Alright so I bought the first trade of this shit, and it's really fun...

Alright so I bought the first trade of this shit, and it's really fun, but I haven't watched Power Rangers since I was a small child, and did anyone else in that boat have to Google shit? I didn't know who pretty much anyone was or what was going on with the Green Ranger.

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She didn't get 3 seasons

Only 1 1/2

It's like that in the show, too. There isn't any Power Rangers lore, all of it is assumed.

Why is everyone so worried about the movie? The worst it could possibly be is "As bad as the original." We're just getting more Power Rangers, who cares?
Also the zords are getting revealed today

The designs being shit is mostly what I'm complaining about right now.

I don't have a lot of nostalgic attachment to the original Power Rangers.

I think a high budget Power Rangers should have the suits take inspiration from the Michael Wilkinson Batman/Superman costumes.

Off race casting

so is there any reason the monsters are just shitty kaijus? thats not what power rangers or super sentai ever fight

>Cred Forums cheered on Pacific Rim, one of the worst movies of 2013, because "Who cares about plot it's giant robots and monsters"
>Cred Forums will shit on Power Rangers 2017, giant robots and monsters, because "Wah wah they don't respect the unwatchable vomit from the nineties"

She'll probably get it. They hinted that Jason's off having solo adventures.
There's some minor lore that barely matters. Most of what's come up in the Boom! comics is totally invented. Shit like the Green Chaos Energy and all that never appeared in the show.

Honestly, it reads like one of those fanfics someone would write about making the Rangers edgier and 'more realistic', but tucking their tongues in their cheeks just enough to actually make it good rather than go for "Ultimate Power Rangers".

It's not bad. It's not great. It is kinda fun, though. And Power Rangers: Pink could've been so much worse.
That's a problem all Power Rangers comics have had. Western artists seem to have trouble getting the sometimes goofy/sometimes scary Power Rangers/Sentai designs have, so they default to kaiju.

Eh, I don't mind them trying to move further away from the show's Sentai roots and trying to distinguish it more from Zyuranger. As long as the character and world-building work is solid I can't complain.

I'm waiting to see where the current arc is going. Because the previous one, with Scorpina hijacking the Dragonzord, is totally something I could see in the original show. Just with less apprehension and hallucinations from Tommy. Didn't quite get the point of The Temptation of Zack, but hey. Filler, I guess. Also gives Zack some time in the spotlight, which is cool. And I kinda liked the origin of Goldar, though I do have some minor problems with it.

This current arc, however, has kinda started off as kind of a flying leap into fanfic. New, more powerful than ever villain shows up, blows up the Command Center, depowers all of the Rangers except Tommy, captures one of them and is forcing the world to surrender to Rita for his own purposes.

Trini has gotten more focus, in both the main book AND the Pink mini-series, than she ever got in her time on the show. So calm your tits.

She only got focus episodes in the very early days of the show, when they had presumably already written episodes for everyone - and then they just stop, because Thuy Trang, god rest her soul, was the worst actress of the bunch. So far Boom has leaned into her role as Billy's BFF *and* gave her the starring role over Kimberly in the bishoujo-style story from the annual. Although that story DOES illustrate the other complaint about the monsters not looking very much like Evil Space Aliens, I can at least chalk up Vixenya to the very deliberate stylization of the story. She feels like an MoTW from a magical girl series.

that stupid if you can not come up with goofy monsters of your own do not use kaiju just find an excuse to reuse monsters

And other monsters, like Sir Locksalot, seem more like traditional PR monsters, Breaking Bad parody notwithstanding.

>Black ranger isn't black
>Yellow ranger isn't asian
This is why I'm worried about it.

I have so much shit in my backlog to catch up on but I really really want to get to reading this already.

Despite my issues with it, both this and MMPR: PINK are pretty entertaining.

Before you ask, the redesigns are because this is set after they 'retired', so they don't have the Mighty Morphin' powers anymore. Kimberly's getting energy to transform straight from Zordon, while Trini and Zack are drawing directly from her.

Jason's not around because he's on another mission that Zordon's being vague about. He might be having a solo coming up.

That explains the pink highlights on Zach and Trini, but not the sleeveless hoodie.

Maybe she can't help but do up her friends in a fashionable manner? This IS Kimberly.

>There isn't any Power Rangers lore, all of it is assumed.
Not all of it, but it was definitely made without any intent of world building.

Like how Zedd went after the Zeo Crystal once and it's implied that's why he looks like one of H.R. Geiger's nightmares.

Wait, so the glowy parts are purple, not blue? I guess that's an improvement?

And at least here the swirl on the chest doesn't make the suit look like an empty void with a galaxy at the center.

But I still don't like the paint job of the suits, the helmets still look kinda wonky, and just overall it's not as aesthetically pleasing. Maybe it just looks too detailed.

I think it's supposed to be like a nebula

Power Rangers was sort of watchable in the beginning , but once parent groups got involved, demanding that Saban tone down the violence, that sort of ruined the show entirely as they focused more on slapstick than action

How long before Saban tries something with Kamen Rider again, or we get an westernized Ultraman?

They trademarked Power Rider a while back, but that went nowhere. IIRC, before he died, Ishinomori put the kibosh on selling any Kamen Riders to Saban again. But that likely only applies to his Riders.

We've had a few Ultra shows. They never do well.

Nebula, whatever. Point is, in the first image I saw, the suit looked hollow inside. Not a person in a suit, but a nebula.

Red/Tyranno ranger is the only that seems to have the dinosaur motif.

>We've had a few Ultra shows. They never do well
It think it might have something to do with the fact that Ultraman, unlike Sentai and Kamen Rider, has kind of resisted the temptation of overmarketing itself with toys

Even the ones for Gridman/Superhuman Samurai were pretty sparse, though it's a different story for America

Even modern Ultra shows tend to market the monster toys more than the heroes.

