haired one being Joyce, and that's only because of rape.

The whole point of a parody is to imitate something satirically or ironically for comedic effect. You're not doing that. Your comics aren't funny. Explain to me what was funny about your rape comics? What have you achieved by "one-upping" Willis and having your version of Joyce actually get raped? You're not parodying Willis anymore, you're just parroting him like some sort of creepy stalker, and managing to make even more of a dog's dinner of the subject matter than he did.

Your art is pretty good, but that's about it. Your writing is shit, your concept is shit, your execution is shit. For god's sake either find a writer or just do shitty gag or waifu comics.

You need to take a long hard look at what your goals are with this comic, and how you're going about it. Because you're completely failing at making a parody of Dumbing of Age. You're just making it's creepier, ham-handed counterpart.

Holy crap. It was supposed to be a parody?

What the fuck is this? Why is she just randomly talking out loud about trash? Why is she so annoying when she talks to people?

>Walky is shirtless
>Dorothy is wearing a shirt
I mean, sure, it's gotta be safe for work, but you could at least draw her on her back or use quote bubbles for convenient censorship.

>Considering this is the day after amber broke up with the homo, yes.

With Walky? Didn't that shit happened like months ago?

Walky chose that shirt for Dorothy to wear as a sexy thing (dorothy meant for him to pick lingerie), probably for that exact reason. Although image related happened as well, so I dunno what the fuck.

Willis falls into the weird double standard that other SJW-types fall into, where women can openly express their sexuality, but only when men aren't allowed to enjoy it.

Danny. It was just the other day. Two days, tops.

It's getting to a point where it just keeps getting less and less recognizable as a parody. The additional character arcs, like what's going on with Annabeth, muddle things up a bit, because you can't really see the direct correlations.

Thank you, I didn't want to say it because I thought I was missing something. I've been seeing this guy's comics on every thread and I don't know why it's always called a parody when the only characters I see that are caricatures of the DOAG cast are the Joyce, Billie and Ryan rapist parallels. Everything else looks like an honest attempt at making his own shitty unfunny webcomic. Just because it's shitty, doesn't make it a parody. With all the effort he does in failing at poking fun at Willis, I don't see why dewd doesn't just making some original work.

Well, I mean, Yeah, there are just a few things I wanted to explore, but I'm still keeping myself on the main track of making a parody of Doa, but like a tree, it grows branches and I like to "Branch" out and experiment with my comics and stuff.

>I don't see why dewd doesn't just making some original work.
I already do my own work, It's titled West Tree Academy of Heroes.

But you see, the reason why I like doing College USA, While being a parody of DoA, is also because of how different it is from my other comic, because West Tree is just a fantasy action adventure and College USA is more based in reality and I can try other things in College USA that I can't in West Tree, for example all of the charaters are 18, so It's ok for me to have Annabeth question and get confused about his sexuality, which I can't do in West Tree, because he's just a kid.

Basically when it comes down to it, College USA has somethings that are fun for me and that I really want to do and get out there, that you guys can like if you want, and some things that we can all laugh at, like how terrible of a person Dorothy/Pam is.

That's why on my site I label it as a half parody.

>and some things that we can all laugh a
You're delusional about your writing, not to mention beyond delusional about your "art", at this point.

Dewd wants to teach Dave Willis a lesson.

Just fuck off, and make your own thread. Every time you vomit your work on these threads, you halt them, making them shittier.

Nah, As long as there are people who like it, I'm not going to stop, and I still stand by that moral.

If you don't like what I post then I strongly recommend that you filter me.

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Best Puss puss bro.

There is nobody that likes your comic that isn't even remotely related to the point of this general. Fuck off.

I don't know my dude, I've gotten plenty of positive feedback from this thread. I think I'm in the green, or at the very least a greenish yellow, so I am good and I'm gonna keep on doing this for fun.

No Dewd, nobody here likes your piece of shit DoA "parody."

Just filter him and move on ffs.

Christ, the people like you who bitch about Dewd are more annoying than he could ever be. I usually just lurk these threads, but I think the comic is pretty decent and it keeps the thread bumped for a while longer.