Worst art ever thread

Worst art ever thread.

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>Hating FRANK
KYS my friend

Why does his hand look like that guy from Robocop who got covered in toxic waste/acid?

Anyone have pictures of Greg Land's "art"?

I like Ramos's art. His anatomy goes wonky sometimes because his style is pretty loose, but it's unique and dynamic and not at all house-style, which is something the Big 2 need more of these days.

I'd take bland but decent house style over shitty unique style any day.

Jack Cross had some wonky ass art


>KYS my friend
Shit taste detected

This is just personal taste, and I realize I'm probably gonna get shit on from at least half of you, but I cannot fucking stand JRJR


What's wrong with this?
Or do you just not like it because they look like hipsters?



Every single one of these fucking threads amounts to "I hate how this artist stylizes humans", because thats the only aspect of art Cred Forums cares about.


Fuck off this looks great.



Dillon his garbage user, he's just one rung higher than the artist of Squirrel girl. That guys art made me drop Frankbolts so fast.

I get the feeling someone's just posting books they don't like instead of poorly drawn art.


uhhh what

I'm with you. I could stand it when I read Kick-ass because it fit the tone of being shitty.

Takes me out of anything else. I don't really know how to describe it, everyone looks like dirty recovering meth addicts.

If i don`t like it`s poorly drawn.

That's not how it works, dummy.


Where is this from?


Are you retarded?

It`s how it works in these threads.

Admittedly, that book looked a lot better when that guy on tumblr did those recolors. But yeah, as is, this is god awful.

If it wasn't obvious by now, people are posting good art to get a rise out of guys like you.

Kingpin civil war mini.
Are you pleb?

Fuck them then.




>If it wasn't obvious by now, people are posting good art to get a rise out of guys like you.
Nah, i just hate these threads.


not that guy but that artist is a lot less good on the interiors
gives everybody fiveheads

gotcha your nose!

He is ok, but nothing special.



What's happening? A bunch of the art in this thread is good.

Post actual bad art.

Somebody posted one of your favorite comics in one of these threads, didn't they user?

I like his old stuff and some of the recent stuff where he obviously puts more effort in than most of his comics

Obv. I will never forgive those who hate my husbro Greg Land!

Are you sure we're not just viewing this through the back of a spoon?


Then ignore it, faggot


I can't get over how shit the coloring is
Like I get they wanted to true something new, but jesus


Wow, he really was only 40 cakes away from becoming the Kingpin.

>A bunch of the art in this thread is good.
May be bait.

That first arc of Rossbolts was so fucking terrible, both the writing and art. Thankfully it got gradually better, the final arc was very very well done.


Aside from the Penance Stare not working on Frank because he doesn't feel guilty. That pissed me off so fucking much


JRJR quality is all over the place depending on how much he tries. It is a shame that he rarely does.

Most of Cred Forums knows fuck all about art.

You're no different.

you must be a bland ordinary person.

>worst art
>posting actually good, stylized ramos and not modern pseudo-house style abomination ramos

i see nothing wrong here.


thats great, both art and story, fucking pleb
dillons great when he gives a shit, his 2000ad stuff is top tier

i dig it, dynamic as fuck which i think is the point

>thats great, both art and story, fucking pleb
There's a couple of people here, maybe more, that really hate Quietly. It's always " lol potato face, look at this close up from New X-Men"

Honestly I think stuff like this is worse to me than It's just completely life-less and I'm pretty sure none of the gore would happen like that.

Does Tracing count?

It's all well and good the rest of the thread is good art because you can't top this one anyway. This is the most try hard image I have ever seen.


This sort of thing concerns me a bit, because I reference shit off google images all the time and if I had a really tight deadline I would totally trace stuff that was going to eat up too much time. I'm trying to design a king right now and the crown he currently has is a shitty plastic toy I found off google...

I actually kinda like this. It's odd, but stylized.

In case you're not b8ing

>tiny as fuck cape
>calf muscles twice the size of thighs
>feet bigger than head
>left leg is attached to nothing
hands bigger than head
>pose dynamically makes no fucking sense
>middle back (where the belt is) comes to a fucking pointed angle
>shoulders the size of a boulder and biceps the size of a pencil
>forearm bigger than biceps

I don't care what the point of it is. It's shit art.

If you use reference pictures without tracing them, you should be fine.

