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>What is a Channel-tan?
An anthropomorphic personification of a television channel.

>Why are you making these?
For the simple reason that we can.

>Why are they all girls?
Japanese -tan tradition. But we do have some boy -tans too.

>Where is the gallery for all the images?

>Where is the Pastebin for all the ideas?

>Previous Threads?

>How can I help?
If a Channel doesn't have a personality yet, then you can suggest ideas for one.
If a Channel doesn't have a design yet, then you can suggest ideas for one.
If a Channel has a personality and a design, then you can draw them.
If multiple Channels have all of the above, then you can draw comics of them interacting.

>How many Channels do we need?
All of them. but mostly those who are Cred Forums related.

And last but not least, remember to have

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Welcome to /CTG/!


Made a kingdom hearts outfit for disney tan, hopefully i can finish the other two by tomorrow.

In the vein of channel-tan.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=638 and uh wherever rockleesmile.png is in the booru. I can find it in tbharchive so I know I posted it.

>open up there's already drawfriends displaying their art

We're off to a good start




.....I can fap to this.




Good morning, and happy Saturday, /CTG/! Got that Hulu pinup finished up. It kinda came out criminally simple, but hope ya like it.

I came prepared this weekend. After not getting to draw too much last weekend, I had a bit of a small blitz on Monday- I had to get some channel-tanning out of me, y'know? So I'll be sprinkling some doodles throughout the day. Now, I'll be back in an hour or two with a bit of sugar to try and perk everyone up, but I leave you with this topic if you want something to yak about-

So, Ted Turner is Captain Planet. We've just accepted that, right? Right- but which of his children represent which element? I'm going to go ahead and say Stoner [as] represents Fire. Cuz, y'know, 420 blaze it. But then, who is Earth, Water, Wind and Heart?

D'awww, cute stuff y'all!


HBO represents Earth

Boomerang represents Wind

Miguzi represents Heart

Foxxy represents Water

Mornin CTG.

Spent the free time I had drawing Nick Music from Last Week, Didn't finish it but maybe I will at another time

On that note


I organized the Stories for the Three Main Tan companies. I still have more to organize, but its a start

That's a cute Nick Music F.A.G

On a scale of one to ten, how close is Viacom about ready to punch Parry and throw him out of the house?




Viacom is fucking crumbling paper in his hands and is writing down ways that he will kill Paramount if he contiunes to fuck up

>One of his daughter ocassionaly enters the room

>Nick Tan always fears that after the failure of a big project that they will go bankrupt adnd have to live on the street, Viacom always reasures her that will never happen

>Teen Nick freaks out about its the end of the company and that they will lose everything to the Turner Sluts. Viacom tells her that the Turner Sluts would never be allowed their properties if Bankruptcy ever happened and that they will never go bankrupt

>Nick Jr doesn't understand anything because she doesn't know business talk so he tells her all of his stresses up front knowing there is no way for her to relay thi to her sisters. He's stressed out and has nightmares of his kids being poor and him being unable to help them

>8 right now, but if it starts to get his ids worried it rises to 9

I don't know if The CW's creation has been canonically explored yet? So yeah, I've basically been looking at the relationship between UPN and the WB.

>so they're rivals.
>The WB has hooked her fangs into the veins of young adult girls everywhere, as she's been successfully courting the teen market.
>UPN ain't doing so well. At all. Had one super successful Star Trek show and that's about it.
>UPN gets adopted into her family nearing the end of both their lives.
>UPN finally one ups her on ratings, as she attempts to be more adult orientated, while UPN airs Veronica Mars, a would-be graphic novel turned successful TV show.
> Love-hate relationship forms, as they tend to air each other's stuff.
>UPN get's shut down a few days before the WB.
>They merge
>I imagine a typical test-tube fusion thing
>They emerge from a tube as a naked CW, who is given a towel to cover her modesty.
>She immediately turns the towel into a cape.

The thing is, Viacom tried to sell a part of Paramount because it was doing so terrible(49%), Redstone stopped the sale of it and caused the corporate governance fight that's lasted for several months and has just ended only a month ago. The sale of it is now over and to decrease Viacom's debt(12 Billion, yes really, 12 billion dollars) some analysts say it would have to sell some of it's assets and quite possibly re-merge back with CBS.

Someone give Vi a hug, he needs it.

I really want more out of that idea now. Its a good way to tie up UPN's and WB's story.

>All this talk about Viacom losing a lot of it's assests

It would be cool to develop on, imho. Also the WB's design was a little on the bland side, but I'm kinda charmed by the idea of having her heavily salivating all the time. Like it's a condition that came with her being a vampire or something.

NSFW pic related:

>UPN is just casually sleeping in his new home with the Turners.
>Everything's relatively normal, he thinks, especially compared to the slime-fest of the Viacoms.
>Cue a mysterious mass at the foot of his bed.
>Hears heavy breathing.
>The mass moves up the bed, under the sheets.
>Scared stiff.
>Can feel cold air against his crotch.
>Looks under the sheets.
>Just about has a fucking heart-attack when he sees the WB, A.K.A The countess of Teen Fangirls, A.K.A vampire bitch.


UPN is about to get sexed

Dammit that spoiler

But that sounds cool Noir, good lore

looking good

I'm saving this.

AS-tan probably thinks PublicAccess is cool and wants to be like him

It's gonna be October soon. Hope we're all ready for Halloween Themed /ctg/

My body is ready.

I know it's a bit early, but we need this with a parent company as dracula. Probably Paramount or Fox.

Vi would probably try to, somehow, get his personified channels out of the entertainment business and get out of New York and live in the suburbs.

Can you imagine the Viacom family living next to you?

Boom! Got one done. Bit sick so this may be the only one.

>user walks out at 6 in the morning to take out the trash.

>It's garbage day

>Next door a man that is fully black except for his white glassses walks out in a bath robe and has a cup of coffee as he picks up the morning newspaper

>Viacom: Hello Neighbor. Its a beautiful day!

>user looks up into the sky. Its cloudy

>Viacom looks directly at you

>I Know What I Said. And I Ment It

>user gets chills up his spine

>The Door to Viacoms house open to reveal a somewhat tall pluck girl with crazy Poofy hair that defies physics. She has a Sweater on and very short pants and had glasses that were very clearly craked.

>user has never seen this girl. He figured it was just Viacom

>She shouts "DAD! WE GOTTA PROBLEM!"

>Another girl comes out the door, it looks like a younger version of the one right next to her, she has her hair in a ponytail with cute blue Pajamas that have small yellow chicks on them


>Viacom "Ill be right there! Close the door before our nice neighbor inhales all that smoke!

>They close the door

>Viacom chuckles "Kids am I right?" He takes a sip of his coffee and walks back inside

>user sits there. He wonders how many kids Viacom has.

>user sighs. And walks back to thier house

i completely forgot about this tan design

Here's that tan you wanted SHUTUP cartoons user


Back for a moment. Here's a little Sprout to put some spring in your steps!

Y'know, Sprout is one of those tans that was right on the money design wise. Such a sweet looking thing, innocent beyond the shadow of a doubt. Perfect for a kids' channel like hers. Plus, just... Just look at her. Don't you just wanna pinch her little cheeks? Nuzzle her little nose? So cute.

Also, forgot to mention earlier; I'm a little busy today, which is why I'm packing premade pictures. As always I'm-a lurking, though.

God that's cold.

>Before user goes back into his house, he hears a loud "MY LEG!" from the Viacom household.

>He decides it's in his best interest to ignore it.

right now

>In a gesture of comfort

I keked

>>Before user goes back into his house, he hears a loud "MY LEG!" from the Viacom household.
>>He decides it's in his best interest to ignore it.

Remember that time nick went a little crazy with WWDOP?
Everybody was sore for weeks.

Greeting /CTG/ good morning to you all.

As of today I have ascended to a higher form of being or as you humans call it a birthday.

To celebrate and to honor the late C. Martin Croker I'd like to request Vivendi here acting like Dr. Weird.

>user's wife made a pie for the new neighbors, trying to be friendly
>She walks up to the front door and sees the name on the mailbox
user's Wife: 'Viacoms'? That sounds familiar.
>She thinks nothing of it and rings the doorbell
>But instead of it being a normal ring she get's some sort of loud fanfare that last's for a few seconds
>She's getting more anxious as the seconds go by
>At the end of it, Viacom opens the door quickly and say's "This is Viacom."
>user's wife got scared and ran off, her childhood nightmares coming back to haunt her
>But luckily Vi caught the pie
>He's laughing with Nick and Nick Jr., who both thought of the plan to scare the neighbors
*Insert terrible pun from Nick*
>Nick@Nite in the background: "Vi, did you scare the neighbors with your logo again?"
Vi: "No..." He looks back at his kids "Don't tell your mom."
Nick and Jr.: "Ok."
Vi: "You two are the best. Now go eat that pie kids, you've earned it."
>This is only the beginning of user's troubles

With all the talk of the viacoms, it reminds me of these greentexts.
It would be amazing if somebody could draw some of it...


