Why are her eyes are human-like and not animal-like the rams?

Why are her eyes are human-like and not animal-like the rams?

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Have sell those toys

They needed her to be cute and pretend she's not the bad guy despite it being really obvious from the beginning anyway.

Just saw this movie for the first time last night, the only reason I knew she was a bad guy is because of the threads on Cred Forums other than that I wouldn't have seen it coming until you find the other sheep and rams making the pellets out of the howler flowers. Great movie.

all three of them?

yeah, my sister-in-law didn't suspect a thing, she thought animals were drugging themselves with something.

answer the question?

A fucking prequel
>more furry shit

>complaining about furry shit
>on Cred Forums

I suspected her from the mug scene combined with the mayor's attitude toward her. Her defense of his attitude had a lot of underlying bitterness to it.

OMG user, you can't just ask someone why their eyes are human like.

Cred Forums isn't furry only your cancerous furry generals are

>Cred Forums isn't furry
You shouldn't make it so obvious you're new.

I'm getting sick of Disney movies having tweest villains. Their last four movies in a row had them.

>Donald Duck
>Cali Briggs
>Micky Mouse
>Darkwing Duck
>Howard the Duck
>Looney Toons
>Tiny Toons
Please, explain how none of these belong on Cred Forums.

The little sheep at Judy's farm didn't have them either. Ewes just have normal eyes in Zootopia.

My family's watching Mean Girls right now.

Because the rams were an older model that they didn't have time to redesign

OH. that makes sense. they were still henchmen in previous movie, even merchandise often have "protect the herd" printed on it.

There is a difference between anthropomorphic and furry, dumbass.

Yeah, it's called porn, all of which have some rule 34 content, dumbass

contact lenses, to make her look more relatable to preds

i want to fuck it

Is dis nigga serious?

>Cred Forums isn't furry
You're just trying for a screencap with ZOOMED WORDS, aren't you? Be honest.


she probably doesnt even need these glasses

How many rams did we see that didn't spend time in drug lab? Maybe exposure is getting to them?

well she's a sheep not a goat

It's really less of a question of "Why aren't Bellwether's pupils square" and more of a question of "Why do only adult rams have square pupils"?

The answer is because Disney is lazy as fuck and wanted the sheep henchman to look weird and scary without giving away Bellwether.

So you'd want to fuck her.

it keeps amazing me how smooth the animation is and how real the textures feel

nah I'd fuck her regardless

The only reason it's obvious is metafictional - you know the trend. So you see it coming.

And even so, she's my favourite character because of how many ways I can interpret her.

the only reason they look scary is because they had to look like that so we'd feel more sorry for nick when they rough him up and arrest him after he went "savage"*(previous movie)

Well they cast a wider net with Rapunzel eyes.

Not all breeds of lamb have rectangular pupils.

She's a half-breed. Only pureblood rams have eyes like that.


Her dad's a predator.

Probably explains a lot about her motivations. Self-loathing will do that to you.

I don't believe she's really hating predators. She said "Predators are naturally pre-disposed to savagery" as sarcastically as possible.

I really think if she has any genuine hatred in her, it's for her fellow prey for not rising to challenge.

She's trying to convince herself she has no predatory instincts - by behaving like a predator. And rationalizing it as just being clever prey.

It's classic to loathe personality characteristics you see in others and hate that run rampant in yourself.

Her eyes are human-like because she is a human. It's one conspiracy piled atop another.

>Cred Forums isn't furry

She's a midget.


Sheep eyes are disturbing and horrifying and no one wants to see that

Wow...this is the first poop that I found to be actually funny! Mainly due to it making sense and not being a bunch of random annoying looped animation and noise.

Be sure to include me in the screencap.

How fucked up would it be if a human turned up in the Zootopia world?

Well, humans are mammals, so they would probably be seen as equals

>Her dad's a predator.

That's not how species work user

>Not cute

main character power

thats why


Bellwether is cute, shame people would rather talk about Judy and Nick ad nauseam

Those are both sheep.

>he's never seen skooks

>Judy? Honey? Have you been eating Daddies 'special' lettuce?

that's precisely how adoption works, though.

is dumbass really the best we can do? fuckwit perhaps?

Maybe we can brainstorm, no wrong answers, what have you got?

This would explain why everyone I meet who hates jews is really mean with their money.

Dipshit? Chucklefuck? Fucknugget?

I like where you're coming from, can we build on it? maybe go bigger?

Four-sided ass-pounding family-sized fuckstick?

Every fucking CGI character has the same Pixar eyeballs. It's seriously ugly and tiring. This is where a lot of the appeal from 2D animation has been lost.

four-sided-ass-pounding-family-sized-fuckstick with a side of mommy issue ridden cuckelfuck.

this poop and the first zootopia one are better than most because they can use quotes from cave johnson for the mayor

Yeah, that because is fucking easy to rotate the eyelids from a simple sphere model.



