Since it's clearly a dress.

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I assume she doesn't even go into battle wearing that armor dress. Lame.

>now on DVD
As if it was ever on the big screen.

>Now on DVD
>First suggested video by Youtube is the whole movie online for free


Show me a dress that has a breastplate and gauntlets.


>“The dress is not part of our collection, but was part of a project in 2003, when Graz was the Cultural Capital City of Europa and the two designers Esther Geremus and Birgit Hutter brought the women’s history and their dress codes during the last centuries into the presentation of our armoury. The dress is not an original object from the Renaissance, made of metal … it is made of plastic and represents the style of that time…”

I don't get your point. Its a dress. I didn't say it was some historical artifact but it is a dress and is a dress. Now shut up.

Keep backpedaling, tumblrina.



It's battledress you swine!

dress just refers to what you're wearing.
>oh, you're dressed well tonight
>let's get you undressed
>do you even dress yourself?
>the party is fancy dress

He clearly didn't mean it that way because no one fucking talks like that.

Is Emperor Jimmu a woman in Nasuverse?

what the fuck is this

Why would the fact that she wears a breastplate and gaunlets stop a dress from being a dress?

Yep, seems totally legit to me, those are definitely the names from the fairytale.

are you stupid?

What the hell are you on?

why are you so angry

who did anything to you

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oh, do you need help standing back up?


I think we both know the answer to that.


>59:20 in length

The real Joan of Arc was overly aggressive and unattractive tough, she was also incredibly cruel towards English POWs.

>The real Joan of Arc was overly aggressive and unattractive tough
How do you know that? Did you meet her?

> she was also incredibly cruel towards English POWs
The English deserve it.

No one knows what she looks like actually, even paintings are just speculations. Strangely enough only one point was made about her, people said that her breasts looked lovely.

That's debatable. There are a handful of stories that describe her as plenty attractive but they were from the point of view of Military Frenchmen so it's not as though you can trust their account for a number of reasons.

Salty Englishman detected.

Accurate biography doesn't really start till the 20th century, everything before that is either propaganda or fantasy.

>everything before that is either propaganda or fantasy
Then how could anyone write an accurate biography if everything they would base it on is fantasy or propaganda?

You can't, we'll only ever know biased accounts of history unless we experienced it first hand.

Well, obviously

But is there any rule 34?