>user has to babysit Nick Jr

>It starts off normal as first and she seems to enjoy playing with user and is adorable

>She starts speaking in Spanish much to Anons suprise. She is very good and asks where she learned

>Nick Jr: My mom LOVES SpanEsh! She makes us SpanEsh food every Friday!

>user chuckles

>She says: My dad taught me a new trick Mither user! Do you wana see!

>Yeah Sure!

>Nick Jr smiles

>Her skin starts melting

>What the fuck

>Bit by bit it starts coming off to reveal and dark Purplish layer of skin underneath

>She now has a tail as well as dog like ears and a orb centered around her forehead.

>Her eyes are white just like her dad's and starts speaking in some demonic form of Spanish that user cannot understand

>She leaps into the air onto user's ceiling fan.

>It crashes and breaks to the floor.

>The Little Abomination is leaving dark tracks all across the floor and is laughing. She runs into the Kitkchen on all floors.

>There the sound of plates breaking and untensils shaking is heard

>user freaks out

>He grabs onto Nick Jr and she fades out of existence

>She reappears right next to him and sticks her tong out.

>user is covered in the Black Ooze. user is now flipping the fuck out he just had to baby sit a kid not some sort of Eledrich Abomination.

>He calls up Viacom

>Viacom: Yes hello.

>user tells the whole story

>Viacom Luaghs: Ah yes, Nick Junior adores her abilties as an Eldrich and simply never wants to stop.

>user is shacking He asks a question

>Viacom: Why yes most of my offspring have something similar to Nick Junior. Though not ot the degree she has though. It is very complicated.

>user ask how to stop her

>Viacom: Try to bribe her with some Mexican candy. She'll be back in no time

>Oh and by the way make sure she doesn't get into your Air Ventilation System It will create an awful smell.

>He hags up

>There's a bang coming from above Anons head


Poor user still can't get ImpNick Jr. under control and soon Vi and N@N come back from wherever they were, probably a Broadway show or something(CC's idea), and see that user is too overwhelmed. Viacom just sighs and turns into his Eldritch Form and runs across user's ceiling to capture Jr., the poor guy just faints after that and his last though is him wondering if he can somehow move away from this Hell without him filing for bankruptcy.

He wakes up and the first thing he sees is N@N's chest in front of him, even though he's married he's still gonna enjoy that no matter what. He asks her if it was all just a dream, N@N shakes her head and points to the monster standing next to her, Vi has Nick Jr. under control and has her in his jaws by the scruff of her neck.

She tells him this is just normal and digs into her purse for something. user is afraid with what she's about to bring out, but she hands him a wad of cash that's probably worth thousands of dollars and tells him that's he's probably the best human baby sitter they've ever had.

I don't get what he's doing...

>Disney-tan is Minnie

Adorable, Jas

Sorry it isn't not much, but have a quickie.
Happy birthday my dude.

>...And upon retrospect, I ask why.

Cute art Jam.

DIY cable installation

I love it. Thanks Jam.

*forgot to type my name for the thread

Happy Birthday

That's cute!

Ok, I accept it, I don't know why, but lookin' at The WB's fangs makes me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which both UPN and The WB aired.

Thanks TB

I'm glad Vivendi is finally getting some art too.

Thinking of doing some minor redesigns on the tans I helped work on. Anything you guys want to see done with Teen Nick, The N, Comedy Central or Nickmom?

I'm probably just going to give Fox Kids a Morpher on her belt buckle.

I think specifically, NickMom could use something to give her a little more iconography. Though, I don't really know what you could give her, honestly. NickMom didn't really have a ton of stuff to work with.

I like the Morpher belt idea. Really sell the Power Rangers theme.

Have another one.

Can someone post that Disney tan reference pic

I wanna draw her up while my co workers hi jack my computer

Yeah, sure.

...Disney-tan makes me like the mouse a lot more.

I think he means the one Jam made with all the turnarounds.

In case is right


This was what I was actually looking for

Can't work on my client's logo since my computer is hooked up to the printer

So I'm going to draw Disney tan

Okay quick wip

My computer is mine once again but who knows how long that'll be

It's okay, I kinda didn't know which one to use.

TV-Guide and Foxxy, as requested last weekend.
Originally this was going to be a little comic, but the build up I had planned felt kinda pointless, so I just went with what was to be the final frame. Also non-feels version- i.imgur.com/0wOO5ML.png

Gonna take a wee nap now, so I'll be back later this afternoon. Y'all stay chill, aight?

Coming along cute!

That's kinda cute, Jam. I see TV Guide has nightmares about Space Ghost's talk show.


Everybody Haaaates Guuuide.

A bit sloppy, But Ill finish it up later today

Which is fitting, and most likely not an accident (I wasn't around when WB was designed though so *shrugs*)

I'm not totally sure the user who requested Chiller-tan ever got the finished version so I'm posting it here just in case.

And as an apology for taking so long, I also finished up some sketches I did that I never intended to actually finish.

Also early Halloween thing

>muscle demon girl wearing jason voorhees mask

i like it

Lol I remember that episode, good stuff man


Ok, some sketches I'd like to give.

I see you guys still mourning about C. Martin Croker's death, so I drew Foxy and Stoner mourning about Moltar and Zorak's death.

First time I drew Jetix and MTV Classic, the latter is kinda forgotten, but Jetix is still our favourite.

Oh, and Disney could be the Lady GaGa of the Tans in that pose.

TV Guide's favoirte channel is CN, just imagine; almost every day is the same shit, TTG 24hrs

He was the best, Perla! :(

>Disney could be Lady GaGa

Nah, she's Madonna, they both have an empire

Sprout reminds me of Annie

Disney Channel's theme.

top left make me feel sad, but still cool!

Cartoon Network's theme

Nick-Tan Theme


Someone seems to like Hall & Oates.

Ok, I'm fine with putting 80's hits to our playlist.

Thanks TB, she deserves more love


Trying to decide what I should do for Halloween on here...hmmmm...

Noir user, use your name, noir! do something spooky, black and white, like old movies

She's naked! Lewd

Stoner without her cap looks cute

alright i like her, but... what's chiller?

An edgier SyFy

I was thinking, next week is the birthday of CN, would be a good idea; just for this weekend, to have a single thread, that is this. To give more time to our drawfriends to prepare something for that day.

It's an all horror channel. I never watched it myself but I'm told it shows some Cred Forums related stuff like Tim Burton's animated films. But OR requested something like an oni so...

You got these

ah just like RT is a cooler Machinima :^)

you betcha buddy :^)

Well, I was going to draw something with CN (some twerking and stuff I think). She's turning 24 next week.

>CN is 24
>[as] is only 15

Everything i'v known is a lie. I always considered Foxxy and Stoner to be older

>next week is the birthday of CN

Oh shit it's true!

>tfw u two have the same age

I don't know that it will do too much for me personally. I'm getting back to drawing next weekend, aND that's when I do all of my /ctg/ stuff anyways.

Chiller-tan reminded me that Chiller Anime Block-tan still exists

I will say they've gotten better about that lately.

welp okay, but only if someone draw all her shows with a big cake for her

Be strong, Dabble. Be strong!


this is pretty funny

Nicktoons has finally lost her mind

>Chiller Anime Block-tan

That's a thing?

My sides

It was a thing, long time ago

Redesign of Tbs to fit her channel

she looks sluttier


Finished it. Now onto other things

Here's the sketch for my Fox Kids tweaks. Not a huge change. Also the power coin in her morpher resembles the headlights on the fox kids logo like her bangs are meant to.

is such thing even possible?


Chiller decided they wanted the anime audience but also didn't want to put any sort of effort into it.
So they didn't tell anyone about it and if you were watching something spooky you'd immediately find yourself watching some fuckin' anime shit.

It only lasted 3 weeks and i believe it's ratings dropped 83%.

Only the toonai general anons watched it, just because they wanted to watch it fail

also there's this one character in one of the anime shows they aired who could only communicate by writing things down. Chiller never bothered to translate it

that's disturbing but adorable

isn't the same thing with more pink?



yes, its the same thing. i just wanted to mimic the current design

I like, and now her morpher is much more defined, good job

Someone raided her lunchables fridge.

