It's an episode about bullies

>It's an episode about bullies
>It's a "ignore the bullies" moral

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>What's the matter, Ash? I only did what science said I could do. I had no other options, if I didn't do it, I would have lost all my badges, but I knew that if I did it I'd be able to prove myself. You and I are the same. You would have done exactly the same thing if you were in my place.

What the problem with ignoring bullies?

What is this image a parody of?

Only realistically works on minor levels of bullying, or there is a REALLY spergy alternate target making themselves known.

>it's an episode about Cred Forums's deep rooted emotional problems stemming from bullying which has turned them into bitter, emotionally stunted man children

There are two
>Full metal alchemist brotherhood
>Full metal alchemist

Do you have some sort of chart for bullying? I'm having trouble thinking of Bullying methods that aren't felonies, that cannot be solved by ignoring them.

Not really. Guys used to chase me down on mopeds on the way to school and smack me with shit. I gave less of a fuck every day and it didn't bother me nearly as much as the first year when they shoved my face into that rancid mushroom we kept stored in the homeroom god knows why.

>it's a "if you retaliate against them, you are the bully" moral

It doesn't work?

>it's a "if a kid keeps getting bullied, don't be surprised when he brings a gun to school and tries to blow the bully away" episode

I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but what exactly is the message here? If you bully someone then your ass is grass son?

Y'wanna know how I got rid of my bullies? All I had to do, was ask them why they're wasting their time with me, instead of trying to get laid? After that they just saw me as a normal dude, eventually I even started working with one of them and we kinda became friends.

It works perfectly well when it's cyberbullying which is the kind most people run into these days.
>lol just turn off the computer and walk away

i can believe this. at least you didn't some cringe shit like "heh, all i had to do was punch 'em one day and they left me alone for good"

Sure it does. Helps to have a group of friends with you, though.

Minor: Insults, spreading rumors about you

Major: routinely beating your ass, stealing from you, etc.

>its a "they made fun of me in school so now In going to ruin their lives year later" episode

It's not wrong to teach people that their actions have consequences.

It's not a justification of the bullied kid coming back with a gun, it's just the truth, the things you do to others affect them.

it works on the casuals, who are usually the majority

the serious ones need to be pushed down a flight of stares, but those are usually just a handful of obsessively dedicated ones

You are instantly a bro.


What a nebulous fucking term. I highly doubt the "shoved into a locker then called a faggot" kind of bullying that you see in all those "dun bully" commercials actually happens in the real world,

>spreading rumors about you

Well if you're a girl and the rumor is that you're a slut, that can be pretty damaging. Among girls, I mean, boys are not going to be deterred if they know you put out easy. The opposite really.

This is honestly the saddest shit.

Unless they were seriously abusing you to the point of permanently damaging you, if you're an adult and are still obsessing over what people did in middle or high school you're a failure of a person.

I am shocked that this work considering bullies don't really operate on logic. Then again the only bully I remember dealing with was some scrawny kid who gave up quickly.

>Y'wanna know how I got rid of my bullies? All I had to do, was ask them why they're wasting their time with me, instead of trying to get laid? After that they just saw me as a normal dude, eventually I even started working with one of them and we kinda became friends.

So you fucked them to get them to stop? Prison tactics work everywhere.

What if you grow up to be a dictator? What's the point of having supreme executive power if you don't use it for petty reasons?

Heh. I went to an all-male high school. I was bullied by a guy from my class until one day I broke his nose by slamming him against the wall in PE. The result of all that was that we not only became best friends but he turned out to be one of the best people I've ever met in my life. He's a fairly successful guy now, has a family and everything.

you should have stuck a metal rod into the front wheels

It's a myth created and perpetuated by the media, the idea of the Kid Pushed Too Far. Take Columbine: the story at first was that the perps were kids who were bullied too much, but the truth was that they weren't particularly bullied at all. Unfortunately the narrative was already set in the public's mind by that point.

See that's the thing, getting beat up, and having your shit stolen are felonies that you can report. If you have parents that care about you, then you can just tell them what happened and they'll usually try to resolve it. If you're not fortunate enough to have parents who care, then all you can do is ignore it, and save up whatever money you can, and improve on any future skills you want to have so that you can leave your shitty situation.

No way. I don't have a mean bone in my body.

That depends on levels too. Harassment can ruin your online social life, blackmail could happen easily enough, people can photoshop fakes or soread nasty rumors.
But one source calling you names, yeah that's nothing.

I wouldn't go so far as "ruin their lives" but I don't think there's anything wrong with continuing to hate someone who was a complete, irredeemable asshole. If I ever see Hans again I want to punch that fucker in the face.

It's not a myth, it just doesn't happen at school.

My friend was bullied, and he settled it with violence. Not with a gun, he just found out where the bully lived, got 3-4 of his friends, went to his house and fucked him up on the front lawn.

I think it's a nice prelude to the fucking the state will continue to exact upon you throughout life.

> I mean, boys are not going to be deterred if they know you put out easy.
They will if the boys are friends/fuckbuddies with the girls and are like "Okay baby we'll socially ostracize this skank for you".

Nah, not even that. Had a group of guys who would bother me every day for no reason, and I always ignored them because I didn't really give two shits that they were dumb enough to think it was funny. Never stopped them. Bright side is I met my best friend because they initially wanted to make sure I was okay.

I only had 1, we were both big (for 5th graders) guys but the nigga had 8 big brothers, I fought him to a stand still & we ended up being the best of friends. Also found out his brothers were a band & jheri curled crooners & not the murderous savages he made them out to be to our 5th grade class. He ended up selling crack in the 8th grade & trying it on a dare now he's in prison

Well, it's your life, but I think what's wrong with that is letting them continue to influence your life at all. Don't continue to hate them, just have no feelings towards them whatsoever. They're non-entities who just don't matter after you leave school. Why let them continue to affect your life?

>mfw they try to be friendly years later and I finally get my chance to strike
guilty as charged

Work on your Disdain stat. Unlike violence you don't go to jail for passive dislike.

Has anyone tried a "Don't bully" moral instead?
Not but say; an episode where the main character starts picking on someone without thinking much of them and then seeing the consequences of it?

A lot of the bullying I saw was done by people who thought their victims deserved it or didn't think what they were doing was harmful.

It depends on how you mean this. It's sad almost every time when they've spent all their life hating their school bully, waiting for revenge. If it's a bully-comes-back thing and they remember that the bully was an asshole and wants to get back, that's a bit better. I'm picky enough to hate bully-got-better-and-doesn't-deserve-it-now episodes but it's also bullshit when the bully is an ass the eir whole life and can't change so revenge solves nothing.

I had a situation like this once.
>One time an old bully was trying to get a job where I worked. He was a part of a group interview and while I was passing by he noticed me and called me by name (probably because it was a small town and the job where I worked was the highest paying gig you could land without a highschool diploma, therefore it's hard to get in with friends and family vouching for you) .
> The manager asked if I new him and I said yeah, that he used to beat me up, and that he would skip class and mouth off to teachers.
>"well shit" was the expression on his face, and after the interview he pulls me aside and was like "y'know dude, I probably deserved that"
> I felt bad after that, and after my shift I spoke with my manager and convinced him that the comments I made was just our way of messing with each other, and he took his name off the unsuitable list.
I didn't get to talk to him much after that since I quit that job a few months later, but he seemed like an okay dude. Real Adult Problems are a bitch, and can humble even the most petty of people.

>i shouldn't be held responsible for my actions if enough time passes

>Well if you're a girl and the rumor is that you're a slut, that can be pretty damaging.

It's true most of the time anyway

At times like this I wish I had a fedora folder.

Sorry, roastie toastie. Did I upset you?

Honestly? Yes. Your life moves on, you're not Batman or Judge Dredd.

I'm 32 and am pretty sure I'm a good bit older than you or most people in this thread. I graduated high school 14 years ago. I was picked on in middle and high school, got beat up sometimes, but honestly I barely even remember those people. My life has moved so far past that that they're entirely irrelevant to me. I haven't seen those people in 14 years, have no idea where they are, or what they're doing, and don't care. Am I supposed to spend decades obsessing over them? Hunt them down to exact "justice" on them?

Fuck that. Who gives a shit about them? Just let that shit go and move on or you're only hindering yourself.

Keep the autism in /r9k/ please.

Basically. Look up "The Statute of Limitations", there's a reason why it's a real legal thing, and it's not because of corrupt government.

roastie roastie

I doubt you were even seriously bullied if this was all it took. A) saying something like that would usually be asking for a beat down B) If they were seriously making your life hell, you'd never become kind of friends with them.

>It didnt affect me so there's no way anyone had it worst than me! Just move on brah xD just b urself xPP


what does that even mean

When you graduate middle school it does get better, user.

Where are the cartoons?

>implying they didn't just play too much DOOM

>Only realistically works on minor levels of bullying
Which is all that really can exist anymore since anti-bullying laws are so strict that if a kid so much as gives another kid a wedgie they will spend their childhood in juvie.

Name one that happens in highschool and you have a bullying problem somewhere.

Anti-bullying laws dont do shit

Yeah, kids are crafty buggers.


Are there even any good bully characters in cartoons and comics? They all are shallow or use outdated tropes from the 80s.

