Can/will somebody explain Secret Wars to me?

Can/will somebody explain Secret Wars to me?

What's there to explain? It was all pretty straight-forward.

Just read Ultimate FF, Avengers and New Avengers by Hickman and then read Secret Wars if you're interested in any of the tie ins read the arc they're based on but only if you're really interested because MoS of them have nothing to do with past sorry arcs outside of their names.

also fuck autocorrect

>Ultimate FF
Do you mean Ultimate Comics: Ultimates and FF?

What don't you get OP?

It was made to sell toys, and basically a flimsy excuse to have everyone fight in a battle royal. The only Secret Wars that kinda made sense was the last one, the first one was....I don't know, the second one was just The Beyonder fucking around and learning how to poop, and the third was was Marvel fucking up an opportunity to do some cool retconning

Yes. Also forgot to mention Infinity but I can barely remember what the fuck was that shit about so another user might help you better telling if it is important as the other ones.

a Secret

>"I'm fucking bored. I know, I'll take super heroes and villains as if they were my toys and force them to fight. Winner gets a wish."

>"Doom can't be controlled, Doom will steal your powers!"

>"Oh shit, now we need to fight Doom!"

>"We won, we all got wishes except for Spider-Man because fuck that menace."


which multiverse is the emperor doom from? and the current blackbolt?

where was cap and silver surfer!

>except Spider-Man
Isn't Peter rich, well-connected, and respected actively on an international level now?

Will Peterfags ever be happy?

Secret Wars was decades before that happened you retard. And that's literally what happened, everyone got their deepest wishes fulfilled except for Peter despite being on the winning side.

You do realize op meant the recent event secret wars, not the original

Doom was all powerful, couldn't remember to lock a fucking door.


Well, see, the Beyonder was curious about human nature and stuff, so he put on his best disco tracksuit and had a bunch of heroes & villains fight it out on a made up world.

Mostly it was an excuse to showcase a bunch of popular heroes & villains together to sell merch.

The coloring book also had stickers, which was cool.

Explain to me when and where the OP implies it was Secret Wars III.

There is no secret wars 3.
There is Secret War, Secret War 2 and Secret Wars, which OP asked about.

>There is no secret wars 3.
Yes there is. Secret Wars 3 is where they explained that cosmic cubes are derived from The Beyonders and explained the connection between The Beyonder and The Beyonders. It also retconned Molecule Man's origins to have it so he also got his powers from The Beyonders.

There is:
>Marvel Superheroes: Secret Wars
>Secret Wars II
>Fantastic Four: Secret Wars 3
>Secret Wars

The newest Secret Wars is Secret Wars 4.

No you moron, the original one wasn't Secret War. Secret War was the event Bendis wrote about invading Latveria.

Don't forget Secret War with all the Bendis heroes invading Latveria.

Secret War is completely unaffiliated with the Secret Wars series though. All the Secret Wars events involve The Beyonder(s) in one way or another.

Kinda like how Identity Crisis isn't a true "Crisis" in the same way that Crisis on Two Earths, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis are.

No, I think I will forget it.

This entire thing is a clusterfuck. Did Marvel /really/ have to name it Secret Wars?

Secret Wars is a pretty appropriate name given what it was. And, technically, no comic had been called "Secret Wars" before since the original was Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars.

The issue isn't the name, it's the fact that people who don't know what they're talking about insist on acting like they do, thus causing conflicting information thanks to people like spouting off straight up wrong info.

I kinda feel that if you take Secret War out of equation and make the series all about the "Beyonders storyline', you'd have to add that Dwayne mini and the Two-in-one high evolutionary story, Secret War is pretty inoffensive, as far as Marvel events go. Shit, as far as Bendis events go it's a god damn masterpiece.

It's really just one google away, not that hard.

They coulda called it Secret Wars: Subtitle, or Secret Wars IV, having two Secret Wars event really is confusing.

As has been pointed out multiple times in this thread, the original Secret Wars wasn't called "Secret Wars." Secret Wars was the subtitle for the original event. It was Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars.

Doom acquires stupid crazy cosmic power and rewrites the multiverse bringing pieces of different universes onto this patchwork quilt called battleworld. Each domain is a universe from the now destroyed multiverse. The tie ins talk about what happens in the domains and they can be pretty fun. I assume the main book (9 issues) explains how shit gets put back to normal but I'm not finished yet.

It took us this long to get an actual answer.

That all goes out the window though since they decided to name the sequel Secret Wars II. Meaning Secret Wars was the main title and Marvel Super Heroes was the subtitle in the same way Amazing is to Spider-Man. Calling them Secret Wars I and Secret Wars IV avoids this entire mess since people automatically know which one you're talking about.

There's this guy who exists in the multiverse called the Beyonder who created a planet named Battleworld. He abducted Earths' greatest heroes (Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers + a handful of villains of each respective franchise) and forced them to fight for his amusement. The winners receive a wish, rules of the game are that you just have to make it so that your enemy can no longer fight. Doom sees the great power that Beyonder posses and ignores the game entirely, using Molecule Man to help him steal Beyonders powers. Since Doom becomes basically God he offers everyone a ride home, which the villains accept, but the heroes stay knowing Doom couldn't have this much power. Doom feels threatened and murders all of them, however subconsciously he couldn't believe they were dead so they come back to life. Doom keeps trying to kill them over and over, but they come back. That's when Beyonder possess Klaw and asks Doom to share some of the power so he can deal with the heroes. Doom accepts and Beyonder steals all his powers back. Since the heroes are technically the last standing they all get a free ride home and their greatest wishes fulfilled (except for Spider-Man, which they never really explain why). It's also worth noting that this is the first time we see the symbiote.

Was it because of the symbiote suit that he couldn't get a wish? Because I ray can't think of another reason why he wouldn't outside of some meta Parker-luck joke.

Not for much longer. Status quo is a bitch.

The toys were pretty fucking awesome for back then, though. The ads were funny as hell because for some reason they thought Doctor Doom should rhyme everything.

Nope, the symbiote was a completely other thing that he found by accident. Maybe the Beyonder is just a racist towards spiders. The real reason is obviously being that he'd wish for Uncle Ben back and at the time it would be seen as a big no no to bring back a dead cast member. My how things change.

>How can we stop them, Captain America.

>That's our secret Spider-man.

Rodgers you fucking cunt. He literally just said he's gonna destroy the entire planet and you and your partner should be stopping him. What do you do? Refuse to tell him how to help you. Fuck off.