Why is CN so obsessed with this show?

It's like they can't air a new episode of a show without TTG getting one as well. It almost reminds me of the spilled bratty kid who needs equal attention and presents at parties on top of the birthday kid

This show is annoying and massively overplayed, what gives with CN and their obsession?

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It's their highest rated show. Why wouldn't they play it?

It's CN's Spongebob, minus the good seasons.

I'd imagine it's easy to be highest rated when it accounts for like 50% of your airtime

TTG is pretty great

>inb4 muh "mean spirited!!!"

if by great you mean obnoxious

I like mean spirited humor.

Why is it so hard to understand that mean spirited humor, like other forms of humor, can be done wrong? I don't hate it because it's mean spirited, I hate it because it's not funny.

Wish the show was fully in that art style instead of the one there is now.

That is taking shit way too far.

>Cheap to make
>Easy to produce, so they can get more episodes out faster
>Probably has the best Views to Money spent on it ratio
>Is able to piggy back on another well developed show (Even if the fans of the original don't like it, it's a gate way show to the rest of there shows)

They'd be stupid if they didn't push it, desu senpai

What did everybody think of the last ep

The Titans become evil because they were sick of crime alerts bothering them

>It's their highest rated show.
>because it's aired all day

Gee, you must be a fucking genius.

stupid kids would eat shit if you constantly shoved it in their face and told them it's popular and everyone is doing it.

part of its popularity is just being a low-brow kids show with flashy colors and LOLSODRANDUMB plotlines where toilets suddenly start talking with googley eyes.

the other part is FOMO (fear of missing out) with their peers because CN constantly acts like its the coolest thing since sliced bread. "EVERYONE LOVES TTGO WHY DONT YOU LIKE IT YET?"

Went from funny to cringe worthy.

>If TTG Robin is Dick; realize that his parents died in a horrible accident and he believes them to be alive.
>If TTG Robin is Tim; his mom died from poisoning and his dad was killed by Captain Boomerang.

Being Robin is suffering.

Not an argument

It's a "what if Teen Titans was a not-so-serious show" show. Get over it.

It's entertaining at points
my biggest complaint is that like 80% of the jokes, particularly the ones that aren't just slapstickesque beatdowns, are just references to things that the targeted audience wouldn't get

here's a fun rendition of the truffle shuffle, enhanced by the addition of butts

And here's some kid doing it just because it's a silly dance
yeah, the joke is still there, a silly dance with butts
but what was the point of the setup? a reference
the entire episode was a reference

here's hoping that the TTG writers are starting these threads just so they have more fuel/find things to steal because they don't have any original ideas

i liked the island episodes

No idea, but it's getting bad. I turned on cartoon network for the first time in forever the other day and it was just nonstop TTG. But what really bugged me, was while it was on, every commercial break had at least one commercial for TTG, sometimes several. Not even for new episodes, just the show itself.

as if anyone here watches it instead of just complaining about it

I watched like a good bunch of episodes like a year ago before dropping it.

What do you want from me?