I remember when I was in middle school ten years ago some girls just started bullying me. I wasn't even doing anything. I was just the quiet kid with subpar clothes who liked anime and didn't talk to people. All of a sudden these girls started talking to me and I thought they were trying to be my friends. A few months later it becomes obvious they're just pretending and are trying to bully me. I had never seriously been bullied until then. It seriously screwed me up. It sounds stupid but that made me have a breakdown. They didn't lay a finger on me or even call me names but that helped make me severely socially anxious as an adult.

Basically, we need more bullies that are mental. Kids don't beat each other up anymore. They taunt you, toy with you, bully you online, etc. As Told By Ginger would probably do this well if they rebooted it.

They ruin children's lives that's something.

If a faggot's life is ruined for picking on others he deserved to be honest

i wonder how it feels being a waste of space who never actually grew up.

I don't know what this is from, but I know for a fact that Ash would never use the term "Bastard" in the cartoon.

What version of pokemon is this?

It sounds that what hppened to you was called Relational Aggression and is the most damaging form of bullying that a person can do to another.
When dealing with Relational Aggression the best attitude to have is one where you don't give a fuck.

You also tend to find that girls that bully boys use this as a standard approach. It's not uncommon in professions that involve a level of social interaction like nursing or teaching.

Hey baby.

Did I ever tell you about my poor little brother dying of cancer?

I wasn't talking about the bullies you short sighted moron.
>Get picked on
>It happens every single day
>Finally confront bullies
>Bully goes to teacher/principal claiming you bullied him
>Teacher talks to both of you
>Guess who is better at explaining themselves to authority figure calmly? Hint it isn't socially awkward you.
>Be expelled

It's an edit of Full Metal Alchemist, the episode where Ed beats the shit out of Nia's dad when he fuses her with the dog.

Seems like you're just a bit upset

No one feels bad for assholes.

>"situations are always the same and people are all the same so everyone should cope with a situation in the same way I did"

That's not how life works, user.

>Make mistake at 6 years old
>Have your entire life destroyed
People like you are the reason we have 8 year olds on the national sex offender registry.

Fanart of XY. Fansubs do this often though. Much of the cursing is added in.

>"well shit" was the expression on his face, and after the interview he pulls me aside and was like "y'know dude, I probably deserved that"
> I felt bad after that
>its a being manipulated by your bully years after high school episode

>Internalizing bullying

Few people realise the psychological damage done to a person by bullying.
It can fuck you up for life without you even knowing.

That's a retarded situation.
If the bully tell on you is most likely they won't believe him. And getting expelled is not the worst thing that could happen to you, I got expelled from my school at 12 for defending myself of a group of bullies. It didn't matter because at least I didn't have to see them again. I lost a year of school, sure, but that's hardly "ruining my life".

Different people handle stress and trauma differently and for different people the same type of bullying can have a varying scale of severity. Some cuts are deeper than others as much as they heal. I'm against people actively retaliating against someone physically but I think for a lot of people who bully others they genuinely don't care and go through the rest of their lives having social groups that make them feel like what they did was correct or not that bad. I think it's fair to hope that those people find some sort of empathy to stop them from acting similarly in the future if only for that person's sake. There are still bullies in adulthood who treat coworkers, neighbors, spouses, etc. the same way they treated the weak/weird kid in high school and just continue to make people's lives shittier.

Dude, we're human, a social animal that need other humans in order to stay sane, making friends with previous enemies is a survival tactic. That's why most wars don't end with one country entirely wiping out the other.

I talked to them in class that way they couldn't hit me without everyone seeing. I mainly spoke to the leader of their group and said
(to the best of my memory) "Dude, why are you messing with me, I'm not rich, I'm lower middle class, and have three brothers, so eventually I'm not going to have anything left worth stealing. What do you think this is, Ned's Declassified? We only have 3 and a half more years before we have to fend for ourselves. If you keep this up, then when graduation comes around we're going to be stuck in this shitty little desert town for the rest of our lives. Have you seen those old fat guys drinking beer outside in front of their shitty little house? I don't care if you end up like them, but I sure as hell am not going to be that. Please, just do us both a favor and knock it off. Get a hobby, or at least try to get laid. I'm pretty sure [I forget her name] likes you, and if you keep this up, you're going to waste the only time in your life where it's okay to have sex with girls under 18.

They mostly just chuckled to each other that, but that day and ever since they stopped messing with me, and I noticed them actually starting to do stuff. I'm not saying that they suddenly thought I was tough shit, and that I was the new school badass or anything, they just stopped caring about me and got on with their lives, and so should you.

Wow, there really are people who would defend horrible human beings. I really hope you all get raped and then try to defend the rapist's rights.

Well like someone said FMA

>comparing dumb kids to rapists


It really can and it almost makes you more bitter once you realize the way in which it's affected you.Some things fade away but some psychological traumas stick with you for life unfortunately even with counseling and whatnot.

>That's a retarded situation.
>If the bully tell on you is most likely they won't believe him.
People that are popular usually are because they are charismatic and can easily explain themselves to others. Likewise people that are not charismatic and bad at explaining themselves are not popular.
Unless a authority figure actually sees the bullying the bullied kid is at the mercy of the bully since teachers will most likely believe the well spoken charismatic bully over the socially awkward victim.
>And getting expelled is not the worst thing that could happen to you
It was back when I was in school but if this situation played out in the modern day the bullied kid accused of being a bully by his bully would probably end up in Juvie or diagnosed as sociopathic and put into a juvenile mental care facility.

>toddler pulls on girls pigtails

>ash went from being edgy to this
What the fuck happened?

That's nice user, but not every situation is like that. Not every bully will respond how they responded and many people would have started being worse in the same position. Some people just genuinely don't have empathy and like treating others badly just because. This isn't just something that happens in school. A lot of those people grow up and are dipshits to people for the rest of their lives. Some people do grow out of it but some keep doing the same things especially if they find success in life.

I know, 40% of my job is working with teachers while delivering workshops to them on how to deal with bullying.
I'm honestly suprised by how childish the teachers themselves are.

He grew out of the "It's not a phase mom" phase.

Honestly, it's an improvement. Kid's never been more than a joke to begin with.


Bullies oftentimes are pretty popular and well liked y teachers and oftentimes get away with more shit because of it.

>I got expelled from my school at 12 for defending myself of a group of bullies. It didn't matter because at least I didn't have to see them again. I lost a year of school, sure, but that's hardly "ruining my life".

kek good for you user, but plenty of people want to get into good colleges and shit and having things like expulsions on your record don't help that. Being expelled actually is a really big deal especially if it's for something like violence.

You gotta show them who the alpha is.

>be weird/bullied kid in middle school
>get picked on all the time
>English teacher knows about it and sometimes even says shit about me too
>we had a sub for a week because she went to a bullying conference
>get into argument with guy in class over something stupid
>he knocks me into the ground and starts punching me with other people watching
>week later someone mentions it in front of teacher
>Her response is "oh yeah I heard about that"

It was at that point that I realized that teachers could be as potentially shitty people as their students

Hell, they're worse for having the power and authority to stop bullying and choosing not to.

The point is that some people can surprise you when pushed too far. They may look fragile but when backed into a corner and can't run anymore they will either fall into a deeper abyss or strike back. Basically you dont know what someone is capable of so dont push it.

This. Also, the new school status quo might be more these neanderthal writers' speed and turn out good for once.

It isnt petty if youre making an example out of someone.

In case you were wondering...the part he dislikes is the kissing. He LOVES dressing up.

imo seasons never really shit the bed until he gets to the regional tournament. That's when the asspulls happen just to make sure he loses. I think people would be fine with him going to the Elite 4 and losing to the Champion.

>ignore bullies
I always hated this meme that parents spread

Bullies bully you because you're an easy target. What's easier to bully, a kid who fights back or a kid who takes it?

Dont teach your kids to be doormats, teach your kids to defend themselves.

Sure, the bully may or may not kick the kid's ass but at least that bully knows that that kid wont go down without a fight.

Pic unrelated

Alright then user, I concede. Clearly my method of getting on the same level with people isn't a one size fits all solution. So then tell me, what is?

A lot of people overestimate what Society actually is. The entire crux of the concept is a mutual agreement between the majority of the population that we will not mess with each other's shit. That life is hard, and that it would be a lot easier for everyone if we followed a simple set of rules as to not step on each other's toes. Clearly, since there are more people who don't care about their own personal gain enough to not tread on someone else's, we need a different answer to teach those poor people who will constantly have their entire life ruined forever and always.

Kono yarou DOESN'T mean You bastard?

Some kids are ridiculed
Some kids are physically bullied
Some kids get bullied online

Its the message they want to throw out there. Its not that specific type of bullying they're targetting

Know what the problem is with teachers user?
They never left school.

I'm saying this as a person that works very closely with schools, teachers nearly ninety percent of the time start teaching immidiately after leaving university. They never leave the school environment.

I've seen teachers behaving exactly the same as children on the playground while bullying people.
It's similar with nurses too.

It pretty much is, yeah.

What life isn't is some revenge fantasy where you plot for decades until you have your glorious chance to get back at someone.

In reality you just spend years stewing in your own bitterness, achieving nothing but making yourself miserable.

Your reaction when one of your new white friends says "nigger" in front of your only black friend, whom you've known for over a decade...

Him in XY was fine, you could actually pretend they were going to do something before yanking the rug out from under you.

>Loses to a guy with 2 legendaries

Having systems in place where individuals wont have to worry about what to do with getting even with someone else and instead teachers, bosses, and others can step in before it becomes a thing. People complain about anti-bullying laws or that "kids can't be kids" because they likely used to be the people ding that shit or don't remember what it was like. It's not a perfect system but it's better than "ignore it" because ignoring it doesn't actually work.

