How would Grant Morrison revolutionize your favorite comic book hero, Cred Forums...

How would Grant Morrison revolutionize your favorite comic book hero, Cred Forums? He has already had his hands on mine (Superman) and some of the character's best stories were made because of him.

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>A proposed graphic novel in the wake of the success of Arkham Asylum, with art by Simon Bisley. Morrison expressed a desire to return to the Ditko Spider-Man. "It's not Spider-Man in Arkham Asylum or anything - it's action all the way with things blowing up from page one but it still won't be a great deal like the Spider-Man that everyone is used to"

>According to the webchat Morrison gave at Next Planet Over in 1999, the story was to begin with an attack by Mysterio, resulting in Spider-Man waking in a parallel world where Aunt May died and Peter never married.

>"The Spider-Man of that world is a creepy, skinny Ditko guy, who lives on his own and is shunned by the neighbors." said Morrison, "He only comes alive when he's out on the rooftops leaping about and squirting jets of white stuff over everything. Freud would have loved the story as the creepy but ultimately decent Spider-Man meets his counterpart from a place where Peter married a supermodel and made lots of money. The story was based around that tension and the ultimate redemption of the creepy Ditko character. I'd do something different now."

The bummer is Spidey is the perfect character for a Morrison reboot. Despite his immense popularity he's only had a handful of great runs and everything else is a boring imitation of them. He needs the freshness Moz brought to X-Men, JLA, Superman, etc.

I imagine Morrision would do what Ellis did, and just bring back the supernatural street-level aspect, but I'm sure he'd throw in some more of his villains, since Moon Knight has a surprsingly decent rogues gallery.

>evil space bacteria
Thanks, but I'll pass.

As a spider-fag I want this so fucking much.

Asshurt status quo autist pls.

His X-Men run was gold.

Please, someone let Morrison do a 5 year run with Spider-man...

Morrison said he'd never work at Marvel again. Fucking morons.

Why, what happened with him at Marvel?

Fuck I'm blanking on the name right now but it's only the one Marvel editor he hates. The one that retconned everything he did on X-Men and never got his stuff.

Morrison was actually the one that was a dick to Joe Q because he jumped ship to DC without telling him when Joe Q brought him to Marvel and did he best to protect him. That was never a feud, just awkwardness because they were close friends and then nothing. They've made up since then and are pals again.

> The Punisher.

I'm honestly curious what he would do. I doubt he'll stay on the usual ''frank is franking criminals for an infinite amount of issues'' premise and do something else instead.

>being pals with the personification of evil
how is that possible?

The Punisher is pretty much everything Grant hates about comics.

And what is it actually?

Taking things too seriously, making everything realistic. But that could also mean that Grant would make the biggest revolution to the series.

But Punisher is suposed to be realistic. That Morrison guy is really stupid

Actually, I'm not sure if he doesn't like realistic, dark stories or if he simply doesn't enjoy stories/characters TURNING INTO realistic, dark ones.

He did both types in some points of time, though. Go figure

He'd make him an Alpha Male Plus

>The Vision
I'm drawing a blank here. Pretty much everything you could do to deconstruct the Vision has already been done beginning when they literally deconstructed him.
Otherwise, uh. Monica Rambeau? Sunspot? Neither of them really need revolutionizing, and neither really works on their own. He could make Sunspot and Cannonball gay, I guess.

Something about the timestream and/or multiple universes/timelines and their impact on each other, probably.

He wrote them in Action Comics and it was a perfect fit

>something like Legion of 3 Worlds written by Morrison
Please, I did not want to edge for hours and come like a geyser tonight.

Wait, when?

He turned him into Batgod and now we can't have street level shit anymore. No thanks.

I just looked it up myself, it's Action Comics 05, 06 and 16-18

Aha, n52, I thought it was like two issues or something of the original run. Thanks!

Morrison did not revolutionize Superman. All-Star is a tribute. Morrison's actual Superman in JLA and Beyond 3D is just mixing Jurgens and Waid Superman with Morrisony elements.


Except he did that Miracleman annual with Joey Q

He'd probably do something like Warzone that's just over the top stupid action with stupid motivations, and where Punisher just kills the shit out of people he doesn't like, such as parkour enthusiasts, people who talk on their cell phone headset in waiting rooms, and people who put their ketchup in the fridge.

This story was written in late 80's

>He only comes alive when he's out on the rooftops leaping about and squirting jets of white stuff over everything

I haven't laughed yet today so thank you.

I'm amazed Grant has never touched green lantern. Youd think an army wielding a weapon thatbturns imagination to life would fit his style perfectly

no, he has never written any old Action Comics stuff and the only time he ever did anything even remotely with the Legion that I can remember is Brainiac showing up in Final Crisis to explain to Superman what he had to do with the Miracle Machine.
And I am not sure which parts of DC Universe #0 he wrote and doubt he wrote the Legion related part, that looks more like Geoff Johns did

Wsrzone was fun

He did some insane stuff with Kyle in JLA and One Million. And of course when the Corps was restored Johns had control of them.

>killing people for putting their ketchup in the fridge.

I fail to see how that is over the top

I was just going to post that.

The way the different colors fit into the greater DC metaphysics seems ripe for Morrison fuckery.

>tfw no DC One Million or Fifth World in HD...

what do you mean?

That theres no high quality scans of those titles...

Hickman's run of the Avengers and Doomworld would have been good if it were made by Morrison.

there are hybrids of the One Million main series by OkC.O.M.P.U.T.O.-Novus on libgen, they're in 1920x2950 and double pages at 3840x2950.

the 80-page giant doesn't seem to have a HD release though and neither have (most of) the One Million regular title issues with Young Heroes in Love only having terrible quality scans, the rest at least got digital and/or minutemen releases.

Thanks mang, didn't know the main series was re-scanned.

as I said, a few of the one million month issues are HD-ed as well, you'll have to dig through

to find them though

Yeah, I don't remember him writing anything else either.

But I can confirm that his Action Comics issues contain time travel shenanigans of the stable loop variation, but there are only ~5 Legionnaires in total. (And the whole Brainiac=Kryptonian AI=the internet thing which is a headache in itself)