Did Hans try hitting on Elsa?

Did Hans try hitting on Elsa?

No but logically he should've.
>I want to be a king real fast
>should I go after the princess who is becoming a queen literally today or the princess who probably will never be the queen?

Wasn't that his plan though? Hans knew that the queen is a recluse so he probably have a harder time picking her up. Anna however, easily shows interest even before they knew of each others statuses. Hans could just get on with Anna and find a way to kill Elsa (most likely a foul-played suicide) Anna moves up the throne and he could just puppet her.

He flat out said he knew he'd never get anywhere with her. She's a shut in, of course he wouldn't.
That's why he was going to marry Anna then stage an "accident" for Elsa, thus making him next in line.
All the eternal winter and frozen heart stuff just made it easier for him to make his hands appear clean.

Wouldn't both princesses have a reputation for being recluses?

Really that just sounds like more effort in the long run.

That's why he grabbed opportunity by the balls when circumstances made it so he could spin a lie about Elsa kiling Anna so nobody would have qualms about him executing Elsa and taking over.

That's some bad game you're pitching, when murder becomes the more viable option.

More effort, yes but it does save him the trouble of relying on possibilities. Anna was there for the taking, the idiot just said yes after an afternoon of frolicking about. Nobody knows much about Elsa and such he might have trouble wooing her

What's weird is that he really didn't need to do that, the nobles already decided to make him their leader.

>save him the trouble of relying on possibilities
There would still be the possibility getting caught trying to kill the queen.

Ah maybe, but still, he already has a foot in the door if he marries Anna.

So he's a low-confidence pussy who admitted to Anna's face that he's just going for her because she's easy.
And she fell for him anyway.

Well, they say that honesty is attractive.

Nope. She doesn't like gingers.

True enough but there is the question for risk/Reward here too
>see if elsa wants a slice of this long greasy dick
reward: be king
Risk: get shot down
>marry anna then kill Elsa
Reward: be king
Risk: get hanged
Then the logistics of the assassination plot itself which just adds the whole new dimension.

Well it's not like that's the first thing he said to her.

>it would be hard to seduce her because she's a shut-in
Wouldn't it be hard to kill her for the same reason? Especially because she has the royal guards.

And secret ice powers that he can't possibly account for.

a better question is: why did Hans fuck it up and reveal his ulterior motive to Anna.

That's just how beta he is. He's more confident he can assassinate a monarch than make a girl smile.

Not really a fuck up.
She was supposed to die. What he DID fuck up is leaving here there.
Because the villains can't help but fucking leave them there instead of seeing it through.

same to be honest

Because he (correctly) decided Anna was an idiot and there was no harm in telling her anything.

>it's harder to get lonely approval starved autists in bed

>Hans devote his energy to make elsa smile onstead of nefarious schemes
Why couldn't Frozen be that instead of what we got?

This makes perfect sense therefore it shouldn't be in a Disney movie

and be another generic Disney Princess movie?

>positive social interaction is a generic Disney movie while villains with silly plans is not

Name one Disney film where autism was solved by positive social interaction

The irony being that Frozen is way less memorable than any of those generic disney princess movies.


>generic disney princess movie
HEY! You mean a Disney queen movie you fucking peasant.

>it's easy to get socially maladjusted people to become intimate

However there's also probability of execution to take into account. Elsa has a reputation as an ice queen and an apparent aloof demeanor. Anna seems much more socially open.
Failure with one sister means he won't be able to hit on the other as it'd be awkward to date a guy that was just hitting on your sister a minute ago.

But that's still a lower risk than being hanged.

Lower Risk at the cost of lowered probability. Hans was willing to take the risk for the improved chance at success.

But is it really success tho? Best case scenario means he's married to Anna, that ditzy slut, for the rest of his life.

I've read some fanfic where he did ask Elsa for a dance during the party, but she simply refused. Also, in that story this little encounter made Elsa extra suspicious of his hasty marriage plans with Anna.

In a novelization told from Hans' POV, he observed Elsa and listened to gossip about her in an attempt to figure out the strategy to win her over, but eventually ended up not approaching her at all.

Is there a reason he didn't go for trying to convince Elsa to abdicate?

