What's the general consensus on the treasure planet?

what's the general consensus on the treasure planet?

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Someone post it.

For me?

Too short. Great VAing. Decent characters. Animation was really nice. It just didn't seem to click, though.

JimxAmelia would have been preferable to DopplerxAmelia

I will never understand BEN hate.
It was ok.
I loved the crew and IMO this movie is a lot better than people remember.
Give it a watch.


I thought it was fantastic. What an original concept. TP and Atlantis are both underrated I feel, beautifully animated and solid storytelling.


best waifu for laifu

Quick! Someone post that screencap!

Amelia is best waifu. Doppler is best husbando. It just makes sense.

>Animation in the 40s was so much better
This really needs to die. I see it fucking everywhere, right alongside the bitching about "Cal Arts style."

i loved it a lot

nobody wanted to watch it with me though bc they all hated it :(

subjective as fuck

It wasn't better but already the best.
Treasure Planet has done nothing better animation wise than Pinocchio

John Silver is probably one of my favorite animated characters of all time, simply because of how well he blends 2D and 3D elements

He should really get help for his insecurities. It's getting really bad.

Fuck off, retard.

Amelia should have impregnated Jim.

John K does such a disservice to future animation here, by mixing good (if subjective) information with his saltiness about being a has-been animator. Solid drawing is a real thing, and can be really effective for sure. It's not better or worse than other stuff but is surely something people don't focus on as much anymore.

But then he has to go full sperg and make it a personal vendetta against those in the industry who decide to draw (and think) differently. His generation of nerds needs to go away.

Pic related. Thats some solid drawing right there

Not renaissance-tier, but way better than Frozen, Tangled, and Big Hero 6 combined.

Battle at Procyon was a sick-ass game and I love it

>MFW data of the ship labled "TP" was found in the game data for the 3DS Kingdom Hearts game, thus doubling the chances of it getting into 3.

He's right about everything on that pic, except parted hair.

I'm down with calling out poor drawing in a movie that obviously is trying to go for solid drawing (Doppler is an amazing feat on that) but is the name calling and nostalgia necessary? Plus is not as if drawing solid is the only way to animate

>can you tell me the popular opinion?

>What an original concept.
>100+ years old book
u wot m8

But cool movie. Silver was a surprisingly complex villain and his gadget hand was awesome...

>over 20 replies and no one brings up the robo-arm guy

I either lost it or never saved it. I'm waiting for it too.

It's Mostly Great.

By that I mean that the first 2/3s are really fucking good. The animation is great, scenery is amazing, characters are engaging and funny and it is just a treat to watch.

Then he lands on the planet and we have to meet the "Literally Worse Than Jar-Jar: The Robot", and it just becomes infuriating to watch.

It's one of those movies that I keep forgetting about even though I enjoy it quite a lot. Animation looks nice but some CGI bits kinda clash with the 2D. The chemistry between the main characters is interesting and one of the strongest points of the movie. Also, the movie seems to have a small but terrifying fandom consisting of people lusting for the cyborg guy.

You asked for it anons. Monsters.

The black hole part triggered me.
I get that it was in the source material and I admit that it was really cool; but god dammit, that's not at all how black holes work.

I think we have finally reached a point in human development were our entertainment is altering our perception of reality at a viral level. Shit like this is going to get worse with VR. What if the cause for autism is nothing but a generational, DNA altering obsession with pop culture?

The compass robot was fucking annoying.

Blessed by user. Reality really writes the best stories.

How different would the scene be had the black hole acted like it should?

It's an alright Treasure Island adaption that's worth checking out but I feel like its obvious why it didn't become a cult hit that gained incredible momentum like Lilo and Stitch. Beyond, the Treasue Island beats, it doesn't do anything special, it sort of looks like Titan AE and neither of their 2D/cgi hybrid animation looks appealing. Annoying ass BEN. Jim's look wasn't even cool back then. It's brown, fuck it's so brown.

They'd all be fucking dead.

I would disagree because furry, but that naval uniform mang.