Shit just make another Guyver movie.

Amazon have announced Amazon Rider, they're just bringing Kamen Rider Amazons over subbed. On Prime.

Zack is wearing a hoodie before morph (and it's not a full morph), it might be to do with that

It's going to be shit.

It's gonna be yet another darker and edgier reboot of a beloved children's franchise headed by people who never understood or bothered to try to understand the source material.

Everything we've seen or know of it so far ensures that this is all true.

I mean that's sort of a Power Rangers thing, every series had a new villain blow Rita the fuck out.

No please. No more Guyver. You're clearly off your meds.

And speaking of Zedd, where the hell is he on this? I mean he is supposed to be rita's superior


Yo, remember when one season had Skynet take over the world?

In the comic? It's set before Zedd took over. Tommy's just joined the team, it's less than a month after Green With Evil.

He does appear in Goldar's Origin story.

Is it wrong that I want a one shot similar to the one in Mega Man where he sees his future? It'd be interesting to see their reactions to later teams.

>where is Zedd
Bathing in Neosporan? Opening a school to teach gorefasts how to read?

They'd just kill themselves when they get to the shape based rangers.

Really? Can you show me user?

So this takes place in the original MMPR Canon?I thought it was a different continuity, what with the command center getting destroyed and the rangers facing much bigger threats than they did in season 1

>the shape based rangers. mean Zeo?

It's based on the original MMPR, set in modern times.

The first few issues establish that Tommy's only just joined the team.

I hate that every PR comic is just MMPR. I honestly don't like the costumes very much, and the obsession with that show just because it was first is infuriating.

I'd kill for a Lightspeed Rescue or Time Force comic. Or even just a completely original PR series that isn't tethered to PR because dat nostalgia

Yeah those mistakes.

Time Force and Wild Force are my favorite designs. Not sure if the quality is any better.

This. Give me an SPD series as well. Or an anthology book that chronicled the adventures of different Ranger teams with each arc.

Tommy's first day back at school after the Ranger thing. MMPR#0.

>Cred Forums cheers on a love letter to genre by director that knows his shit and was doing it for fun.
>Cred Forums shits on a cash grab with shit designs and probably even worse scenario.

I don't see any problems here

And Zedd confirmed, but active elsewhere in the galaxy. The annual.

Thanks user, but I meant the part where Zedd shows up.

Also Rita is enjoyable in this, did not see that coming

Didn't see the page being posted earlier, I suck , sorry

>not liking Zeo

Fuck your shit.

Zeo was great.

The only negative was they brought Jason back to be the Gold Ranger instead of it being Billy like originally intended, because the guy playing him was still unsure of how long he wanted to keep playing the character

I'd post the entire thing, but I don't have the .cbz. Just the website I'm reading these on.

Honestly, with all of the politics behind the scenes revolving aroung his homosexuality, I don't blame him for being unsure.

I hate that he used that reasoning as why he didn't want to do the big anniversary special in Mega Force, despite the fact that gay actors/actress's are for more accepted now-a-days.

But then after SEEING the special...meh.

>Full teams of all the rangers even though Tommy was on at least 4 of them
>he saves a kid using Saba
>but becomes the green ranger despite the coin being destroyed
>instead of being the black dino ranger since it's his most recent
>doesn't even get a fight scene
>the fucking titanium ranger gets more of a fight scene

Couldn't they spare some of the amazing artstyle this comic has for Zedd? Also he looks so silly with that cloak

None of the annual was done with the regular artists. I guess they didn't have time to spare or something? idk. He'll probably show up later.

The cloak is silly, but apparently this is right after he's been flensed by the Zeo Crystals. Goldar's stunned to see his condition when he finally reveals it.

I'd heard that he refused to do Megaforce because they sent him a form letter that didn't have his name, and the form letter had incorrect grammar and spelling, so he felt disrespected.

Yeah, all the former rangers got a general form letter, and iirc all the former rangers would have to pay their own way to do the show. They wouldn't even get travel and lodgings. Some of them felt pretty insulted.

Terry Moore spent most of his career drawing Lesbian comedy-drama slice of life. To say superhero stuff isn't his forté is an understatement.

That said, he drew the story since his son wrote it

I remember Austin St. John saying that what they offered him for the entire thing wouldn't even pay for air fare down to New Zealand, let alone flying back.

So the new movie has a bunch of new teaser posters.

Austin St John is great. I wish the fandom fetishized him instead of JDF.

>apparently this is right after he's been flensed by the Zeo Crystals. Goldar's stunned to see his condition when he finally reveals it.

Hmm, I thought that was a joke , seeing how everybody cracked up when Rita said it, damn what a bitch.

Also, Saban is notoriously cheap as hell.




The Zords look like a college student's first blender project.

Ngl, I like JDF? He seems like an okay dude and super cool with his fans? But the fact that he's STILL trying to pick a fight with Austin St. John after twenty years is fucking ridiculous. All over Austin saying some typical teenaged bullshit to try to impress everyone around him.
Saban, man.
Honestly, this isn't enough of a look for me to form a real opinion. They seem much smaller and like they take influence from Bayformers. Not sure how I feel about the weathering.

But with just this small snippet, I can't say whether they suck or not.

I kinda like JDF but he's seemed like such a tool ever since I found out he used to pick on David Yost.

As for the Zords, I can't comment on them since you don't get a full picture but I can't see this movie actually being good.

wasn't he actually a dick? at least to JDF? I remember hearing that they actually hated each other when the cameras were off

>But the fact that he's STILL trying to pick a fight with Austin St. John after twenty years is fucking ridiculous. All over Austin saying some typical teenaged bullshit to try to impress everyone around him.