Euw you are back, nice sketch!

She's fine, Foxxy boobs are comfy and safe
Just give her more coffee

Nothing is impossible for a Turner

I also gave her ashes face thingies since apparently Pokemon aired on fox despite me always remembering it as a WB thing. (Might have been one of the years I spent without a tv).

Gonna point back to this post in case anyone has suggestions.

Oh well, it was just an idea, use Sunday to sketch something for next Saturday, and work on it during the week, but do not think anyone else would like the idea

Not a redesign but Nickmom and TeenNick need more outfits, I mean something fashionable


is that Disney? she looks cute Kaze

Alright, time to check the best website for clothes that suit their special, totally not a slut style.


Anyone feel free to pick something from here that might suit one of them.

Except for a merger between AOL to work.

The Meshed Sleeve Body Suit seems to fit

those designs are perfect but certainly they really need more content

Fit to the current logo, it's so nice.

Fuck, sorry

>"you belong to us"

I'm planning a few, though planning and "doing" are two different things.

Links if possible, I'm seeing a few different outfits when searching for it.

forever21.com/Search/SearchResult.aspx#brm-search?request_type=search&search_type=keyword&q=mesh sleeve body suit&l=mesh sleeve body suit

Just a question, that site is property of Viacom? because iirc they are everywhere, even in our clothes and toothpaste


Just poppin' in to ruin things

AOL is dead, the future is Yahoo

No, but for some reason Viacom owns Ratemyprofessors.com. I have no idea why it would own that, of all websites.


No, but I think they sell some MTV merch.

Maybe I should look for a logo to add to a shirt like that if I have TeenNick wear it. The easy choice would be literally the TeenNick logo

Its been so long...

I want to see the continuing adventures of the Gorillaz and we may never see it again if they never fucking update

HBO's logo

>tfw Disney Junior, Nick jr. and Fox Kids will never get together to innocently do lewd things

I'm a fan of Gorillaz since I was 9, this is nothing! I can wait forever, I still remember those music videos on Fox Kids along with Daft Punk "One More Time"

Good times

>I will never get the chance to rest on AS-tan's soft warm breasts

Why live?

This one is good


>Turners are Gryffindor
>Viacoms are Hufflepuff

and of course

>Disneys are Slytherin

Survive, survive... for dat booty

From top to bottom, who is the richest company? Turner, Viacom or Disney?

n ot even a fucking teaser

I'd have to say disney

Comcast(Thanks to that NBC Universal deal)
21st Century Fox




it seems as though a some of Turners assets are becoming independent. No one really talks about Turner enough it seem

Disney has balls off the walls scrooge mcfukin' duck opulence.
Turners have a nice middle-high class lifestyle.
And the Viacoms fluctuate between kinda poor and slightly richer than the turners.

Internet house.


Too soon :>(

>And the Viacoms fluctuate between kinda poor and slightly richer than the turners

Now I need a hobo Nick asking for more air time

walmart is richer then disney

Yeah, Disney was a real bitch for a few weeks when she found that out for the first time. Nick and CN tried to make her happy, but that didn't work.

for real? because that's hilarious lol

>tfw Nick 2 is more popular than you

The Universal Family wins.

So is Facebook, in that it's worth more

I couldn't find shit on Nick2 yesterday

At least NickToons has her own, yet poorly written, wiki.

isn't fair she wins thanks to Universal :^(

She has Vivendi as well kinda sorta maybe.

Nicktoons has a wiki? why?

>Disney calls a board meeting

>Alright whats wrong with us

>XD stops drinking her soad


>Our Profits XD

>Oh....Shits fine sis! Nothin to wrroy bout!


>Disney slams the table. Disney Jr shacks a bit and XD looks a bit nervouse


>She pulls up a chart showing walmarts cash inflow compared to Disney

>Well...What are we gonna do.

>We can't branch out...It would go against the company code...

>WHICH! Is why we are here! We need ideas to produce more money than Walmart!

>XD yawns and Disney just pokes her fingers together not sure what to do

>It was a bad idea for Disney to replace the board of driectors with memebers of her family

>XD:Well...Treat our show dudes better? Like they could make better car-

>Disney: No no! That didnt work! Alex left us like the Hack he is. AND AFTER EVERYTHING WE DID FOR HIM!

>Disney: Wait! I got it! Walmart doesnt care about its employess!

>Sis we never di-

>Yes I know! But we just care about them less! We make them give up their jobs and have them be replaced by some Immigrants! Its geious! We can also cut productions on some shows we don't need anymore...

>XD: Sis...Don't evem thin-

>XD I think its time you wrap up your Wonder show. Its had a good run but


>You let Craig go


>Junior takes off her hat and begins to cover her face and begins to hide under the table






>Disney Junior crawls to the door and eaves. They will be at this for hours and she'd rather be playing

NBC doesn't give a fuck that's why Sprout is always alone

By wiki I mean wikipedia page

I've been thinking about Nick 2-tan...

What if she is a clone of Nick-tan that Viacom originally made incase something happened to Nick, but there was some kind of irregularity and it caused her to look and sound different. So Viacom just put her in charge of another branch of the company.

Viacom saw potential in clones and made several others (Nick Radio-tan, Nick Music- tan)

What you guys think?

it makes sense, i mean she can't take care of her own pets, much less of herself

better safe than sorry

Oh I tho she had her own wikia

I wanted to post something like that for awhile. Though I'd think the irregularities come from the fact that she was birthed the same way Noggin and Nick jr. were. With Nick being part Turner, Nick-2 is likely even less so despite using Nick's genes as a basis.

Then she's more Viacom than the original Nick!

It's really funny on how they argue about this and that. Good job.

So is there something wrong with her? Like is so mentally deficient or something


>Viacom had to make Nick more Viacom

>He took DNA samples from Nick before he began the process

>He injected DNA containg Eldrich cells into Nick Tan

>The Process somewhat worked, she can turn into slime but, it more or less is useless

>Nick Tan 2 Was made just in case Nick Tan didn't survive

>Sad and a bit cruel, but hell shes only a few days old.


She's dummy, but not an idiot

Ahh, refreshed. Back for a mo' then it's off to do stuff again. Lessee here...

Oh hey, speaking of Nick2, have a, well, Nick2!

Such a small change and yet it somehow it makes a huge difference.

Entertainment's a fickle business. You can be millions in the green, but you're still spending a great percentage of that profit (and more) on your next big thing.

I will admit that I probably won't be terribly active here tomorrow (which has kinda just become the norm for me on Sundays, huh?) but I'll probably be doing most of my CN-birthday preparations during next week itself rather than tomorrow.

I was actually gonna bring that up! It makes sense for the Disneys to have a bunch of experiments, they can afford it. The Turners are moderately wealthy, so they can afford to travel. But the Viacoms, however rich and well off they seem, teeter on and off of being in the red. It'd make sense for them to make blood sacrificed and create some sorts of clones to handle a wider array of tasks without risking the primary branding.

However, perhaps the clones are fairly "incomplete," they serve a specific function, but not much else. Nick 2 takes care of a separate backup feed of Nickelodeon programming, and Nick Radio and Music are audio and music video feeds. They're fairly happy with their jobs and existences, maybe a little confused since it's all they know, but otherwise content. Nickelodeon-tan herself either doesn't know about them, is slightly creeped out by them, or thinks of them like her own personal Mini-Mes.

This is how I picture their relationship

>Vivendi: MESSIEURS? Voir! Je donne 80% de mon fils à ce paon!


Youd Think wed get more art of Nick-Tan 2 but no.


is Nick2 an evil or good clone?

Vivendi gave 80% of its stake in Universal to NBC and Comcast.

I imagine Viacom trying to dress elegantly but it really is always the same suit

>a Nick 2 drawing by jam

aww yiss

>her own personal Mini-Mes

I think it would be more like Nick 2 and the other clones thinking of themselves more as employees to the Viacoms and Nick herself, being the sweet and good person she is, trying to get them to understand that they are sorta family

>Hey sis, how's it going?

Nick 2
>Hey boss! The channel is going great!

>You know you don't have to call me boss, right? We're sorta related, so you can call me sis, or just Nick

Nick 2
>Sure thing, boss! Welp, I gotta get back to work. Later, boss!

Viacom just want a good life for his family, not like Redstone

Someone talked about this in last weekend's thread about how Viacom is a big fan of music. This got me thinking, what if he masqueraded as a human music artist?