"we need a different answer to teach those poor people who will constantly have their entire life ruined forever and always."

I don't even know who the fuck you're referring to here... Bullies?

Hating someone isnt really effecting your life. Unless youre thinking about them all the time it doesnt really matter. Like you can hate someone who you saw do vicious acts 10 yrs ago but never obsess with them and only hate them if you see them again or they get mentioned. Some things people will brush off but will never truly erase from their mind.

>I highly doubt the "shoved into a locker then called a faggot" kind of bullying that you see in all those "dun bully" commercials actually happens in the real world

kek were you homeschooled? It definitely does.

I feel like this is mainly a problem with the explanation of the solution. It's not that the kid should just remain a doormat, it's that the kid should move on.

I agree with you about the self defense thing though. The only problem with teaching kids to do that is ironically the same problem with your misunderstanding of the 'ignore it' message. People will misinterpret that message as well, and the most likely thing they will take that message is that 'violence is always the answer', then you'll get situations where both parties will think that they're in the right for fighting back.

In the circumstances mentioned, it kinda does. The only person hurt by carrying a grudge is yourself.
Whatever method you use to cope is up to you, but at some point you've just got to get on with your life or some shithead is gonna be controlling you for years after your last encounter.

I never saw anyone get shoved in a locker but I definitely saw kids get their asses beat and called "faggot" and all kinds of shit.

No it's really not. And telling people not to feel or think a certain way is such an empty statement. Like telling someone whose parent died "don't be sad anymore". Like what the fuck?

As a (former) high school teacher, some of my peers just dont have the... I dunno, sympathy (?) to deal with bullies.

Like me, I saw a kid getting bullied and immediately intervened. Separating the two, figuring out the problem, and punishing the bully accordingly. However the teacher in the class next door to me usually lets kids "tough it out" which basically means "Not my problem." Those are your "I heard about that" teachers.

Most teachers would rather call the office or security and let them deal with the problem.

Although, bullying is a pretty juvenile distraction after middle school. High Schoolers are fucked up but they should know better. They're practically adults. That's why I stopped teaching HS and moved to the college level. Most "bullying" is a fight between two drunk bros and maybe a sexual assault or two at a party, which campus security always jumps on.

Plus I get payed more.

>"don't have feelings because I don't have those same types of feelings"

wew. You can still think someone's a piece of shit and live a good life, user.

bullies don't go away when you ignore them because they know you're trying and they're getting to you.
They only understand who's the boss when you crack teeth out on the edge of a table. Might makes right.

>then you'll get situations where both parties will think that they're in the right for fighting back.
Teachers will always side with the white kid anyway

Japanese doesn't specifically have swear words, just polite and impolite ways of saying things. "Kuso" is the rude way of saying "unchi", which is "poop" , so it's easily translated as "shit."
I'm not a moonlander or moonspeaker so I dunno if it's accurate but I'd guess that's closer to "this guy" said rudely.

>Teachers will always side with the more well-liked kid anyway

If you're popular/an athelete/rich you can get away with loads of shit

Are you a doormat irl? Because people with this type of personality are usually loser doormats who just take shit

I'm a britbong so I can't say that bullying is universal across it all, especially given that America and other places have middle schools that the UK doesn't have.
I see similar problems here though, most teachers don't care enough.

Props for you actually doing something though user.

that's why the three football players who raped the poetry club president got away without a single police report being filed eveyone knew who did it. But everyone denied it.

It's apparently some slang for vaginas because they're so desperate for women that they can't stop thinking about them.

It's called "being an adult" and realizing that in the real world violence isn't generally a viable option.

You're the classic Internet Tough Guy who loves to talk big and assure everyone how you'd totally kick the shit out of anyone who disrespected you.

See Only children, niggers and rednecks fight.

>No it's really not.

It really is. It's the only mentally healthy and adult way to live.

>And telling people not to feel or think a certain way is such an empty statement.

It really isn't. Tons of research shows that harboring rage or negative feelings is bad for you mentally and physically. Any therapist would tell you that you need to work through or come to terms with your anger.

Living your life nursing a grudge is just a bad way to live, user.

>Like telling someone whose parent died "don't be sad anymore". Like what the fuck?

Letting your life be consumed by sorrow would in fact be a bad thing. Again, any therapist would advise someone that grief is natural and fine but needs to be managed.

I'm sorry, I meant the people getting bullied.

Your idea of having systems in place to stop bullying from happening before it happens is nice, but you're forgetting one important factor, user. It's a factor that you yourself have mentioned, and that is that there are people with out any empathy for others who will bully people for no reason. If you are going to create a set of laws, you must assume that every man is evil, and will take every opportunity to take advantage of those laws. If you create a system that allows one person to be the deciding factor on a grey situation, you are going to get corruption. I know I said that there are more people who will care more about themselves then about harming others, but when you create important positions of power like that, the people who would want to take advantage of that power will flock to it, resulting in an even worse, and more unfair situation.

I think you're misunderstnding what I'm saying. Just ignoring every negative thing that people say about you is easy for some people and not easy for other people. Because I doubt stopped being mistreated by people post-high school. He didn't say "I used it for fuel to be better than those people" or anything like that. Just "I ignored it and don't care".. I'm not saying kick everyone's ass but not doing anything with trauma if it's actual psychological trauma isn't healthy for most people. Ignoring things is a coping mechanism like anything else. It's not necessarily more positive.

>It really isn't. Tons of research shows that harboring rage or negative feelings is bad for you mentally and physically. Any therapist would tell you that you need to work through or come to terms with your anger.
>Living your life nursing a grudge is just a bad way to live, user.
I think we're talking about different situations here. Not everyone who is bullied is going to feel tremendous rage or are they just going to be meh about it.

>nursing a grudge
I think there's nursing a grudge and comic to terms with the fact that some people are shitty people and not liking them.

Like you said grief is natural and so is anger. I think you're magnifying any statement people are making of disliking their bullies as being this school shooter-ish rage and I don't think that's true for most people.

>but when you create important positions of power like that, the people who would want to take advantage of that power will flock to it, resulting in an even worse, and more unfair situation.

I'd prefer people in charge improving a system being more harsh on bullying than not having anything at all in place and letting things slide.

>bullied hard in middle school
>eventually go into high school
>hs life is decent get into university and law school
>become a lawyer
>get a divorce case
>turns out that my ex bully is the opposite side
>decide it's time to shark it up
>eventually he lost everything including kids, his house and has to pay 100k alimony
>tfw he turns out to find who I was
>tfw he couldn't say anything
>tfw it feels great

Being pushed around/thrown in a locker by 1-3 bullies and then forgotten about is one thing, but non-violent bully tactics can be even more brutal on young kids. In eastern asia, some kids can end up being actively socially ostracized and isolated by their entire class as a collective for years on end.

I think that this problem is just a shortcoming of our limited language. I'm pretty sure that the point of the message being 'just ignore it' is mainly because that phrase can be taken in several ways.

For Example:
>Just ignore have more important things to worry about and you should focus on those things rather than this person you'll probably never see again.
>Just ignore the grand scheme of things, this really isn't a big deal, so don't let it ruin your life.
>Just ignore it...the bully's motivation is based on your reaction, if you stop caring, he'll stop caring

There are likely hundreds of interpretations you could go with but the episode is only 15 minutes long so we gotta wrap it up. No one has time to go over every situation, and each situation is so complex that you can't get a proper estimate on which types of bullying happen most often, but at least if you focus on your own personal needs then you'll eventually learn the proper methods to deal with your own bullying situation.

Well done, user

If this is real, then you are my spirit animal, user. Did you get to see the look on his face when the ruling was made?

I somewhat doubt the truth of this, but stranger coincidences have happened.

>Did you get to see the look on his face when the ruling was made
Not really, I was too busy talking with his ex wife. But we saw each other outside the courtroom. He just take a long gaze and then sighed and left with his lawyer.

>ha ha look how cool i am for being a piece of shit

>doing your job well
>a piece of shit
Bully NEET pls

I can respect that, it's a noble side to take, and I understand your reasons for taking it. However I think we've reached the magnetic polar opposites of our argument.

I'm afraid that your idea is too idealistic to properly function. Hell is paved with good intentions. Just like how Communism is a good idea on paper, attempting to even try and put something like that into practice could lead to irreparable damage in the future.

My stance is, that unless such a system exists that falls perfectly in line with human nature. Self-reliance is the best method to handle these situations.

Almost as good.

>doing his job = being a piece of shit
Dumbass, he would have had to do it anyway, why not experience personal enjoyment as a bonus?

Lying on Cred Forums is literally the worst thing you can do to make your pathetic life seem worthwhile.

I remember one of my high school history teachers saying that teachers can say much worse things while gossiping together than whatever students manage to come up with. He also said he doesn't really like to talk much in the teacher's lounge, besides with 1-2 other older teachers.

Ah let the kid feel like he's done something with his life. Cred Forums is the only place where you can be anything, even a dog, and no one will be able to disprove you.

>fighting in the middle of class
Is this a common occurrence in America?

not that i know of.

You know how it feels better to yell at someone when they cower away instead of standing up for themselves? Same principle

Why would anyone want to be a dog? Cats are better.

Depends on the school. I'm not entirely sure how it works in britbong, so I'm going to assume it works on Harry Potter rules in order to explain how American Schools are different.

