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That ad is nightmare fuel and poorly animated.

>When your animation budget is $5

I worked for an ad agency a decade ago and even WE didn't make anything that bad.

Fuck you OP. This shit is fucking terrifying to watch.

I saw a black version of this one time


>there is a black version



Demographics my man.

Wow that was bad
wouldn't you like to tell them that?

God damn you to hell.

Holy fuck I thought this was a local ad with that budget.

It's so bad and bizarre that it grabs your attention.

Somehow, I assumed this ad only aired locally. I guess I didn't think that anyone would want to be widely associated with badly animated clip art.

Is there rule34 of her yet?

>you can still see a tiny bit of the white grandma's head

So, which do you think cost less to make? This or that HeadOn commercial?


>"tch...hehe, catch me of you can kiddo"

grandma turned into a mean bitch once she got her groove back



>Literally Clipart the commercial
They don't even use the same grandma twice

Huh didn't know this aired nationally I thought this was just a low budget thing that aired in my area.

The Adventures of Clip-Art Grandma

Apparently everyone does, I could've sworn that the General was some local Insurance thing....I don't really know how Insurance works though.
Apparently it's big enough that Family Guy was making jokes about it, but those faggots don't know the lore behind why his sidekick is a penguin.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the improvement of the General? Pretty soon he'll be in a Dreamworks movie.

Yeah, too bad I've only heard horror stories about people who have that insurance.

Honest question, does anyone here have it?

>Look up why the penguin
Apparently the commercials have a continuity.

Non standard insurance companies are the most interesting

I've gotten customers to switch from the general. I've heard way more horror stories about freeway insurance

That's a shame, because I REALLY wanna fall for the advertising. The General always comes off as a bro.


I fucking hate this clipart peice of shit. Worst part is its always on the obscure channels i watch for 80s b movies. Also, how do they not have the budget for a proper commercial, yet can afford to air this on cartoon network sometimes?

What's wrong Grandma, can't you stand?


Hey guys what's going on in this thread?



Remember when spike speigel was a poorly animated stick figure and loved subway?



Creepy ad thread?

Yeah, I kind of like those commercials though but I don't know why. I want to say they're comfy but that'snot a real explanation.


Even though this commercial isn't a local ad apparently, is it hard to think about how local ads work in conjunction with the rest of the nation?
I mean, you've got the same program airing in two different areas, and a commercial break comes on. However, two different local ads play, possibly with different lengths. Does the program then come on a few seconds later in one area than it would in another?
Or am I just overthinking things?

>make way for best animated commercial

Most local ads I have seen cut off normal ads.

i hate you user

Tell me more.

I thought this was local too, I live in North Carolina.

Feels so weird to see someone else talking about it holy shit.

nothing can top mark, i miss late night cleveland tv

Why does the grandma become such a bitch when she gets her knees back?
Who allowed her to ride a skateboard.

Every time that piece of shit comes on, all I can think is "That must be where Bruce's magic kneebrace in TDKR came from".

>those late 2000s FREECREDITREPORT.COM commercials with that same band in a different situation each commercial
>specifically the one where they work at a pirate themed restaurant

>that weirdass switch where they no longer worked for and hauled ass to some other online credit report site

ahh what the fuck

Love the svengoolie version

well how about that, I have that channel

I have something called The Ugly Antenna that picks up random channels, nothing like Cartoon Network, Disney, or Nickelodeon. I use it for background noise sometimes.

So are you guys using The Ugly Antenna and get this grandma ad? Or is it on DirectTV / Time Warner kinds of stuff too?

Aw man this isnt the black girl version. Literally just black faced same design.

CONNECTION this ISNT just a local ad?

I...I can't even...


MeTv is a free, nation-wide channel I think.

Grandma skating on one leg!

Hey! I've been there.

I always see weird shit like these on MyTV and Comet (80's sci-fi b movies). Really creepy shit man.

I'm sorry honey, the cat that keeps teleporting from my lap to the back of the chair is holding me hostage.

Catch my soul if you can, kiddo.


Oh fuck this piece of shit commercial.

Do 40 other people actually know what this shit is? I thought it was just me and the sudden realization I'm not alone is overwhelming, and the fact I'm not alone in feeling that I thought I was alone is even more so.


>even Shaq was in a General commercial


I actually miss theses.

What sucks is that this could be a fine commercial except there's this little fucking gremlin there for some reason.





Whatever happened to Quiznos? It feels like they're less popular than ever nowadays. You'd think they'd seize the sub sandwich market after Subway picked a raging pedophile for a mascot.

Someone please tell me I'm not the only one who gets the furniture store commercial. I think it's a local business or kinda close so maybe I am.


>turning white characters black
When will it stop

The dropped the pedo long before he was discovered.

They all see him as the subway guy, but few people think of him when they talk about subway.

Didn't Quiznos close, like...a few years back? Or am I thinking of some other sub place?

Was anyone really surprised by Jared turning out to be a pedophile? He was the spitting image of the creepy repressed guy who would try to convince kids to sit on his lap.

>weird looking guy so probably not successful with women
>fat so has poor impulse control
>suddenly catapulted into fame and fortune
>little to no responsibilities

It's a wonder we didn't find him dead waist deep in cocaine surrounded by Taiwanese hookers instead

Not quite as impressive as the Nasonex Bee

The black version's scarier in the grandma. The white version is terrifying for the kid.

I kinda was, but I literally can't profile them based on appearance even though logically I can say 'yeah that guy looked like a pedophile'

Was Quizno's even good?

>obsession with toasting perfectly good bread
>didn't have a meme like Subway
>eventually overshadowed by FIrehouse subs

They're shit.