They are breathing space air already while piloting sailing vessels, why would that part trigger you?





Eh, it's alright.
There's a reason why it's only remembered by autistic shippers.



Not really.
I love it and didn't even know what the fuck shipping was until Cred Forums.
And it's extremely pathetic.

>1.5mb pngs that look worse than 200kb jpgs
user please lrn 2 image optimisation.

I know right?, it's furry bait after all, but I kinda liked her, not as a waifu but still pretty good character.

I enjoyed it for it's weird yet great blend of 17th century swashbuckling and sci-fi adventure designs.

Hate to use the word Space-steampunk but that's what it is, in a good way.

They nailed the foster Father-Son relationship between Jim and Long-John

Only part I really hate is Martin Short's as a coked-up Robin Willaim's Robot. It was he walked over from the movie 'Robots'

Hey guys, what's going on in this thread?

It showed an interesting universe.....and didn't let us explore it.

I liked Atlantis a lot more than Treasure Planet, but I haven't seen either in years.

Within the first 30 minutes of Avatar I realized the villain was exactly same as the villain from Atlantis.

How was virtually the entire crew on the side of the pirates?

They didn't hire anyone else?

Come on.

Is not my fault the rip I have is hit.

You're still saving screencaps from a shit rip as large file size pngs. There's no need to save caps as anything other than jpgs unless the file is VERY high quality and saving as a jpg would create compression artifacts in the image that weren't there in the source. If there's already that much compression in the original source, pngs are nothing but a massive waste of space. Those images would look exactly the same saved as jpgs and be about 1/10 the size.

That it is responsible for an inordinate amount of autism. I don't really understand why. I didn't think it was much of a film but some people are apparently obsessed with it.

There was that girl with a relatively long ED entry who was completely obsessed with Silver for a while. Good times.


I think this movie might be what game me my "woman in uniform" kink desu...

Could be worse.

Fullmetal Autist

>I think we have finally reached a point in human development were our entertainment is altering our perception of reality at a viral level
A fucking cartoon frog meme is an election issue. You don't say?

Actually, no, yet again John K isn't right. While yes, solid drawing helps sometimes, it's also a way of moving the character's body in a realistic way, as close to 3D as possible. See what I'm getting at?

Look at Tangled's concept art. Bird was asked to map a 3D plane for Rapunzel's face, at least sketch it, because after modelling it, characters skull and facial features would later be changed a little bit, whenever the scene needed their mouth to open unusually wide or their eyebrows go way higher than the basic skulls build allowed for it.


Because this is how CGI evolved - it imitates the flaws of traditional animation, so that you don't get a 60 FPS fully realistic movie full of every character's move being as close to what John K calls "solid drawing".

It's just another salty as fuck blog post that people don't think of him as another Miyazaki (who's a good example of the 40's animation style evolving in a VERY different and good way) or whatever, and that no one thinks of his concept of never repeating faces as incredibly stupid.

Also, holy shit, what the fuck was he thinking with that shitty Simpsons couch gag.

All this "knowledge" about animation as an art and he still hasn't made anything that doesn't look like total shit.

Fuck, not Bird but Glen Keane, what was I thinking.

As for Treasure Planet - tons of incredible stuff there, I love how climactic it is, and how it's not a boring retelling of the book, but a nice twist. Sadly, it shits the bed once they do get there.

Does Disney make movies only for girls now?

>big hero 6
>wreck it ralph

The main character in Zootopia is Judy, not Nick

I think you have other problems

It hit too close to home with the "No dad" element.


Otherwise one of my top 10 movies.

And? How does that make it "for girls?"

>not knowing the filters

I think it's implied he hired them as a group, apart from Amelia and Mister Arrow which also came as a package deal.

Had a lot of fun with it. Loved the atmosphere of the solar surfing and space exploration.

Plus I'm a sucker for the idea of mixing marine life and the void of space.

>I get that it was in the source material
There was a black hole in Treasure Island?

The traditional animation is horrid. No wonder half the movie was cgi and Disney would stop making 2d animation.