Private schools exist, but only to those who can afford them, and they are very rare. Mainly, schools are funded by the government, and therefore public. There are no real requirements to get into school except being a certain age and living in a certain part of town. Also, it's illegal to not send your kid to school. Keeping both of these in mind that means you sometimes get multiple kids from shitty neighborhoods who are forced to be in the same room by law, and this can sometimes lead to confrontations.


>Not level 1 mobs for you to kill to start off the adventure of your life.

>It's a show about revenge
>The one time someone tries to stop someone from getting revenge it actively backfires and ends up getting the person they wanted to save killed, sending the pacifist cunt in a mad spiral of revenge and hatred
>The characters get their revenge

I still don't know how someone just casually catches fucking legendaries. I think he had more than two as well.

He only used two pokemon in the fight and they were legendaries, but he probably had more.

I know he's a plot device only there to beat Ash, but did they need to make him look like such a huge fedora tipper.

That was a dumb ending to the season.

This is probably fake but god I hope it isnt

Chaddy's getting mad

I think there's big gaps in between having kids fend for themselves, having accountability in schools and harder rules and what you're describing which is the kid version of Big Brother. The cases where kids are unjustly screwed over for bullying when they didn't deserve it seem to be pretty rare. On the otherhand kids killing themselves, having psychological issues later on in life or bringing weapons to school to confront bullies are much more common. I'd prefer for victims to feel safer than let bullies do whatever the fuck they want and just ignore it.

I honestly didn't give a shit if he won anything. He saved the damn world along with two champions and gym leaders fighting Mecha-Zygarde.


Were you bullied by Brendan Fraser?

I swear to god, that never works. Only thing that works is showing them you're crazy enough to bite off their fingers so they find someone else to mess with.

>It's a Cred Forums has anger issues thread

>the bullied kid is a morally ambiguous super genius
>handily gets rid of the bully in a way that will ruin his life forever

See the moral of the story is to be an even bigger dick than your tormentor.

>It's a show about bullying a deaf girl

>it's a Cred Forums is pussy enough to defend the types of people ho used to treat them like shit in school
>reminder that peer pressure from people watching you get bullied and the psychological effects it caused is a big reason why you had a gf/bf much later in life than you could have


>it's an user has become a bitter shell of human lacking empathy and humanity because of stupid shit from middle school episode

yeah, this is why I said that our argument has reached a polar opposite. The argument of security vs freedom has been around forever. I feel like I can't allow children to get used to someone always looking out for them, otherwise during an emergency, they won't be able to fend for themselves.

>it's a Cred Forums has childhood PTSD when watching cartoons episode

>If they were seriously making your life hell, you'd never become kind of friends with them.
I was "friends" with the guy I was bullying, nigga had a Dreamcast and really nobody else. Was never friends with the people who bullied me though.

>people applauding someone taking petty revenge and ruining some guy's life for what he did before the legal age of discernement
You guys are sad fucks. I was bullied, I'd never do something like that.

>the guy who ruined my life wasn't some arbitrary age that is set by countries (or states in some cases)
>therefore it's wrong to do something back when you can and it's legal
That's why you were bullied you little pushover. Besides, like and said, it's not the guy went out of his way to get revenge, he got it as a bonus of DOING HIS JOB, ie. he would have done the same thing to a stranger if his client wanted and PAID him for it.

Nah, there's no dancing around it. It was a shitty thing to do and user is a bad person because of it. Can't weasel your way out of this one.

That is what lawyers do, user. They get everything they can for their client, which is the task they are paid for. If the ex-bully had a better lawyer who had a better defense against lawyeranon, then he wouldn't have gotten sharked. The fact that lawyeranon won means that his case was judged as valid and acceptable, regardless of whether he was emotionally invested or not.

Now, if you wanna take up the morality of the US divorce court system and the profession of lawyers as a whole, be my guest, but that's not the topic.

Nah, it was justice

No more than any of the legal system user works with every day. Especially divorce cases.
I doubt bullying ruined your life unless they "bullied" you with acid or some shit.

>you little pushover.
I fought back sometimes and earned a bit of respect, I just don't get gleeful at the idea of 20-year delayed revenge is all. Just seems so petty and ironically impotent.

> he would have done the same thing to a stranger if his client wanted and PAID him for it.
He did mention "sharking it up".

And you faggots weren't praising him for doing his job, but for getting revenge.

>tfw I was the Bane of my school (I was a big guy)
>people often attacked me in groups
>one day decide I had enough
>get into a locker fight one day (stalemated that one, as the guy was big too), punched a kid against bathroom tile (guy smashed me over the head with a harry potter book), and even smacked a guy across the face with a lunchbox full of tuna fish and doritos, and a gatorade)
>they leave me alone after multiple incidents
>school doesn't want to expel me because I had a 3.9 GPA, and was raising the school high enough for them to get funding
>mfw they let it all slide

The real lesson is to stay in school and study hard.

>I doubt bullying ruined your life
Making a lot of assumptions there. I personally wasn't ruined by it (affected certainly, but "ruined" would be an exaggeration for me), but I can understand that some people could be. Primary/secondary school is a long time for someone consistently harassed physically or (the MUCH more likely case) socially.

>I fought back sometimes and earned a bit of respect
>earned a bit of respect
If someone is going out of their way to harass you for no other reason than they think they can, you shouldn't have to "earn" anything from them.

Honestly holding adults accountable for how they behaved as children is a little demented.

Define children

under 18

So 19 years old shouldn't be held accountable for what they did when they were 17?

See in my school the bullies were always sort of mid-level popularity who had a big enough group of friends to not be social outcasts but were deemed to dick-ish to be popular.
It was like middle-class anxiety where they kicked down at whoever they felt they could to make themselves look better, which just made them more disliked by the actual popular kids.

Unfortunately the kids who got the worse bullying where always the ones with issues that acted out and where socially isolated. They'd have a reputation for disruptive behaviour themselves so no one would listen when they where being beaten down.

Nigga I volunteer and work with older adults children with special needs and hospice patients. Just because I think it's funny that a bully got reamed in a divorce case by his former victim doesn't make me a sociopath

You're a lawyer in a divorce case, you are already worse than he is.

I was kinda bullied in school but I don't know. I let people do things to me, and I'd get paid for it. It was stupid. I mean like really bad shit. I have scars all up and down my back now from it, I've got multiple burns on my arms, I drank a lot of random shit in science. Is that bullying? They could've just done it anyway but I got them to pay me.

depends on what they did.

Never works. In the old days, all you had to was swing a punch and that was that. You'd get torn apart by his gang, but once the beating was over they'd just find another fish to stalk. Now... I don't know.

Fight back, and it's like you provoke them. You challenge their authority or ruin their power trip, which makes the Bully want to come back for more. To throw on the yoke. To make damn sure you know you're his little bitch until you graduate from high school and there's nothing you can fucking do about it. Kids are getting warped and it's not just the parents anymore. The educational system itself needs to be held accountable for letting the students run rabid like it's a Clockwork Orange.

Ditto with University. Though University has bigger problems, what with it just becoming "party fuck land" for one half of the students, and the other half "safe space tumblr world." Education has gone down the drain and it's only getting worse.

neither does telling teachers, or trying to fight back

>To make damn sure you know you're his little bitch until you graduate from high school and there's nothing you can fucking do about it
Schools may not want to hear it, but at this point you have to stand your ground. it's the state law here in Florida. If nobody's gonna help you, you have to stand firm. It's not worth it if, despite you ignoring it, you still suffer.

Can't you just go to the cops

I absolutely disagree. If a 17 year old causes notable harm to someone else, physically or psychologically, they should go down for it. They know damn well what they're doing when they are doing it.

>it's the state law here in Florida
Minors don't get benefits from the laws that, kind of like how they can't file lawsuits.

>they should go down for it
again, it depends on what they did.

And again, I disagree. Protections are made for minors' actions because "they don't know better", right? Like I just said, people know damn well what they're doing at 17, and when that causes harm to another, their age shouldn't be an excuse.

That's what gets me about the whole thing is that people write them off for being "kids" when the people who do the worst shit are typically high school students who know right from wrong.

Or you could've just said no and retained your dignity. I used to let people do similar shit and then I realized they really didn't respect me and told them to fuck off

Using age as a standard for accountability is dumb, it changes with time and locations

I never had any dignity anyway. You gotta think something of yourself to have dignity.

>not having someone help defend you from bullies makes you more able to survive an emergency like an earthquake or live shooter situation

You're a moron, user

Bullies that use physical violence are almost never popular but those that use manipulation and psychological means very well might be since those same skills make for someone good at playing to what people like.


>See OP pic
Jeez Ash, what Clement do to make you so mad buddy?

Oh no...
What... what did he fuse her with?
Oh god not the Dedenne!

Emergency was the wrong word.

>Ash didn't win the league
>post yfw


Of course he wasn't going to win, fuck Ash and fuck the anime writers who refuse to do anything new.

>Ash loses league
>Is here by considered mentally ill
>Sent to pre-K
seems right

So you became a career bully!

Fuck you.

Sucking their dicks work too.

>Anime writers continue to make a mockery of the superior manga versions


Never saw that. I'm sure they exist, especiallh among adults but we were all dumb teenagers.
It was mostly verbal and other non physical forms of harrassment with the occasional phtsical harrassment of students with the lowest status.

Popular kids where popular because they where charasmatic but also generally nice to most people. Thougj I remember a few spats among the most popular.

