Spiderman is black

>Spiderman is black
>Captain America is Black
>Iron Man is a Black woman
>Hulk is Asian
>Thor is a Woman
>Hawkeye is a Woman
>Captain Marvel is a Woman
>Ghost Rider is Hispanic
How long until Marvel replaces Black Widow with a black woman or can a hero only get replaced is they are a white straight male?

I'm a bit surprised that they haven't killed off any straight characters just to replace them with and LGBT character.

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White males are reason for evils in the world.

ghost rider isnt a person niether is spiderman or captain america thor is a title hawkeye also isnt a person these are all mantles and or code names and ironman is a suit

>Ghost Rider is Hispanic again, although no longer a woman.

In most of those cases, there are two people using the same superhero identity. Whether or not that's a good thing, and whether or not the new heroes are as good as the old ones, is debatable.


>these are all mantles

No. Especially not Thor

>I'm a bit surprised that they haven't killed off any straight characters just to replace them with and LGBT character.

That kinda happened with Hank Pym and that gay hispanic dude who took over one of his mantles. And technically Bendis did it with Ice-Man metaphorically. Murdered that dude's entire history so to speak.

thor has said it isn't his name and that odinson is enough also if those aren't mantles how come there has been multiples of each of them its getting passed around like mantles

these are all comic related are you saying his picture makes it unworthy to be on co

The Ghost Rider one shouldn't be a problem, it's been established that more than one person has held that title.

>>Spiderman is black
Peter is still around, along with the 10 other spiders
>>Captain America is Black
Steve is still around and there are at least three captain americas right now
>>Iron Man is a Black woman
She is going by Ironheart, Doom is the new Iron man
>>Hulk is Asian
Bruce is coming back in a few months
>>Thor is a Woman
penis Thor is getting another Hammer
>>Hawkeye is a Woman
Clint is still around, is starring in his own book and Girl Hawkguy has been sharing the name for ten years now
>>Captain Marvel is a Woman
This like the third time user
>>Ghost Rider is Hispanic
Aren't there Dozens of Ghost riders?

That's a big hand.

Only thoe ten other spiders are not just called "spiderman"
Slott also said Bendis tried to have Peter killed in Civil War II

Oh fuck off. Which are the ones getting comics and are in the advertising? Not replaced my arse.

Calling it now: they're going to make Misty Knight the new BLACK widow.

I could have sworn Miguel calls himself spider-man

Cap has a comic and it is getting a lot more publicity than Sam just from the Hydra line. Peter is the center of the clone event, so he is definitely above miles. There is no telling what will happen with Banner. Thor is getting his comic, and since it is new it is getting talked about Whor who is in the middle of her run. Occupy Avengers is getting a lot more play than Hawkeye is. Marv has been dead forever and had like 5 people take the name since then so he doesn't count. Robbie wouldn't even have a comic if AOS didn't pick him up.

>When casuals complain about "new" legacy heroes introduced 5 or more years ago

But in his comic its far in the future when Peter is long dead. Even then, he was still referred to as Spider-man 2099

Why the FUCK is Miles calling himself "Spider-man"? Whys he trying to steal the mantle?

This is so cringe inducing

>There is no telling what will happen with Banner
He's dead retard

>Thor is getting his comic
He's not even called Thor anymore. Out of everyone, hes been the most replaced cause hes lost his first name.

>Black Widow is replaced by a black woman
>Ironically she takes a new name: White Widow

Miguel has been bouncing around current year 616 for most of his ongoing user and miles was spider-man in his universe so there really is no reason for him to abruptly change the name.

The dwarves made it special to go with the too short handle for his hammer which he wasn't even worthy of at the time.

Never let it be said dwarves lack a sense of humor. Especially the ones in Oglaf.

They introduce them slowly so you won't recognise the progressiveness, and then you start to defend it

>Whys he trying to steal the mantle?
He's black

>He's dead retard
He's being revived, try to keep up with solicitations user.

He has no memories of the ultimate universe. Fucking read the books before you argue about them.

OP is the only one who can't recognize things, here, mistaking a nigger for Doctor Doom.