Before 2010 or so, JDF was pretty chill and didn't really obsess over being Tommy. he did some cons now and then and was easy going and friendly. He pulled some nasty pranks and was kinda crude, but it was more because he's just immature than anything truly malicious.

Then around 2010, he reinvented himself around the debut of his new Jesus didn't tap clothesline and his attempt at being an MMA fighter. This was the new JDF, the one who most people think of now. It might be because his new wife or people around him pushed him to market his image more. He began endlessly shilling himself everywhere and pushing the "fight" angle with Austin.

>Not sure how I feel about the weathering.
well if it's going to be similar to the TV show, then they have been dormant in the earth for XXXX years, so assuming there were rangers before the MMPR, they would have been used for fighting, and then wouldn't have any kind of cleaning or maintenance while they where underground

I feel like JDF is just too smug to be likable. He shit talks all the other actors, acts like he's the heart and soul of the franchise, and fleeces the fuck out of his fans in a way that would make Saban jealous. This is the guy who bought a roll of green spandex, cut it into squares, and sold the squares for massive profit. He just seems like a douche.

I think everyone was a dick to everyone back then. But ASJ definitely seems the most chill out of everyone these days, and his paramedic/humanitarian work is pretty cool.

>his attempt at being an MMA fighter.
hasn't he only had like...1 pro fight? I think he won it, but still, only one?

>but he's seemed like such a tool ever since I found out he used to pick on David Yost.

That's a fucking rumor. He pulled pranks on people which is fucked up and obnoxious, but he wasn't hating on him for being gay or anything like the producers and higher ups where. Yost never named Frank as one of the people who where homophobic and has stayed in touch with Frank over the years. Chalk this up to "Austin St. John does gay porno"; a rumor that spread because its more interesting than reality.

Ultra Toys tend to focus more on the monsters. At least in the case of the Ultraman show on the Fox Box, it was a gag dub that didn't really hit it off with anyone

At least he picked on Yost out of general dickishness, not because Yost was gay. They're on good terms now, and it seems like JDF wasn't one of the people giving him shit over it. Sounds like all that was the crew, not the cast.

They fucking despised each other. According to JDF, Austin St. John was originally going by his real name (Jason Geiger) until he found out that there'd be another Jason on-set, then threw a tantrum and changed his name. JDF claims that Austin also bragged about running into fans before the show started, and that Austin was always talking about pulling off impossible martial arts stunts and being banned from tournaments for killing a dude.

Haven't heard much of this from the other actors, including Austin St. John. They're more professional, I guess. But it also sounds like the exact kind of bullshit I'd tell other teenagers when I wanted them to think I was cool, so I can understand being too embarrassed to talk about it. Especially when the other dick is outing your real name on podcasts and bringing it up constantly.

That does seem to be a sudden turnaround. A new wife might explain things.

I can dig thaat.

1 pro fight (though he's tried to pick fights with Van Damme), 4 amateur. All wins, but still.

>I think everyone was a dick to everyone back then.

JYB seems like a nice enough guy.

Also wasn't the reason that Jason, Trini, and Zack had to go to Switzerland and give up being rangers actually because they wanted more money?

My bad. Even still, he seems like a massive douche for the reasons that you mentioned. Very egotistical as well.

God damn, what'd they offer him? $50 and a pack of crackers?

>Pacific Rim
>one of the worst

>Also wasn't the reason that Jason, Trini, and Zack had to go to Switzerland and give up being rangers actually because they wanted more money?
Dude, Saban wasn't paying them shit. The pay was so low, practically everyone had a problem with how much they were being paid. Just about everyone on the original show complained at some point.

Yeah, they were only making about six hundred dollars a week or something. I'm not sure of the exact sum, but it was pretty solidly in the mid-triple digits. They couldn't get more because they weren't union, so they actually ended up walking off the set in the middle of filming when negotiations weren't going their way.

>Also wasn't the reason that Jason, Trini, and Zack had to go to Switzerland and give up being rangers actually because they wanted more money?
Yeah, basically. Pretty much every time a ranger disappears or is replaced, it's because money.

>Yeah, basically. Pretty much every time a ranger disappears or is replaced, it's because money.
That's not true. The first Pink Ranger in Lost Galaxy had leukemia iirc.

Except in Lost Galaxy, where it was because of Leukemia

I'm surprised Power Rangers has gone on as long as it has.

Were actors at least getting good pay when Disney had it before it went back to Saban?

>I'm surprised Power Rangers has gone on as long as it has.
That it has is probably because Saban is cheap as hell, honestly.

>Were actors at least getting good pay when Disney had it before it went back to Saban?
I'm not sure.

Nejiranger hands down.

Power Rangers is pretty cheap to make, comparatively speaking.

Saban eventually started paying better somewhere around In Space, I believe. Enough that their stars could go to law school after.

Disney was paying them about as well as Disney's other stars Live Action stars. Not enough to be rich, but not bad.

Dunno how they're paid now.

That and the fact that Super Sentai's been on since the 1970s

ASJ must have gotten some good money to come back in Zeo and Forever Red if that's the case.

And either JDF was getting more than the others, or got a raise shortly after the others walked off, considering he went from MM-Turbo before stopping, and then did Forever Red and Dino Thuder.

He was talking up the Mega Force special a lot when it was being filmed so I guess he didn't mind spending the money to be in it since it "helped his image" or something

That too.

PR is cheap to make since they just recycle a bunch of SS footage and props.

Well, given how Power Rangers became the Tommy Oliver Show while he was around, I'm sure he was being paid as the main attraction.