>Nick sees her father come home exhausted for several nights and is wondering what the hell is going on
>She's worried that he's doing something illegal
>Nick plainly asks him one day what's wrong with him and Papa Vi is all nervous and tries to steer away from the conversation
>One day she follows him around the city, somehow evading detection
>Because lets be real here, sneakiness isn't her strong suit
>It's now dusk and she follows him to a large warehouse in the middle of New York but loses him in an alley
>She walks into the warehouse that's full of humans dancing
>She's about ready to leave but soon the whole place goes dark and people start cheering
>Nick wants to see what's going to happen next and the stage light up
>Out comes this guy wearing a cool ass helmet hiding his entire face, and she's wondering who he is
>She's also wondering how in the hell he got away with the design(She knows Disney would be pitching a fit about this)
Soon, the masked guy start's playing his music, and it's awesome
>Nick loves it and stays the entire time
>This guy has almost superhuman playing ability and stamina, and plays for hours
>Nick now comes to all of his concerts and downloads all his music, legally of course
>After a show is over one night she wants to meet this deadmau5 guy and sneaks backstage
>Nick is there in the dressing room and watches deadmau5 take off his helmet with anticipation
>When the mask comes off it's not a human at all, but her father
Nick: "Dad!!"
>Nick is stunned
deadmau5/Viacom: "What! Nick, you weren't supposed to see this."
Nick: "You're him? How?
Vi: "I needed the money and this was the most fun I had in years."

Part 1

I like this WB. Why's she a Vampire, though?

Aww, that's actually a strangely cute and sweet idea. I like it!

A love of music would certainly explain why he tries to keep some kind of music channel up even after MTV went through puberty, got rebellious, and decided to be about anything BUT music.

Also that'd be a wonderfully silly reference to South Park's whole "I am Lorde" thing

Because Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Does this mean Deadmauacom had beef with Skrillix?


We need this with Turner.
>Ok, bye girls! see you at 7:00!
>*Speeds over to computer*
>Google,Funny Cat Videos,How to hunt foxes,strong old man supplements,booby
Or Viacom
>All right kids, stay safe!
>*Shadow steps or Stretches over to computer*
>Stress relief, Male Health,Milfs,Redhead Milfs,Tentacles,BPC,how to get rid of purple stains off walls.

Goddammit South Park some good shit like this, wonder if CC-tan is actually the most creative Viacom but no one gives a shit because "Lol farts"

Interesting. With Qubo there I was honestly expecting to see a Comet-tan.

>How to make your own slime

Comedy Central is almost never with her family since she's out making content and courting new talent. It's why she always looks a bit frazzled.

whats that?

Part 2

>Vi explains to her why he's done this
>He wants money that's not controlled by Redstone so if things go wrong they can at least be safe monetarily
Nick: "But why all the secrecy? We would have understood."
Vi: "If I told people, then I would have to have told Redstone and he would have made me quit and froze my accounts
Nick: "But why did you make your mask look like that?"
>Viacom smiles and chuckles
Vi: "Do you know how much this thing pisses off Disney? So fucking much, they've even Sued me and it didn't work.
.Vi still remembers the glorious day when the Disney's didn't get what they wanted
Nick: "But your skin-tone, it looks so human. How did you-"
>Soon, Paramount walks out of the shadows and says hi to Nick and now she's even more confused
>Viacom helps her understand
Vi: "Parry has worked with Hollywood makeup artists for years, he's also my agent that gets me gigs around the globe."
Nick: "But I don't understand you guys, why are you doing all of this?"
Vi: "One day Nick, you're going to realize that you can be more than just a personification. You can be anything you want, within reason, don't let who you are stop you from becoming who you want to be.
Vi: "But promise me, you won't tell the others. I'll let them know soon, but not right now."
>Nick mulls all of this over and decides
Nick: "Alright, I won't tell anyone. I promise dad."
>They both hug each other
Paramount: "Can I get a hug too?"
>Viacom grabs him in this family bonding moment as well, because he is family.

Part 2 when? nice gt m8

Last version of TBS



Basically the sci-fi/horror channel if you don't have cable or satellite. It's actually pretty fun, they play a lot of old horror movies and The Outer Limits, and every few weeks they have a Godzilla marathon.

I don't think I've ever seen a movie on it that was older than 1993.

this one looks much better

>"I am Lorde" thing
It is a reference to that. I'd think he'd wear a MTV t-shirt/V of Doom t-shirt and be rocking out on stage.

CC is like Cassandra from Greek myth, she tells the truth no matter how outrageous it is, but no one believes her. That and she does go lowbrow whenever she can because she does love her some raunchy humor.

It sounds like the perfect channel for a hipster, no offense

No OSM-tan.
Ya blew it.

Poor CC she is always right but no one listen to her cause she is a comedian

None taken, I've never thought of it that way because with all the old, relatively obscure movies it shows it always struck me as like an old person's sci-fi channel. You know, the kind of channel that'd play like old, pre-Tom Baker Doctor Who episodes and whatnot.

But I can see how someone could see it as a hipster channel, since it's within the realm of possibility for a hipster to go "Syfy? Pfft, please, I watch Comet because I don't buy into commercialized garbage like the rest of you."

>how to get rid of purple stains off walls

More like: How to get purple stains off of fabric

[as] has its own album Comedy Central needs one too!

>Implying vi ain't rocking the wideshot.
We don't know how Nick@Nite does it. Like a mix between an eggplant and a shotgun, and it ain't firing blanks.

I was thinking of making a Comet-tan

Like that robot they use that's practically their mascot.
A robot with a cute anime girl head floating inside.
Or a nerdy blue shirt, glasses wearing, messy girl

Another one

Teletoon and Retro are best friends because let's be honest, they are weirdos

>Or a nerdy blue shirt, glasses wearing, messy girl

this one

>Its a Christmas episode

>Nick 2 and the other clones are all still hard at work

>An intern brings in a package for her. She is confused, who would send her a package?

>Its from Nick-tan

>She opens it

>Its a new pair of glasses. They are orange with Nick 2's name painted on them in green as well as a messy little drawing of her face

> Nick Music and Nick Radio also get packages from Nick

>Nick Radio gets a broken antique microphone people used to use in the early days of radio

>Nick Music gets a machine that's been cobbled together. She doesn't know what it is but finds a little message on it that says it can play old vynle records

>All the packages came with the same massage,
"Just because your a clone doesn't mean we aren't also sisters, merry Christmas!
From: Nick-tan"

Much as I absolutely adore the first idea, like REALLY adore it, the nerdy messy girl would probably be the better option for Comet.

Although if you were to ask me I'd suggest making her shirt green, like the logo.

awww. that's cute!

If they are clones does that mean this is okay?

It's a trap, Nick is trying to keep them happy to avoid any kind of revolution!

As much as I don't like it... Yes.

Well... not sure, maybe? you know like cousins?

This is how I imagine Comedy Central before each show

shes dead, water is lethal to clones

>We don't know how Nick@Nite does it.
Two words orgasm denial. Lets be real here, these two have, quite possibly, the most satisfying sex life out of everyone involved.

That's kinda sweet when you think about it. A thoroughly sexually satisfied couple that loves each other despite how different they are from one another is, in a way, really cute.

...God what is wrong with me, I just said that an antimatter abomination railing a milf is cute.

>Porking it everywhere secretly.
>N@N under the desk while Vi is firing people.
>Police reporting screams of a woman getting Mauled by a wild animal.
>They're both constantly washing their clothes to keep the stains out.
>Tons of eggplant, donut and tangerine emojis.

well they say autumn but never when

Mistakes into Miracles

Damn Jam that was lewd, you are being corrupted by this thread

That's why I like the two of them together. They would seem to be happy with each other. I used to pair CBS and him together, but now after reading about the history between the two companies, its pretty clear they were never really happy with one another. Honestly, the CBS/Viacom merger even lasted for five years is a wonder.

P.S., here's an old CBS Films and Enterprises logo(The bottom logo) from the past.

What would have proto Viacom looked like? I think he have an odd skin, barely human toned at all, whitish/grey hair and wear standard business attire, but have a plaid tie. The eyes would be green(Greed was good you know) but he could see these weird little creatures out of the corner of his eye every now and again.

Probably the same, but working together


Seems like Teletoon Retro is the most mature of the Teletoon Family, TLAN is the teenage and then there's Teletoon, the youngest

The OP image was drawn by our good friend Dabble.

Adding to this, he wouldn't be that physically imposing either and look kinda nerdy. It was only after Redstone's acquisition and his subsequent transformation did Viacom become such a physically imposing personification.

Dabble, my friend. He's a pretty cool artist.

isn't easy to be a comedy channel and much less be the most popular comedy channel in the world, 72 countries 24/7 in three dozen languages every week, every month during 18 years

CBS was always CBS even before their split there was a subsidiary with that name, so in fact Viacom and CBS were always two different things. and now based on this my idea is that CBS was an intern, then a patner and finally an equal to Viacom until she got tired of him and his boss; Redstone, taking her stuff and leaving the company because she's an strong and independient company who don't need no man.

