Why Jason is called the jobber of the batfamily when Dick is literally the definition of dude-in-distress?

Why Jason is called the jobber of the batfamily when Dick is literally the definition of dude-in-distress?

Because Dick went five times as long as Robin than Jason without getting blown skyhigh by the Joker and spending 20 years taking a dirt nap.

Also is this a stealth topic for assblasted Jasonfags?

Didn't Jason in his short time as Robin manged to save the Trinity? I don't know about you, but I find this pretty much impressive.

Not to mention that the whole "Jason is a jobber" is just a meme and not really true. Dick on the other hand actually a jobber.

Jasonfags here, no. Not really.
Pretty much just a falseflagger trying to bait the jason hate.

Can't wait for the supposedly post
>Jasonfag is delusional

Dick literally fighting a superhuman person, his losing to them aren't count as a jobber.

Jason on the other hand, he's losing to all the family members, even Damian already rekt him twice.

Besides, Dick will had a lot of sex afterwards. Still better than Jason in anyway.

Who has ever called Jason the jobber of the Batfamily? That's always been Dick. Jason has only been back around for what, a decade?

The thing is, for all of Dick's jobbing, he still gets respect. He's too important and has too much going for him to really ever feel like the jobber he really is.

The 20 year gap would be the challenge in future Batman movies. A flashback is one thing; but lack the struggle of going from 2nd Robin to Red Hood.

>but lack the struggle of going from 2nd Robin to Red Hood
I'm actually confused about what are you trying to say here? Jason going from being Robin to Red Hood can be covered in flash back and does not need more than that.

>Duke in distress

He's the biggest Gary Stu of DC, it's not even funny

I'm honestly fine with both Dick and Jason being bullied from here to eternity.

Jasonfag here, I agree.

I agree actually unless it's a crossover. Then it's usually Jason jobbing and Dick or Tim solving the problem.

Sex from who? Batman?

> daily dose of delusional Jason fans

Do you people ever get tired?

How did Dick get his secret identity back for the Nightwing series? I thought it was publicly revealed on Forever Evil.

At least Three superspies, one khorugarian (starfire), Batgirl...

and every female that sees him jumping around. dick's ass and the people who want it is literally a running joke

a literal superspy hacker removed his identity from the public consciousness. the only people who actually remember Dick Grayson are his closest friends and family (batfamily and a few superspies).

Too bad all those relationships fall apart. It's strange to say but Jason would probably make a much more stable boyfriend.

one of the worst deus ex machinas ever

Doesn't matter, even being ex he still got to have sex daily.
Remember his birthday even Zatana kissed him?

>Young Justice

we're moving goal post now?

YJ Dick is basically what Cred Forums thinks normal Dick is like

>Too bad all those relationships fall apart.

Oh man it's almost like we're reading never ending stories or something and writers eventually switch up the love interest. Now go worship your coldsteel incarnate character Jason.

You mean Tamaranean? Khorugar was Sinestro's homeworld.

Or did you mean Sinestro slept with Dick too? Damn, Hal's going to be so mad.

>even Damian already rekt him twice.
Not even a Jasonfag, but Damian shouldn't rekt anyone. Wasn't Jason holding back in at least one of those times?

Meh they've both had periods where DC has fuck all idea what to do with them so they get beaten around to show how powerful the other more important character is, Dick just gets it less nowadays since he was Batman and became more important.

At least post an actual example of him jobbing. Or do you think Dick SHOULD'VE won against people with the powers of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash?

that's not fair, even Batman got killed by Joker

It's a Jasonfag. They believe Jason should be able to beat anyone because lmao SuperDuperSpecial Kung Fu.

Jasonfag here, no we aren't. Jason a street level at best and no jasonfag ever says he should beat anyone lmao except for falseflagging bitch like you.

What next? Jasonfag are delusional?

Relax man I'm just fucking around in what's obviously a troll topic.

>They believe Jason should be able to beat anyone because lmao SuperDuperSpecial Kung Fu.
Eh, judging by the thread, only you saying that.

Cause Cred Forums doesn't read comics.

It's okay man. Not that guy though.
Anyway, post related.
>Always get overshadowed by Dick
>Opposite of Dick in every way, like
>Everyone hates him (character wise and reader wise)
>Not a chick magnet (even Tim can get more girls than him, hell, even Damian already attracted chick more than Jason)
>Bruce likes him the least
>Stuck with the worst writer (Fuck lodbell)
>Have been dead, and everyone prefer if he just die permanently
>Another Robin also died but that robin got better treatment than him
>Always get rekt by Damian
>Most cast he's been with mostly was just used Dick's friends

He's my most favorite and one of the reason was because he's the most unfortunate character I have read. Everyday I pray he got better treatment, and still hoping it will come soon.


Cass is the best fighter in the Batfamily, that's not jobbing

Jobbing would be him losing to someone like Spoiler or Harper Row

>or Harper Row
Anyone would loose to B&R:Eternal period Harper Row it's just the way the story was.

KEK, why is Damian so based? I hated the little shit for the first 5 years.

She wasn't part of the Batfamily at that moment.

And beside, wasn't Jason able to beat her?


I don't think you know what jobbing is. It's not just losing.

Except Dick is one of the worst with his on and off again relationships because he's written like a flaky idiot.

Stop falseflagging as jasonfag.

Has nothing to do with that. I'm just annoyed that being the most normal member of the Batfamily still hasn't helped his relationships and it's his fault. Jason's few one night stands seem more normal in comparison. Tim got raped and doesn't count really.

jasonfag pls


He held back all the times.
Damian is trash


ITT: Jasonfags vs Dickfags

Well the Damianfag hasn't shown up yet and Timfags don't exist anymore

Carrie > Dick > Jason

Carrie isn't even the best Millerverse Robin.

>Millerverse Robin
Wasn't Dick basically Jason in that universe?

Bat family is best! best!

all Robins are best in their own way
but I love Dick and Damian most


He was pretty confident, empathetic, and optimistic before Batman destroyed it, and only under the more shitty arcs (like BOTC) is Jason like legit crazy or something, so not really?
The whole brat routine was mostly to not show he was scared and cause he could see through what Bruce was doing.

I want Superwoman to dominate me

we all do user

>Battle for the Cowl

I really do love this pasta.