You act as though cartoons (and notably animu) haven't already been doing this for a long time either.

For many audiences, large eyes just work better for creating character-relating appeal.

Unrelenting, sexual deviancy un-heard of yet upon our mere brief history upon this planet. Things would be going into other things that were never meant to be put there...

I await that day, with a smirk on my face.

They'd be the only omnivores, though.

There aren't even apes in the Zootopia world, that would be pretty weird.

Both look good enough to butcher, cook over an open fire, and eat.

I think not...

Bears, raccoons, squirrels, badgers, opossums, skunks, "sloths", chipmunks, mice, rats, some species of wolves eat plant matter, pigs and hedgehogs to name a few...

While it's true there are some omnivores, the creators avoided them as a conscious decision to make the pred/prey dichotomy easier. So a human would absolutely stand out as one.


This niggas cereal


You can easily make Non spherical eyes that can rotate and maintain there shape using lattice deformers in CG software. Why no one does it, I have no idea.

What I said above. Anime eyeballs are not literal spheres, they are nearly painted on to the form of the head that's why they are appealing.

I didn't, but I accidentally spoiled it half-way looking up her VA.

Nah, she envies predators who are mean and loud and get all the attention and resents being prey.

Gonna need a source on that pic, user.

>Cred Forums isn't furry

I don't know if I was just being temporarily inexplicably retarded, but I legitimately didn't see that coming

I've heard that Disney's been leaning on that trope a lot in their recent animated films, but Zootopia's the only one of the new ones I've seen, so...

GIS is completely worthless these days. WTF?

>Cred Forums isn't furry
Cred Forums is the furriest board on Cred Forums

Why aren't you watching it with them? Shit's good.

I want a Go Flock Yourself mug


There you go buddy.

C'mon guys, I can't be here to hold your hand for everything. Just ballpark it with the tags that are obvious, and it's probably going to be right there in front of you.

I say evolution.

>not knowing the rule

Contacts. If you didn't catch it, she represented the black community, and their desperate need to become white.

i love when people think "x represents y" after watching this movie

I didn't see any connection until Nick started playing with her hair

Yes, because blacks scoot away from whites on the bus, and blacks tell whites "You're just a real articulate fella" as a kind of backhanded compliment

You're dumb

and yet prey outnumbered preds 10 to 1. that joke was to mislead you.

What? No, when nick starts playing with the sheep's hair it's very reminiscent of when someone not black just has to touch a dude's fro, or whatever, and that was the only bit of racial steriotyping. The bits with the prey getting nervous around preds, I felt, was a bit about how media effects the public's views.

Saying "you're very articulate" or "you're well spoken" (for a black guy) is a stereotypical kind of backhanded racist comment. Just Google it. And as says, preds are only 10% of the population, just like blacks.

The curly hair thing was because she was a sheep. That's as far as the gag went.

Saying "you're very articulate" or "you're well spoken" (for a black guy) is a stereotypical kind of backhanded racist comment. Just Google it. And as says, preds are only 10% of the population, just like blacks.

The curly hair thing was because she was a sheep. I get that it's supposed to be parodying when you touch a black dude's hair, but that's as far as the gag went.

I want to lie in bed with Judy and Nick and feel them using me as a pillow

>Cred Forums isn't furry
that's like saying Cred Forums isn't gay

I wanna fuck the wool off of her

She was supposed to be Ronald Reagan with the crack epidemic and the War on Drugs heavily affecting the black community

Woah, that quality is fantastic

Just say you are related to chimps. Actually, do we see any monkeys in zootopia?

No, there's no primates. Creators said it's on purpose.

holy shit...
you're right
zootopia is actually just a zoo but we see it from the perspective of these animals

Discarding possible issues with papers and such that always happen when you go to a different world, you'll be fine.

Probably find gainful employment as world's ugliest pig.

Hope they still at least poultry there.


oh Moore...

Maybe if most blacks didn't speak in inarticulate boonspeak people wouldn't need to make the distinction.

To make her look more human compared to the sheep with actual square pupils making them look a bit more wicked, think it was even answered in a Q&A iirc.
Also, daily reminder.

Like that comic Kennel Block Blues?

White women seem to have some sort of inability to keep their hands to themselves when around a black woman with hair that isn't straightened. They don't even know the woman and feel free to reach out and play with her hair. Fuckin' rude.

Sequel needs more female pred semi-main...maybe new female pred cop catching shit from the herbo officers.


Sequel is unnecessary, stop it.

>think you're going to score with qt sheep
>you get the knot instead

So that means Nick represents white woman!

That makes no sense.


Everyone in Zootopia is a human/animal chimera; the result of a genetic bomb that went off, ending human civilization.


And don't come back until that hack is writing about post apoc furries and not whatever Dr.Who fanfic wank self insert faggotry he's doing now.