>Some kid is fight some other kid I sorta knew
>Didn't give a damn about it until the first kid's friend started shit with me
>Balls to the Walls time
>Next thing I knew I was smashing this kid's head into the dirty and the play ground erupted into a battle ground between the "white boys" and their one brown friend (which was me) fighting the Fresh over the boarder Mexicans kids who thought they where hot shit

>We kid their fucking asses and got a month detention

Where does winding people up to get a reaction out of them lie?

>>It's a "ignore the bullies" moral
This is why school shooting do and should happen. Fuck chads.



Can confirm. Once I kept getting bullied by this group of guys so I just offered them blowjobs since I knew they weren't getting any. Sometimes they'd force me to do them all at once but I didn't really mind.

>tfw people made fun of me but never wanted to start shit in school because I was 6 foot tall by 15
Feels ok man.

The world is a million shades of cruelty. Some of it is overt, like a schoolyard bully, some of it is petty, like price increases on medicine, and some of it is negligence, like looking the other way at a starving homeless man. And no shades of cruelty have the same solution. You learn what it takes to stop it, you work every day to stop it, and you learn to become someone who can stop it while everyone looks away. We can't expect the world to conquer our own demons for us. That's a road to dependency and stunted achievement.

If you want to beat a bully, you have to learn what is the social locks around him, what will break him, or better yet, stop him. Cruelty has no sacred grounds, no untouched possibilities. If the only way to stop a bully is to beat the shit out of him, then that's what it is. Accept the consequences as what they are, and do what you have to do to survive. But don't go so far no one can side with you. Make it sharp, make it quick, and make it clear. But break him in the end.

>tfw no cartoon show will just have a bullying episode end with the bullied physically fighting back and winning... and accepting his punishment of suspension for it but pulling back the curtain on the network of negligent or complicit teachers around it

>Not realizing his ultimate fate is to become a Pokemon Professor
>Ash is a type of tree

>existing anymore

His name in Japan is Satoshi though

>be bullied in middle school
>find bully alone one day
>spit in his face
>bully gets pissed and runs after me
>run directly to principle and say the bully is at it again
>bully gets harsh penalty and never bothers me again
Being that quiet guy who never gave the teachers or authorities any shit has it's benefits.

This. If you're a girl the rumor shit is borderline major most of the time.

He put the extra effort in it because it was someone who had ruined a part of his life, but other than that it was just his job.

You pay a lawyer for them to do whatever is in their power to turn the tables in your favor. So what was he meant to do? Do a shitty job just because revenge is bad and anger his client in return?

Granted, an eye for an eye is not good, and maybe to you getting back at a bully after such a long period of time seems unnecessary, but what's done is done. The guy probably didn't even care that much about the bullying at that point, but saw his chance and took it for the hell of it.

Movies always seem weirdly separated from the main series. Unless you're referring to something from the animu I skipped.

So he should have gave up earlier like Gary then.

>Everything is relative!
Nah m8, one part of growing up is to learn to move on from shit. If someone called you names or beat you up and you still hold resentment for something that happened over a decade ago you are indeed a failure, the other provably forgot you even exist.


>Mfw this thread
It's amazing how many people are triggered by the topic, honestly. What's the worst they did to you people to believe is healthy to hold year long grudges?

They do. If not, why the school shootings?

Kinda pathetic desu senpai but it was your job anyways.

>lost all of your badges
What the fuck

Also what room does Ash have to talk about anything, he lost the pokeman fight.

Is English your maternal language, isn't it?

>not getting even

>tfw the bitchy mean girls stole your books when you just wanted to quietly read in class after you were done with you math and laughed about it the whole time "pretending" not to know where they were

Rivals > Bullies

Gary literally wasted potential

But they are doing something new, by getting rid of the badge quest and the league altogether, forever preventing him from ever winning a league tournament.

Angry social outcasts.

The writers outright admitted they CAN'T let Ash win an official league, or the anime would end.

He's plenty competent when he's allowed to go all-out, like with the Orange League and the Battle Frontier. But official leagues? Out of the question. The faggot with a Darkrai and Latios should be testament to that, since that was Ash's strongest run. The writers' incompetence threw them in a corner and they had to get themselves out in any way possible. Seriously, what kind of Darkrai survives a Guts-boosted Megahorn from a Heracross?

>it's a "Cred Forums reveals its /r9k/-tier powerlevel" episode

Christ, what's with all the /r9k/ posters ITT?

Is it really that bad to get back at a bully if you encounter them in the future?

Obviously, holding a grudge is ultimately just going to harm you, and borderline ruining their life just to get revenge is awful, but what's bad with say, embarrassing them in public or slapping them in the face if you happen to cross paths again?

>In eastern asia, some kids can end up being actively socially ostracized and isolated by their entire class as a collective for years on end.
this is one of the big reasons on why hikkikomori exist. east asian communities are very tightly-knit; it doesn't take a lot of talking to know what happens to a peer or acquaintance, so when you get bullied at a young age, you bet your ass you'll internalize their opinions about you and shut yourself in as an attempt to get away from everyone.
it's not just the people who bully that you have to avoid. it's your friends, your family, even strangers. it's even worse now that you have the internet; anyone can make up what you did, make a meme out of you and there will be always be people who have the need to support your bullies and rumors just because it amuses them.
it doesn't get better even if you get bullied as an older person. your life will get ruined by the people you know and potentially any chance of employment you have would squander. the mental problems that come with being severely bullied would bring employment to an even lower chance and once that's all set in stone, you'll really have no chance but to stay inside your room in hopes that people forget that you exist at all.
everything i typed out probably sounds like hyperbole to an outsider, but i've seen it happen too many times while growing up.

Aside from the "not like the movies line", this episode gave me feels.

>Nick pretty much gets a slap on the wrist
>Jimmy gets a bad end

It does if you catch them alone and go upside their heads with a baseball bat. You need to make sure there aren't any other people or working security cameras around though.

>head caved in huh? must've been a gang murder

>Mfw I was the bully in my school
My, I felt bad bout it before but now this thread has me wonder if one of the sorry people I took advantage of never grew up and stuck himself in those times.

>the kid you bullied is posting on Cred Forums right now
>in this very thread

>those that use manipulation and psychological means
Were considered effeminate at my school. Yes it was full of blacks, Hispanics and white trash, why do you ask?

>After the "get back at the bully" episode, said bully dies trying to save your ass

White people could learn a thing or two from blacks or hispanics, unless it's physical, shit doesn't do much, words only can do what you allow them to do.

>TFW when bully too
>Me and my friends made earth a living hell for some Mennonite guy attending to our highschool
>From inviting him to play football just to start kicking him to set him up as king of prom with his crush as queen because we knew she would not show up if she won
>They won, he had to dance alone because she indeed did not show up
Man, what was to be an immature cunt. I hope you can forgive one day Rulo.


Fucking this. People may laugh but the "turn off the computer and walk away" thing really does work as long as they're not hacking your shit or nothing.

I don't think any of the professors are named after trees in Japanese


>It dun matter Tyrone kill a guy, he only 13 bak den. He gud boi now! Life on track

Live with knowing that as secure and happy and over it as the kid now adult may say he is that if they ever come across you in life and have the possibility to make life harder for you they'll do so and be pretty justified in doing so. Karma, bitches.

Why would you doubt that?

No, no, bullying get's alot worse in high school

The truth

How he acted in the latest Generation short is basically what he should have been the entire time.

Yeah I know they said that, it doesn't make it any less stupid, they're just too scared to make something with a new protagonist, which is stupid since pokemon is a huge.

He gains competency, but once he moves, he goes back to be retarded, constantly surprised that some level 1 normal type did something new against Pikachu

I'm was the kid who was prone to bullying. Thanks to my social retardation I didn't I was getting bullied. I always become friends with my bullies.

It doesn't work, just rewards them, and eventually leads to school shootings.

Why do you think a person in a divorce clause is automatically innocent?

It's entirely possible he deserved it.

>It's not healthy to hold grudges
Wow! what new and insightful knowledge you bring.

You're a weakling.

You're ALL weaklings.

You got bullied because you were socially unsuitable, and if you're holding a grudge over it, it's because you're STILL socially unsuitable.

Man up!

Hey, I loved Count of Monte Cristo.

That can't be real? They can't just literally get behind that as a group almost like a pack mentality can they?

>Are there even any good bully characters in cartoons and comics? They all are shallow or use outdated tropes from the 80s.

New Superman is a bully.

Suddenly the /ss/ threads made perfect sense.

It exists. There have been videos and documentaries about the internet hermit life.

I've never seen a cartoon say "ignore the Bullies" because the problem is the Bullies don't care if you ignore them, they're having their fun regardless.

The part where he was possessed by a demon and turned blue was pretty weird.

>tfw i was friends with one of bullies
They bullied those people who watched anime and were autists about it. I mean i was weeb too but i hide my powerlevel. I still hide my powerlevel because i dont want people to know i like anime and manga

The solution is waiting to graduate to the next school honestly, i once lost it and retaliated against a bully and kicked him and punched him a lot and even in the ground he kept making fun of me, it never stopped until the last day of school

This is how you raise generations of people who wait for graduation all their lives.

Well maybe they could've let him win,then when he challenges the Elite 4 he's get absolutely destroyed.

>Mfw people actually believe that Ash could win

The thesis is that you starve them of attention making them give up, but all the bullies I knew travelled in groups that found it hilarious that you weren't reacting to anything feeding each other ample attention off of it

Gary != Blue

Hey, I come from genuine hillbilly country, and I hate using that term but quite frankly it's the only way to get across where I'm coming from. To say that violence isn't generally a viable option ignores not only the history of our species, but how most the world operates. Violence is a perfectly viable solution when you do not have the capacity to sue people.