Alright, I got her cleaned up now. This is meant to be a replacement for my first version. So replace the chart reference with this one.

I'll likely get started on the TeenNick/NickMom dressup stuff later/tomorrow.

Meh. People only watch CC thanks to South Park.

What should I draw?

I really like her new belt

>so in fact Viacom and CBS were always two different things.
That's not too far off from what they were originally. CBS created CBS Films in the mid sixties to help syndicate their shows, but the CBS Network was so vast this, at times, created discontent/conflicts of interest between the Parent(CBS) and Subsidiary(Films). Especially since CBS Films even tried to create their own TV shows and sometimes these shows were bought by rival companies of CBS, like ABC.

When the Fin-Syn Rule was implemented in the 1970's(Where televisions couldn't own syndication companies), CBS gladly threw Viacom out on the street. It actually took a few years because, for some reason, CBS fought the spin-off.

Follow your heart, Flatwood
But parodies are the only right answer

Any of the Discovery sisters. Or the new design for Newgrounds.

Fox and Hulu sucking the same dick.

Vi and N@N being all lovey doves with each other. Or these scenarios .

Nick@Nite has been working overtime.
>She comes home starving.
>She turns on the lights and rummages through the cabinets, nothing is found.
>She turns around to see viacom sitting naked with a box of cereal covering his junk.
Viacom:Hungry? I got your breakfast right here...
Nick@Nite:I don't know...it seems so big it looks more like brunch, so I might as well dig in!
*Cheesy Porn Music Begins*

I gonna be honest, she looks cooler now but her outfit reminds of Quantum Ranger (he was the best in the best season), good job man

Here, have some GSN-tan.

I really love her design, she's always been really cute and pretty to me, and really captures the spirit of game shows; explosive personality, good-looking host, money (literally) falling out of their clothes, and BRIGHT COLORS!... That I didn't add.

Plus there's that ever encroaching reality that Trey and Matt WILL eventually just get bored of making South Park.

Looks great, man!

which one is better between the three?

Hey /ctg/ Im back from the depths of hell what did I miss

oh god whats that!
lets back to the first redesign :(

>Nick2 Origin
>CC complex minds
>Fox Kids redesign
>Viacom and N@N fun sex

Gotta be honest, I like the original face most. Simplicity has its charm, y'know?

Heh. Thats funny

While organizing The Green-texts most of Viacom centered ones were all sex related

At this time, FCC comes to the house to collect the fines Vi owes him. FCC can't see anything and looks through the kitchen window and sees the two of them, he's freaked out. Viacom sees him and smirks, Nite doesn't see anything.

Viacom is deadmau5, CC is a truth teller but no one believes anything she says and Fox Kids is cute.

Also Vi and N@N are really a couple of horndogs.

Nut-ritional facts, somebody should edit this to fit viacoms... different anatomy.

>Trey and Matt WILL eventually just get bored of making South Park

Nah, like most creators your first big hit is your last one, people wil only remember your name from that show you created 14 years ago

Just like Matt Groening

Huh, didn't know that happened. Weird the kind of acquisitions these companies make.

Anybody Remember CN's Spot the Block?

CN must have been going through a health Nut Phase

This thread needs more Nicktoons

I-I don't get it, explain please

Cute! I want more of cute like this.

Glad it's going over well.

>she looks cooler now but her outfit reminds of Quantum Ranger (he was the best in the best season)

Don't worry, she'll show you her motivation soon enough.

if you draw more Nickmom then draw her working out, you know there's always that episode where mom is working out and the kids are really ashamed, and of course there's always someone that find their mom hot

Viacom has dark, lavender skin, most of the time. It would be reasonable to assume the rest of him is that color too.

Ah, Ren n' Stimpy references, always good to see those.

BBC talking shit, British Channels rulz!

Porn you retard.

I would think the reason she doesn't get that much attention in the Viacom family is because he's pretty much set for a while and is the "Middle Child" of the family. They love her, but she's pretty much ok and well rounded.

She's also Redstone's favorite channel tan and they go to the zoo/aquarium all the time. For some reason she seems like the person that can talk to animals in the family and can understand exactly what they're saying. Like a Thornberry.


Thanks guys, really liked his art!

>Nicktoons is kinda the middle child but is older than most of her sisters. I'd say old as Teen Nick, or older

>She lives on her own but because of her wanting to peruse thing outside of airing shows she is kinda forgotten by the Viacom family.

>She doesn't get checks from Dad like the rest of her family does

>Its kinda depressing but she doesnt have the heart to say that Viacom forgot about her

>Her career failed and now lives off tricking Nick-Tan to giver her some of her shows. Once she gets them she takes them and airs them so she can rank in cash

>Problem is that it's not enough so she paired herself up with Lunchables in order to rank in cash

>Her cash inflow is...Alright

>Lets just say that her Lunch is always Lunchables



I see, thanks user

>See Simon reblog a Nick-tan drawing

Is the fire rising?


GSN-tan is a swindler, nobody ever wins in any of her shows but the consolation prizes are good and everyone likes to appear on tv

Is this supposed to be read right to left or left ot right? I'm kind of confused about what I'm looking at here, but it looks like WB and 4Kids are supposed to be the same person or something? Good art though.


name this bald guy cunts! also it would be nice if any of you artist made fan art of him thanx faggwets


Do you?

I-I....Is it...


GSN tan looks so happy. Love it, Jam.

She's ready to give that brand new car to the viewer.

P L O T T W I S T ! !

That's suppose to be the Swat Kat version of Tbs.

I see a change in her googles and you added a belt, overall I like this new design

I knew it!

First is the best, the other two are terrible

>TeenNick, Nicktoons and Nick

yeah, it is

nah ;^)

She finally got more fanart! thanks Jam ~

Nicktoons is the black sheep of the family, not everyone likes the style of old cartoons and all the good shows like Ren and Stimpy are with MTV or Classic, so she got just the old stuff but nothing really "cool" like her sisters

Have some Hub-tan to tuck you in tonight.
I love Hub-tan. Of all the comfy-tans, she is the utmost. She looks like a sweet neighbor lady that always has a few butterscotch hard candies to give out to everyone she meets, or that kind gardening mother that always has good advice. God, couldn't ya just give her a million hugs?

Annnd that's all the ammo I had for today. Happy y'all liked the other doodles! Doing them really helped me perfect a sketch refinement technique. Doesn't take too long and yet I think the results are quite significant.

Now, I REALLY need to close Cred Forums and focus on some other things before I go to bed tonight. I might not be around much tomorrow, so in case I don't show up: Y'all be sure to have a good week y'hear?

As always, I had fun today! See ya when I see ya.

>tfw to this day she doesnt have a color ref

See ya Jam, take care

Bye Jammy! :3

Yeah she looks cute but I bet that she has Coprolalia, that would explain shows like Dan vs in her channel, of course she tries her best to be nice and help others but she's fucked

Animal Planet could never get a hang of camera film

Oh fuck man that's 100% cute

No wonder she can't find BigFoot


Imagine Steve Irwin trying to teach Animal Planet how to use a camera

Yay, some alive Hub-tan, I've always liked her. A cutie and wears an apron, what's not to like?

My favorite artist and my third favorite tan, this was a good day.


That just raises further questions!

It would be adorable, he'd be really understanding and instructive, teaching her all of the buttons. They'd go on adventures that day photographing all the animals, large and small and Steve would be saying all sorts of facts about the critters. All while Animal Planet takes pictures and asks questions.

They develop the film and most of the pics are out of focus or only a foot or an ear of the animal is in the frame. Except for one, it's of her and Steve Irwin and she's holding a baby pangolin with Steve smiling over her shoulder.

She still has the picture, framed and the negative in a safe, cool and dry place.

Here's that Comet-tan the anons wanted

nice to see you're back Flatwood

She's cute, CUTE

... I never asked for this feel

Imagine Netflix and TV Talking

>Netflix would babble on how successful her shows are going, talking about the deals she makes. Shows she would like to gain with companies

>TV Guide is slouched over, tired, depressed, another sleepless night of work and no one in sight to help her out

>She's hardly even listening, she's just looking at Netflix

>Her nice styled hair, professional clothes, relaxed and always on top of everything

>No angry Women screaming at her for not having the Brady Bunch air at the right time

>No stress on the massive debt

>No look back on all her terrible business decisions

>A proud Tan that was successful

>She finaly speaks up

>"I want your Life Netflix."