3/10 at best.

White trash rates from an army guy!
Here is a penguin, don't know why!
>The General Car Insurance. It will worry whoever you hit.

Dude I love this channel, I'm so glad I found it after channel surfing at 1 am and seeing Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot. But I usually saw that commercial on my local Fox affiliate in the afternoon.

I remember making clay figures of these in ceramic class. Fucking good times.

I read that as Nanosex

>don't mind me.

Can't believe I forgot about this.


Like Quiznos even has the capability to grow these days


Clearly this us a job for us to put them back on the map.

I look different, they call me unique

Who the fuck remembers the dragon dreams one? That was trippy as fuck seeing in the morning getting ready for school.



Soggy knees?

Oh god. I thought my state was the only one that gets this commercial. Glad I'm not the only one.

>tfw they repeat the phone number 4 times because old people

If we're talking about creepy stuff what was the deal with this?

I was thinking of that Bee movie and thought they had MEANT Nanosex.

I watch MeTV occasionally when there's nothing else on. At first I thought it was just a channel that reruns old TV shows and movies, but the more I watched the more I realized there's a strange, sinisterness below the surface. And I love it.

MeTV stands for Memorable Entertainment Television. Yeah, I thought it was TV just for ME, but I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, they mostly air old shows from way back when (I Love Lucy, Hogan's Heroes, Land of the Last), but from what I've seen of them they also have some weird skits like that above video.

I get them on antenna, too. They replaced my local CW, which is fine as the CW moved over to an HD broadcasting channel instead. We only get PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, The CW and MeTV on it, so I watch everything else via streaming for the most part.

At the moment my local MeTV is airing... Adam West Batman. Good. This is good.

Whoever made that first commercial went crazy with the sound clips.

My sides

>Why do you think I'm asking?
I'm dying.'s a Family Guy joke.

He'll be in Foodfight 2 when they have to go to an auto store to get back that dumb bitch in the first movie that got lost or something. She gets taken to an autostore.

Oh my fucking god I see these commercials here in Baltimore. They're always on MyTV or CW.

Here's another ad from these channels:

My sister literally drew one of these fucking things in a history book in 8th grade. I actually got the same textbook and saw it. It was still there after 7 years.
What is it with Baltimore and local ads that just go hand in hand? My city must have a fetish.

Yes, they were. Don't listen to the haters. The one near my uni is still open and I still go there. I want to singlehandedly keep them afloat.

Was he auctualy a pedo or just an ebe.

>What's wrong Grandma, can't you stand?
Whenever I hear this it just sounds like she's taunting her.

See you guys at the Super Bowl.

His smile was a giveaway
Found another one. This time with an upside down smile for a frown.

His CP collection allegedly had some pictures of girls who were as young as 6, so take that as you will.

Well maybe grandma and her old bones should stop being wastes of space.

Pedo it is then.

How the fuck does this happen. Like, isn't everyone looking at this just embarrassed by the outcome?

While we're on the topic of commercials, does anyone else get sick of these stupid fucking Truth commercials? The damn things make me want to go buy a damn pack of smokes just to spite them.
>that stupid fucking truth commercial with all the "memes"

>does anyone else get sick of these stupid fucking Truth commercials?
The only one that bothered me was the one about cat memes, but no not really. You may just be an angry person, user.


Ya gotta gotta Swipe it left


I know. I'm an angry 80 year old man trapped in a 23 year olds body
Life is confusing


If you live around South Dakota or North Dakota, you've probably seen this abomination

Now that we're complaining about commercials in general,


>those fucking vine mimicking commercials

>My wife would like that!


I hate the Truth commercials so fucking much and they're shitty fucking style.

Until recently I was fine with them for the most part. The cat meme commercials were pretty awful.

Still not as bad as the Fresh Empire commercial with the chick rapping, though

I really wish Adult Swim would stop airing their commercials.

These stupid commercial is are such a desperate attempt to appeal to the 16-24 age demographic with their shitty dubstep and their gif/vine rapid fire videos in the background.

And the worst part of it is that they make it their goal to make their commercials as loud as humanly possible.

Free TV is awesome for background noise

In Jew York there's MeTV, Antenna TV (which are both old oriented), BounceTV (the black station apparently owned by MLK's son), GRIT (old Westerns and popcorn flicks), a couple CUNY stations, the basic alphabet channels (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, etc.), a shit ton of Korean and Spanish stations, PBS kids, and Qubo

Also the ad came on AntennaTV
(black one did come on Bounce)


Why are mattress companies super oblivious when it comes to commercials?

>thread's still here
I'm not even 'murican it just comes up every week on my outlaw sweaty mandrama streams

Wait, this ad is nation wide (or at least in several states)? I thought it was a local NYC commercial. That makes it even more embarrassing. It's literally just crappy clip art!


>Car commercial
>"real people, not actors"
>Here, let this car representative tell you about all the awards this company has won
>real person: "Wow! You really proved to me that this car company is the best!"

>that "we'll never forget" at the end
Okay, they got me.

>how do they not have the budget for a proper commercial, yet can afford to air this on cartoon network sometimes?

They saved money on making the commercial and used it to air it everywhere instead.

>watching a used car lot commercial
>guy goes fishing without even baiting the hook
>in a single cast he catches George Washington, Ben Franklin, and a website somehow

They're big enough for shaq

Sounds like some exquisite bait.

Sinclair Broadcasting, maybe.


I wish I still got MeTV, I love watching those old Cred Forums shows and a movie every Saturday. Signal reaches down here every once in a blue moon but most of the time it's just a blank, black screen. Put it on DirectTV or something.