>original concept
Changing the setting of a literary classic to space?


>I would disagree because furry, but that naval uniform mang.
>ass if being an alien wasn't enough
It's all about leaping before you look and going balls deep.

Muppet Treasure Island was beter

Thanks Kirk.

tippy top taste

It was probably just a tropical storm and a whirlpool in Island

I hope to Gandhi that man follows his dreams and actually becomes a mechanical engineer so he can build his arm.

So why is the PC game a fleet command game and is it any good?


don't slut shame the captain

It's alright. I still prefer Muppet Treasure Island.

Everyone bitched to me years ago that Milo is just Jean from Nadia, and I said that was bullshit.

Then I actually watched Nadia. I almost feel like there's grounds to sue.

I don't kniw about everybodtly else, butbI loved it as a kid. It's a cult thing for sure: I can't imagine the legions of frozen fans, for instance, are going to like this movie as much as I do, but for all of the movie's shortcomings (the sometimes jarring blend of 3D and 2D and Ben being the only two big offenders) I can't help but love this movie for just smashing Star Trek-esque sci-fi elements right the fuck into 1700s pirate adventure stuff. Of course, a pretty great story and good characters and art makes this an easy buy for me.

TL:DR the movie's A E S T H E T I C is batshit insane and I love it for it.

The PC game is pretty fun I used to own it until I lost it during a move. Only sad thing was the multiplayer was shut down so you can only play Solo or basically a LAN with bots.

It's great, one of my favorites. Get it during a sale from steam.

It's on steam?! Holy shit I might go buy it I always regretted losing my hard copy of it during my move. Take all my money steam do it now.

Fuck man, them legs, that uniform...that everything

>What an original concept.

I still want to be a space-sailor, though.

Thats the only reason I know it exists.

It's such a stupid mix for a setting. But also neat.

So what you are saying is that just because solid drawing engender CGI, solid drawing is no good? If that is the case, you are basically taking the same attitude of John K but from the side of fliud, flat animation.Solid drawing is viable way to animate, and the criticism is warranted because within the same movie, every other character and object is animated as solid, except for jim's face, which is a mess of shapes floating in some head. It is inconsistent and painfully obvious that they were attempting to draw him solidly, but from the design stand point they couldn't do it.

Solid Drawing is just is a good way to animate, and learning and and applying it consistently is a worth thing to try, specially from Disney, the people who basically invented it in animation. Is not the only way to do it. The problem is to get all fundamentalist about one way of drawing or another. That's why John K is he laughing stock of the animation industry: because f his fundamentalism. Don't fall on the same trap in the other side of the debate.

Been a while since I watched it but I remember being glad that they didn't shoehorn in a romance subplot for the lead. But since I haven't seen it in forever I can't remember if the romance between the doctor and the captain was shoehorned in or not.

This is my second-favorte adaptation of my favorite book.

My favorite is Muppet Treasure Island.

FUCK the BBC miniseries, it was awful.

Yeah but Quaritch never hid his disdain.

Also the Navi were shitheads who deserved extinction

There was neither. Jim mentions for one line that there was a heady sea one night on the voyage (which he is summarizing because not much happens on it), during which time Mr. Arrow fell ovrboard and no one much cared because he was a lousy First Mate, too easy on the crew and perpetually drunk somehow.

Usually adaptations like to make Silver or one of his lackeys being the one to kill Arrow, but in fact the book suggests that all Long John did was keep him supplied with a secret stash of rum, which is never said to have been with the intent of killing him (more likely, given his nature, Long John was trying to recruit him). Also Arrow is often depicted as being an upstanding and fine English Officer in most adaptations, but in the book he was a lousy drunk.

Not that I'm complaining, mind; again, my two favorite adaptations of this book are Treasure Planet and Muppet Treasure Island.

Reminder that Muppet Treasure Island is the only adaptation of the book where Mister Arrow survives.