>April 20th 2025
>Project Mosgo is approved
>Using CRISPR-CAS9 and the Gene Drive scientists insert a human gene into mosquitoes allowing them to produce antibodies granting them immunity to Malaria
>June 6th 2026
>The first batch is released into the wild
>October 15th 2028
>Malaria is declared eradicated by the WHO
>Dec 3rd 2028
>The first instance of chimera is discovered
>Somehow a human woman gave birth to a human/dog hybrid.
>Jan 22nd 2029
>Instances of Chimera increase
>Genetic tests show CRISPR-CAS9 somehow sliced in genes from the last animals the mosquitos bit
>May 15 2030
>The last human birth is noted.
>All attempts at revising this gene splicing have failed and humanity is resigned to extinction.
>All written history is lost as society collapses
>Chimera take over the planet and eventually figure out how to build cities styled after the previous dominant civilizations.

This is hilarious


>The only reason it's obvious is metafictional - you know the trend

And? If its obvious, its obvious

Because she's the most human-like character in the movie. She has the intelligence to know you can't keep predators with prey; ie blacks with non-blacks.

So blacks are the inherently stronger group that is being kept in check by the weak, cowardly whites?

I hope I get on riddit

Blacks are the inherently more thoughtlessly violent group that is being kept in check by the intelligent, lawful whites.


You call whites intelligent? You call whites lawful? Then why did Dominic give his brother the ol' spicy keychain?

Dominic is half-Mexican. His white half came up with the intelligent plan to create the ol' spicy keychain, and his unlawful Mexican half actually went through with it.

because they want to give you a B O N E R


Actually, /trash/ is the furriest board on Cred Forums.

Where do you think they came from?

What about cuddling, then butchering?

Background characters vs plot relevant characters, user.

Just watched this for the first time on netflix. I'm no furry (always thought they were fucking weird), but damn I wanna fuck that bunny

goodnight, thread


I've never got this, can anybody elaborate?

idk but i wanna fuck jenny slate for some reason

I want a sequel. I'd pay for that ticket shoogah.

>Gets me every-time, that fucking face.

No flockin

This movie was fine crafted and designed to make people into furries

Seems like it worked.. for me

Hey, anyone have that concept art of Nick wearing the collar and no shirt while making that double-gun gesture? The image with like the different emotions he should have, modeled for the animation team?
Asking for a friend, haha

No it doesn't
>ha ha.
>Bad memories of Yoshi egg fag requesting what smell it would have rises.

>just fapped to that doujin
Quality shit, mang.

>Cred Forums isn't furry

please no bully, I want that picture...

then sauce us

What is there not to get?


>see a big bunda
>wanna fap
>its furry
n-no one will ever know

Sad panda 'What Does The Fox Say'

aww hell yea

The conclusion itself of the humans being perverts, and killing them for it.

I don't entirely get the punch-line or something, How are the humans exactly the weird sexual deviants, is the punch-line that humans should die, because they're the only ones that have a subtler sexual dimorphism?

It just flies right past me one way or another.

Um...s-source required. For research purposes, you see.

you are the worst kind of person

See >inb4 how to sadpanda
Google it nigga

>no it doesn't
Who are you talking to? There is nothing I said that you can reply to with "No it doesn't"

Are you replying to the pic? Where Nick asks "It hurts!?" because the only thing it that post that you can reply with "No it doesn't"

It's really not hard to find, guys. Google is your friend

>No it isn't*.
>Subject: the movie.

I tried but failed, please don't beat me. i swear i tried!

No primates reptiles or birds i think but i doubt the predator eat chicken


Jesus Christ.

Thank you user-chan!

Sheep (Ovis aries) Male: Ram; Female: Ewe.

Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) Male: Billie; Female: Doe/Nanny

Just embrace the furfaggotry already user. Stop struggling.

So what would have happened if Judy didn't conveniently figure out that Night howlers were a plant?

The sequel would be the original draft of Zootopia


Then the movie wouldn't have had a conclusion.

It's a necessary minor deus ex machina

Most likely the would think you were an unusual looking animal and not pay it a huge amount of mind since humans don't exist in any other context within Zootopia.

Disney makes an endtown movie when?

>Cute furry bait for waifufags
>Came with "The Boy and The Beast", a lure for husbandofags
How did we not see this coming, user? The assimilation has begun.

I've already fallen to it, though

I wonder if Byron was laughing maniacally when he saw the 1 Billion dollars the film made, knowing that he had turned this generation into furries and there was no turning back

..what this guy said Purely psychological reasons. The bad-guy rams were intentionally left square to enhance the bad-guy impression without getting to know them.

Ya.. thanks for the reminder, buddy. I want one of those.

>Cred Forums isn't furry

include me in the screencap you post on r/Cred Forums please

Here and there.