Look at Detroit

At least the Ghost Rider one makes sense since it's long since been canon that Ghost Riders have been numerous people from all walks of life. Look at this shit, you got Samurai Rider, Top Rider, Cowboy Rider, Truck Rider, Bomb Rider, Knight Rider, Ox Rider, god damn way too many fucking Ghost Riders.
The problem comes when they're replacing the character simply because they want to make it a different skin color/gender/gayness, and Marvel has been rolling that shit out like mad these past few years. Fucking Gwenpool is a thing, somebody at Marvel actually gave the okay on that horse shit and it hasn't been cancelled yet like Squirrel Girl.

He remembers everything that happened but doesn't know it was separate universe. He basically is in the same boat as Hydra.cap. MM retconned his past to have happened in the 616. So as far as he knows, he has been spider-man for a long time and has no reason to change it.

but democrats mostly black ones have been in charge of Detroit for the last 50 years

Ginger women are already a minority.

I remember when this first started
Dont worry guys its only a few characters its not like they are going to replace a heap of them.

For you

>I remember when this first started
when Johnny Storm replaced Jim Hammond as the Human Torch, and when the largely homogeneous X-Men left to become X-Factor to make room for the more diverse New X-Men

Black widow is already a slav, you casual.

Before his current arc Miguel has been in the present where people called him Spider-Man just assuming he was wearing a new costume and after the current arc ends he will most likely be in the present again for a while since that isn't his 2099. Miles dropped out of another world and although it's now like he was never part of that other world it would be just as odd for the readers to suddenly give him a new name (that is done enough already to characters just because a writer feels like it). He has never referred to himself as THE Spider-Man but just another one.

Thor is the man's name. When he was born, daddy Odin called him Thor. To have someone else call themselves Thor would be like if Sam Wilson became the new Captain America but called himself Steve.

>Fucking Gwenpool is a thing, somebody at Marvel actually gave the okay on that horse shit and it hasn't been cancelled yet like Squirrel Girl.
It only has like 6 issues out, you're acting like it is on #48 or something.

Holy fuck ScarJo truly was the hottest in Iron Man 2

1) The minority ones are considered the "main" ones. Well, all but Spider-Man, but give it time.

2) This is the other problem with it. Why are there so many of the same character running around? That's just incredibly dumb and confusing. It shows that Marvel just wants to have their SJW cake and eat it too. "Oh, we don't want to actually take a risk and create a new minority character, so we'll just shove them into this established role as hard as humanly possible! Also, the old guy will be around too, because fuck us if we can actually do anything original without that safety net there to keep the fans from murdering us! Now where's that spray paint? I need myself a good huffing right about now!"

>Slott also said Bendis tried to have Peter killed in Civil War II
That's such a Bendis thing that i'm not even surprised, how dare Marvel allow a character other than his creations to exist am i right

Is that nudist rider in the top right corner?

>Fucking Gwenpool is a thing
Gwenpool is a legitimately good book tho, one of the only ones at marvel right now

>not a name

Fucking newfags and kids who don't actually read comics. The Big Two pull this shit every 15 years at least do get publicity and sales before going back to the status quo.

>Waaah Eric Masterson is Thor
>Waaah John Walker is Cap
>Waaah Rhodey is Iron Man
>Waaah Ben Riley is Spider Man
>Waaaah Superman is dead and replaced by 5 dudes
>Waaah Batman is Azrael
>Waaah GL went mad and is a faggy artist
>Waaah Wally is Flash
>Waaah Artemis is Wonder Woman etc

Literally the only fucking difference this time to when they pulled it last time is some of the replacement heroes are non-white or women. Kek. You're fucking pussies. White boys are a joke and for good reason. You literally shit the bed and get scared by everything.

Ya! Look at Ohio! White fright ruined most of Ohio! Where did those racists move to? Florida! Low class white people are awful! But exciting when they break the law!

Eric Masterson was the Thor of the Marvel universe. This is the exact same story. Why don't you try reading some actual comics retard?