Forever Red was when they were still filming for America, so calling everyone together there was cheaper. Plus, Bandai was footing the bill so long as the big threat was defeated by a new toy.

I'm not sure that JDF ever went to college. I think he lives off of his Ranger money and membership fees from his dojo.

I would still fuck the shit out of Amy Jo Johnson

Who wouldn't?

I've been rewatching the series for the first time since I was a kid, and I have to admit I'm liking Thuy Trang more than AJJ. She's not much of an actress, but dat ass in dem black tights man....

Way better than I remembered.

At least we got this.

Maybe they kept the designs ambiguous so they would fit the Thunderzord upgrade.

>yfw JDF comes in as the villain of the sequel: Green With Evil


If you're going to reboot something, it's okay to do cameo's, but you also need to kind of make it your own, otherwise there was no point in doing the reboot.

I'm fine with a GwE sequel, but not with JDF.


>another ninja series

Goddammit. We could have had train dick zord instead of this.

The "Yost hates JDF" rumors I think really began with a behind-the-scenes video (not official, just some guys fuckin' around on set) of the gang on set, and JDF is being typical JDF and at one point cuts off Yost to mug for the camera and go "GREENRANGERGREENRANGERGREENRANGER!" And Yost just straight-up murder-glares at him. In retrospect it probably wasn't bullying and more just the cumulative effect of all the bullshit making David Yost super-sensitive.

Besides, isn't JDF pushing fifty? How would that work with a teen main cast?

lbr, ToQger sucked. Skipping it is as good a choice as skipping GoBuster was bad.

43. He'd probably be better as a Zordon figure.

Or Zedd. But I really doubt JDF would agree to be the villain.

Shut the fuck up, no, you do not get to be an indignant fucking fanboy over fucking To-Q-ger, the magical fucking imagination-train Sentai, being skipped over for the ninja season. You don't. No kids in America who aren't Thomas autists care about trains. Ninjas have always been cool and a part of Power Rangers - in fact, every previous Ninja-themed season came back-to-back with a Dino-themed one.

>MMPR S1, 2 and 3
>Ninja Storm - Dino Thunder
>Dino Charge - Ninja Steel

"Dinosaurs and ninjas" are the fundamentals of PR's DNA.

Holy shit, found the autist. Ninjas and Samurai are boring. Only barely better than car themed rangers.

MMPR went from dinosaurs to mythical beasts. They only went Ninja Rangers in S3.


There are so many things wrong with his face.

I still hate that both female rangers are white.


one is a beaner and the other is half poo in loo

>Rebecca Marie Gomez

this art is cute i love it

Beaners are Schrodinger's whites. Both white and coloured at the same time depending on your bias.

the redesigns look fucking baller though

this looks like shit

as it's not a full morph it integrates their human clothing into the uniforms

im okay with this



They didn't look this old in the panel image

Yoshi Sudarso seems really cool. Hopefully they can work something out with the two of them having an episode

They have the footage for it

The stress of this economy.

So storytime of everything so far when?

Soon as someone gets some .cbrs. Until then, I've been using one of the online comics readers.

wait is that actually a monster in the Power Rangers comics? She looks way different and cute to be a usual PR monster.

Yeah, she's from the annual. Animal rights activist who wants animals to live free and protected. It's kinda cute, but a tad preachy. Much in the vein of Power Rangers.

>Implying PR monsters can't be cute

>implying that overdesigned garbage is cute.

I'll cut you

But I was leaning toward the green one

So the Power Rangers comic is actually... good? Someone bring me up to speed, here.

anywhere can i read the comic? I dont live in america so i dont think they sell them here

its okay but the monsters suck dick, they had one called bulldozer, and instead of a robot bull, it was just a kaiju

If I had to give it a rating, I'd have to give it about a 7 out of ten. Boom's released some comics that've proven that they can handle the corniness of the old show, but the comic sound more like the show nostalgiafags believe it was. Action-packed, very little cheese, some drama tossed in. More realistic characters that rub each other the wrong way rather than a Roddenberry-esque team with zero interpersonal conflicts.

The first arc really does feel like a higher budget, more competently written part of the show. The second has started off feeling more like edgy fanfic, but it's only two or three issues in. Hard to tell how it'll go.
I'm afraid that it'd get hit by a spam filter.

Keepu Sumiringu, user.

>those thighs
Are there ever women underneath those suits?

Toei basically barred Saban from doing KR, thank god. I wouldn't mind maybe some comics, though. A miniseries for each rider.

Monsters? Sometimes. Rangers? More Recently

Female suit actors are a relatively new thing in Japan. For monsters, especially ones wearing heavy gear like that, it's probably a dude.
Yeah, if it's older than ten years old, your sexy female rangers are probably dudes. There's a reason the girls wear skirts, and it's not to signify that they're female.

This one was a dude, Yuichi Hachisuka was his name, I think

oh my god zedd, you cant just call a guy a silverback, thats fucking racist

That was his name. He wore silver armor.

But for some reason his sword was gold. Go figure.

dicks out for silverback

Fuck i loved time force and lightspeed rescue more than mighty morphin

There's a shitload of Ultraman series subbed on Crunchyroll right now. They may not yet see the demand for trying to localize a dub again.

I liked ToQ, but yeah I'm more pissed that they skipped GoBusters.