>"W-well...I have to go...

>Okay.....Stop back any time....

>TV Guide looks down

>Her shoes aren't tied


Would Bindi get jealous?
How would AP and Bindi coexist?

She's like her aunt, or big sis, something cute ya know


4kids caused 9/11, there is no doubt, just think about it
That event caused the raising of censorship on TV, 4kids biggest and only dream

Aren't Syfy and Chiller both part of NBC?

FLATWOOD! Well done my boy that's hella cute. Thank you.

Did 4kids also plan the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident?

apparently so

>having two channels dedicated to the horror genre

why not

>text captcha is 2006

what a year

Of course, who else?

>Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident
What happened there?

Boobs got exposed


I can see it now, Syfy-tan and Chiller-tan fighting for dibs over a xenomorph.

Wardrobe malfunction.

>The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined CBS a record US$550,000 which was fought in the Supreme Court,[4] but that fine was appealed and ultimately voided by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in a 2011 ruling, and a case to reinstate the fine was refused in 2012.[

>Following the incident, media conglomerates involved with the broadcast who were fined by the FCC, including Viacom and CBS, their co-owned subsidiaries MTV and Infinity Broadcasting, and Clear Channel Communications, enforced a blacklist of Jackson's singles and music videos on many radio formats and music channels worldwide

All that shit, over a little boob? Fucking hell FCC, you triggered little bitch.



XD constantly wants to release and Energy Drink Line but Disney always says no

this one

4kidsWB is the true evil mastermind of the Tanverse. They secretly work together with FCC tan to create safe wholesome entertainment.

>Disney XD


In the Channel Tan TV series she is revealed to be the Main Villain conspiring to take over all Channels

That's how government regulation organizations are like.

An infraction happens
Boob on TV/Drug makes people sick, then people complain; and when people complain, Congress has a hissy fit and chews out the organization(FCC/FDA).

In turn the organization goes apeshit and tightens the screws on everyone.

Even Redstone would be surprised by the reveal.

I remember that horrible thing, glad we go digital
Anyway that's really cute Flatwood

I don't know if I'll finish this drawing this weekend but fingers crossed.

Loving the pic, art style looks familiar, too. Also, kek at Toony with her leg all the way out.

looking good

Nice one, reminds me of Archie comics for some reason.

How would a Channel Tan series work?

>Id Imagine it start out with the Viacoms moving to the Suburbs. Viacom wanted to keep his kids out of something that he knew would be very big, and very dangerous. So he put his kids first

>Disney, Fox, Warners, all live in the big city, all conspiring to take out each other so they could be top dog. All the younger Tans do not understand and hang out with each other

>It Be slice of life with a developing plot.

>Several Tans end up getting cancelled and it becomes more and more hectic with the threat eventually being brought over to Viacom

>Nick Tan keeps in touch through Internet and looks into the origins of her history

>Subplots like

>Nick-Tan finding out she's a Viacom

>Fox to Jetix whole story line

>The Viacom's Discovering their Eldritch forms

>Rise of Netflix

>The Growing Hate between CN, Boomerang, [as], Foxy, eventually leading to the family somewhat falling apart

>Sci-Fi to ScFy

I don't know. How would you imagine it?


yeah that looks cute, and hipster

Come on that is a regular day in European TV or even Latin American

If there were any episodes about side characters I have a few ideas.

>Spike, G4, Rooserteeth, and Machinima having some crazy adventures.

>Fox's encounter with the Russian mob and the introduction of FXX.

>The backstory of why Turner and 21st hate each other.

>Vivendi's mad scientist antics.

Focus on the main 3, have each episode have starring intro to prevent confusion.
Mostly just Looney toons, slice of life and Seinfeldian comedy. Break out the action scenes when danger arises or when 2 tans are having a pissing contest.
It might be difficult but give everyone different/real names to avoid copyright and it becomes a totally original world with a bit of lore and tons of joke material.

That pose... seems familiar, but I don't know why

This should be the theme song with some changed lyrics to fit the show.



>Sci-Fy being the smart knows that someone is pulling all the strings and begins looking into it.

>She finds out who is behind it all (4kids)

>On the day she plans to announce to everyone she is hit by a car and her head gets crushed

>All orchrestraited by 4kids

>She survives but has a fraction of her intellect that she used to have. She no longer remebers who.

>She freaks out and warns them that something is coming.

>She is now offically Scy-Fy

An entire episde dedicated to Disney Tan and how bad her relationship is with her sisters (With the exception with Junior)

>Most of it is spent with them inside their apartment with occasions of them out in the Public with the climax being that the outside pulic finnay see's how bad sisters they are

>This haunts them in future episodes as XD and Disney's relationship is completely shattered, Jr sad. and Disney constantly trying to repair their public image.

Toony Tan hanging out with the other Tiny Tans

>Showing how the deep rival hatred the older tan have for eachother and How it impacts the Tiny Tans and their relationships

>How would you imagine it?
Mostly like what you described, at first it starts out episodic and as the time fly's by small clues add up to a much bigger picture.

>Nick starts to see Redstone, not as an eccentric boss of her dad's but as a person that is much more than he seems

>Sumner's plans to live forever are starting to come to fruition

>The channel Tans are discovering they are more connected than they realize

>The "Adult" ones are starting to ask why they have to do what their human owners have to say

>Living in fear of being cancelled/liquidated is starting to grow old

This is all intermixed with small everyday worries

>TeenNick getting a drivers license(Even though they live in New York and have access to all sorts of public transportation/chauffeurs

>Viacom and YouTube's fights are getting more hilarious as the court proceedings go by

>Nick wants to enter a beauty pageant and the whole Viacom family is like the family in Little Miss Sunshine

>CBS and Viacom's fucked up relationship is now out in the open and N@N is furious


For god's sake, anyway here:

Does anybody remember Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater?


I do, it was the shit and their intro was very cool back then

Narrator sounds angry in the last promo

Yeah I remember that. God I miss it.


4kidsWB: Ozymandias
TV Guide: Rorschach
SyFy: the Comedian/ Dr. Manhattan

>It might be difficult but give everyone different/real names to avoid copyright

It's a parody so you are safe thanks to the fair use laws

Would this tan be similar to DVR-theater-tan

Nah, imagine a Cinema, very popular but eventually people stop giving a fuck so they close the theater and forget everything about it

She's the real villain, trust me

You I'm starting to like the idea that SyFy is like a combination of Dr. Manhattan and Tetsuo.

Good to Know! Does anybody remember Cartoon Network's Night of the Vampire Robots and Saturday Japanime?



Saturday Japanime was my first time watching anime, of course I remember that block

An episode whereEldrich Teen Nick Terroises the Turners

>She tells Viacom she will be at a friends house for a few days

>She has too much pride in the Viacom Name and promises to make the other companies heel to to the power of Viacom

>She terrorizes Acme, Boomerang, Toonami, and even almost kills HBO (She does it to prove that she isn't fucking around, The fact that they are Eldrich is unkown outside the Viacom Family, as well as CBS.)

>HBO gets the CW to hunt her down

>Climax of the episode is The Superhero CW Fighting Eldrich Teen Nick on top of a building.

>CW wins

>Teen Nick eldrich retreats

>Now begins the Subplot of Eldrich Teen Nick v The CW as CW tires to uncover the identity of her new rival.


user I was 4 can't remember shit

>Cartoon Cinema-tan has an actual theater and not a treehouse
>has actual movies from a projector screen and not a dusty old DVR
>isn't inconsistent with her scheduling

The CW won, but at what cost?

>Currently, the theater still exists.
>Most movies are porn or European films in their original language.

It's the nose

This reminded me of that one mulan song, 'be a man' i think it was called

>Barefoot Boomerang

That's my fetish


Jam how lewd, I love it

That explains a lot, but honestly is the most bizarre thing I've seen in a long time

Where in the pit of unholy atrocities, did you get that picture!?

World Wide Web

>This is how Disney trains her employees

>4Kids reveals themselves as being KidsWB the whole time.

>Everybody is shocked except Qubo who finds the idea of his best friend secretly being a girl hot.

Well TeenNick is more like a demon so it would be the perfect plot to UPN remember hes based in Buffy his last sacrifice to save his family and her young daughter; CW

>"TB, stop being autistic and making new tan designs. we have enough"

Okay but hear me out, SpindoTV was a joint channel for kids created by Spin Master and Mondo Media.
We could use this character for neat interaction with Mondo Mini Show-tan

i remember some lore stating that Viacom was a normal wimpy looking man

It could be very emotional

UPN Belonged to Vaicom Company at one point

>Their final fight is on a roof.