Ribic without god tier colorist

I like whoever colors his art. They usually do a good job.

Back in the early 2000s it was certainly eye catching and good in some ways. There was even an action figure made of his Spidey that I adored. But shit like what op posted reads as just lazy, especially when Peter as Spider-man didn't have hands like that. It just took me out of his green goblin arc.

Nowadays an opposite problem has happened where his original style has become way too diluted and he's that guy that pretty much does a house style but tends to elongate characters' torsos too much.

I liked the art in the first issue, but it just seemed to take a nosedive in parts of the second.


I'm with you. Always hated his stuff. Anyone got scans from the end fight of world war hulk where he fights the sentry? Makes me want to puke. Looks disgusting. Such a let down as well, could have been an insane fight

Always makes me cringe.



Is this the birth of an epic new house style?

>Fuck making people look human, just make everyone look like a malformed robot
I always hated how he made everyone male and female look the same. I appreciate the meme, but the art is still shit.
Piss poor.
Bland but passable, webcomic quality.
I'm hoping that artist has improved since this, rather than trying to pass off the lazy sketchy look as a "style".
An effort was made, the result was failure.
I always find it sad when "artists" like this get paid good money to shit out this.
It's like it takes place in an alternate world like that one Twilight Zone episode.
Has this person ever LOOKED at another human?
>Always draw people looking straight at the reader as often as possible
>also, shulk should look a bit like E.T.

God, I loved the writing of that book... it deserved so much better.

Sorry, I think either I'm missing the point of this thread, or you're missing the point of this thread. This is for bad art, right? What is so bad about these?

Nobody can beat this!

Gee I dunno

Bullshit. This can't be real.

It was a really bad coloring job
It got fixed in the trade at the artist's request

How did this person get hired?

Honestly, I can't draw worth shit, but I could do better than this.
I'm sure most of Cred Forums could, Jesus tittyfucking Christ.

I hate when he does potato face, especially as I know what he can do.

>Thanks to exposure to gamma radiation She-Hulk now possesses incredible strength, inhuman endurance, and severe brain swelling!

Hugh Hefner has all the original Greg Land "art."


Some of the things you quoted were legitimately bad though. I'm starting to think you don't even know what the fuck you're talking about. If you consider Frank Miller's Master Race garbage good, then please show me what you think bad art looks like.

Generally the artist has some other decent work before phoning in a book, or trying out a completely different style that may or may not work out. Steve dillon basically coasts by because he did Preacher. Javier Pullido was a Marcos Martin clone.


I wasn't expecting a legitimate answer, but thank you.

I think a better question is; how did anyone think it looked good?
Good enough to print, at that.
They're supposed to be professionals.

Remember the time Greg Land traced the picture of a man with a heart attack to draw Iron Man?

Man, that's so fucking lazy.

Got anymore?

JRJR is shit and I cannot fathom why he still has work.

He's very hit or miss for me. I do like him on all star batman so far.


Reference pictures is fine. Outright tracing is not. I have a similar issue when writing when trying to decide where inspiration ends and idea theft begins.

Usually it's because the artist is seen as reputable enough that he doesn't need an oversight until it's ready to go onto the next stage, and at that point there's no time to fix mistakes that bad. With comics, there's no room for delay, really.

It's also a lot of "Holy shit, that's THE ______. No way I'm gonna be the guy to tell him it's shit."

It's literally a photo-comic, he just traces a picture and copypastes on every work he draws

All his women are Pamela Anderson clones and all his men are Tony Starks

He used to be good, once upon a time.

If you think this looks bad then you need to quit comics forever.

...Is he a muppet?

Why is Iron Man's suit all scrunched up? Does he show expression on the suit now?

Good god ...

These look fine to me. They're trying something different, and I always like when cape artists do that.

Someone should edit out the blood

You must love this

>talking shit about based Lieber

He is my favorite

Sauce? Art looks great tbqh

When JRJR puts in effort he's fucking awesome, sometimes he rushes shit big time, like in Kick-Ass



>This is considered to be a shining example of western animation these days

Greg Land has gotta be the laziest piece of shit in the industry.

OP never said objectively worst art, so now people are posting shit they don't like. On that note, here's one that fits both categories.

Everything so fuzzy, like a sweatshirt someone left in the drier too long.

I hate digital coloring.


It's the gradients

No Liefeld yet? For shame, Cred Forums.

