I'm not too familiar with this character, but Roman Sionis is apparently a huge crime lord in Gotham...

I'm not too familiar with this character, but Roman Sionis is apparently a huge crime lord in Gotham. Is he more influential and threatening than Penguin?

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Depends on the story. Like Penguin could be in jail during a Black Mask story or Black Mask could be in jail during a Penguin story.
It changes. That's like asking if the Russian, Italian or Irish mob is the biggest in a fictional city.

>more threatening
Well Black mask isn't a lub of tard.

yes. penguin is a high level crime boss. this guy was literally hitler in the 1940's. he also has links to hydra.

I am really glad they changed his appearance, I can only see Black Red Skull in that picture


There have been multiple villains behind the Black Mask but the original came along way back in the B.C, (before campy) days when Bats was fighting Dr.Death on a regular basis,
Basically he's a spooky death and mask obsessed millionaire who has devoted his life to crime, pretty much the first anti-batman character, he even killed his own parents.
He's basically like Hush but without any envy issues. Is it any wonder they ignored him for decades?

Black Mask has gone from bumbling retarded businessman turned to criminal, to some arkham doctor becoming obsessed with the persona, to kinky mask wearer who's now the greatest crimelord in gotham.

Someone post that screencap picture that summarizes the idiocy that was the original black mask sionis backstory

>a comic book character javing a tupid backstory
Well I am absolutely shocked and astounded.

Threatening, sure, Black Mask is one of the few Batman villains to attain some kind of sucess, he killed Stephenie Brown, a Robin and future Batgirl.

But the Gotham mob market is incredibly volatile, and the Penguin knows better than trying to be one of the top guys, he's mostly a grey area information broker/smuggler operating profitable illegal businesses and staying out of Batman, GCPD and big time mob bosses.

DC should've had Black Mask raped Stephanie Brown.

>literally hitler in the 1940.

Or just hitler.

He was consistently great on the Post Crisis, and War Games is one of the GOAT Batman crossover storylines, you're just a casual shitter reading wikipedia summaries.

>Threatening, sure, Black Mask is one of the few Batman villains to attain some kind of sucess, he killed Stephenie Brown
Technically Leslie Thompkins did, and it was so universal reviled it probably set a land speed record in how quickly it was retconned.

>War Games is one of the GOAT Batman crossover storylines

I ain't having this shit tonight.

War Games is horrible, you shitter.

But zipper on mouth, user?

I think Black mask should have a whole collection of masks and that he should change them to fit his mood.

But he has only two moods: crazy and insane.
And for some reason now I think of Black Mask with black oni mask slicing people with his katana.

Well maybe the masks can be therapeutic and help Black mask keep it together.

Sionis is a chump and it's a shame he keeps getting mistaken for a quality Bat-rogue.

Loved him in Gotham, wish they didn't get rid of him in the one episode he was in.

all Bat-rogues are chumps.

>Black Mask discovers Orpheus's allegiance to Batman, kills him, puts on his clothes, makes a face mask to wear over his usual mask and copies his voice well enough to fool Batman
>All in 15 minutes

In the Arkham games he is always the butt of the jokes.

dude crime bosses in gotham are a dime a dozen

He was the best thing about the Winick's original Under the Red Hood storyline. For most that might not be saying much, but you know...

Where did he get his mask? Skull masks that are actually good looking and hard and cover your whole head are impossible to find.

it was a mask made with his parents coffins then he got into a fire and the mask burned/melted into his face and merged with his actual skull


christ this sounds edgy and implausible

And both of my parents are alive, Halloween is a month away, I can't get that mask made for myself this quickly.

That's not Roman though, it was his dad.

That was Leatherface's original characterization.

>they've turned interesting crime lord into some fetishit in new52
>they didn't make oportunity to use BM as main villian to Batman solo movie
Why DC hate good mafia so much?

Does every mob in Gotham have an assigned villain? Whats the best way for a Gotham gang universe to proceed after the Mafia gets knocked about by young Bruce/Havey/Gordon team up


I fucking love everything about BM in this movie. The suit, the accent, and his tendency to lose his shit any minute

Comics, senpai. Not even once.

>why so serious? XD
Now you know.