Is Anna Maria the superior waifu?

Is Anna Maria the superior waifu?

I really wish she and Pete would get together. She's amazing, and I'm not even a dwarf fetishist.

She's adorable.

Nah, she doesn't want tentacle sex.

She's nice, but she's no Chat.

I wish Chameleon was the one who stole Peter's body. Ock just makes it creepy since he banged Aunt May.

Chat and her's never matching 30 years of maritial bliss with MJ (newspapers, RYV) don't even try

>Peters' face in the third panel

I´ll give this one to you Slott.


Otto officially got dumped.

are you telling me it would be entirely legal to kiss that loli?

Just imagine Peter wearing her like a sock in full Spiderstrength-fueled hatefucking.

Can't be all that blissful if he sold it to the Devil, huh?

Why has noone ever tried treating pedofiles using midgets?

MJ is the second biggest slut in the Marvel Universe, right after She-Hulk. That redneck trash better stay away from Pete.

Hence why I mentioned the canons where he did'nt do that, and where the marriage remains strong. People who still read and enjoy the non-canon mephistoverse are fag-ends

Kek at people who were saying that Superior Spider-man was intended as a redemption arc (when Superior was ongoing)

Slott won't ever redeem Otto, even this reaction from Anna who was genuinely liking Otto now learned that he tried to fry the fucking planet and hijacked someone's body will never allow him to pork her with someone's penis again. Otto is irredeemable and it might be because Slott won't redeem him or they are not allowed by mandates (QUO: Otto is a bad guy)

Either way, Superior Spider-man was a mistake, post Spider-Island was perfect time for Slott to fuck off and be remembered as one of the good ones.

Too late.
Come November, the true Peter returns, not the Mephistoverse trash.

Poor man's Mayday.

Because most of them are fucking goblins rather than cute little girls, user.
Fucking goblins.