>that wobbly fuckin horn

I'm the one person I've ever known to actually like these.

Remember me, Cred Forums?

>When I was....."younger"
I gotta give it to General, not a lot of companies have the balls to smugly imply their customers are poor as fuck.

This is a thread for shitty commericals, not kinommericals.

What's an ebe?

Where can I download pure moods?

I can't remember the last time I saw a commercial for a music collection. Do they even exist anymore?

this is the most relatable thread i've ever been in

Attracted to teen aged.

I get that on the ugly antenna, same with Grit, some of those alphabet channels, PBS Kids (which was called something else until very recently, now it's called Rootle for some fucking reason).

I think I'm missing out on a lot of channels because I'm in an apartment with no windows (no i don't do bad shit) so I just put it on the banister outside my door, it has to go through brick wall or through the buildings garage doors downstairs to get anything. It digitizes alot.

I can't remember who did these. He was a semi-popular newgrounds animator, I remember that.


oh my god it's 1993.

>Don't even smoke

Don't worry Cred Forums! I'll help you FIGHT the IRS!

Every one of these kind of companies are a huge rip-off. Any "deal" they can get you is something you could have just asked for yourself.

>Bounce TV
You mean the Scorpion King channel?


you live in Indiana? I think Ive seen that in my control room at the satation I work At

>They made that shitty meme ad private on youtube

Dwight is the worst I've seen so far

I don't get why they try to be "hip" and "with it."
If they want to turn off kids from smoking just tell them how much that shit costs when you get addicted.
I know people who smoke and that shit adds up over time.

Popular theory is the anti smoking ads are put out by the cigarette companies themselves.

Not him, but I've also heard that. Like, they make them so annoying and make you want to spite the anti-smokers so badly that you go and do the thing they're complaining about, like when vegans tell people to stop eating meat and people go "NOW I'M GONNA EAT AN EXTRA BIG STEAK", same thing sort of.

It also sort of makes anti-smoking seem like it's run by clueless 80 year olds, and maybe it is, but nok one takes them seriously. The only ones I ever got spooked by were the ones where people ripped parts of their body out to trade for cigarettes, FUCK those ones.

>It also sort of makes anti-smoking seem like it's run by clueless 80 year olds, and maybe it is, but nok one takes them seriously. The only ones I ever got spooked by were the ones where people ripped parts of their body out to trade for cigarettes, FUCK those ones.
I've seen like one where it was like a gas station or something and the lighting inside was really weird, kinda dark and had everything looking kinda blue or teal colored. i think he ripped off some of his arm, or some of his cheek

>I watch MeTV occasionally when there's nothing else on. At first I thought it was just a channel that reruns old TV shows and movies, but the more I watched the more I realized there's a strange, sinisterness below the surface. And I love it.

>I watch MeTV occasionally when there's nothing else on. At first I thought it was just a channel that reruns old TV shows and movies, but the more I watched the more I realized there's a strange, sinisterness below the surface. And I love it.

So what do you mean by this? All they air is stuff like Andy Griffin and Star Trek, good channel, too bad the channels for my receiver are starting to fizzle out and I don't have many of them anymore.

Pic unrelated.
Yeah if your UK with now that's what call music.

I for the life of me can't find a specific "song collection CD" commercial, it had a bunch of 80s songs on it and I specifically remember "rock this town" by the stray cats. I'm gonna find this motherfucker if I have to dig through the backpages of youtube.

The black kid tears out his teeth, the white girl rips off a part of her face
See you again soon

Why the fuck

GTFO my toenails, gremlin James Woods

>That elvis snowman
>that embroidered velvet giftbag
>Santa jamming the fuck out at the end

commercial kino

>That follow up interview where she sobs the entire time

Poor woman was just trying to make a joke.

I will admit that the commercial made me chuckle. I do feel kind of bad for her.

I found out about that from Buckethead back in college.

I don't get how it got on the air anyway. I don't care about offending jokes too often, but it's pretty obvious this shit would have repercussions. I don't feel sorry for her at all, it comes off as scummy. I do understand that most people who feel sorry for her either aren't American or are American but don't feel strongly about 9/11. I don't know really how I feel about it but I do know it's a touchy subject for a lot of people.

You're on your way to becoming Buckethead too.

What happened to her?

I remember this one commercial that literally looked like it was made in GoAnimate!
I can't remember the name though. I think it was a cakery?

This is why that Big Bill Hell's commercial exists.

Wait, they didn't even change the voices?

I'm particular to the Time Life collections myself

>not a mutated KGB agent


Of course I do. What's this about?

y'all dont know about Hongoman

where my Latin American niggas out there.


>mostly recolored man
Did they even try?

I'll just leave this here.

>person in comments section shares same rare name with me
>is a complete ass
Why is life suffering?

What is it?

I think they are partially funded by Big Tabacco so they are annoyingly "hip" on purpose. Do not fall for their trap like me user.

It wasn't on the air, they posted it on their Facebook. That's why the only videos you can find of it look like that player in the video.

Fuck their shitty website and I hope their sound director kills himself
>Be 10 PM
>Half-asleep, TV with the volume low
>Their commercial comes on
>T H A T S B E E Z I D . C O M, B E E Z I D
>Be startled awake from the booming voice
Who fucking approved of that?