You didn't have to remind me that this shit exists

To be fair, it's praised more for its writing and subject matter than its art.

That's not saying much when those are shit too

Always makes me chuckle

I don't even watch this shitty show and I'm sick of hearing about how shitty it is.

If you honestly think that that's the worst modern animation has to offer, than you ain't seen nothing yet.

She looks like fucking Maisie Williams jfc my sides

I can try.

what does the recolor look like?

What the hell?!?!

>He says as he posts something that has been defunct for years IE not modern whatsoever


>5 years
>Not modern

>Problem Solvers
Fucking pleb get off my board

i hate to be that guy, but, i always hated alex ross's art. it gives me the worst case of uncanny valley chills.

>single-frame screenshot from an episode with a lot of squash-and-stretch

why does he look like pepe

I thought this book was mimic-ing Japanese woodblock art.

>defending garbage
>posting trash

Just like one of my Japanese animes!

>attack of the clones

Everything Ramondelli does.

Somebody post the pages from the recent non-Gurihiru Power Pack comic. I didn't have it in me to actually save them and punish my computer.

This one is still the winner. It's been years and I still haven't seen anything worse.

ell oh ell

>This art is fine, it's the writing that's cringeworthy.

>Humberto Ramos
Fucking trash

>I cannot fathom why he still has work.
he shares the surname of a competent, beloved artist (his father).

>All his women are Pamela Anderson clones

I'm sure you can find examples supporting PA, but most of them are actually Claudia Schiffer.


I honestly think this is worse than Squirrel Girl art

Why aren't you using the Burger King crown?


I like this one

His Wolverine work was pretty good, but otherwise yeah, he's crap.

Thunderbolts was my first big comic series I ever got into and jumping into that first arc of Rossbolts was the biggest test of willpower. So glad I stuck around for that issue where Venom quits.

Now I know I'm being trolled, this is great

That art is competent, it's just a style you don't like.


Yeah Miller's still got it, DC's modern coloring style just doesn't do him any fucking justice

Then you're a fucking pleb who doesn't understand how a comic works.
When character design becomes the most important element of a storytelling medium to you, it's time to stop posting about it. Even there Allegri uses a consistently cartoony style and extremely expressive faces, which is much better than the completely anatomically inconsistent potato faces of SG.
"I don't like it" doesn't mean it's worst ever. It doesn't even mean it's bad. For the record I don't think the art is even very good, it's just bland and overly simple. But to say that it's worse than SG is a joke. (and SG isn't even as bad as people make it out to be)

Didn't they fix this in the printed edition?

Imagine if OP's artist tried to draw that scene though, it'd be 10 times worse. At least Dillon is capable of drawing a scene like that


This is even in the same galaxy, let alone ballpark
Fuck off retard

It's competent if it was a fancomic that you could find somewhere on the internet for free.
It's ludicrous to believe that art of that level is worth paying for.

SG may look hideous, but it at least has looks like it has work put into it, Hellcat's drastic artstyle change, especially in comparison to the first volumes, looks boring and lazy, something that looks more like what you would find in a book for toddlers than a comic.


it'd be fine if everyone didn't have a mouth that just got punched

Again, the art competent, you just don't like the style. This thread is about WORST art, and that clearly does not apply.

>tries to jump through window
>opens door
>window is rolled up

What is this?

Avatar does it again! Also, the colorist needs to be shot.

whats wrong with your face

Why the fuck did they erase part of his leg?

What, because you say so?
It's trash, user.
Just because you like it doesn't mean it's not trash.

I DON'T like it. That doesn't mean it's the worst art ever.

If this was a thread for the worst art ever, then surely we'd just post the very worst art ever and the thread would be over in one post. :^)

It's more than worthy to be in this thread.

No one cares


truth, and while it makes me sad it also makes me hate him more for not living up to his old standards

left is less horrifying because it's more stylized, but holy shit wow

pic related: we need to go deeper

You are a mental midget aren't you lad

I feel like this is one of those cases where it's supposed to be stylised, but the coloration fucked it up.

They look just like regular StevenUniverse background characters.
Is the tumblr/CalArts meme for real?

Mind you, that art isn't really bad. But why do so many people draw the same way now?

this should be batman's idle stance in a fighting game

Because it's piss fucking easy and you can say you were inspired or some other horse shit by AT or SU and people will eat that shit up.

boner, why?

it's from Saga
there's a lot of fucking

how can a shot, so clearly Chock full of action feel so fucking rigid and unmoving.

