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>TFW you always open your toys to play with them
Feels good man.

the blonde is cute

You just made this thread in hopes of getting lewds of the blondie didn't you OP?

And the old woman's face is.... confusingly arousing..


why not just buy two of the same toy? one to play with and one to keep.

Why not keep both to double your investment?

so whats the context?

They meant to go to a Star Trek convention but ended up in a Barbie doll convention. The boys make a faux pax by opening a doll box, thereby removing it's mint in box (NRFB {Never Removed From Box}) condition, crippling it's shelf value

>Yes, no, no, no, NO
From the left, of course


watched the episode, blondie is the only waifu worth mentioning and only got the one scene in OP's image
>you can all go home now

What the fuck is this?


This will trigger /toy/


>Watch out for those nasty Klingons!


The scene in question youtube.com/watch?v=6PrRUKFcnPM

>Dexter was Kirk
>Never did what Kirk did in regards to the alien ladies
Wasted. Coulda been made a man there and then. Still, a pretty good episode.

Nearly Ready For Breasts?

I'd never remove myself from their boxes.

Not Recommended Family Browsing

ma nigga

It's obvious that Blondie is crazy, so she's great in bed, but what exactly do you thing she's in to?

She likes to be in control, but would secretly love it if her partner suddenly turns the tables and fucks her hard

Well, she looks like a Barbie doll, so she'd be looking for a 'Ken' with whom she can play dress up and castrate.


and here's my finished contribution

>Not buying 4 of each toy
One for play,
One to display,
One for eBay,
One to mod your way.



Hope you enjoy!

Nothing quite beats the number of retards who are willing to go out of their way to create lewd imagery of a woman who literally appears for two seconds and whose only line of speech of a menacingly hissed acronym.

real nice dude. i hope your talents are sufficiently monetized.


>Nothing quite beats the number of retards who are willing to go out of their way to create lewd imagery of a woman who literally appears for two seconds
Aw, I just like obscure characters...

Never Rated Female Body

yeah! take that Reubens,Van Gogh and all the rest of ya'll!

Someone's jelly he doesn't have any artistic talent.

Holy fuck, I never got these jokes until I was older.

Now that I'm more aware of ST, this is actually pretty funny.

Fucking nice

There really is porn of everything.

Shouldn't surprise me since Dexter's Lab was full of sexy background characters.

So which one is worth drawing?

Black girl with the blue shorts

The black dominatrix.

The thick-lipped cutie on the bottom-right corner

the shortstack I feel some good stuff can come out of drawing her

The redhead with DEM HIPS

The young adults from peanuts (especially from flash beagle) were strangely good looking especially in motion

They made his brunette friend playing Bones the Kirk.


My man

definitely can't follow the NRFB rule here...

What about NRFC?

Never remove from cock.

THIS is why I keep coming back. Thank you

The only decent one, nice job!