Low class white people are scum from having lived around poor blacks and poor whites in the inner city and rural areas. Poor whites especially white working class boys are much worse than any other racial or socio-economic group. They're absolute trash.

>implying anyone cares about slavs

Magik is the better slavfu anyway.

Masterson was masquerading as the real Thor, retard. Jane Foster is not.

Why did Bendis do that

You mean The Island.

>No. Especially not Thor

At least ten other characters have taken the role of Thor

Don't forget about them replacing Odin with the "all-mother"

Nope. He was the Thor of the 616 in the same way Jane is. And everyone knew he was a new dude. It's the exact same fucking story sperglord. You're just crying like a little bitch because it's a female this time. Pussy.

You know what's funny about this post? Nobody complained about Batman when Jim Gordon became the Dark Knight. Nobody complained about Green Lantern when Simon and Jessica got the rings and became the main protectors of Earth. Nobody is complaining that Jamie is the current Blue Beetle even though Ted has come back.

Its not the fact that people are getting replaced. Shit, I love legacy characters. But all of Marvel's recent replacements, every single one, just screams "Look! I'm a minority! Aren't I special and progressive! Love me for that!" They are walking political correctness, not actual characters. Compare that with Simon and Jessica in Green Lantern, who in a few issues made me care more about them than the entire run of Miles Morales' Spider-Man stories. Because Miles doesn't really have a personality. He's just the black Spider-Man with the insta-kill move. But that's why Marvel expects us to love him. Because he's the black Spider-Man. Its lazy, disingenuous and is one of the big reasons why DC is currently throttling Marvel in sales.

Maybe a caveman rider

>The problem comes when they're replacing the character simply because they want to make it a different skin color/gender/gayness, and Marvel has been rolling that shit out like mad these past few years. Fucking Gwenpool is a thing, somebody at Marvel actually gave the okay on that horse shit

Gwenpool is

a) a good book
b) not a 'replacement' of anyone

She literally has nothing to do with either Gwen Stacy or Deadpool.

he rvoked it when he became unworthy making it a title but he still kept the whole god of thunder thing

he revoked the name

Her name is Gwen to ride on the Gwen Stacey bandwagon. She's connected because she was originally conceived as a Gwen Stacey variant cover. Don't bullshit by trying to pretend otherwise.

Black Widow is secretly going deep undercover hiding her true identity as a BLACK woman. That was her original name before she was disguised as a white woman. She is so deep undercover she doesn't even realize she is black.

Why else is she called BLACK WIDOW?

This is why I hate Whor. Bad enough that she took his hammer and his position in the Avengers and Asgard, but the cunt even stole his fucking name.

Say that to Mary Jane.

her name is gwen cause shes named gwen i guess bruce banner is tryning to cash in on bruce wayne because they share the same name too huh
but in all seriousness he means in comic she acts nothing like gwen and put in a room with stacy would still be her own character

not for jerking off.

I miss this hair

The difference, asshole, is that the real Thor was sealed within Masterson at the time.

he has done this before,actually i've met the real norse thor and he hates the name so marvel got that right at least

So they took a Gwen Stacy gimmick cover and turned it into a completely original character unrelated to her or anybody else.

So what?

And what does that have to do with your petulant whining about mean old Marvel taking away your white people?

Yeah, but see, that's not how names work. If he wanted to do that, he should have given her the title "God of Thunder." Then she could call herself Thordis or something.

Again, that's like if, after the whole Captain Hydra thing, Steve Rogers becomes so ashamed that he gives up being a hero and says that Sam Wilson now has the title of...Steve Rogers. No, the TITLE is Captain America. Your NAME is Steve.

thor is a warrior when he could no longer control the power given to him by his father he gave up his name also given to him by his father and gave it to who ever could wield his father's gift

Which was revealed months later. At the time of publishing in the fucking stories themselves Eric Masterson was the new Thor in the exact same fucking way Jane is retard.

What? You think they'll replace Black Widow with a man?

Within the Marvel Universe Thor is both a name and title. It's been this way since at least the 90s. I highly recommend picking up some early 90s replacement Thor. It was a fun run.