Holy shit this is so fucking shitty like Spider Gwen shitty tier REEEEEEEEEEE
Fuck off tumblr, the movie costumes look a thousand times better than that shit


since people have noted that the designs for the new monsters in these comics are for the most part bland and disappointing, I think I'll do a storytime of 2012's Super Sentai Monster History, which as the name implies covers more or less every monster to appear in the Super Sentai franchise between 1975's GoRanger to 2012's Gokaiger(aka Super Mega Force)

let's start with 1979's Battle Fever J(skipping Himitsu Sentai Goranger and JAKQ Dengekitai cause the art in their section is a bit too sketchy, so you can't see the monsters too well)

Battle Fever J is notable for four things; being the first Sentai series to have a Giant Robot(which is what led them to putting Super in the franchise title), for being a collaboration with Marvel's Japan branch(originally being intended to be a adaptation of Captain America), for having very interesting costumes for it's heroes(especially for it's Pink ranger Miss America), and for being the only Super Sentai to replace 2 different members of the main team during it's run(Battle Kossack 1 died, and Miss America 1 got replaced in-series due to an injury during a monster attack)


Someone send them Kaiju design

also the villain faction for this season is Egos, lead by Satan Egos, with the mooks called Cutmen, and the monsters called appropriately enough Egos Monsters, interestingly in-series they are considered more important by Satan Egos then his recurring Generals(Hedder & Salome) and are in charge during their plots, also the monsters don't grow in this series, starting from episode 5 they are assisted by their "little brothers" the Akuma Robots, giant duplicates of the MOTW

hopefully they'll get better at monster design later on(we'll probably need a artist change first though)


>the movie costumes look a thousand times better than that shit
the movie costumes look like absolute ass and you know it

also some of the faces these guys have would make for great reaction image fodder, like the guy on the top right of this pic

I freakin love the magnet shark.


gotta love the tendency for Sentai Monsters to be "two or more things mashed together" it often leads to great designs

also a couple designs here are pretty blatant ripoffs of other designs, like the Darth Vader lookalike on the previous page


or this happy fellow on the bottom right



>Where are the white wimen at?


last page for Battle Fever J, up next is Denshi Sentai Denziman

Denshi Sentai Denziman features The evil Vader Clan, led by Queen Hedrian, who decide to refit Earth to suit their ideals of beauty. And for Vader, that involves sending their minions to pollute the world. They had previously laid waste to another planet, Denzi Star 3,000 years ago. Now, IC the Denzidog, a survivor of Denzi Star, awakens to recruit five young people to gain the powers of the only force that can fight Vader: the Denzimen!

Vader Clan is composed of;

Queen Hedrian
General Hedrer
Demon King Banriki
Mirror & Keller

the mooks are called Dustlers, the MOTW are the Vader Monsters, and they are the first Sentai monsters to be able to grow(unlike most series they can do this at will)

most Vader Monsters follow the half and half pattern, often with very interesting results















last page for Denziman, next is Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan

Looks like Vader mixed with dark helmet still pretty cool.
Is this book avalibe to purchase I'm really considering getting it now

>What's fearsome and never stops?
>Good idea, ye-
>And magnets

I kinda of dig these designs sort of like if every monster was like kikaider

Why are most of their weapons staffs?

Fuck off back to tumblr cunt

I like how the 'make one half weird' design theme resulted in that guy wearing boxer shorts on the outside.

now for Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan, villain faction is Machine Empire Black Magma, composed of;

The Omnipotent God
Hell Saturn
Queen Hedrian(she survived the previous series)
Amazon Killer and her Zero Girls
Inazuma Ginga

mooks are the Machinemen and the Dark Q, MOTW are the Machine-Lifeform Mongers

probably can be found somewhere on the internet, I'm trying to find a copy myself

yeah pretty much

yeah I get that vibe too

staffs are cheap to make, early Sentai didn't have much in the way of a budget(it still doesn't but it's a bit better)

I think that's supposed to be a tiger pring loincloth like Oni are often drawn with, but yeah it does look like boxers

these outfits scream early 80's Japan more than almost anything




Do you know artist tweeter so i can say to him that Kaiju first and foremost look like Alien and more colorful

I love fashion design in 80s Japanese stuff, it's brilliant.

you know what's worse than one scorpion?

two scorpions

no I don't, shouldn't be hard to find out though

yeah it often is

there's so many things to love about all three designs on this page

Some of these guys look like something he man would fight I love it

same with this one

yeah there's that wonderful Acid-Nightmare effect that tends to emerge from franchises that are heavy on the merchandising, especially in the 80's


another page with great designs



'Old school camera'-man works on its own but the random snake they throw in there just elevates it to this bizarre, brilliant level. Thanks for sharing these, user. Do you have a mediafire link or anywhere I could buy this book?

man Cred Forums would have a field day with two of the designs on this page

>Thanks for sharing these, user. Do you have a mediafire link or anywhere I could buy this book?
the links I downloaded these from is dead, but I might upload these later, so keep an eye on the thread(hopefully when this thread dies someone will make another so I can keep going, would be nice to make it all the way through)

Is that guy on the bottom weiding an old wax-seal stamp?


bet your average cell phone has more computing power than this poor bastard

seems to be the case


you realize that Cred Forums has a wide berth of opinions, right? not every dissenting thought is from tumblr.

The movie costumes are obnoxious and unaesthetically appealing, and i'm honestly surprised someone genuinely likes them.


end of Sun Vulcan, up next is Dai Sentai Goggle Five

The gas mask dude is freaking awesome I would love to have a figure of him

Dai Sentai Goggle Five's villain faction is Dark Science Empire Deathdark, leaders are;

Fuhrer Taboo
General Deathgiller
Dr. Zazoriya and Dr. Iguana
Grand Marshall Deathmark
Bella and Beth

the mooks are the Spotmen, and the MOTW are the Mozu Monsters, instead of growing huge whenever a monster dies, he is immediately revived and given a giant "Kong" robot to pilot, from the fifth episode and onward, the Kong robots become giant duplicates of their Mozu counterparts








Overdesigned as shit. Someone watched too much Nolanverse.








end of Goggle Five, up next is Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman's villains are the Jashinka Empire, composed of;

Emperor Aton
General Kar
Prince Megiddo
Gira and Geel
Princess Chimera
General Zenobia

the mooks are the Tail Soldiers, and the MOTW are the Evo-Beasts, later replaced by the Mecha-Shinka













it's right there, you, you Double-Mantis!!!