All their mouths look crunched up and shoved toward the middle of their face. Makes them look like assholes.

>the art is competent
If that art is competent, then so is SG's, faggot. Come the fuck on.

Looks fine to me.

Capefags have no idea.

Why do people keep posting good art in a bad art thread?

Is he missing a fucking eye?

Which Antonio Inoki book is this from?

sometimes i wonder if things like these are just coincidence
some of them probably are

>amatuer lineart
>can only do muh style
>horrendous color theory
>terrible pacing
>off tone
>bad perspective
>abomimable composition

Jesus, the line are make it like she got her hand on a tablet for the second time.
The composition and the perspective is horrendous, there is no work put into it

atleast I know that i'm objectively smarter than anyone that likes this.

Can't speak for others but I was trying to prove a point.

honestly so what, its not meant to be good anatomy its meant to be dynamic, so my point still stands.

SU is garbage and Jojo is fine

>Hating on based Quitley

I'll knife ya


This looks good to me

I like him on Spider-Man but that's it.

it can be dynamic AND have good foundations you know
then it would actually be great art


Jesus Christ this one never ceases to traumatize.

>Eisner award nominated

Parody pic pls.

>Not posting the original

His old X-Men and DD stuff is great. I don't know what happened

half this thread i can't tell if it's typical Cred Forums shit taste or if i'm being trolled into oblivion

>>horrendous color theory
by the colorist?
>>terrible pacing
by the writer?
>>off tone
No, the book is written by a womanchild autistic, it's perfectly on tone
>>bad perspective
>>abomimable composition
No, it's using pretty standard compositional techniques

Again, not good, but not "worst art ever" by a longshot

You don't hate digital coloring, you hate that colorists are now people with communications degrees that know how to use coloring programs. They're not artists, they just are working a job, and are often really overworked.
Frazier Irving works all digital and his colors are fantastic.

I don't think the comic's coloring was all that bad, but its inking was pretty fucked up.


Why is Gary Busey dressed up as Batman?

is that the fucking villain from disney's pocahontas with a skull costume one? the fuck is that? elektra looks like fucking geronimo wth

Christ. That inker needs to be fired.

How do you fuck up that bad tho

>Hotline miami 2 ending

>current marvel status

In my opinion Venom is the one who shines in Ramos' style. The exaggeration makes sense.

pacing is done by both the artist and writer
color theory still applies when doing character design
>standard perspective an composition
for a 5 year old maybe sure

no, not the worst ever but i could prefer a rotton steak to a pus sandwhich, doesnt make the other any better

This better be a shoop

Yeah they made it look like his foot just comes out of his hand

>pacing is done by both the artist and writer
This isn't always true, a lot of scripts are specific about panels

>pacing is done by both the artist and writer
Show me where the Alleghri did the color designs

>>standard perspective an composition
>for a 5 year old maybe sure

No, having an over the shoulder shot to display characters, and profile interactions is shit even Wally Wood would use

>no, not the worst ever but i could prefer a rotton steak to a pus sandwhich, doesnt make the other any better

But this is a worst art ever thread. It's for the pus sandwiches, not rotten steaks. If you're not going to attempt to adhere to the guidelines of the thread we might as well start posting Dave Sim and Moebuis in here.

>specific about panels
not really, usually the artist has a bit of leeway with them, as long as they work

>Show me where the Alleghri did the color designs
shes the sole/main artist and kate leth the sole/main writer

>No, having an over the shoulder shot to display characters, and profile interactions is shit even Wally Wood would use
what you intend to do =/= what you did
those things are fine if you have a good understanding of fundies, which she doesnt, because she sucks
this isnt opinion she objectively sucks

>If you're not going to attempt to adhere to the guidelines of the thread we might as well start posting Dave Sim and Moebuis in here.
terrible to horrible is a fine range for this thread

This is great; carefully-stylized, expressionistic, graphic, superior layout, and well-designed blacks.


It's not competent, it's not better in anatomy and it's not about the expressive and cartoony faces, it's just that it's fucking shit, look at the linework, look at the anatomy on those characters, look at the fucking colors, it looks like she just threw some lines and used the paint bucket with the color palette that came to her mind at the time(it looks like shit) and fuck the rest, the composition is terrible too
Squirrel Girl looks like fucking shit but it's at least a polished turd instead of a rushed turd

Every single one of those complaints could be lodged at Squirrel Girl except the coloring (because henderson has a dedicated colorist on her book) and would find more onus there.

holy shit that's bad

Does this even count as art?

