Preview for Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #1

Don't think this was posted yet, so why not?

Main cover by Oeming.

Variant by Bill Sienkiewicz.




And that's all for now.

That's a sweet ass cover

I like the art

>it's another depressing series
It's like DC just wants us to off ourselves. That said, looks good.

I'm definitely getting Umbrella Academy vibes from this, a lot more so than I did from Way's actual Doom Patrol.

This deserves to be a poster.

Which notable series have featured Cave Carson? I've only seen him in COIE, and that was a brief appearance.

That's almost it?

I think he was one of the Forgotten Heroes at one point, and before that old Silver Age adventure stories.

He's a pretty minor character.

I like the dot pattern in not so in the other pages, it gets pretty cluttering

Way said he found him by going through a DC encyclopedia so probably nothing notable

The ad in the back of Doom Patrol #1 intrigued me, but this isn't selling me yet. I don't care for the art.


Day one purchase.

The story is that Way asked for a Who's Who guide and found that Cave Carson had the smallest entry out of anybody else in the guide, which instantly drew him to the character.

Do you think Cave is close enough to the Challs that supporting this could somehow lead to them getting some love?

What's depressing about it? It's about a father and daughter going on wacky spelunking adventures with each other.

>waaahh someone died
That's life, pal.


that's Matt Wagner

You're right those pages where Cave is sighing and wondering what to do with his life and his daughter's rewatching footage of her recently deceased mom is totally just a wacky spelunking adventure.

Meanwhile there's an entire thread about Wonder Woman getting over the death of new 52 Superman really quick. You can't win either way.

this is a really cool page.

It's a preview, not the entire issue. You dildo.

To be fair, those people are more upset that DC's brushing aside Superbro more than anything.

And apparently he was unable to find any explanation for him having a cybernetic eye.

No one cares except the 1 guy on Cred Forums who's just looking to shitpost.

I was just responding to the user who asked what's so depressing. What we have posted here is depressing. When the issue comes out and you want to say the rest isn't, that's fine, but having someone go "HURR WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S DEPRESSING?" is irritating when it's very plain why I said that.

But if the level of dialogue here is "You dildo" then I suppose you can skip all that and read something more on your level: Suck my dick, faggot.

>To be fair, those people are more upset that DC's brushing aside Superbro more than anything.

These people are idiots. Superbro'll be back. Count on it. This is comic books afterall. I think it's ridiculous how everyone ignored that Johns set up a multibook spanning storyline involving Nu52/Pre-52 Supes and think they are going to keep him dead.

Damn, I thought Goku: Midnight Eye, was pretty original. Then again an all seeing eye, isn't a new thought.

The faces are kinda weird, but otherwise this looks pretty interesting.

I really don't like Oeming

He was in JSA for an arc

Sweet bottom right corner.

next mage series when wagner

Seems more promising then doom patrol.

>meanwhile Bendis keeps on soliciting Powers

Rip hunter cuckolded him in Time Masters


I wish they'd went with 'Terry Long Has A Cybernetic Dong' instead...

Way always knows how to write an impactful first page

How many comics in YA is Way writing?

Definitely the winning cover

Unfortunately yes
So far the other titles had much stronger first issues


This and Doom Patrol. He came up with the idea for Mother Panic but he isn't actually writing it.

What other titles? Only DP #1 is out, memelord.

Two and a half. He's writing Doom Patrol and Cave Carson. He's co-plotting Mother Panic with Jody Houser.

No, he's dead. I think that's really obvious. There's no need for 2 Supermen. There's also only room for 1 Superboy, which is why Connor nor any of those other losers are coming back any time soon.