I liked dynaman and the monsters were pretty good

is there any working download or torrent for this?

That scorpion looks like something mega man x would fight

and that wraps up Dynaman, I'm going to call it a night, but assuming this thread is still up when I return, I'll continue on with Choudenshi Bioman

need to see Dynaman but yeah it seems interesting

as far as I know no(the downloads I used seem to be dead), but I'll probably upload it all later at some point

Have a good night rest and thank you

your welcome

2 spooky 4 me


purple ooze

And one of them was just an Evangelion


Miss America looked like a fucking nightmare.


He reminds me of the green skeleton with a talking hat from Creepy Crawlers.


Is it just me or have the morphers been shit for the past few seasons?

Also is that a hamburger? Fucking hell.

Trying too hard to match the toyeticness of modern Kamen Rider, I guess.

Bulky, plastic, colorful morphers make for cheaper toys that are easy to sell.

I figured as much.

I miss the days of the more simple morphers that they just held up or did a quick flashy motion with and said their henshin phrase.

Fuck all this unnecessary bullshit.

He's an American in a Japanese show

Of course it's a hamburger

That's racist.

Also cowboy Power Rangers when?

Watch Kaiketsu Zubat.

But I really want a modern PR show with a cowboy theme.

I think the fad for cowboys came and went in Japan.

There was a cowboy fad in Japan?

Back in the 70s, sure.

Fuck me. I really hope it happens anyway.


>tip fedora

That's not a fedora, you useless twat.

>Blue ranger isn't gay

Billy was never gay, he ended up with an alien fish girl

It's almost like he's a jew.

>Gobusters was never brought to the West because Jap kids have shit taste

I thought Go-Busters also underperformed in Japan too?

I mean it was the first Sentai I watched when I was getting into toku, and I love it, but it's pretty different from most other Sentai series.

That was the reason WHY we never got it.

Toei didn't want to bring it over because it under preformed.

Power Rangers uses a lot more original footage these days. Hell, RPM was probably 60-70% original footage. Mostly just the Megazord fights were from Go-Onger.

It underperformed at first, but ratings got better after they retooled it. However, Bandai was still paranoid, so they told Saban to skip it and go for Dino Charge.

Not really. Samurai and Super Megaforce were almost entirely Sentai footage, save for the Megazord armored modes.

That's because they were Jonathan Tzachor seasons (Guy notorious for that kind of shit), when Judd Lynn replaced him starting with Dino Charge, we started getting more original footage (heck, the first episode of DC was entirely original footage)

they do look ALIEN, which makes sense
but they don't really look "super sentai"... more like Reboot Robocop.

Frankly, they'd work better as Psycho Rangers or earth-tech knock-offs


Honestly, the glowy chestbits call Iron Man to mind more. I kind of hate how he's become the default powered armor design.

as someone who watch shinkenger samurai was a 1 for 1 adaptation from the orginal, even to the non ranger shit they had yellow trip and get white stuff on her face etc

This one needs to succeed before they do other teams I bet.

p. much.

They might not even do non-Saban teams.


I'm back, it's time for Choudenshi Bioman, the villains this time are the Neo Empire Gear, composed of;

Doctor Man
The Big Three: Mason, Monster, Farrah(and Farrahcat)
The Beastnoids: Beast King, Psygorn, Metzler, Messerbeast, and Aquaiger

the mooks are the Mechaclones, instead of regular MOTW Bioman features giant robots known as "Mecha Gigants"(for the human scale stuff the Beastnoids act as heavily recurring enemies). From Episode 31 and onward, they're replaced by a series of newer models known as "Neo Mecha Gigants". The newer robots are also unique in that they're piloted by a member of Big Three, while the previous generation of robots (usually) weren't piloted (save for one piloted by The Black Prince).

there's also Bio-Hunter Silva, who's on no-one's side but his own, and is one of the most popular Sentai villains of the 80's

also worth noting that Bioman was the first Sentai series that Haim Saban tried bringing over to the United States, although he wasn't the only one to try doing so during the 80's(Marvel kept wanting to from Sun Vulcan onward, even mentioning it in some of their industry publications, and Dynaman got several episodes shown on USA network as a Gag Dub)









Silva has such a neat design. Feels like a more heroic version of Gil.

yeah it's easy to see why he's so popular

some of my favorite Mecha Gigants on this page







Feels more like I'm on /m/ than Cred Forums.


to be fair there's a ton of intersection between the two boards


This is true. Usually I see the monster/robot designs over there.

I'm not complaining. Just commenting on how odd it feels.

end for Bioman, I'm going to take a break for a couple minutes, but when I get back it'll be time for Dengeki Sentai Changeman

to keep the thread going till I'm ready to continue dumping Super Sentai Monster History, have the openings for every sentai through Bioman(will be including the OP's when I post stuff from Changeman onward);



Battle Fever J:


Sun Vulcan:

Goggle Five:



because this is anything like power rangers, just another transformers bandwagon movie people will watch on a weekend and forget it exists.

i didnt wait an entire decade for this shit, cant believe mega war is going to be better than this, and that shit fucking sucked.