Yeah. An "original" character based on Gwen Stacey and Deadpool. One that combines Gwen's looks and Deadpool's wackiness and attitude. Totally original. Really.

Man, I really wanna see some Spidey/Widow /ss/. Being the slut she is it seems very possible.

Don't forget sex jokes and partially dyed hair!

Jesus is that Raven? I miss Perez.

Wait I've got it, they'll get rid of Black Widow and have the name taken over by an immensely overweight woman so they can work in fat representation as well. Can't have any lithe, athletic people shaming the overweight by doing something like existing.

Underrated post

I miss 2010

>bruce is coming back in a few months
Citation needed

Someone should take a comic with all thise characters, color there skin collrs the way there supposed to be, and piss off that character rapist bendis. Fuck ghetto trash replacing my marvel.


But those titles should always revert back to their originial owner. Not some phony nigger standin.

this is retarded even by marvel's standards

1) Multiple Spider-Men is retarded in general. The only three spiders that should be around are Peter, Kaine, and Miguel.

2) Not when Bendis is done with him :^)

3) *insert porno here*


5)Doesn't stop Jane Thor from being shit

6) I think the main problem people have is that Kate will be the star of the title book, I'm assuming because Clint will drop the title after what he did.

7) Monica should have stayed as Captain Mar-Vel and Carol should have been killed off a long time ago.

8) Yes, and I don't think OP realizes that because he doesn't read comics. Why else would he post and MCU image.


You better mean because she's a senior citizen and not that Peter is a highschooler.

but that still doesn't disprove my point miles might be around for a while seeing as how holy emperor bendis has a hold on him and is really pushing his black agenda on him even tho miles is just ultimate peter in a black person body

My question is why does bendis care. Im not even racist, but there turning marvel heros into fat lipped ghetto sterotypes, and use the racist card if you dont like it. They even had a fucking hiphop cover variant month, how fucking dumb is that? Cant they have them act like respectable black people instead of even more ghetto static shocks?

BLACKED Widow when?

>Cant they have them act like respectable black people instead of even more ghetto static shocks?
And so you reach the paradox of black representation and integration.
The audience Marvel is courting would call such characters "uncle toms" or "coons"

>Ghost Rider is Hispanic
This is about as stupid as saying "Green Lantern is a woman" because they introduced a female Lantern.

• The Hand has resurrected the Hulk, and the only ones standing in the way of the undead rampaging brute are the former Avengers of the Unity Squad.

>bringing back Bruce as solomon grundy
>thinking this counts


>Marvelcucks will defend this BULLSHIT

>The audience Marvel is courting would call such characters "uncle toms" or "coons"
Come again? I dont really understand your last paragraph.


What we call respectable, well adjusted black people are viewed with disdain by a lot of the "black culture". They call them uncle toms and coons for playing the white man's game. Think of it like being called a sell out.

But thats fucking stupid. You could call me a sellout because i dont follow white supremicist agenda, or not following the ways of my middle eastern ancestors. Im my own man, why should people be forced to be held down by the shit beliefs of there formers? Fuck this generation. Id rather be a sellout the a ghetto trash, hillbilly jesus freak, or a towelhead muhammad.

I'm not agreeing with it, user. I'm saying that you can't win with these people.

Everybody knows what they're doing, and they're going to keep doing it no matter hiw many times you make this shitty thread.

Dumb DCunt if you were here for more than a day you'd know that nobody hates this shit more than Marvelfags.

>not white
Explain this to me. Explain how speaking bastardized spanish instead of english makes you not white..

Does it really matter OP? You know the diversity is a limited time thing and you got over 60 years of 95% white male cast comics to read on. Why go full tumbler?

>Comic books 101

At this point, hasn't Captain Marvel been a woman far longer than a man?

>How long until Marvel replaces Black Widow

That happened like 10 years ago

Monica Chang, from the Ultimate universe

But of course, you don't know a fucking goddamn thing about it, because your hobby is not reading comic books. Your hobby is complaining about skin colors and genders

>Ghost Rider is Hispanic now

Blaze is still riding around.