Complain to the FCC. Commercials with a volume significantly different than the content they're run on are illegal.

that's probably the point
remember ring tone commercials and phone scams? simpler times

With situations like this, it amazes me how no one in the entire production team spoke up and said, "Hey, maybe this is a bad idea." They actually came up with the idea, wrote down the script, had rehearsals, got the recording set up, had it recorded, looked it over to see if it went right, then uploaded it. No one in that long length of time thought anything of it

knee braces for knee grows

they said they had a twin towers sale and that dumb woman did the hitting them "gag" and that was about it

even if it didn't air on tv it was a dick move to think that was funny anyway, didn't even have to go public at all, the fact she and those guys found it funny says a lot

I remember that gerber life insurance commercial being loud as fuck.

The girl they got for the commercial was cute at least.

what does it say?

Now get this: The two commercials have different phone numbers.

I want to know why they have 2 live action versions and 2 animated versions.

we need to investigate this further. Something is afoot here.

Doesn't really surprise me. The few times I've tuned into BET, I've noticed "black" versions of existing commercials.

I think the entire production team consisted of the three people you see in the video. They wrote the script, camera was on a stand, and there was no real post-editing.

Give it a century or so. Then it'll be alright.

there's live action at all?

Titanic didn't change things like 9/11 did for America. It left a long lasting effect on how things are treated and it was also more of a targeted terrorist attack instead of a ship with lots of people on it sinking.


Svengoolie is based. I get MeTV through some local affiliate station, I should start watching him more.


the terrorists won desu

>Svengoolie will die in your lifetime
>no new Son of Svengoolie to take the mantle when he passes
>like how current Svengoolie got the job
>the block will most likely die with him
>and he's already had various heart surgeries

supposedly the HeadOn commercial was longer and they had to cut out anything that remotely resembled a factual statement so the FDA wouldn't ruin them, so I'd say the HeadOn commercial
then again who knows how overpaid those "animators" were

IIRC the main appeal from The General is that you can get immediate proof of insurance online, which can get you out of a tight spot if you have no car insurance.

Nick at Nite did shows like that, then they moved them to TV Land when they were progressing to less old shows. After a while TV Land started progressing to less old shows and even brand new ones. While this was happening, TNT, TNN, and AMC dumped some of their older shows. Meanwhile network TV is constantly replacing syndicated reruns with slightly less old syndicated reruns.
There will always be a "hey let's watch some old TV" niche, and MeTV is filling it for now-- and I'm glad someone is.

Don't relate to kids about smoking, just show them smoking is bad.
Just stick to scare tactics

I'm more fond of the above the influence commercials
I also miss seeing the ads in Shonen Jump

The main appeal is that people believe the hype when they're constantly told "it's cheap".
After that is yes, you can bind coverage yourself and get proof instantly if the website is to be believed.

Lastly, they're not blowing smoke when they say they can insure "any driver". Illegal aliens, people who never got a license, people with revoked or suspended licenses, people who have an arm's length of citations and DUIs, even people who don't even have a car.

Speaking of above the influence ads

I miss above the influence too

>i wanna get into that

Quiznos has literally one of the worst financial models in terms of supplying owners. They completely handicap them with all the bullshit requirements and it makes it nearly impossible to profit.

>seal of albania

This isn't just local? Who thought this shit was fine to air nation wide

One of them gives her cyanide poisoning, and the other gives the product.

>commercial airs for a few years
>you see it several times that it's stuck in your memory forever
>at some point it stops airing
>you're only left with the memory
This scares me a little, how things can basically be implanted in the minds of people.


So, where did the grandma get the skateboard? Why did her kids allow her to ride on it?
Why is she such a cunt to her granddaughter?

See, this is the shit I'm talking about.
This was hiding in my subconscious until you reminded me.
What kind of shit do you think commercials have implanted in our minds?


'Nother scorcher.

advertising is the goddamn science of being short and memorable. And of course repetition, redundancy and repetition will make you remember shit. It's biology. I'll never forget the opening to The Great Gatsby just because I heard it so many times.

It's so ironic because the thing they're advertising is saying when commercials are bad, and their commercial is so bad. The only one worse is op

>the way he lifts up the nail and goes inside


If ever you're not satisfied with one of our tires...

...please feel free to bring it back.

Something to note for the uninformed, but these are actually made by the cigarette companies themselves.

Judging from all your reactions, they're doing their job. Guess advertising worked their magic on you guys, so there's no doubt it's working on everyone else too. Smart smart move

I get that they're financed by the tobacco companies because of some lawsuit, but is there any evidence that they have a say in the creative direction of these commercials?

>Now still exists

They're corporations. You can damn well bet they have influence over everything in these commercials. No rational human being would look at these commercials and go "Go job, this will totally put people off smoking!".



What the fuck.


What is it about furniture salesmen in particular?

This guy sometimes airs ads late at night on the less popular channels.

I swear there were other ads that had a similar premises to this.

They're trying to sell people something that should last decades, thus most people don't have to buy furniture that often. So they got to work extra hard to make sales.



I was scared to be barefoot for years as a child because of this shit.

There's a car insurance commercial where a guy is trying to pick up a girl in his shitty car and she shoots him down and it always cracked me up because the guy is like a 19 year old white kid and the girl was a black woman in her 30's and the acting was so terrible.

I think it was a General commercial but I'm not prepared to look through all of his commercials on YouTube to find it.


moo Moo MOO

>that filename

The Nasonex bee wasn't french. It was voiced by Antonio Banderas.


All this time I thought my area was the only one subjected to these commercials.

Don't pay for cable anymore so use an antenna for background noises and thanks to the shitty reception in the city all I can pick up are NBC, ABC, Comet, and Grit.

Comet is actually a good channel. High chance of having a Godzilla movie on during the weekends, and they show MST3K episodes on Sunday (too bad the Comet logo blocks out Crow).

This used to scare the shit out of me as a kid watching Cartoon Network. Had to leave the room whenever it came on...


