Left or Right, Cred Forums?



"Greatest Ally"

Right. He knows something's up with the member berries.

I always liked Gerald more.
I just don't see what people like about Randy.

Easily Gerald, he isn't as overused as Randy so when they do utilize him for a bit it's always really funny.

since you never win fighting against jews

Left, Randy's schtick has gotten old for me.

People are going to pick Gerald for two simple reasons.

The first reason is that Randy doing dumbshit is expected, the norm, and thus has lost it's touch. Gerald is more of a straightman so seeing him do silly shit has greater impact. Hell, this is what made Randy originally funny, considering he used to be one of the show's most normal characters once upon a time.

Secondly, the arc Gerald is going through is one that hits close to home with a lot of people in Cred Forums so of course they'll be more likely to side with him.

Right cause I want adventures in my life.

What are we deciding? Like who's the funnier character or who is better dad or what?

Which one you like better

>That musical shitposting sequence


Randy. Gerrie's a jew and just all around boring character.

Jew or Lorde?

Why are Gerald and Randy episodes always the best?

Randy is so annoying for real
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I prefer Gerald.
Are you 14?
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Fuck off.

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On one hand you have Randy acting like the straight man and not doing some random crap. For that single reason im going with Randy on this season.

Honestly im half expecting some nazi-like person if not Hitler come and support Gerald. Also Cartman "resurrecting" after his mom buys him his life back and he starts acting christ-like.

are you okay, user?

Are you a sperg or something? The KFC/Marijuana episode was one of the funniest ones and not just because of Randy.

Idk, seeing someone get this upset over South Park is pretty funny.

weed jokes are lame, for real. And don't say something like "but dude, giant balls lmao!"

it aired 6 years ago

Member of the cult of randy here.

>this faggot probably hates ceech and chong.

I guess I'd fuck Randy but I feel like he'd have more diseases so I dunno.

Who are you quoting?

Randy then.

My inner thoughts.
>this fucking guy over here.

They turned Randy into a fucking retard for some reason so I have to go with left.

Seriously, how is the guy on the right a scientist again?

>cock magic
That episode was great.

Being a scientists doesn't mean you have common sense.

Geology is a low-tier science.


banging rocks together is caveman shit in comparison to physics or chemistry.

Randy just sound and acts so stupid the past seasons. On of my favorite lines of his is
>Where were you? You're mother was up all night and I was watching tv.
Which he says with a normal voice but now whenever he calls to Sharon or Stan he just sound like an emotional teenager going through an episode.

Randy used to be based on Trey's father, but now he's based on Trey