I think there's a website dedicated to shitting on Greg Land.

This is definitely the undisputed WOAT

Jesus christ this is atrocious. This artist has no concept of perspective or composition and their line quality is SHIT. The color fills on certain parts are a disaster. I thought the first one was a joke page until I saw the second one. Even as lo-fi, few layer digital roughs go these are the fucking pits. I wouldn't accept this as a fucking storyboard let alone a final print release for major comic book publisher.

Henderson's linework is excellent despite her shitty drawings
Kinda, but it's not that shit
Looks pretty good to me, she at least tries to make things dinamic

While Henderson does a shit job with an ugly art, she still handles herself pretty well and knows what the fuck she's doing most of the time(even if she can't do good art), Leth is just bad


Naw, it's adorable.

>when you cant draw hands and only have mangled porkchops for reference.

No, it doesn't.

Her linework is good, I actually had never looked at her pencils, but her anatomy is inconsistent as fuck and pretty bad, her composition is in no way better than Allegri, it actually looks very similar, like they want to draw a storyboard not a comic

Sure the character designs are cute, but the actual quality of the work is garbage.

This looks amazing

TF has seen far worse than Ramondelli, I have no idea how pic related was hired. Thank god this guy only covered a mini series.

I can't stop laughing at how bad this is actually.

Jesus Christ, you autistic fuck...

It has lesbians in it. That's apparently all a lot of people need to see to call it *ART*

I will never, never get tired of laughing at the artist having to apologize to the people who were lauding her for drawing a strong, black, trans character because she thought she was just drawing a normal black woman.

Post some sprocket leprosy by Patrick "Funana" Lee.


That's Ulises Farinas, and I don't see what's wrong with it unless it's "off model" for the characters.


You're not alone, I can't bare to look at his stuff.

In fact his art is the soul reason why I hate kick-ass' "popularity" with a passion, had me fuming when they got not 1, but 2 movies out of a comic that looked like it was drawn by a gorilla.

The first movie was a massive improvement over the book though

Instead of posting every single example I'm just gonna sum it up as Every single artist currently working on a female solo series for marvel.

Oh and Camuncoli's psycho faces, I'll take Ramos' abstract art any day over his shit.


Yes, I do hate the "my line work is so fucking rushed that I couldn't be assed to not have them bleed over each other all over the place" art style, almost as much as the "I didn't even bother to color inside the lines" style.

Gwenpool is the one exception, on issues where they aren't using fill-in artists.


Liefeld is cheating. It's like including feces on a list of worst foods.

Is the one on the left fanart?

I like how expressive the characters are here. It's like every panel is a caricature.

I agree with this, Ramos gets a little crazy, but his stuff always looks fun.

But this never happened.
Someone asked if Nancy was trans, artist said "No, but there is a trans character in the cast."

Was this made by Adult Swim?

Who's the pleb that considers this poor art. This is good, loose and cartoonish in a good way.

He's absolute trash now, I liked him on Daredevil because I guess whoever inked it made it seemed stylized enough... his pencils are like an ugly version of Frank Miller art...

His dad did not pass along his talent. JRJR sucks at faces and all his art seems too liney

Someone here (I hope is the same guy) considers cartoonish art as bad. Imo it's much more appealing and dynamic that those seudo realistic pin art pages so common in cape comics.

Is this supposed to be DOOM PATROL? What the fuck is this garbage? Looks horrible


okay whoever drew this made Jughead look horrible but that Sabrina is fantastic... if this artist did Archie books but made the males look more like their classic selves instead of sissified anime dudes and kept the hot chicks these books would sell tons esp. if they made the tone more adult like Love and Rockets and added fan service because face it barely any chicks or little kids read Archie anymore, I hardly even see the little serial books in grocery stores anymore and I used to buy shitloads of those as a kid so I could fap to Veronica and Betty in swimsuits

It looks very manga influenced to me, a lot of the expressions and poses do anyways



Are those bionicals?

Is that Brian Bolland? You don't like Bolland? Fuck right off hard then push it even harder than that!

Is the inker retarded?

he's a motorcycle helmet

chris weston I think

This was sold in stores for money?!