>Eldrich Teen Nick gets found out

>UPN sits there looking at her dead on.

>Teen Nick tries to beg UPN to come home with her. He shouldn't be living with Turner Sluts

>She begs him. Pleading him to come home. His family. His REAL family misses him

>He says he can't do it. He has one now. He's got a kid to take care of now

>Eldrich Teen Nick and UPN have thier final fight

>Both come out extremly hurt but by the end its TN victorius

>She can't let him live

>He knows who she is

>She cries and kills UPN and he lays dead on the roof as she retreats from the city

>From there The CW picks up her cloak and vows to find out who killed her dad.

No that was Fox, he was a humble Dumond back then and now it's a monster, just like 21st

Mondo Media killed her sister, there can be only one Mondo, not even second generation models, just one

CBS and Nick@Nite have a talk, how does it go?

I am all for more cute robot girls, it looks nice, TB. Think you could draw her and Mondo together?

>CBS: Hi, pathetic excuse of wife.
>Nick@Nite: Oh my, what we got there? my favorite cousin kisser!
>CBS: W-what? I-I don't - how do you?

Behold! Cartoon Network's 1st Anime!


>CBS: That's Cousin-Taker to you.

>The CW Secret Origin

I like it

probably like that one episode of family guy where Peter had to go on a workplace sensitivity traing course and Lois and Peters teacher get in a fight

I only remember that show because the cute swan-themed chick

I now what to see the Turners dressed as The Gatcha Force.

I am not crying, you are crying, fuck you F.A.G
I need more!

imma go to bed, gnight /CTG/

may the force be with you

not very well that's for sure

Maybe more if we develop the idea of Channel Tans being a show enough.

>Viacom stands by as his two love interests have a squabble.

>Paramount throws money at them yell fight fight fight.

at least we have the official artwork... right?

in the end they join forces to hit Paramount

Don't worry, i got ya

Doesn't bother him since that's his fetish.

>"but this time avoid the use of your mini-guns at school"

So I got this fixed today

I'll put it on my car in the morning

I kik how she turned out


With CN on your car everyone will now be CN what you're sayin'

I have to admit that Stoner has very good balance for someone who is always smoking weed

cute kaze!

That is because she has become one with the universe. She has see things you wouldn't imagine. But one day all those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain.

Looking good, Kaze.

sent this to the original artist

That's adorable TB
I like this concept for Mondo

And I finished her at work

I've got one more thing to drop


Hope he doesn't mind that I did this for myself

>[as] playing the FCC episode



>You see the bun? Well that's in your mind.


Somehow CBS get's invited to a small get together with Viacom and Nick@Nite has to tag along. Vi thought that bringing N@N would deter CBS from attempting something foolish. It did the opposite and instead she's now flirting with him while N@N is seated right next to them. Cyclops has no shame, at all and is going for the kill. CBS doesn't see her as anything but a mere channel block and has no respect for her.

Vi and N@N are keeping their cool and are just trying to get this night over with without issue, but CBS is just messing with them both. N@N finally realizes what the problem is(After Vi and her do something cute for each other, like she makes him laugh at a funny joke). She hates her, yes, but now she understands why. N@N actually makes Vi happy and CBS is just so pissed that this channel block can make Vi so happy and she can't.

>CBS after a few bottles of wine
CBS: 'You know Vi, you laying with her is kinda an insult to you. I mean, really, a channel block? She just piggybacks on others and doesn't even have a Number to call her own."
>Vi just sighs and holds N@N's hand a little tighter, he keeps his anger in check
>N@N holds his hand too, and keeps being an anchor to his wellbeing
>But Vi has to say something
Vi: "Why do you even care? You either hate to see me on most days or start crying whenever I'm around."
CBS: "Why do I care? We've been together for years and you go after that? Are you really that desperate?"
>She gives him a pointed look and finally says the straw that broke the camel's back
CBS: "Are you really that pathetic? Then again, this is the company that continues to disappoint. No wonder we threw you out when we had the chance."
>Viacom is about to go nuclear until a small hand on his shoulder stops him
>N@N whispers something in his ear and he calms down

Part 1

>I've seen things you Channels wouldn't believe.
>A ghost hosting a talkshow in the space.
>I watched a rock band fall in the infinite abyss of cancellation.
>All those moments will be lost in time, like acid in my veins.

Nah man that guy is cool, very friendly

and my last one

I apologize now guys since I don't really color too many things and wanted to try doing this once again


fuck the text image is too large to upload on here

give me a couple of mins

oh my

Kaze no, that's lewd!

okay finally got the text version small enough

Very nice!

jesus christ dabble came from nowherre

holy shit dabble likes something i did!

Honestly that dialogue is very clever, good job man

Tom just paid his respect to Moltar on Toonami

Got a link to the file you used to make that?



I was there




and that's why is a bad idea to have a relationship with Vi

Part 2

N@N: "Ya know CBS, I think I figured out why you're such a bitch. You hate anyone touching your things and see Vi as nothing more than a toy, like all those years ago when you were his boss. But when he was actually his own person you were angry he wasn't under your control anymore.

The reason you hate me isn't because I'm beneath you, but because he sees me as his equal and a friend. Which is something that pisses you off to no end because he never saw you that way, did he?

>CBS looks either about ready to cry or about ready to stab her with a fork
>Vi is just looking at her like he could fuck her on the table right now
>CBS slowly gets up, glaring hotly at N@N
>She's about ready to leave but before she goes she has one last to say
CBS: "When Vi comes crawling back to me, I'll make sure you're the first to go. Let's see how you'll fare on the streets with nothing. P.S., Shari has made it clear a merger is back on the table. So, tick tock, channel block."
>CBS gives her a nasty smile and walks out
N@N: "Vi, I'm so sorry I don't know what went over me.
VI: "No, It's alright. You just said some things that should have been said a long time ago."
N@N: "If a merger happens again, is what she said true?"
Vi: "No. If she tries something I'll fight her. Don't worry, things will be fine."
>The two of them enjoy the rest of the evening together, like a normal couple would


Someone posted it in the Toonami thread
sys.Cred Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fpabaylosis%2Fstatus%2F779886476809035776

thank you!

No problem

I kekd at that

And shed a tear at the end of that

They always get me, farewell sweet prince

I had to make the whole thing myself don't have the file on me right now since it was all done at work

walmart is by revenue the richest company in the world so its very likely to be true

I'm saving this for later

How about Youtube after the whole policy change and Youtube Heros?


It's great, because as Kids WB she's just a silly girl, friendly to everyone. But secretly she's trying to take them all down via her alter ego... Who everyone even knows exists, but no one sees as a threat.

She's played everyone from the very beginning. All to create her perfect world.

>the idea of his best friend secretly being a girl hot

because it's hot

>The only one who can stop her is Vortexx who is secretly been Foxkids/Jetex

and they are everywhere, just like Disney. they have their own meat, their own liquor, hell even their own brand of french bread.

began with censorship in anime, nobody ever suspect what she was up to, because nobody cares a damn fuck, now thanks to 4kids there is only a small group of survivors; Rick and Morty, South Park, among others... they don't fear the overlord, they don't fear 4kids...

>Sc-Fy Conducts her seiance

>Enter Ghost Hub

>Jeitx in her robot form orders Ghost Hub to reaccount her momment the day she died via car accident

>Its the same car that crippled Sc-Fy

>From there she takes this evidence and begins her manhunt on the driver which is revealed to be Newgrounds desperate for cash

>Jetix makes Newgrounds reveal everything

>They got hired by an employer

>Employer is revealed to be meeting them tommorow

>There Jetix discovers that its 4kids and then she discovers through her Robot abilities that its WB Kids

>Jetix is the only one that can take her on

Thus begins Jetix v WB Kids

The two tans everyone thought would ammount to nothing

>text captcha has three crosses




Of course she's pure, she's a good christian girl

Foxxy doesn't like her because Boondocks.

Yeah, on Sunday.

>in the end no one win because they both fall asleep

Keep in mind the Kids WB was corrupted by 4kids and Teletoon.
That let to less original shows and the fall of quality.

Well when you get the chance would you mind saving the file and bringing it home to post here?

Next month, all the same shit again
It's normal for them

So we almost hit bump limit, next thread or we take a break like suggested?

we start 7 am like usual

not sure if we should make a new thread right now, it's really late here

They really need counseling.

Sounds good to me, we'll just max out this thread and wait until morning for the next one. I've been on here since it started. I need the rest.