Man Cred Forums's having better Sentai discussion than /ssg/ right now. Whoever is dumping all this stuff, thanks a lot. This is neat.

your welcome, I'll be continuing soon

Is the manga still going, or did the author finally finish that shit after 25 years?

still going

Difference is that /m/'s talked this shit to death. It's relatively fresh for Cred Forums.
Kinda weird how some manga like One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto make huge waves and are considered long-runners after being open for only ten years or so, and others like Hajime no Ippo and Guyver have been running for 20+ and you don't hear about them unless you actively look for shit.

Thanks for the image dump, user. Really neat stuff. Can you make a batch download to Mega or somesuch?

not done yet with my dump, just a bit busy in RL right now, when I am done though, then I'll upload it somewhere

someone should link the Boom! Studios Power Rangers artists to these

>It's relatively fresh for Cred Forums.

I always love seeing concept art for different things, and I'm fascinated with the process that goes on between the drawing easel and the act design of the suit in the show. I wish there was more behind-the-scenes stuff translated into English.

It's really weird how the brain works with those. Because they're trying to go for a "realistic" look but not quite succeeding at pulling it off (mostly because that CG looks really meh) they end up feeling cheaper than Toei's rubber suits and cartoony CG and special effects.

I like Zyuohger's
The show's obsession with cubes makes everything simple and clean, it's great

when you walk away
you don't hear me say

They make me think of a CG Bionicle from about ten years ago.

I think the toy designs are silly, but Zyuohger is a fun show for other reasons besides that right now.

I wonder if Saban is going to adapt it or skip it for Power Rangers.

The best Sentai/toku designs have a specific theme that they really commit to. These designs try to have the best of both worlds (basic overall idea of the classic Zyuranger/PR designs, with more intricate detailing) and it just doesn't work mashed together because the extra details change the overall silhouette of the original looks and break up what was a really obvious theme before.

>The best Sentai/toku designs have a specific theme that they really commit to. These designs try to have the best of both worlds (basic overall idea of the classic Zyuranger/PR designs, with more intricate detailing) and it just doesn't work mashed together because the extra details change the overall silhouette of the original looks and break up what was a really obvious theme before.
agreed, also it'd be interesting to see what Saban would do with Zyuohger

I'm back, it's time for Dengeki Sentai Changeman, the villains this time are Great Star League Gozma, composed of;

Star King Bazoo
Ahames & Jangeran.

the mooks are the Hidrer Soldiers, and the MOTW are The Space Beast Warriors

also here's the Opening(sung by Hironobu Kageyama, who you might recognize as the guy who sung Dragon Ball Z's first Opening);






a lot of the Space Beast Warriors are a bit more grotesque than is the norm in Sentai, at least in art form


honestly get a fair amount of a Wayne Barlowe and/or Dougal Dixon vibe off of these guys



man just look at this fabulous gent on the right here




Is the character not named Trini Kwan anymore? I thought they kept the names.

Trini Rodriguez apparently, kinda funny considering the actress that played her in the pilot was also Hispanic






this wraps up Changeman, up next is Choushinsei Flashman

>Man these would all make great end-of-the-world level monsters
>so big, so destructive, like looking at terrifying awe-inspiring dark gods
>Disco Bird?

Apparently he can slow down time with his sunglasses.

I'm not hype, I need to see this shit in motion

I'm more pumped for Gavan vs Dekaranger.

Wait, Jasmine's coming back to the screen? Across from Gavan?

...It's not New Gavan, is it?


>How long before Saban tries something with Kamen Rider again,
Dinocharge is slightly above average

I don't want to risk having a shitty rider show.

Augh! She cut her hair!

...Honestly, the Dekas don't even look the same in some cases. Except Blue. And Green. They look more familiar.

I still need to watch Dekaranger but there's like three Sentai I'm in the middle of working through right now as it is.

Toei's taking care of that for us.

Ex-Aid is going to either be a glorious clusterfuck or a terrible clusterfuck. Either way it's going to be more interesting than Ghost was.

>six hundred dollars a week
fuck, I would give you a top-tier performance for less

I just skipped Ghost. I'm sick and tired of the gimmicky "collect the doodads to unlock more forms" Rider shows. I understand that it's profitable and won't be going away, but it's killed my interest in the series.
Living with California prices, user? Knowing that you were the main attractions in a multi-million dollar franchise?

I'm surprised they could pay rent.

is that Natewantstobattle?

Candelilla almost gave me a clown fetish.

time for 1986's Choushinsei Flashman, the villains are the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, led by;

Great Emperor Ra Deus
Lee Keflen
Ley Wandar
Ley Nefel
Wolk and Kilt
Ley Galus
The Alien Hunters

the mooks are the Zolors, and the MOTW are the Beast Warriors(interestingly enough the Make My Monster Grow method for this season is through the use of Kuragen, a giant monster who shrinks right after he enlarges the MOTW)





come on shout, bring it over. you don't even have to release it in order of PR sentai/


Shout will probably release more Japan only Sentai in the future, heck Dairanger and Kakuranger were barely used by PR outside of Monsters and Robots and they got released here




I wouldn't mind New Gavan

as long as it means Doggie and Retsu gets to team up.


Meatwad gets the Honeys G


do not feed the Troll



Scientists announce the discovery of a species of Spider that can fly, news at 11





this ends Flashman, up next is Hikari Sentai Flashman

you mean maskman?

yes meant Maskman

I want more ivan ooze. He sucked i. The last xmen movie

time for Hikari Sentai Maskman, the first Sentai series to use a five piece robot(the prior ones either weren't combiners at all, or only had two or three parts), the villains this time are Underground Empire Tube, composed of;

Zeba, Emperor of the Underground Empire

mooks are the Ungler Soldiers, and the MOTW are the Underground Beasts(a few of the early ones were actually two monsters in one, which were composed of an "Underground Doggler" and a "parasite" that would grant it power)

also here's the theme song;









man this guy looks like a Resident Evil or Dead Space boss











The suits from the first movie are way, WAY, better.