Here's the thing though, Ash in the end still beat that Mythic pokemon that apparently the asshole used to solo the entire region.

The real kick in the nads was when the show went right around and said "nah fuck you, a second legendary"

In fairness, and I say this with that being my favorite novel of all time, if I was sent to a 19th century prison for 21 years because my friend was jealous of me, I'd just blow the motherfucker away the second I got out. I don't give a shit if they put me right back in, it'd be worth it.

The society, law and order is built on nothing but a vast network of violent threats. Maybe if you lucky someone else, like police will make good of those threats on your behalf, but violence is not only viable, it's the mother of all viability.

Ignoring is not how you deal with bullies. Ignoring is how you deal with trolls. There's a difference.

Just the concept of ignoring a bully doesn't make any sense. How does one "ignore" having their head shoved in the toilet? That doesn't require any participation on the part of the one being swirlied.

"Bullying" is too often used as a catch-all term for any mean social behavior, and that needs to stop.

"Cyber-bullying" is not bullying, it's trolling. You can ignore someone sending you mean messages on the internet - it'a trolling. You can not ignore someone punching you in the face - it's bullying.

>episode about the sexes
>woman win

Well if the contest is "who can stay angry longer" then hell yeah she'll win

People should be supportive of the victimization initiated by bullying. The fates of these victims were clearly warranted if they considered harming their fellow citizens due to the aftermath of their personal problems. Pre-emptive oppression is justified in order to root out the most probable suspects expected to act out.

>Guys are always stupid slobs.
>Girls are smart snobs.
>No one ever thinks of working together.

Girls are too stupid to just go to different sites, or just set their shit up for "friends/family only", because they desperately crave followers. Nobody hacks their shit, they just stay vulnerable and keep getting shitted on. And using any ignore or block feature is too hard for them.

this is why I hate women

and I am a woman

Who hurt you?

>blocking people makes them go away forever
Have you ever used a site that isn't Cred Forums?

>It's a boys vs girls episode
>all the guys become inexplicably sexist out of nowhere
>they also lose all ability to function as human beings

Or even worse
>It's a boys vs girls episode
>the girls become insane screeching harpies
>girls win and the moral is that they were right even though they acted horribly

Truthfully you should set the school on fire and frame the bullies for it.

I think a good example would be that FairyOdd Parents ones. It was just so fucking stupid. Like the show.

We're having a threads about people still mad at things that happened in middle school.
Males with that category too


> Tfw you were 184cm by 16.
Its a good feel. Even those who wanted to start shit with me knew better than to do it in my face.

That doesn't mean shit in the Pokemon world though. People will always treat him like he doesn't know anything about pokemon battles.

>guy i know got bullied pretty hard as a kid
>messed him up so bad that today he's a 30 year old bitter virgin with the emotional maturity of a 13 year old kid
fucked up tbqh


no, he's a relatively functional
he is just emotionally on the level of a teenager, takes everything personally, blames everyone else for everything wrong in his life, brags about half-assing his work and can't and is generally just an insecure little child who doesn't know what kind of a person he wants to be. Also revealing his low level power levels every chance he gets

alright guy but very tiresome to hang around with

You know how lawyers work, right?

That's not a lot of time then is it? The entire point is if you're holding people accountable for things they did back when they were an entirely different person then you're an emotionally stunted and petty retard.

Are you really the same person you were as a high school kid? Unless you're just barely an adult yourself, there's a world of difference. At 15 boys only just start developing the part of the brain responsible for empathy. Your are absolutely nowhere near full emotional and mental development at high school age.

Really we constantly change in personality.
Some parts can stay but we really change decade to decade with alarming differences.
It's why we set the weird ass bar at 18, because most people will have a "better" understanding of their actions of that age and the fact that line to adulthood has to be reasonable. But I have seen troves of 20 somthings that are less mature and grown then 16 year olds. Perhaps they are late bloomers but the fact remains that we change personality a good bit as we grow and it's believable a teenager in high school can't processes the damage he is doing.
Hell most adults still can't, it's were such awful advice like "Be yourself" and "just ignore it" comes from.

>it's an "ignore the bullies and they'll lose interest" moral
>it's a "stand up to the bullies, they're actually afraid of you" moral
>it's a "befriend the bullies, they're just really lonely" moral

Why are cartoons so stupid?

>revealing his low level power levels every chance he gets

Jesus christ. Is it really that hard to nit reveal your power level for some people? I have been hiding my powerlevel for years now and nobody knows that i watch anime not even my friends. Only one who knows it is my family.

People seldom actually change, they just get better at marketing themselves.

Pretty sure they do. New information, experiences and practices influences much about a person. You could be a total asshole back in high school but you mellow out as you grow older and the other way around.

So you are saying for the last 20+ years you have been the exact same person?
That you have never changed? You never grew out of anything?
Things that made you mad years ago still make you angry now?

You are either really young or have brain problems.

Or you could just apply leverage to your bullies. It's a lot fucking simpler. Or maybe you can't now? That's how I did it as a kid: mechanical advantage to the face.

But the shit most people call bullying anymore isn't even worth talking about. OP's hypothetical anime is correct; ignore that shit.

Hating people for shit they did as a kid is stupid. Most people eventually become a completely different person then their childhood self. Hell my earliest clear memory is probably senior year in high school now.

ok kid, you sure are wise for a guy just entering college.

>Most people eventually become a completely different person then their childhood self. Hell my earliest clear memory is probably senior year in high school now.
So how do you know you are different then?

Alright, truth be told you're sounding like a Tumblrina that digs up people's previous deeds to use for hating them.

To answer the question, seriously, what the fuck? You'd probably be eating food you weren't doing back then. Doing things that you considered dirty and wrong before. Hell, even your outlook in life and philosophy changes and by extension behaviour.

Cyberbullying can be pretty bad. If people are calling you names to your face you can ignore it, same with someone sending you private messages. If people are spreading rumours or threatening you they can hide behind anominity and reach a much bigger audience. You can't delete what people are saying about you either so it will always be there for other people to read and some things will come up with your name on google. Think about that old guy that played runescape that was falsely accused of being a pedophile for example.

Yes, they do offend me when they steal our jobs and our women.

>Think about that old guy that played runescape that was falsely accused of being a pedophile for example.
By keemcunt? Fucker didn't even have courage to admit that he was wrong. Fuck that piece of shit rat and his mindless drones.

Well you get your life made hell everyday by some trash people. Personally i don't activly hate any of the people who fucked with me in school, but say if any of them caught some sort of cancer, I'm probably going to be the kind of faggot to say they deserved it.

now hol up


>it's an episode about "being yourself gets the girl"

Japanese are raised to be like a military unit.

Their schooling is basically preparatory school for work/the military.

Haha, yeah, that's dumb.

Still not as bad as the "just tell the adults, they'll know what to do" moral

> it's a "the bully that picks on you has a sad backstory, please understand"
Who gives a fuck?

And that is why they believe that high school is their top of the youth. After that you go to working for 12 hours everyday

gay lord

stand up for yourself

>being friends with total cunts

I can't remember where but I once saw an example of boys vs girls where everyone ended up screwing up and unhappy so in the end they learn that the whole idea was stupid to begin with.
A nice moral even if we know that in reality an all-male team is more likely to succeed than an all-female one

>even if we know that in reality an all-male team is more likely to succeed than an all-female one

Oh it's been proven
In one season of the Dutch version of "Survivor," the men and women were split and given their own islands. At the end of 8 days, the men had a "Cafe on the beach," while the women were stealing from each other and had not yet built a hut; the women approved of a tribe merger.

UK went even worse for the women.

Hell even US was bad

They keep getting chances to prove this shit yet only in fiction does it shine that the average women is just as good let alone better

Bullies will frequently corner and surround their target, and constantly harass them, making ignoring them impossible.

People who say "ignore it" have never been bullied, and are fucking idiots.
Parents who tell their kids to ignore it are lazy, selfish cunts who don't care. They are as bad as the bullies, really.

>Not realizing women just hide their pettiness power levels better

They practically made being petty and passive aggressive into an artform.

>its an user used to be a bully and never found out what happened to my former victims and I just want to let them know I'm sorry for the fucked up things I did and hope they're having a good life.

Fuck this sounds like me.

You're attempts to ignore them are even more amusing to them.
That often gets the biggest laugh.

Some mother's use their kid being bullied to cynically increase their control over their child's life.

Some mums want you to have social anxiety.

>Itt: stories that never happened

Ha ha, no. To ignore the bullies doesn't fucking work at all, quite the opposite really since they then see you as a easy target they can pick upon the moment they are bored because they know for fact that its only a facade and that they will break it down. I was bullied for 3 year straight to the point that I had absolutely no social life and nobody wanted to even talk to me because they feared they would become pariah too for siding with the victim. The only time I was ever at peace it when I blew a fucking fuse and beaten the shit out of the prick who was doing most of the bullying, suprise suprise the moment after I had numerous faggots comes kiss my feet telling me how great I was for doing that, holy fuck just remembering their cowardice enrage me to no end, fucking cowardly faggots who never even lifted a finger to help me yet think I'll accept them as friends the moment they kiss my ass. Disgusting bunch of pricks, the whole lot of them.

