Episode where Stan tried to fuck his son through a superpowered biological Avatar in the form of a hot teenage girl

>episode where Stan tried to fuck his son through a superpowered biological Avatar in the form of a hot teenage girl

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Where's the webm of Stan dancing in this episode

What sort of Avatar would Cred Forums like to have? Use an image reference if you have one.

Just remember that it'd be for the life you're currently living, you need to take care of it, and you won't have any super powers.

>episode where Peter tried to marry his son so he can get the inheritance Carter gave him.

Nah it was a robot.
you're trying to make it weirder than it already was

But if you were Karl and you saw Karl... how would you know which one is you?

pic related

Chris also jerked off his grandfather and it was revealed he takes baths with Meg in that same episode.

Is Chris being hung like a horse still canon?

Yeah, it gave him this whole complex issue.

Dont know why it wouldnt be

I got a gif

I wish it was the android girl doing the dancing, not the dad...


Someone post it

Pic related


That's the joke but I get you.

Is it wrong to find this hot as hell?


Why is he ripped?

He's singing

i assumed it was a joke
like hes still beta as fuck but hes ripped

Stumbled upon this yesterday


Personal favorite is Hayley "you were smoking in the science department?"
Francine"you think i give a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit."

I love how on occasion Stan breaks out these skills and on others he's an awkward square

In all honestly, this episode never made me cringe as much as Peter marrying his own son (or the part where he gave his granddad a HJ)

In fact it never made me cringe at all. That avatar was hot! Don't y'all tell me you wouldn't want the chance to be a sexy girl

how has the show since tbs?

I havent watched it since

Some say it's not as good as the Fox seasons but it's still pretty enjoyable. The most recent season had some funny episodes.

I am having trouble comprehending what Stan is saying.

Especially the part where you made me beg FOR a picture of your mother ... uh?

A picture gives permission? I'm lost.

They showed Gwen, and the Christmas episode sucked. But I still like the show. Toshi sister didn't survive the crossover

ok im getting caught up this weekend

>Toshi sister didn't survive the crossover

Is that a "well she hasn't appeared yet" or a "creative(s) who work on the show have gone on the record to say that they will no longer be using Akiko" response because I'm freaking out it's the latter.

a version of me my father could love

Steve made Phillis beg a picture of his mother for permission to take the D. It's just a kinky role-playing 'who's your daddy?' Sort of thing to do.

Phillis/Stan says: "Wow! That was amazing! Especially the part where you made me beg a picture of your mother for permission to take the 'D' from her special man!"

Akiko that's her name, and the first one.

Someone making that show has a gender bender fetish.

And I salute them

Damn no wonder Francine puts up with his shit.
That ass won't quit.


Because he's ripped.

that was my favorite too user
one of the only moments in the season that actually made me laugh

I get it, the fact we can't see a hot girl doing it is the whole joke, but FUUUU-

I feel that entire segment is a analogy for the Clone Saga

I prefer the time Steve grew huge juicy tits


Damn, that time in B12 did wonders for him.

>Toshi sister didn't survive the crossover
Good. She was shit.

Fucking diamonds

Just a version of me but with less health issues and maybe slightly taller

God, I've forgotten how ridiculous American Dad could get.

wait so shit is ok but fuck isnt? and when was shit even allowed?

and am i the only one who feels liberated hearing this cast of characters say it?

nice gets and yeah i feel that american dad is better constructed than family guy, like... yeah peter almost married his son and implied that he would not back down from sex with his own child, and stan straight up almost had sex with his son by proxy not even seven of them but the difference is their intentions.

Stan hesitated until he felt like that was the only way that he could be there for his only son. it may have been extreme but we see that stan does extreme things out of passion.

peter on the other hand quickly went to his decision, and only did it for chris' inheritance, even though there were SEVERAL OTHER SOLUTIONS he could have went with but didnt because he's a fucking dumb ass, meanwhile chris put up with all his bullshit and probably would have allowed his fucking father to have sex with him because at least then he would be spending time with him.

its funny really: stan did everything in his power to make up for not being more of a presence in his life, and chris was willing to do anything just for his own father to do the same. and thats the difference between american dad and family guy:

even though they both get ridiculous, american dad is less jaded and abhorrent and more sympathetic in their delivery.

i dont think its a stretch to say that even the worst american dad episode is the god damn Ulysses compared to the bulk of the past several seasons of family guy.

RIP Becky.

literally dr manhattan

This guy almost got laid serveral times by multiple girls. It's just the universe don't want him to score.


I'm honestly confused, I know it's a send-off of the whole "guys standing around all shirt open and singing about their women" genre, but I'm trying to place who exactly they're parodying in the song. Boyz II Men, maybe?

Steve is only ripped when he sing.

not true, he's Schrodinger's ripped. both is and isn't.

It was referenced in a few different episodes. As far as "family guy canon" goes...I'd say its canonical

well sometimes and bulking and sometimes he's cutting

get /fit/

probably a Futa that is a solid 8/10 and just happens to have a big penis. Pretty easy way to live, and I can still get hard. Also no periods, so that's a plus in my book.

This episode is easily top 5

Steve is 16 and has been almost literally cock-blocked by his family at least a dozen times now. He will probably have an active sex life once he moves out.

i dunno. stan and francine have done a number on him. roger hasn't done him any favours irt interacting and courting girls

His destiny

>we take turns being the girl
>no we don't

YEAH, it seems pretty likely that this is how it ends up.

>not Steve's best wingman

Steve just needs to embrace the jungle fever.

d'angelo - untitled

He doesn't have jungle fever, he's just equal opportunity. Except for Mexicans, no Mexicans.

oh wingman, sure. but good influence? not in the least

that chola gang really freaked him out

>you will never get to consume the tender flesh of a girl you've made passionate love to
Shit, now I'm depressed

Hands down best girl ever.
>Hot as hell

I kinda miss Debbie.
Did they just get tired of trying to write a Goth or did they think Steve can do more alone/desiring every girl he sees

Not to mention the episode where meg walks in to Chris's room and says she wants to practice kissing again

Well it gave us Devin and hopefully future chicks so I'm okay with it.
American dad's girls are pure unaltered fap fuel.

>it's an incest fetish episode in a Seth McFarlane show

Being ripped doesn't make you any less beta, it just makes you a ripped beta. There's a thread about this everyday on /fit/

Trapped in the locker was the greatest parody yet

Doesn't surpass the mastery of Trapped in the Closet though.

I'll never get over black lois in there

you wrote unbirthing wrong.

This I need to go watch it again