People we have a winner.

Amazed nobodys put this shit show up yet

Still dunno if i hate or like this issue, dunno why they had the need to change artists for the final part of the story arc.

I have a Spider-Man comic maybe Tangled Web or some Foes of that has this same style art I should take pics

I don't think this guy is objectively a bad artist but jesus christ was he a terrible choice for a magic action book

His Spider-Man stuff is God-tier. His Kick-Ass work was mid-tier. His Superman stuff was garbage tier. But oh my god his Gray Zone stuff was absolute shit tier.

He's a penciler that needs the right inker and the right colorist backing him up.

Romita JR is terrible in any way and literally only gets jobs because he can crank garbage on any deadline.

yeah, the Avatar inker/colorist makes everyone's pencils look like hot steaming garbage

Dean White. Hell of a nice guy too. He lectured for one of my character development classes once.


this can't be real

That's Deodato...

feels like its trying to emulate bruce timm but shittier

if only i found an image of how this artist made aunt may look. she looked like uncle ben

Holy shit I hate inkers nao

This looks like that Bee and Puppycat shit
Oh god, don't tell me it is

Its real, but that's Injustice for you

I kinda like that actually.

It's not completely horrible, but doesn't fit the subject matter.
For some gritty Dark Horse comic or entirely independant thing/webcomic, it would be great.

The funny part about Problem Solvers is it would be popular now in this ironic Vaporwave era.

You know, Mizuryu Kei's art has gotten better since then (pic related), but I was annoyed with his weird ass short upper bodies he drew back then too.

>mfw my roomate loves War Machine, Punisher and Ghost Rider
>his birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him a comic
>saw this, but never opened the book up, just saw it and was like, oh perfect!
>as I was walking towards the counter to pay I spot a book with GR and Frank fighting
>had the 80s style artwork
>Well this is even better!
>drop the War Machine comic and buy the other one
>see the inside of that war machine comic 2 years later

That's dumb. A good inker can fix almost anything. A great inker can make everyone else on the art team into a legend.

Mizuryu Key's art is disgusting, and I'm not just talking about the anatomy

It's as if the person who drew and colored this was a 7th grader.

What the fuck.

liefeld is still better than a lot of shitty artists

at least his art has energy

its retarded energy but it's still energy

I want an elseworld where Peter shoots up his school and is basically James Holmes with Spider powers

This issue made me drop the book

This cannot be real...

Why is Peter Park a 40 years old italo-american man

Liefeld reminds me of Steven Spielberg in a really weird way

Even at his worst, a bad Spielberg movie is still a thousand times better than most of the schlock we see in movies. And even at his worst, Liefeld is still just barely good.

Compare him to a legitimately bad artist and his art is structurally superior. Yet compare him to a good artist and the flaws of his art really comes through

God, I can't help but crack up whenever I look at Catwoman's googly eyes. Seriously, how do you ink that and say, "Yup, that's perfect" once you're done?

>deadline style
It can get ugly at times, but I still like most of his stuff.


i think that's Larroca, not Land

I can't stand JRJR, except for Spider-Man. For some reason, he always seems a perfect fit for Spidey material.

But I think a lot of his 'bad' art has a lot to do with inkers and colorists, as I've seen sketches for his Superman material look real good but the finished product not so much.

Lines and backgrounds are good, but that face is terrible. Needs flat colors too

No that was the Land run where he traced Goatse for a cover

His DD was good

Is this copypasta? I swear I saw this reply before.

I love Ian Bertram

Throwing in the skeleton for good measure.

Agreed. It definitely has some glaring issues, but it's not so bad that you wonder how he got hired in the first place, like Greg Land.
It actually blows my mind that anyone would hire Land if they saw his traces even once, especially that Iron Man one

Someone post the JSA(or maybe it was the JLI) one with fucking awful art, it involves nazis

Yeah, me too. Put up with it in Kickass, mainly because of Millar, but JRJR is very low on my list of favorite artists.

>attacking garbage
>posting trash

Is there a version of that skeltal overlay in png?

If there is, I can't find it. I couldn't even find a copy of the image at a larger resolution than the one I posted.

has this ever been storytimed?

i'm actually curious

It was fixed in the digital/collected edition. The guy doing the colors basically thought Bruce's eyes were open instead of closed and fucked up the coloring on the teeth as well.