You were never really bullied, it was teasing at most, you don't know how its like to fear going at school because you KNOW for FACT that some pricks is going to make your life hell no matter what you do, with the schools administrating treating you like a problematic case because they don't want to deal with the problems of dealing with the bullies parents and telling them to get their head out of their ass and to properly raise their child, instead opting for the safest solution that will lower the possibilities of any kind of comeback to the administration incompetency aka leaving you to rot in your misery and acting like the problem doesn't exist, only taking actions against the bullied one because he is easier to manage than the humongous prick who is doing to bullying and is known as a trouble maker.

I hope I don't ever see the faggot who bullied me ever again, else I'll clock the piece of shit right in the jaw, especially if he tell me he is ''sorry'', yeah, sure...

Seriously though what is the motive of a bully?
I know that watching people get hurt is fun but I think it's not worth doing it yourself.

You have 3 flavors
1. Abused by parents/loved ones so they think responding with pain is normal
2. An act of anger or evil brought them positive attention and short term happiness so they keep it up for the respect and Frieda it brings
3. They are a sociopath

>tfw had sex for the first time in high school with the 'bully''s girlfriend
>eventually strike up an odd friendship later with the 'bully' over how loose she was

The term you're searching for is cuckold.

Only works for minor shit where they're trying to get a quick rise from you, more dedicated fuckers will come after you.

>4th grade
>some kid won't stop picking on me
>keep trying to ignore him and go away because that's what the teachers tell me to do
>he keeps following me with his two friends in after school

While we're having another "Cred Forums talks about the shit it went through in school" episode, bullies IRL are skinny fuckers in my experience, not a lot of bulky guys running around stealing lunch money and shoving kids in lockers seriously lockers are small how the fuck did that become a thing. Maybe it's because they can get away with it, I dunno.

I can tell you for a fact the whole jocks being bullies thing is bullshit, they're generally kinda easy to get along with and the jerks are hated by the other jocks I hit a cross-country guy with a binder and the rest of his team was offering me high-fives for days.

I've heard good things about the new Pokemon seasons. Are they worth giving a try?

It makes narrative sense, even if it's not entirely borne out by reality.

It's hard to make a compelling narrative out of "guy just shoots his school because he's edgy" or "guy shoots up his campus because he had a tumor fucking up his brain."

Ordinarily I'd say something about how holding a grudge is dumb, but if you're gonna be a divorce attorney you might as well enjoy the vindictiveness.

As much as I don't want to be an internet tough guy, there's a lot of truth to this, school discipline is such that standing your ground gets you into more trouble than the initial provocation. School's go all-out to make a safe place for kids and end up demonstrating the necessity of force.

I'm probably just saying this because the kids who started shit with me were kids I could've benched.

It's a thread about school experiences, what else could've happened?

This is a topic that interests me but gets shat up by /r9k/, like how I enjoy talking culture shifts but Cred Forums ruins that.

>watch high school romance anime
>start feeling bad that I never experienced that
>realize that shit doesn't happen IRL, ESPECIALLY not in Japan

>Middle School was basically kids who couldn't throw a punch for shit spouting banter back and forth at each other
>High School was a wide open campus in Cali so besides a few annoying faggots saying stupid shit for attention, no one was really bullying people
I never experienced bullying

DP and XY/XYZ. Both have the most powerful and competent Ash put to screen, as well as supportive friends (some have great characters of their own), and rivals that challenge him, as well as menacing regional villainous teams.

Of course since this is Pokemon, you know what happens in the end of every league, and the sting is the hardest in the latter season since they actually promoted and hyped him winning.

Girl here. Had this rumor spread all the time. Didn't give two fucks. If you act like a decent human being no one is gonna take rumors seriously when they meet you. That rumor is just so ugly girls have an excuse to hate girls hotter than them

It didn't work. It only ended when I got to high school. New faces; I was no longer a target.

I kinda took the ignoring thing to the extreme because I was a hardcore Christian back then. "Turn the other cheek", my ass.

I still feel angry about it sometimes, but I know it's useless, so... I think I'll just skip out on the reunion and forget about everyone.

>"Bullying" is too often used as a catch-all term for any mean social behavior
That IS bullying. You're describing physical assault. Which is still bullying.

>You're a weakling

>You're ALL weaklings

I can tell from your post that you don't have have as much social skills you try to credit yourself to have, the moment I got up to the phrase "socially unsuitable" I took a wild guess that you got you're "life experience/wisdom" from the "redpillers"

>the most powerful and competent Ash put to screen
Okay, that's definitely worth seeing.

XY felt so much like DP though I liked his pokebros in DP more. They each felt like they had their own storylines and shit and Paul was a motherfucker so seeing him get beat down was great. DP was rough too because it was the only season where Ash met the entire E4 before he got to the tournament and they reappeared a few times too making people think he'd be making the big time. But nope. Latios out of fucking nowhere.

>ignore them calling you an asshole
>they just shove a pencil up your asshole instead

The actual quality of the anime at this point especially in the fights, like holy fuck makes the upcoming season look even worse in comparison.
I have no fucking idea what they were thinking.

What? Kids are evil little shits.

What a crock of shit. If you did that they would've asked you if you ever got laid then either call you a virgin, fag, or managed to have sex by either being molested or fucking the ugliest girl in school.

Depends on the location. When I lived in southern California for a few years one of the middle schools I went to was a run down dump that had fighting occur on a nearly daily basis.

Bullies aren't the equivalent of trolls in real life. Unlike trolls, Bullies will fuck you up physically.

>the guy who ruined my life

Being a successful lawyer isn't something that sounds like someone with a ruined life would be doing.

>tfw i bullied a qt deaf girl in my class because of my girls are yucky phase
>tfw she still dated me in high school even though i bullied her because apparently i was the only one giving her attention

Wow.....then you should probably give this a read.

my rival is now a drug addict
I'm a Cred Forums meme man

who lost?

nah i dont wanna remember the memories especially since it took me 8 years to move on after her death
her deafness was apparently caused by a congenital heart defect

>The educational system itself needs to be held accountable for letting the students run rabid like it's a Clockwork Orange.

I'd say part of the issue with this is bullies are smart enough to abuse the whole zero tolerance rule schools have when it comes to bullying making it so if the kid who is being bullied finally stands up for themself they're the ones who get fucked instead of the bully.

>>It's a "ignore the bullies" moral

You need to nearly kill one of them; then the others will leave you the fuck alone.

>since it took me 8 years to move on after her death
I'm sorry man.

>tfw high school was basically call of duty irl
you've never experience a real trigonometry class unless your teacher was walking with working ww2 piat because the rebel tank was just around the cafeteria

It's a great book; the thing about hashish was weird, tho.

Meming doesn't wreck physical health and your wallet to the same intensity

>tfw high school was basically call of duty irl
I didn't know you went to Columbine

sweden actually

This is the first time in my life I think about killing people because of what happened at my job on Friday, and it isn't even about the person I almost got in a fight with.

BTW I am typical autistic manchild and he is redneck metalhead so he would KO me in one punch if we did fight

I think i should quit my job once a condition was met, and that condition was met long ago.

How the fuck do i move on? This fucker made my life hell and ruined my social abilities, induced me to anxiety and the panic syndrome
How can i forget this, im not even angry at him anymore i just want to feel normal again

>be 10th grade me, because who else would I be in 10th grade
>big redneck kid wearing all black in English class who keeps calling me faggot
>ignore him because forget his trailer park ass
>one day, free period, can do whatever the fuck you want
>bring my gamecube, controllers, SSBM and Timesplitters
>using my favorite wavebird controller
>crippled kid just wiping the floor with me in TS2, get really frustrated
>Suddenly redneck is poking me on the back of my neck with a pencil he's holding near his dick
>tell him to stop
>keeps doing it huhuhuh
>tell him to stop
>keeps doing it, still getting my ass kicked in TS2
>tell him to stop for the last time
>keeps fucking doing it
>in a fit of nerd rage, fly up out of my desk and beat him over the heat with the wavebird until the batteries fall out
>only whispers faggot at a distance from then on

Get mad, beat people up with game controllers

Serena is my waifu too

I'm sorry
you are already broken

Visit a psychologist

on that note, how different would this game have been if the protag was a girl?

80% of the time it doesn't do anything, the act of the bullying itself entertains the bully and the reaction is a bonus

By not being a lil bitch all the time you fucking nerd.

And i still keep watching them

>If i compare him to be tumblr than i'll be right!

>A handful of people represent 51% of the population

I got bullied a lot at school. Mostly because i was studious and religious and actually respected my teachers. They used to laugh at me and call me sissy and even slap my butt at times. It obviously didn't help that i was kinda chubby.

It was only afterward i was 15 that i said, fuck it, and started doing stuff other people do. Sports, Debates, all that. Heck, i started venting all my rage on the field. Many times i downright pushed or tripped my opposing team guy. Somehow i always got away with it

Now i'm in medical college and no bullies here at all. Now I just study and read comics and watch anime. I don't know if i should restart sports or not

>They used to laugh at me and call me sissy and even slap my butt at times. It obviously didn't help that i was kinda chubby.

well that was when i was 12 or something. i have improved a lot. And most of them probably dropped out and probably grifting somewhere

>hate bullies
>years later
>realize that I never really got bullied
>I hung out with the normal kids
>realized that I was a bully

anyone else came to this revelation?

This is one of the more retarded statements I've seen on Cred Forums.

