Heathcliff chews on a Mr. Nutmeg chew toy

Heathcliff chews on a Mr. Nutmeg chew toy.

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That's what Heathcliff thinks of his snarky "bigger ball of yarn" comment.

Or was it the yarn who said it?

Follow up to the "Quick! Get the wand!" one?

What did he mean by this

Now somebody should shop out Mr Nutmeg and give the toy a terrified expression



Will his reign of terror ever end?

The cat is chewing.



holy shit i think there's a joke here


Who the fuck names a cat "Tiny Cat"?

I like the progression of Mr. Nutmeg's responses from shock, to anger, to blank acceptance

I did

Mr. Nutmeg knows that Heathcliff could shrink him with a wave of his wand. He would be put in a cage, or worse. This man lives in constant fear of his own pet cat.

Its horrifying that among all the absurdity and existential dread in this comic series there is also a coherent story arc. Its like an extra layer of existential dread that no one could forsee coming.


what could it mean?

Iggy likes freshly buttered corn from a roller