These designs are batshit insane

I dig Hawk-guy with the peppermint eyeballs though

Agreed. While not perfect, they atleast looked like Super Sentai costumes. These new ones just look like Asylum's version of Iron Man.

anyone else feel there was a missed opportunity of doing it after tommy turns good? they could've had a whole arc where the rangers get the shit kicked out of them during a green with evil arc

this wraps up Maskman, up next is Choujuu Sentai Liveman

now for Choujuu Sentai Liveman, the villains this time are Brain Army Volt, led by;

Great Professor Bias
Guardnoid Gash
Dr Kemp/Beauty Beast Kemp/Fear Beast Kemp/Fear Beast Zuno
Dr Mazenda/Machine Mazenda
Dr Obular/Beastman Obular
Dr Ashura/Arashi Busujima

the mooks are the Jimmers(who interestingly enough remain a challenge for Liveman to fight throughout the series, and sometimes give more of a fight than the MOTW do), and the MOTW are the Brain Beasts

here's the opening;




yeah that aspect to the series was very interesting



quite a few of these Brain Beasts look like what would happen if you took a Robot Master from Mega Man and then dipped them into a vat of meat or something


insert FLCL jokes here







and now for what's probably the best Brain Beast design





this ends Liveman, next is Kousoku Sentai Turboranger


>Living with California prices, user? Knowing that you were the main attractions in a multi-million dollar franchise?
>I'm surprised they could pay rent.

They were also working really long hours. I can't blame them for wanting more money.

I recall one of the Ranger actors saying that Fox was going to pay them a million each for the Power Rangers movie but Saban put a stop to that. Not sure how true it is but knowing about Saban, I believe it.

>But it also sounds like the exact kind of bullshit I'd tell other teenagers when I wanted them to think I was cool, so I can understand being too embarrassed to talk about it.
well, they WERE teenagers with an attitude...

You're awesome, user. Keep it going.

Will do later today if the thread is still up(if not then I'll jump over to the other PR thread here on Cred Forums, assuming it's still alive as well)


Somehow I imagine that didn't look nearly as awesome in live action.


I think that we're getting enough of that with the new arc.

Personally, while I like Green with Evil, I'd hate to see it get rehashed. It seems like a waste of a story arc to wait four to six months for a resolution we already know beforehand. Going with new stories is definitely the way to go.サメヅノー

He looked pretty okay.


Say something, man.

The comic is literally made for people like you user, so you dont have to google, just go by what you remember from the show, it´s an alternate continuity.

> There isn't any Power Rangers lore

>"Wah wah they don't respect the unwatchable vomit from the nineties"
Filipino pls.

>Honestly, it reads like one of those fanfics someone would write about making the Rangers edgier and 'more realistic'
While its not a masterpiece, it doesnt feel that way at all.

>He might be having a solo coming up.
I think its a nod to his first appearance in Zeo.

>While its not a masterpiece, it doesnt feel that way at all.

I didn't say it was doing it poorly, but, like. Zack being tempted to Rita's side with the Green Powers. Zack and Jason having issues with Tommy and butting heads with him. Goldar killing his brother to solidify his standing with Zedd. Tommy having Rita hallucinations telling him that no one will ever trust him...

I could swear that I'd read all of these before.

Thanks man, they played Flashman and Liveman when i was little in my country (also Jiban)

Its so strange to see these notes and sketches, they had lots of love for their monsters and villian designs

I love the monster/design books.


The Worm Designs one is also neat.

MMPR: Pink's taking place in MMPR Season 3, before Tommy gets the Dear John letter from Kimberly.

I think it's going to end with her writing Tommy and dumping him.

Monster dumper here, I'd continue, but the thread is near the bump limit, but if someone makes us a new PR thread I'd be willing to continue dumping them there

Why mot make a new one yourself? It's not like anyone's gonna call foul.

because then I'd need someone else to bump the thread, while if someone else makes it then me dumping will keep it bumped

somebody abandoned this PR storytime thread a while ago

thread barely has any image slots left though, I need a fresh thread

ok, made one

it's not there

yep, got deleted, maybe theres too many PR threads "active"

wait for a couple of days

maybe you could try dropping it on /m/ , they used to be very Sentai/ Kaijuu friendly

it's too slow to bother storytiming anything on any boards outside of Cred Forums as for some reason we're pretty much the only board where including a image in your post reduces the waiting time between posts, not to mention we're one of the only boards with the 500 posts/250 image maximum(most have it at 300/150 instead)

just make another one once this one has gone over the bump limit, maybe storytime an issue or two of the current comic to throw off the mods as well

Preferably some of the old Marvel shit or the goofier Boom! stuff.

anything is good as long as it's not too long, so I have plenty of image space to continue dumping the Monster History, have 6 series to go through for volume one(Turboranger through Kakuranger), and then the 17 series covered in volume two(Ohranger through Gokaiger), and then after that I might do the individual ones that have been released for Go-Busters, Kyoryuger, and ToQger, overall this might take another 2-3 threads to do in full

In strangers in paradise any good thinking about checking it out

I didn't like what I read of it. It tries for drama involving shit like the mafia, but also slice of life shenanigans and... eh.

Timeranger best sentai season


will be continuing my dump of Super Sentai Monster History over in

You must be cuckoo if Red Ranger isn't your favorite! Cuckoo as a cuckoo clock!

Yellow Ranger had no importance! She was the girl on the team only when pink wasn't around. She was the smart one on the team only when blue wasn't around. She was the minority of the team if black wasn't around.

What did she have that made her special? NOTHING