Wouldn't lying about your life to actual people you know be worse? Why do some people act like posting shit on an anonymous image board is some crime against humanity?

Isn't feeling good about someone else's bully getting fucked over empathy?

Spending too much time on Cred Forums can warp your perspective

hahahahahaha, underrated post.

Man, I grew up with some nasty kids. They then grew up into sociopath teenagers, only to mature into fully realized corporate rats who'd throw their own mothers under the bus just to get a promotion. Just fucking horrible, horrible people who want to ruin your day solely because they can. Adulterers, con artists, thieves, Christ I knew one guy who turned out to be a pedophile and got off scott free.

Because we where immature cunts, that's why.

>not becoming a vigilante and killing them

I'm disappointed user

For the longest time I thought bullies in cartoons were heavily exaggerated.

I was lucky enough to never have been bullied or experienced bullying.

Yeah. They learn to cover their tracks. They learn the art of subtlety. They learn how to manipulate, how to rig the law to suit their purposes, and in the end: how to pin and blame it all on you. All the while maintaining that fake, pretentious smile in the office that hides a persistent adoration for sadism.

All to gain a promotion and your nice cubicle in the office.

I despise the modern view of the Therapist as this magic "cure-all snake oil" that will instantly cure someone of deep mental problems. Plenty of people relapse, some people spend the rest of their life on medication. Thankfully Nero-science is just starting to mature as a field, hopefully improving or even outright replacing Psychology, much to the detriment of our local soft science majors.

Honestly it feels like people here just like to be victims. Holding grudges for shit that happened years ago in a period where those around you where barely above children and worse of all nobody present a solving to the problem.
>Ignoring it
"It doesn't work, they don't go away!"
"Try ignoring how they beat you up!"
>Stand up for yourself
"wow so edgy, have fun getting in trouble"
>Calling the authorities
"It doesn't work, period."
Everything anyone tells you simply doesn't work and your life is ruined for ever by people that don't even remember you and can't be fixed.

It's sounding like youre under the assumption that these differing pieces of advice are being given by the same people when there's well over a hundred different IPs in this thread.

And from personal experience, the only thing that had any real effect when I got shit in school was to stand up for myself. Assholes think twice about starting stuff when you have a reputation for punching dudes in the face.
Once these kids from a higher grade were smacking me in the back of the head during an assembly and I ended up punching the WRONG one in the face when I finally got fed up with it. I felt awful about it but it was still enough to get them to fucking stop.

Snitching only works when the adults in charge give enough of a shit to actually do what's necessary to stop it. I've heard of them using the nuclear option and outright expelling bullies, but more often they'll just give a slap on the wrist and then you end up getting picked on even worse for being a tattletale pussy.

And ignoring them only works when it's shit like rumors or insults where the entire point is to get a reaction out of you. But when it's at the cost of you getting your ass beat or your things stolen or destroyed outright, all ignoring it does is show the bullies that you're an easy target.

I was bullied/made fun of alot in high school. Never got into fights, just a lot of roasting banter back and forth.
The funny thing is that shit stopped immediately after I graduated high school. As soon as I got into college, I never dealt with that stuff again.
Hell, some of the bullies from high school ended up going to jail for assault and robberies and shit.
I see the others around my neighborhood, still reminiscing about their old high school days.
The shit seemed so bad back then, then four years go by and it all seems kinda silly and childish in retrospect.

>Bullied by older brother from middle school to high school
>As a common joke he'd excessively dry hump my butt and flick his tongue into my ears
>He called himself the pokemon zangoose and called this zangoosing
>Did this for 2 years until mom lectured him.
He didn't put his penis in, and it wasn't 100% rape, but it kind of felt like it. Today my brother is a university engineering graduate with a big social life and a high paying government job.
He sometimes contacts me, and cares for my well being. He's apologized for doing that stuff, but only when I brought it up. I don't know if I can forgive him, I tried to but I feel the opposite of forgiveness. I allowed myself to be pretty beta during this time, my brother and alot of people at school bullied me. It really sucks remembering this.

>It's an episode about bullies
>Protagonist just reports the bullying and the bullying is stopped.
>Episode ends before even reaching its second commercial break.

>and called this zangoosing
I'm sorry user, but that's hilarious. Honestly your brother sounds like he was more screwed in the head than you

>Dry hump my butt
Damn user, is this the start of a wonderful incestful relationship? Is it alright if I make fun of this?

I'll do it anyway.

>tfw back in elementary I was quite bitter to two girls with the whole "ew cooties" thing.
>tfw when grew out of it, and said girls grew a crush on me.

was not 100% rape? good god too much tumblr for you. brothers dry hump to troll and all sorts of other stupid shit to each other all the time. dont be such a baby about it, unless he held you down and humped you nude till he came or something.

He didn't say it was a cure all, he's just saying that sometimes it helps to talk to people about this shit.

I'm good with the jokes. I'm slowly moving on from this, and being able to post this and share it with people helps. Part of the pain came from not telling anyone, so like I said this helps.

When my brother stopped being a zangoose, he started to call himself baby piplup and referred to me as his dad, pippy the piplup, and made up a story that he was born from a fictional prostitute I banged. He only did this to me, outside of our interactions he was a semi popular normal fag. I'm still figuring out why he was like this.

Anyways during the this time period my older brother was no longer the one I looked up to so for years I had a habit of looking up to people around my age that I liked. To this day I still long for someone to look up to, but I should be my own man.

You may be a stranger but it's reassuring to hear this. Thanks anons, talking about this is putting me at ease.

Since I already unloaded the baggage, I developed a futa fetish recently. I can't tell if I got this from my brother or if I'm some kind of gay so it's really frustrating since I'm into women.

I learned the way to make people stop bullying, and it's an easy.

Make them think you're fucking crazy.

Not the shuddering, talking to self kind. The "don't fuck with him man, he's crazy, you don't know what he'll do". If they try to excessively bully you, don't punch them. Bite them. And I don't mean just a nip, like genuinely make them think you tried take a chunk of them with you. Practice in a mirror making the eyes that look like you would've torn their throat out. No one's gonna fuck with the guy that people think they need to call animal control on.

Treat them like dirt and they stick to you like mud.

we actually had a fat kid in our class who was like that but it seemed like the bullying just got worse for him when he started to bite the other kids they would just laugh their asses off and punch him down this edgy shit does not work in countries other than the usa where people run around with guns

He clearly wasn't biting hard enough then. Go for the face, try and tear off their nose.

I would have played it with a boner the whole time, and I probably would have been more of an actual bully.

Cred Forums was the guy who talked about your mom and some farm animals.

>be bullied by scrawny arab kid
>take it to a measure, then fight back
>he stops for a few days
>then after school brothers/cousins/friends fuck me up
>file a police report
>can't prove it has anything to do with the kid
>one week later he starts the bullying again
>police don't find who did it
Sometimes there's just no winning.

So Cred Forums is raiding us, right?

>Choose to look up bullies from school on normiebook because of thread
>one of them got a girl pregnant senior year and does metal work
>Other one knocked up a sophmore girl and never got his GED
I'm not even surprised.


why would Cred Forums raid us you stupid shit.

Most I know are fat, balding, and working dead-end jobs.
And then there's the one who's probably still in prison for murder.

It doesn't work.

I was bullied in junior high for being weird and socially awkward. In high school, there were kids who were weirder than I was and the bullies left me alone after that and went after those kids instead.

Male bullies tend to use physical aggression towards their targets. Female bullies activity want to ruin their target's life and destroy them psychologically.

It's like but his dream is to catch em all right? Come on writers he can win one, or he can try to win them all like god damn its an anime you can let him do whatever and keep going.
It's even stupider writing to have him leave and try again somewhere else.

>MFW I made peace with my chad from 4th grade by the end of high school

>get bullied in elementary by some kid
>literally only him, but he was persistent in it.
>everyone else loved me, but over the course of a year, he turned them all against me
>I remember begging him on the floor to be my friend, to stop everything
>he laughed in my face and said never
>continued for a while until I started picking on a autistic kid
>did what the kid did to me, turned everyone against him, was finally back in the fold
>years later, I confronted my bully, got a apology and an explanation
>turns out, he's gay and I was his first crush.
>he lashed out because he didn't understand his feelings and was angry
>we even dated for a while
>A certain satisfaction is had when you ram your former bully up the ass while they wear a cute dress
>even now though, I wonder about what happened to the kid I fucked over
I'm sorry, Adrian. I really am. You didn't deserve all that shit I tossed at you. I just wanted friends again.

>Played baseball as a little kid
>Played football throughout high school
>Never been bullied
>Never bullied
>Took a dweeb under my wing and helped him get his first date

How the hell did I end up here?

That is literally how I took care of a bully in middle school. I got fed up with his shit and decked him across the face. He left me alone after that.
Fighting your bullies works 9 times out of 10, you little pussy.

>be an autistic faggot with an emotional range of a potato
>eventually develop some charisma and attain a small flock of followers who would do shit for you and listen to your stupid shitty jokes
>get depressed, lose all your charm and become incapable of finding anything funny
And here I am back at square one.

>that ending
I didn't see that coming

Which is a misapplication of the Scripture, actually. It merely refers to not returning petty insult for insult, rather than literally not defending yourself. Pacifists are generally damn fools.

Same for me, but I had to deck him first.

Violence has solved and prevented more conflict in the history of this species than any other method ever used.

People who back away from that are complete idiots. Even in Christianity, with its more pacifistic bent, the only thing that solves the debt of salvation is violence.