The BBC mini-series LOOKED good, visually, and Eddie Izzard was a surprisingly good Long John Silver, Elijah Wood was a good Ben Gumm, and Gene Hunt actually worked as the captain. But it ultimately took too many liberties with the story itself.

There's definitely been worse adaptions, though.

...okay? He doesn't in the book.

Yeah, I agree that the BBC thing looked good. Actually to be honest I don't even mind most of the acting.

But what they did to Trelawney is unforgivable, and I DO NOT CARE about the precious little adventures of Jim's mom back in England or what Silver's wife was up to.

>and perpetually drunk somehow.

I'm pretty sure First Mates were allowed to bring aboard their own stores of wine, on British ships at least. I might be mixing up at which point you got that privileged. It made it quite easy for the higher-ups on the ship to be drunkards anyway, because they could bring aboard their own copious stores instead of having to just work off of the daily grog allowance.

>the precious little adventures of Jim's mom back in England or what Silver's wife was up to.

Fuck me, I didn't even remember that when I wrote that post. I'd just completely blanked it out of my mind. In my memory the biggest sin was how they changed Trelawney, not all that boring shit.

>killing Arrow
Dropped. Why do all the cool characters die?

I, for one, know that I'll definitely be taking this rant to heart because as we all know, John K. is the MASTER of "Solid Drawing".

I haven't played Battlefleet Gothic, but this feels like a cheaper less edgy version of that gameplay wise.

Orders seem relatively limited for commanding a fleet but I'll take what I can get.

I really just wish Naval Action wasn't a pseudo MMO with a horrible grind. I'd love to play some pirate game with interesting sailing mechanics and damage models


What the fuck did that pirate even collect all that gold for if he didn't even spend the majority of it on whores and ale?

Or at least a fleet, or a bigger ship.

Because he's a hoarding space dragon

It's Disney; the Mouse will swipe from anywhere.

>Avatar sequel: Starts with this.
>Based Quaritch

So much so that he buried himself with it.

I also just noticed that they didn't have any space battle in the entire movie. Real shame.

There's a cap of someone writing a report of the aftermath where they ended up crashing one of the Venture Star's engines into the tree thing, clearing a large landing zone devoid of life to mine in peace in.

I'm not sure what you would call this style? Future steampunk? Spacepunk?

I liked the concept and all of the aliens and the robots. I liked that the main character wasn't a princess or royalty in any way. I'm surprised that it didn't do better at the box office. The pop songs (I think it was the Goo Goo Dolls?) suck and feel horribly dated now though.

No need to put steampunk or dieselpunk as a term in there, especially since steam or gas wasn't involved. It's really just sailships in space.

Something like the floating isles in stuff like Skies of Arcadia et al, except in space with planets and oddly shaped space stations.

The song montage was kinda shite, then again I'm not a fan of those either way so who am I to judge.

>implying Nick isn't a better protagonist than Judy.


How has noone posted relevant music yet?

Is this an autism post



So I have to wonder. How did that giant merchant ship/passenger liner thing at the beginning get fucked up by a single small pirate ship?

IIRC merchant ships carried a ton of guns and sailed in fleets to avoid just that.

The designer of that thing deserves to be keelhauled.



Did you post that shit in /scg/edg/ a while ago too?

I don't know what that is, so no.

Fuck off, mercenary.

Spaceship /vg/ thread.

Oh, I haven't played video games as much as I used to so I wouldn't have known.

Great film, unfortunately its commercial success was hindered due to its release overlapping with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

That period (2000-2007) for Walt Disney Animation Studios's feature films was a series of commercial "failures", one after the next. Their critical reception, If I remember correctly wasn't stellar, either. (With a few exceptions, Lilo and Stitch comes to mind.) I'd say the people in charge were pretty eager to make the switch to 3D in lieu of traditional 2D animation, that was where the money was/is.

Makes me sad, I'd like to think we'll see more traditional animation ventures that are commercial successes in the future. Not that I don't love 3D, I study it.




I'm still sad to this day that all that treasure is now lost forever because they didn't think it could be booby trapped.

Damn shame.

With a really shitty tripwire trap too.