Did you already forget about me Cred Forums?

Did you already forget about me Cred Forums?


I put as much thought towards this movie as they did towards the writing.

Anyone have the webm of the orgy?

I haven't seen it yet.

It was the first adult oriented animated movie to make it big in cinemas

that is an achievement regardless of whether you like the movie itself or not

It is actually pretty damn tame, mostly because none of the characters have genitalia

Thats a good thing, the board was obsessed with this enough before glad it died down and doesnt get talked about another 3 months.

>South Park Movie
>Fritz the Cat
Fuck off

I'm not asking you to describe it to me, dammit.

DYN: The male humans in the movie came in a variety of physiques, but the females were all gorgeous curvy babes. Like Camille Toh, and the girl in the pic that the food knocked out (killed?). She had a nice ass.

Only the Lavash did for some reason.

who the fuck remembers Fritz the Cat?


as it should be

anything else would be SJW pandering


South Park still stands though. They got away with a lot more and the abundance of swearing in that film had actual weight to it.

No, I just missed the time window to watch it...
Fucking local cinema!

but the animation is great :^)

I don't know anything about this...
Is this suposed to be a children movie?!!

Yes it is. Does it bother you?

I did until now.

I honestly just wish they would have gone to the actors smashing food in food and doing improv lines.

be progressive
just because it contains lesbians and gays doesn't mean its inappropriate for children
grow up altright

it's the folds

Like I said, Karim Abdul Lavash is the only one with a scrotum. I read that the MPAA made Rogan remove any hair on the scrotum.

It's a shame that some of the designs were actually kinda nice. And an even bigger shame that the animators got ripped off for all their hard work.

what great scenes do you guys expect out of the 8 minute orgy in the director's cut?

I wanna fuck that used tampon

They swore 399 times because swearing 400 times would have gotten them a higher age rating.

They also put in a picture of an erect cock by making it a dildo. The entire point of the film was how stupid the rating system was.

>What is Heavy Metal?

yeah, what is it?

0:16 Donald Trump?

It's $10.8 million gross R rated animated movie in cinemas.

These days I can't tell what is or whats not bait on Cred Forums anymore

He's a twink
Because he's a twinkie
so he has gay sex
and is overly effeminate
Get it?
Twinkie = twink
Are you laughing yet?

got a giggle outa me

It had a THICK human woman.


When was that?

would have been a crime not to make that joke

Saddam pulls a dildo out while talking to Satan, pretending it's his dick
then he's like "relax, it's just a dildo"

Honestly if they put less focus on the "adult" humor and just have food contemplate the meaning of life for 90 minutes while every joke was a food pun I'd have watched it.

Been trying

It actually is worse because they have a very ham-fisted moral about how religion is bad and everyone is idiots for following it and creating it.
Which is saying a lot since some of the characters have hands literally made of ham.

Are we talking "Book of Mormon" tier or the oddly thrown in religious redneck in Rogen's other movie where he voiced an alien "Paul" tier?

>Firewater and the other nonperishables were around when the store first opened
>All food knew that they were going to be ripped apart and eaten, and they were always screaming
>So the non-perishables completely fabricate a song and religion to help food cope with the inevitable
At one point Firewater even complains that people kept adding or dropping parts to the song to fit their own purpose, like how Hitler Sauerkraut wants to eliminate the Juice.