That moment when the exorcist theme cuts in used to scare me so bad. Even the shitty x-files remix scared me

Ayy you beat me to it. Last Podcast on the left fan?

I remember when this first came out and their war r34 of her on Cred Forums and Cred Forums good times

>Ayy you beat me to it. Last Podcast on the left fan?
not that user but it was all over the news in the states

also half the time they are actually selling a neat product and then mister colored pencil over here shits all over their adorable mom&pop operation

Nowyourchild can visitsteamy jungles, grassy plains, and the dark depths of theoceanto meet and learn surprising facts about the magnificent animals thatlivethere! All through the captivatingcolorful pages ofZOOBOOKS,the publication made especially for young readers! Each monthly issue ofZOOBOOKSis packedfullof breathtakingfull-color photosand scientificallyaccurate illustrations! Plus, games andpuzzles!Todaythrough thisexclusiveTV offer you can gettwelve fascinatingissues ofZoobooksfor thespecialprice of $19.95!Whenyou call and use yourcredit cardwe’ll include theElephantsissue as a gift! Plus you’ll also get thecolorful collection ofanimalstickers and thetiger poster. So orderZoobookstoday and send learning and fun to a child youlove!

It always depresses me to remember how good Nick at Nite and TV Land used to be.
TV Land especially.

>tfw I thought Neck Basket was an ok idea

I died

>Marvel NOW That's What I Call Music

Dear Canada,


Love, America

>white kid
>black woman
I really don't understand what relevance this has.

>Hey how can we sell our food product?
>Let's make a series of disgusting, obnoxious and off putting commercials!

Marketing in the 90s was weird.

This makes me wonder. Is it true when they say "there's no such thing as bad publicity"? think about it, even though these commercials are cringeworthy, or outdated, or downright nightmarish, it left enough of an impression on your minds to post them.

Every time this commercial starts, it immediately ends for me.

Maybe I'm lucky.

You'll get caught up in love
You'll get caught up inblood


Most drug PSAs are at least slightly horrifying.

Like this one. I don't know if I'm scared or turned on.




Sure, but how many of us actually bought any of these products or services?

>I don't know if I'm scared or turned on.
Why not both?

>mfw the new ones are using "Squads" now


The girl's head is off-centre and the hair goes over the neck.
This is embarrassing.

And with horrible raps.
I hate them as much as those bear toilet paper commercials.

I forgot when I saw this but I remember being so fucking insulted

I bought orangina because of the commercials but i dont know if its for drinking or cleaning

I have one near my campus, actually.

I remember seeing this weird-ass commercial on Adult Swim a few times, it was for some joke-texting service or something, I can't really seem to remember, but it was the weirdest fucking shit I've ever seen. I was only nine, but it still haunts me even today.

At least the Randy Savage commercials worked out better before these. Somewhat.

Let's not forget this.

These damned Jamster ads used to air NON STOP on TeenNick until a couple years ago.

>They got a pepper bar!!
Creepy-as-fuck, but still pretty good. That also reminds me there was also a Space Ghost Quiznos ad that aired the same time as Spongmonkeys did.

I know SGC2C is supposed to be cheap-looking since they recycled a lot from a cheesy '60s B-list superhero cartoon, but this looks as bad as those old, dated flash-animated fan cartoons by Renegade Chickens.

The actors look like they do porn.

Wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility...

This thread has brought us nothing but painful memories.

I remember seeing this almost 10 years ago and being like, "Wow, that was stupid. I sure do hope stuff from the internet doesn't leak into advertising ever again."

I had no idea what was coming.

>Bagel Bites
>the roof of your mouth must suffer because you're an impatient glutton.

MeTV is GOAT, man. They give Batman 66, 50s Superman, Wonder Woman, Star Trek... If only they aired Captain Marvel or Superfriends.

Quiznos signed on to a carpool/public transit/walking incentive program for our University (for example, if you could prove you took buses instead of driving a car, you'd get coupons or accumulate points for a gift card).

Their coupons for whole free meals were the easiest to earn, until you found out there were no Quiznos within 100 miles of the campus.

You can't not tell me that wasn't on purpose.

I think companies should advertise their products in the shows themselves, especially when it comes to food. I could give a rat's ass about an Applebee's commercial but when I was younger and I saw something that looked delicious on a cartoon I would crave it for weeks

Any latinos seen that awful cable company ad on Telemundo? The one with the talking cartoon guy. Holy crap, he's every annoying Dominican (?) stereotype in one awful character. He even had a gold tooth. His voice hurts my ears.


>For people with heart failure tomorrow is not a given

I was just about to post this. Morbid as FUCK.

>If you or a loved one has died

I've heard that line once. Had a hard time trying to stop laughing.

I can't remember the commercial it was from, but mentioning heart failure reminded me.

I forgot about him...

Wtf is a squad? I'm 20 and I feel like a 40 year old because I don't get all these slang terms these days. I only first heard of a "squad" a month ago.

That's the charm of commercials.

I always thought that was Shirley Temple's most famous song but apparently it's not.

Why did the Annie the Musical guys let them use that song for such a morbid ad?

Jesus fuck those life insurance commercials where it's just two people casually talking about their recent dead loved one, I mean I get that's what happens but always so depressing but the worst one .

>Old lady about to go to bed
>Talking to husband from bathroom
>husband doesn't respond
>Steps out of the bathroom
>Cuts to the bed
>It's empty
>"Adjusting to the loss of a loved one...."

Your group of friends

When did Svengoolie start broadcasting nationally?

Drugs really aren't that bad desu.