Isn't that because Turner forgets about his kids half the time. He just dumps CN at Foxxy's trailer for months on end

Actually the idea of taking a break tomorrow sounds great but that really depends on our drawfriends

Foxxy doesn't like BET because, while they're both sellouts, She thinks BET makes black people look bad. And Foxxy is really annoyed by people lumping them together.

Power levels


Turner tends to let his kids do whatever, he's very relaxed

also CN lives with Foxxy and Stoner

Do as the usual, friend. 7am new thread. There'll be plenty of time to prepare for next week.

Doesn't the whole Cartoon Network faction live together? (toonamis, boomerangs, adult swims, and tickle u)

eh, all i know is Viacom can go from very rich to "might need to kill the kids because of all this debt"

I don't know about LIVE.

I'd say CN sleeps at [as] and Foxy's place every weekend because Boomerang tells her that she has to have more social time with her sisters

She spends week days with the rest of her family Toony, Toonami, Boomerang, TBS, etc

Yes they do, because papa Turner loves his girls

I like the idea that Foxxy is a female Huey

CN, [as] sisters and the Toonamis live together, along with whatever block like DVR Theater

Boomerang is traveling around the world

ACME Hour lives in another country since apparently her block is still aired there

Tickle U is a dead block

The Comcast Family is the strongest, in terms of monetary power.

21st and Viacom are the strongest due to sacrifices/eldritch powers.

The strongest person might be Redstone. Maybe.

HBO has his own place. His sisters come visit him sometimes.

CN doesn't really like staying over at HBO's because he sometime walks around naked and covered in blood.

Best Dad isn't like that

It's okay is his own blood

>Best Dad
>Not Viacom
Sir please.

So Turner doesn't live with his kids because...

Well there both better then Fox.

He gave away his two kids to Disney.

He's got business and they can take care of themselves.


TruTv lives by herself in a drunk depressed state

CNN lives in a mansion

DVR Theater sleeps in Foxxy and Stoners room

Adult Swim Anime lived in a nice but small room where he spent most of his time playing games

Oh yeah, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me.


Boomerang is in charge yto make sure everyone is doing their jobs and chores

Bitch I know what I said

Turner can stomp Viacom

What if Turner and Viacom are both great dads?

They have family get-togethers at each others houses and cook-out. Turner knows how to make great steak and Vi can make some good seafood. So surf-and-turf is always on the menu.

Sounds fair, only Walt is a terrible dad because he's dead!

>Cred Forums agreeing on anything
Good joke

In a world where most Viacom kids didn't despise the Turners that'd be fine.

Walt is dead
Fox is a drunk (though 21st actually cares for Fox Family and Fox Kids)

Isn't that because one of the as's broke Teen Nick's heart or whatever

The only one that seems to despise the Turner's is TeenNick. But she just has bad break-up problems. Everyone else seem to get along just fine. Vi and HBO get along well, even after Vi sued HBO. The two of them even made CC.

We don't know how that happened.

no one has written it yet as far as i know

>Viacom despising Turner

That's just TeenNick being petty and NickJr feeding off that.
Same with MTV and MTV classic being petty towards [as]

In fact it seems to just be all the Viacom hate towards Turners is directed towards the [as] sisters

is mostly because Turners are SLUTS
also because as you said, Stoner broke TN's heart

hi i love the idea so i drew this


nice shiney color

A++ user, Nick is always a cutie.

Welcome to CTG, have a great time.



>The two of them even made CC.

CC-tan is their forbidden child ~

Spoops you are alive, nice to see you around
Thanks for the KHxDisney draw

Hi user, welcome! I love your Nick-tan.

>has bad break-up problems.
She has a butt load of problems

hey faggots did you guys know Seth MacFarlene has his own animation production studio?

She just needs hot cocoa and Blue's Clues

Yep, I... I even like some of his cartoons... I feel dirty

Seth can make a good cartoon when he wants to

G'nite fellas

Welcome, I love your drawing of Nick-tan, cute stuff.

Yeah well, maybe if HBO wasn't so damn hot and Vi wasn't that eager to sue all the time, none of this would have happened.

It was something good, CC-tan is cute

Cute drawing, but now I'm curious if that "I met Harambe" shirt is a real thing.

trust me, it is

TeenNick is the ultimate stalker, she would be a good detective

so how would El Rey network be?

Seriously? show me!

It's a mystery



>dat filename

what the heck

Thanks, TB!


Hmmmm... how did they... I mean, you know... ?

it was very painful


I already got CN and Nick down
but I'm not sure if they should have their own keyblades
or CN fill the role of donald and Nick with gooby

eldritch womb

I thou they would be good as Donald and Goofy


Shit Spoops that's pretty good

...When and how did Turner turn into Zeus?

See ya, later.

I think they would be much better as Donald and Goofy, makes sense and is more fun

that's an old image

thats coming up great m8

looks good see ya tomorrow

>Turner go nuclear when he learned what they did with the new comic of Captain Planet


Da hell did I just read

Those are nice designs, well done

if you throw some colors on it that would be a good op for sure

an expansion to an already shitty meme

In the beginning there was nothing... nah I am kidding, that was an old design for Turner

Oh god

Don't mess with Big Papa T

that reminds me of an old fic, gimme a sec

Captain Planet and the Planeteers campaign to clean up the world came to an end when the four older teenagers began losing control of their powers.

The rings backfired on several occasions, even causing a few environmental disasters. Eventually, the volatile behaviors of the rings caused Gaia to fall into a coma.

In an attempt to find out why the rings are malfunctioning, Ma-Ti used his Heart ring to probe the minds of the other Planeteers while they slept. Trekking through their unguarded psychic planes, Ma-Ti discovered a great deal of buried animosity and everybody had simply stopped believing in their cause. Ma-Ti's inexperience in this aspect of his power resulted in the dug up secrets being shared among everyone. A big fallout ensues, with the Planeteers using their powers against each other.

Realizing the opportunity to strike, Looten Plunder enlisted the help of several eco-villains who are still active to attack the island. The villains managed to destroy most of the island and her wildlife, among them Ma-Ti's pet monkey, Suchi. As the island is going down, the Planeteers combined their powers to call upon the help of Captain Planet.

Their last hope for a savior was shattered as Captain Planet was now a combined totality of the Planeteers' corrupted psyches. After killing the villains within a fiery orb and destroying all five rings, Captain Planet went on to wreak havoc across the world, creating major earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions.

With the world on the verge of destruction, the Planeteers came to the conclusion that killing Gaia would be the only way to stop Captain Planet as his powers originate from her. With thousands dying by the minute, the Planeteers tearfully set the comatose Gaia into the icy waters, drowning her. The plan seemed to have worked as the disasters across the world seized, although no one knows for sure if Captain Planet is truly dead. The horrific events forever scared the Planeteers and they decided to go their separate ways.

10 years have passed and the world is in its worst state ever. The Planeteers are now in their mid twenties, in different parts of the world. Kwame, now a police detective in Nigeria, finds his Earth ring hidden in a bag of cocaine during a drug bust. Upon putting on the ring, a psychic message informs him of the task he must take on immediately – Gather the Planeteers.

who are you drawfriend? I don't remember your style, tho its very cute, thanks for coming

Zack Snyder, is that you?

I can totally see Papa Turner being sad while read this thing and saying something like "I don't remember this" "where did this came from?" "why?" "oh god" "drugs, guns, kids shouldn't be exposed to such horrible things!"

>I don't remember this" "where did this came from?" "why?" "oh god" "drugs, guns, kids shouldn't be exposed to such horrible things!"
Then he remembered he raised Foxxy and Stoner

I'm not sure but is this a parody of The Karate Kid? anyway I like the lineart, good job

Niet, it's a parody of the famous japanese manga Yotsuba, see

Wait, who is the girl supposed to be exactly?

Comedy Central

Before Comedy Central there was a channel called The Comedy Channel, then Viacom and HBO team-up and created The Comedy Central Channel, wich became Comedy Central.


who da hell wrote this...

>tfw Viacom and HBO had a baby girl

I love this shit dude, seriously

alright but real question, who's the "mom"?


>The Comedy Channel was a television comedy cable channel owned by HBO

The Comedy Channel was the base for the actual CC, so... yeah, HBO is her mom...

You know, that would explain his bara tits...

Does arkkmadness have a tumblr

tried looking it up and got nothing


Here we go again, into the darkness.

Remember, new thread 7am!

Goodnight folks



so is this the guy you all were getting mad about last weekend

good night I finally decided on who to do for next week

See ya later, Perla!

Night CTG!

Night d00m

Time to go to mimis
but not go to Mimi's


sleep tight


>dat Hasbro-tan

She's high, isn't she? kek
Rest well dude, bye /CTG/