He will be dead again in the end of this arc

There's two types of people.

Trash & Human.

You have niggers/coons/niggas they're the folk of color that decide they're not going to act like a decent person. They're gangbangers or gangbanger wannabes, the folks that insist on BLM, and hiphop culture. It's ok to like hiphop, but like trying to emulate the rappers themselves, with grills and baggy clothing.

Then you have black folk. They're good people with vibrant culture and have been discriminated against due to niggers ruining it for everyone. Niggers call them "Uncle Tom" because they "ain't black enough".

The ideal skin color is a medium-dark shade of brown. If you're too dark you'll be made fun of for being a darkie. If you're too light, they'll call you "High Yellow" or "Whitey".

There's also white folk and PWT (poor white trash). Latinos & Spics/Wetbacks. Asians & Gooks.

>Motoko Kusanagi is a Jew

>but there turning marvel heroes into fat lipped ghetto sterotypes
what the hell are you talking about

Underrated reply.

Where does this happen

>Putting Niggas in with niggers and coons
>the folks that insist on BLM,
What did he mean by this

>Niggers call them "Uncle Tom" because they "ain't black enough".
Where does this happen? I've lived in Brooklyn for 25 years and I have never seen this I'm assuming the south. I find it strange how everyone on Cred Forums says this happen and I've been around black people my whole life and never heard it said to anyone

>he ideal skin color is a medium-dark shade of brown. If you're too dark you'll be made fun of for being a darkie. If you're too light, they'll call you "High Yellow" or "Whitey".

False. The age of light skin vs darkskin is more or less over. Now it's on to the kids and all kids are malicious bastards. There's been a resurgence in open acceptance of a darker skin tone.

There's the African booty scratcher for darker people and the being a generally terrible person if you're light skin meme

Also this tends to fade out after high school or during the later years

no, he was impersonating Thor and Thor kicked his ass when Thor came back to Earth. why don;t YOU read comics, retard?

no Thor wasn't running around while Masterson was. how can a person be this retarded?

it is not a title, those are just three impersonators

>I've lived in Brooklyn for 25 years and I have never seen this I'm assuming the south.

It doesn't happen in the South either. It's more or less one of those things that only comes up in academic exchanges or as a thought-terminating cliche against notable black people who don't fit a pre-conceived notion of political or social beliefs, i.e. black Republicans.

i have some bad news for you user

>had a nose
>tits too small
>not lesbianing
>not summarily executing anyone she likes as long as she calls them a terrorist first
>oh, and not Japanese

So old heroes are slowly coming back and these SJW-versions are inevitably going to get pushed aside and forgotten.

I'm also from New York, I live near Harlem. Dude we live in of the most diverse cities on Earth. Racism is way worse anywhere else.

>>Spiderman is black
A spider-man is black/latino
>>Captain America is Black
A captain America is blacm
>>Iron Man is a Black woman
Ironheart is black, Ironman is Latverian
>>Hulk is Asian
A Hulk is Asian
>>Thor is a Woman
Yep, and it's awful
>>Hawkeye is a Woman
A Hawkeye is a woman
>>Captain Marvel is a Woman
And has been for a few years now
>>Ghost Rider is Hispanic
A false Ghost Rider is Latino

You should just fuck off back to Cred Forums OP

The problem isn't the races, but that the names are basically corporate franchises now. League of Spidermen, Ironmen, Captain Murricas, Thors, Hulks, Marvels, Riders, Hawkeyes, ect. While it makes sense in cases like Ghost Rider where there's precedence, most everything else feels like coat-tail riding and more often than not brand diluting.

>White boys are a joke and for good reason
Statements like these are why I'll never take any action to benefit any race other than my own.
You want us to change the world when some criminal subhuman gets shot but when whites express concern it's "huh huh muh duck laugh at whyt boi bix nood"
Y-yeah. That'll show them. We should get right on it.

source on this? I'm not doubting it but a confirmation would be nice


It's all a ploy to "rebirth" all these characters in a year.

But user, those were all shit too. That's like responding to someone complaining about Civil War II saying.