God, there's an even worse one where the setup is that a Brother and Sister have to sell their Mom's piano that she worked really hard to keep in the family to pay for her funeral.

Just as bad as abused animals/cancer ads in my opinion.

I remember a sign I saw. Something like "Did you read this? Then advertising works! Call us!"

I never called.

So those play nationwide?

>life insurance commercial
>big black family at reception after wake
>two family members talking about how the surviving family is struggling to pay for funeral costs
>"I don't know how she's going to do it"

I don't know why but this got to me.

I live a long way from home, and I had to get surgery recently. I joked with my parents about having to transport my body on the roof of their car if I died, but apparently they took it seriously and would pay to have me professionally transported so I can be buried with family. The costs of transporting a body are astronomical. Even transferring a body from one funeral home to another can be as high as $1k. Embalming and burial can run easily into the thousands as well. What I'm saying is, I have to try not to die. Or get life insurance.

Just get cremated.

If you're really that concerned about it, get term, not whole life. whole life is a ripoff.

But your assets should be able to pay for that shit. Unless you're a debt-ridden neet, then you're fucked.

That can still cost like $3000.

I think the best way to do it is make sure you go out in a way that there are no remains to bury.

This medicine commercial is one of only two to ever get to me. The other one was for some cancer drug or something, and it's pretty much saying 'If you're dying, we can probably buy you a month or two.' Like, damn, there are enough people in that position right now that it warranted advertising on tv

Yeah that was just the filename where I got it from

thanks fampai, I'll look into it.

Also I know my assets can cover it, but I'd rather let as much of that go to my family as possible.

Also this

It's really not hard to figure out what "squad" means, man

>That one commercial for wavy french fry cooker
>They try to compare the crispness of fries made in the cooker to "regular" fries
>They're clearly squeezing the "regular" fry so it looks limp

If your assets can cover it you don't need life insurance.

The entire point of life insurance is if you're the breadwinner for your family and they literally can not get along without you.


I hate that one kid's bedroom wall decor commercial where the kid says "my jaw dropped down to the floor!"

I was being rhetorical. I'm more confused when the term began. It wasn't a thing two years ago. Whatever happened to "posse" or "crew"? "Squad" sounds dumb.

These piss me off so much. This one is literally "Hey, employers pay people who smoke less money. Isn't that really fucked up about the tobacco companies?

They literally could have said "Hey, women make less money then men, what the fuck women, step up your game.

I can't find it but there is one ad where the argument is literally "when you buy cigarettes, that money goes right into the pocket of cigarette manufacturers." Fuck these people.

Squad is the gangster/black people slang.


>"when you buy cigarettes, that money goes right into the pocket of cigarette manufacturers."

Well they're not wrong. That's pretty much how buying things works.

Can we share amazing local commercials in this thread, too?

>That guy's face

I'm black though, but then again I am not into black culture. I can barely name ten modern black singers.

Life insurance commericials are so awkward. You can tell a life insurance ad within the first 4 lines because they speak in such an abnormal way.

The Truth ads are beyond awful. Why not just ban cigarettes period? It's not gonna cause a big riot like Prohabition did. Cigarettes are already socially unacceptable, illegal to use in many areas, and expensive as crap.

Oh, more of whitey stealing things from others.

This always made me sad for some reason

Dicks out if you remember MOTHERFUCKING Eet and Ern

It was a black thing, now it's just a widely social thing.

>dis my squad boi
heard both black and white people doing this in the store last week and my chest started hurting from strong second hand embarrassment.

Oh fuck yeah I do! I...honestly didn't know what went on back then.

They also air The Incredible Hulk. I wish they aired the old Flash show and the old Superboy show but I think those are a bit too new for them.

It made for a slightly funny juxtaposition.

>chillin' when car-themed commercial comes on
>everything seems fine
>suddenly it takes a big, dramatic, anti-texting PSA turn with a car crash



I'll do you one better
>Watching reruns late at night waiting for the embrace of sleep to take you
>Having a good time, a nice numbing haze of tiredness settling in

Most recent one I saw was of a black family coming home from a funereal and the mother of a pair of adult siblings talking about how it was good to see everyone again but she wishes it was for something better before going on about life insurance.

>it's that god damn commercial of that annoying bitch singing in her car and she almost gets into a wreck for not paying attention but it's ok because the car had auto brakes

I just saw my favorite one today. I think it's a Liberty Mutual ad.

>Old woman has a surprise birthday party
>After the party she's saying what a wonderful surprise it was
>"But not all surprises are good when we get to be our age. Remember Nancy's surprise last month when Earl died?"

It's just so morbid but they try talking about it in such a cute way. I don't think the person writing that realized how awful it would sound but I can't help but laugh when I see it.

It goes into the pocket of your local tobacco store, while they are the ones who pay the cigarette manufacturers.

I just saw they one with the black couple talking about life insurance while the wife is baking something for her friend because her husband died


Mr do it yourself over here fell off the ladder.

Auto brakes are the dumbest thing in hindsight. You'll just cause the car behind you to wreck.

>listening to the radio
>commercial comes on
>has police sirens a lot louder than anything else played on the station
>start looking around for the cop that's not there
>hit a fucking deer

I love it when commercials are several times more disgusting than they need to be.


Going on that train of thought there's a second one of these (another Liberty Mutual, probably) that I just love as well. A neighbor goes up to greet a woman as she's getting her mail, and then immediately after saying hello she says "I know it's been difficult since your husband passed away." The way she says it is almost taunting, and it's implied that he died rather recently which just makes it feel like they're really bitter enemies.

I like to think that these all take place in some community that has a high population of old people who have seen so many others their age come and go that they've grown jaded and cynical up to where they trivialize the concept of death.

