Super sons! Is it finally happening?

Super sons! Is it finally happening?

Hopefully. Been waiting for ANY news on this book for months.

It's coming next year, you thirsty fucking pedos.

And no, a writer still hasn't been announced. So, for anyone who doesn't think with their dick, there's no reason to be hyped for this yet.

how would you feel if they also had Diana's Super-daughter?

No girls allowed

>Doc Sharner supersons

My heart couldn't take the cuteness

Would Jon be one of the few friends Damian didn't try to abduct?

I hope Lobdell is the writer
Or a black woman or something

Why has Damians costume been getting more and more cluttered?

> in b4 Diana adopts a muslim dancing fuccboi

It looks..better? At least he isn't wearing the robe anymore.

You are right, though. It is very busy compared to some of his counterparts.

I bet Crul is writing it

Enjoy your shit book


weird phonetic typo there

>pandering to fujoshit and pedos

I expected better from DC.

Also give the fucking Robin mantle to someone else already, we need a Robin in the Batman books

>I hope Lobdell is the writer
But how could he make Superboy and a 13 year old assassin even more OP?

Why is Cred Forums so excited for this book? We don't even know the writer yet.

He'd just retcon their backstories into something even more convoluted and make Jason Damian's favorite brother thanks to him writing both books

considering all the posts about wanting Superman's son without a shirt in the Superman storytimes you can imagine why they are excited for this book


That's what Dukes for

>Jason Damian's favorite brother thanks to him writing both books
Your forgetting the most unexpected twist of all,
>"Damian... I am your father"

Because fun potential is high. I just hope the ton of the book isn't serious

He's 13, he's just entering tryhard age.

Back in my day, it was Tim and Conner.

I am almost positive the book will be written by Gleason, hence why it's spinning out of Superman now.

Damian is my favourite and Jon will compliment him wonderfully personality-wise. I also expect non-stop shenanigans that will irritate Bruce and make Clark amused..

>Or a black woman or something

Why would this be even remotely an issue?

Krul wrote the only half-way readable Teen Titans run in the last 10 years.

Tiny Trinity. Fund it.

Calling it as Diana's little sister or niece.

Jorge Jimenaz's lolis are on point, but it might as well be another kid team book then. I want the successor to Haney's Super-sons.

super ok, it's time to WW have a daughter in continuity

>Why would this be even remotely an issue?

because Cred Forums is basically Cred Forums junior these days

With the next wave of Rebirth, whenever that is.
This will tell us more when it comes out.

I would definitely read if that happened and it was like the second coming of Jai West.

>Winnick ruins Talia before Morrison gets to her

I swear Winnick is the end result of locking an infinite amount of Lobdells in a room with an infinite amount of type writers

Please no.

PAD left DC, Tim Drake became the worst thing about the Bat-Family, and Geoffrey Johns got to grimdark Superboy to hell and back.

Writer: Gleason
Artists: Jimenez

I hope at least.

I will also accept Tomasi.

>Artist is Ricken
How would Cred Forums feel about this?

Dude, Talia back then was a slut. She fucked Jean-Paul Valley and Bane.

Pls no.

>later on DC pulls another time skip

>Jon's only 10 and already in a committed relationship with a girl
Like, maybe it's just because I want homo (which I know won't happen -- I'm not that delusional), but to me it's weird that they gave Jon a girlfriend AND treating it like they're soul mates, even though they're literally elementary schoolers.

What's wrong with Ricken?

What if tiny Donna

As a person who doesn't read comics what should I need to know or read if I want to read Super Sons

She'll just take care of another amazon's daughter. Is Donna still around?

You should never have to read anything to understand a book other than the book itself

what if Diana's forsaken shota son who isn't allowed on the island and was raised by the government after steve trevor impregnated her?

Batman and Superman now have sons. They're being forced to work together. There you go. You can expect a lot of "My dad always says-" from Supes' kid, with Damian being a dick and doing things to him that would be fatal to a human kid.

Early Superboy comics had Clark and Lana at basically the same age.


How ild is Jon BTW? Last I heard he was like 10.

I'm just happy she's a blonde haired, blue eyed country girl.
If this was Marvel, it'd be some 10 year old brown muslim transgender dyke with rainbow hair and Double Superman powers or some shit.

He's young, plenty of time to get a taste for chocolate.

>Jon a girlfriend AND treating it like they're soul mates, even though they're literally elementary schoolers.
She is his lana.

I'm fine with that but just give Diana a son

She's not his girlfriend
They're just friends

I remember Jon trying to put his hand on her's, but then ends up accidentally breaking the tree branch they were are.

Damian certainly knows the appeal of brown.
Shit, maybe the magic kid he and Nobody saved will join him and Jon for an adventure.

Isn't Damien Arabian?

Half or a quarter at least.

A mix of Arabian, Chinese, and whatever Bruce is.

jew and white

DC needs more Damian in general, Duke can fuck off.

>Damian is the lead in Teen Titans
>Just wrapped up a solo ongoing
>Getting another ongoing where he's the co-lead
>Star of multiple animated movies
>Duke has barely shown up in King's Batman and had exactly one back-up in All-Star Batman

Hello Damifag, I see your ban ended today huh?

no, I want Diana herself to join them


Damian is too old now. It wont be pure bozu rovu instead its a teen raping a 10 year old

To be fair, I agree with Damianfag.
Duke CAN fuck off.