>waaaahhh, they made a second Secret Wars.

You don't excuse something for being a pile of trash by pointing to another pile of trash.

or if they get bored of Bucky, the new Winter Soldier

Yup Odinson was M.I.A. Eric was a completely new mortal supporting character and was the Thor of the MU in the exact same way Jane is. Fuck off back to /pol9k/ you loser and cry with the other permavirgins.


First, masterson as Thor wasn't actually that long a time in the timeline.

Secondly, Masterson masqueraded as Thor, only when other people found out did he drop it

Third, While Masterson was pretending to be Thor, Thor himself was not around, as he was presumed dead.

Jane is basically running around with a stolen name and a stolen hammer.

Did Thor not call himself Thor when he was young without the hammer?

Oh he did? Then it's retarded.


>female conversates with a dindu
If all you can think of is black men fucking white women then maybe it's time to take your chastity belt off.

Black Widow will become a MtF.

Cred Forums let's our powers combine



Thor is not a title, Thor is a dude. The title is the wielder of Mjolnir.

I love Beta Ray Bill, but he's not Thor, he just had Thor's job for a while.

>Black Widow
>Replaced with a black woman
Will she be known as Widow then?


>>Hawkeye is a Woman

and a guy is also hawkeye

>How long until Marvel replaces Black Widow with a black woman

But her name is BLACK widow, so it makes no sense for her to be white.

Black people commit more crimes statistically even when accounting for socio-economic status. And I still wouldn't say anything as stupid as black people are the worst group of poor people. But I respect your racist opinion

fuck you, thor corps was pretty fucking cool.

Man, I wonder if we're going to get Kang anytime soon. He's prime for movie material.

>I'm a bit surprised that they haven't killed off any straight characters just to replace them with and LGBT character.

You're thinking of Giant-Man my friend

Marvel was great in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Modern Marvel is trash. Always has been.

Joss Whedon's reign will end pretty soon when Marvel realizes that SJWs don't actually read comics.

man i'm a half korean half mexican guy from LA and i'm kind of offended with the forced diversification of media, because it doesn't feel genuine at all. it feels like these corporations are just using race as a means of political gain, they don't actually care about us.

if they cared they'd support black/latinx (forgive me for using a tumblr term)/asian/gay/whatfuckingever writers and artists creating new characters for the right audience rather than having some 30something white dude from jersey write stories that genderbend or change the race of characters and then fill it with stereotypes.

then companies wear it like a badge of fucking honor because they've diversified and they "care". it's insulting, they act like nobody will notice, and not only does it piss off the audience they're trying to pander to, but they alienate the already established audience.

You type like a reddit user

>A spider-man is black/latino

You know what bugs me about Miles being Latino. It's such a blatant case of Bendis wanting miles to be extra special. Miles' mom is Puerto Rican yet his Latino last name for some reason comes from his black father. You can tell Bendis didn't think it through

owned by Fox and China doesn't like time travel

Robbie Reyes is a good Ghost Rider and ANGR was good for what little time it had.

The AoS version is painfully mediocre and should've just been Ketch.

it's basically a way for upper class, affluent white dudes to virtue signal because it's open season on white men in the media now. but they don't actually care about the "issue" they moan about so much, and don't really care about minorities. so you'll never see them step down to give a woman or a black person their position, or let them draw/ink/write something. it's all about preserving their own power. pretending to have the right opinions about social issues is where all the power is.

also it's hilarious how condescending it is. black people and women are so inept, unpopular and uninteresting they need the costumes popularized by white men in order to be relevant, apparently.

>Miles' mom is Puerto Rican yet his Latino last name for some reason comes from his black father.
No it doesn't. Miles' took his mother''s last name for some reason. In fact, if Miles had a paternal last name that'd make him be named "Miles Davis", like the jazz musician.

Ironically, that also means Miles' father was born Jefferson Davis.

In other words, Bendis named Black Spider-man's dad after the president of the Confederate States of America. But given he named his new black female Iron Man replacement after a porn character this shouldn't be a surprise.