I need to find out who writes these ads.



Please archive this.

>What do you have there, Billy?
>The new phone system!
>Well that's great, but do you know how to protect yourself online?
>Wha?? Why do I need to be safe on the internet? No one can touch me through internet power.
>Well Billy, you need to keep your information like log in information and bank account, when you're older, information safe from people who steal information!
>That's a lot of information!
>You're telling me! So hows about we get you a virus protector to keep all that information safe?
>Yea! Yea!
>Just go to [some long named fucking website] and download your free trial to try it out! If you like it, talk to your parents about buying the premium version which can do all sorts of things to your phone and your computer!
>You're telling me!

this commercial is going to fucking kill me, it's the most obnoxious commercial that has ever aired, more than


hang the fuck on mr jenkins

>that picture
Dogs are too good for this world.

that fuvking "stop" makes me remember the guards from oblivion

I was an addict for 10 years.

Now I'm not.

>all these life insurance commercial discussions
now more than ever i feel weird about living in an apartment at a funeral home

Ever see any ghosts?

How haunted is it?

>living in an apartment at a funeral home
Sounds like a terrible sitcom.

Are you dead?

>sleep with my tv
>that fucking creal commercial comes on where they imitate a alarm clock
>the ad always comes on late into the night
why the fuck is it a thing

>sleep with my tv

Goddamm degenerate.

dogs are the purest thing on this good earth besides children

>I'm more confused when the term began
Are you serious? The WORD squad has been around for decades and has meant the same thing in pretty much any context it's been used in. You're just a wrong generation fucking MORON.


I don't think so. There's been a few weird things but there was only one time that felt like something really weird was going on. I had my little sister's doll sitting on a desk leaned against the wall while she was out of town, she wanted me to have it in that spare time instead of it sitting at our parents house, since it was too big to take with her. At one point it just slid right off the fucking desk. The desk was wooden so it wasn't smooth, and it had enough room to where if it slid on it's back against the wall it would've still been on the desk, but it just slid all the way across it onto the floor. It doesn't move.

My parents tell me it must've been the air conditioning vent on the wall but I fucking know it wasn't because it wasn't near the doll and it wouldn't have moved the heavy thing, especially not at some random point and not at any other time.

I've been living here for over 7 years and I've gotten used to it, I usually only remember the doll thing in cases like this where I'm talking to someone about how I live here, and that inevitable question is asked. I stopped worrying about it after nothing much else has happened.

Downstairs they have their cooler for the dead bodies to stay in, sometimes it'll fucking smell the whole building up but that's rare. They have their own private stuff for viewings (other side of the building), embalming, and other areas like offices right below my apartment, and the attic with a fuck ton of paperwork is next to me, where it's connected to another apartment but no one has been in there for a few years aside from the Director.

Kinda sucks when I go to get food and pull back in to see there's a viewing and people are walking or talking in the parking lot and I just have a soda and a burger, and sometimes grocery bags full of stuff. That gets stares.

That's about it, pretty uneventful.

I have a friend who told me the exact same thing when I told him.

I feel like it sometimes.

what are you supposed to do, drive three quarters of a car?

This shit was great in fights on the playground.

What the fuck canada.

>That guy who makes his pillows in the USA and sells them

Credit Karma?

>there really are no accidents
uh yea, there are





I hope someone's relationship didn't get destroyed over something stupid like this.
some people take that shit too seriously.

Technically speaking the word accident means something that has no human involvement. So someone not cleaning up some shit on the floor causing someone to slip, face full of grease or not, is not an accident, it's negligence.

Everytime I see that commercial, I just remind myself that I actually do shit so I can earn my keep. Living with your parents past 18 isn't that big of a deal as long as you're not a lazy asshole.

>Replaces cartridge games forever!

They were very complicated to eat

Aussies, man. Not even once.

I used to buy Pizza Bagels all the fucking time, could go for some now, it's been a few months actually.

The main issue was biting into the hot sauce and cheese and it'd hurt my teeth.

HEY Cred Forums!

It's weird that this, suicide and rape prevention commercials, and pops cereal commercials are my largest source of nostalgia. I blame 4kids and the CW

>suicide and rape prevention commercials

Why do I see these on channels like CN, Nick, Disney, etc

>and pops cereal commercials

and I don't see this kind of shit on them?

I remember when AS first showed that.
I hated myself for watching the whole thing.

I saw that recently, and I was fucking peeved

>men still get higher rates than women

What the fresh hell.

This tread was a mistake.

I'll call now.

I have to post this now, it's the law.

Tell us what happens.


What the fuck ever happened to those weird Honeycomb commercials? Do they even still make the cereal?

Make mine a Kevin Nealon.

>"what's that you said about men being safer drivers than women?"

Holy shit that gave me a headache remembering, I just barley remember it but then it just fucking hits me.

Clubs out for Arnold

I'm more annoyed by commercials that come up that film a person who died

We get it, Justin Scott Andrews is dead, stop nagging us


It's because rich spoiled satellite and cable kids grow up to be disillusioned with the world, but strong willed, down to earth antenna kids learned the value of hard work and perseverance

it's on comet RIGHT NOW

This nigga just let those things in his house. Its his own damn fault.

I fucking love these.

I can NOT live another day in this heat

Paper says it's gonna be hotter tomorrow


Like yesterday

Yesterday? Yesterday you said you'd call Sears

I'll call em today

You'll call now

I'll call now

So what's the paper say about tomorrow?

'Nother scorcher!


I was hoping someone would post this
I had one of these until my mom was able to get me a gameboy advanced sp, I didn't know what it was called.