And he's king.

>it's more likely that Hans can successfully conspire to assassinate the queen than it is for him to capture her interest
I guess I'm just a little disappointed in Hans for settling. It's one thing to say you tried and fail then to never try at all.

Wouldn't he be Prince-consort no matter he ends up with?

>Elsa was a bit of a lone wolf
>not "...Elsa was, well, a bit of an ice queen."

>Elsa has a stoic demeanor.
You're a fucking genius Hans.

I'm surprised this thread hasn't turn into a Helsa thread yet.
>let's change that.

>But why?
Because it's clearly the pairing that's best for everyone.

>Shipping is cancer
Agreed but it's cancer that spread to my heart.


Alright five is enough.

He was probably trying to do exactly that. He was gonna marry Anna and then either talk Elsa into abdicating, or if that were not to work, get her out of the way by assassination.
However, situation changed when Elsa didn't let them go through with the wedding, and then unleashed her ice powers, and ran off, Hans' potential bride went missing too, and so on. Unexpected things kept happening and complicating Hans' plans.

>talk Elsa into abdicating
He can't even talk her into a date.


So, is it time to dump the Elsanna pics?

If by Elsanna you mean Helsa then yes.


According to Lee, he "asked around" and found out that no-one could get anywhere with the Queen and that she was very reclusive or some shit. Apparently these reports gave so strong an image of "pointless to even try" that he gave up and went for obviously ultra-eager Anna instead.

But he didn't try to hit on her directly, no.

I'm guessing that since Elsa was a single queen, there would have been at least some ambassadors or envoys asking if she'd be open for a marriage arrangement, so it's very possible there were people who had been trying for the very same thing Hans was but who had been so thoroughly shot down or told point-blank Elsa's not having any marriage negotiations whatsoever it was reasonable to believe it.

Nobody knew what was going on, just that the kingdom had been sort of shut since the King and Queen died. However, now that Elsa was finally stepping out into society and taking the throne, she was officially of age and would logically need a royal husband to produce heirs and rule with - a 21-year old, inexperienced woman ruling alone, unmarried, would be very weird. So it's natural to assume she'd be looking to marry and that the position of prince-consort or even king was open.
So he showed up hoping to woo and marry Elsa. However once he learned that no-one was getting anywhere with the Queen, and not wanting to go back to his shitty home situation, he saw a chance when he met Anna and just shifted targets, figuring on the fly that he could just marry as close to the throne as possible and figure things out later.

>She's a shut in, of course he wouldn't.
She HAD been a shut in, but was now stepping up and officially entering society and taking on her official role as queen, and frankly should have been (desperately or at least eagerly) looking for a royal husband and checking out possible suitors.

I think he honestly loathed her and her whimsical crazy and was eager to finally tell someone to their face what he thought of them, after a lifetime of smiling and putting up appearances

Nah, she was too frigid.

>pointless even to try
Movie needs to show that.


No not enough.

Of course he did. Anna cockblocked him.


if hans went after elsa none of the problems would have occurred

Pretty much.

The official stance is a shame, I quite like the idea that he would have at least tried at the party but got unceremoniously shut down. It would be funny to see.

I suppose the only reason they didn't have that happen is to maintain the idea that he's a good guy to facilitate the twist, not just for the audience, but even for the characters. They can't have any of those lords and what have you even catch a whiff of him being a bit sinister and desperate if they were to put him in charge.

>Hans could just get on with Anna and find a way to kill Elsa

The guy wasn't even half bad. Those two mentally / emotionally unstable bitchs just put way too many obstacles in his way, and kept fucking up his master plan to be King.

>people forgetting Elsa is a lesbian

To be fair it's logical. Even ruthless people can be disturbed by outright death before their eyes.

>People pretending Elsa is a lesbian

There are no men in the castle.


But one left and began schmoozing with people within minutes of the doors opening, and the other stayed locked in her room until her coronation.

So, woo the idiot princess who went out into the town unguarded, or the ice to-be-queen who is actively, aggressively reclusive?

Sure, he'd have to arrange some way of being the power behind the throne, whether that's arranging an accident or becoming his sister-in-law's only trusted adviser doesn't really matter.