Yes go to a grocery store you tard.


Seared that one into my head watching late-night TV.

Considering how long they showed that one, they must have REALLY had trouble selling all of them.
Anyway, I guess I should post the one we all remember seeing during Saturday morning cartoons.

I thought I was going crazy when I saw this pop up in the catalog. Shit seemed very local and always popped up on the local news.

My cue to change the channel, seeing as how ASPCA ads (a) are depressing as all hell, and (b) usually take up an ENTIRE commercial break.

>Implying Svengoolie can die
Somebody will replace him, right? Someone's just gotta start writing jokes for his show and eventually ask for his blessing to continue on with the shoe.


Ok, I confess as a kid I bought one.

I quickly discovered I was not cut out to be an artist.

what the fuck is this commercial about?

When I was little, I had nightmares that the TV would turn on by itself and play this jingle over and over again.

>Digi Draw
sounds extremely fucking familiar, think my sister had one

I remember having a Doodle Doug though, little caterpillar kind of thing that you put pencils in it's hands and it made patterns, I believe


>Considering how long they showed that one, they must have REALLY had trouble selling all of them.

Actually I believe they made them to order, I remember hearing that somewhere. So assuming what I heard was not bullshit there never were any warehouses full of Shirley Temple tapes and DVDs.

I'm sick of Alex and his Life Lock.

>We interrupt your happy cartoon time to bring you images of animals in pain and misery!

Another shitty local commercial.

Trying to remember a commercial where it was a birthday for a mom or maybe a wedding shower and something awkward happened, she got a weird present or something.

Anyone know what that was? It was live action I think.

I remember this one commercial where someone has an allergy attack at a party. I haven't seen it for a couple of months now.

It's a shame they stopped airing this one.



>wedding shower
baby shower damnit

someone please help, it went weirdly serious or dumb

You'd think she'd have a goddamn epi-pen on her.

isn't like 500 or some shit

Domestic violence psas are the worst, they would bring back bad memories of when my parents would argue before they got divorced. This one and another one where a kid is acting out his dad yelling at his family that I can't find haunted me for years.

Well I couldn't any videos of this commercial, so I'll just describe it.

This aired during commercial breaks on Nickelodeon a decade ago.

It was a cheap little commercial about "talent agencies" looking for "fresh, young talent" in "my area" (I'm an MDfag, btw).

Even as a young lad, it made my skin crawl. It was a real sleazy affair with shitty clip art and a orange (or purple) blob resembling the Nick logo.

Hell, I even called the phone number (which was only shown for one or two seconds before the ad got cut off) and got some man or woman speaking in a garbled Mexican or Asian accent.

There was actually another variation of this commercial airing at the same time with even shittier clip art and a DIFFERENT phone number (I didn't bother to call that one).

Looking back on it now, I suspect that it was all an elaborate plot by Dan "Windowless Van" Schneider to scoop up more victims.

tl;dr casting call commercial gave me creeps and Dan Schneider molests his child actors

Reminds me of that Google Glass abuse themed commercial.

Also, the way her voice pans to the right headphone at about 18 seconds in is creepy as all fuck.

Laughing his way to the bank.

Or down a flight of stairs.

Whichever comes first.



Eurobeat remix when

Baby bullet. I'm 90% sure what you're thinking of is the baby bullet. Someone did a weird edit of it where everyone's voices were pitched down and it was like the baby bullets were made from kidnapped children or something.

Is this like a southern US commercial? Because I've seen it broadcast while I was in Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana, but not up in Illinois or Michigan or over in Colorado..

I still remember all the words.


>That part at 2:50 where the guy just forgets his lines and yells "Ruff"


eight hundred five eight eight
two three hundred...

Whats the company that uses that gif of a 3d doctor with a big grin holding his thumb up?

it's kinda sad how the body just starts to wither-away eventually. i'm really not afraid to die, but i am afraid of dying. the process of it, i mean. my biggest fear is that my last moments alive will be a fuzzy Alzheimer's nightmare where no one understands what i say and i can't walk or breathe on my own. i don't want to waste away, all i ask for is something nice and sudden, like a heart-attack or a brain-aneurysm.

but anyway, how are you guys doing?

>It was a cheap little commercial about "talent agencies" looking for "fresh, young talent" in "my area"
I saw those ads all the time, I'm an SC cunt. A cousin of mine went but bailed when he saw they were really only casting for extras and that none of the girls auditioning were as cute as he hoped.
I'm fearful of having schizophrenia, the signs of me having it have started to show. I'm more paranoid than I was a year ago, hearing voices, and hallucinating a bit.

>literally the same audio
>just the colors changed

I honestly don't understand why they'd bother.

New Jersey here. We get it all the fucking time too.


Is it the faggot with the top hat and obviously false facial hair?

>>that weirdass switch where they no longer worked for and hauled ass to some other online credit report site

Wait what

>The damn things make me want to go buy a damn pack of smokes just to spite them.

Congratulations, you're playing right into their trap.

Those commercials are made by cigarette companies, because they're required by law to make "don't smoke" shit. So they figure they can make them so stupid while still doing what they're legally required to do, to make people have that exact reaction.

I'll take off my tinfoil hat now.

Didn't that company get the living shit sued out of them for misleading advertisements?

Mega of the OST where

Remember the emo ones? The girl was cute as hell.

hit too close to home, user.

what r

*where r


Why are "emo" girls so hot?

People make fun of that ad, but it actually gives me chills in a way. Dude was living a normal life, then gets into a car accident and suffers Brain Damage. It sort hits me in a "it could happen to YOU" sort of way.

I'm surprised they didn't use synchro-vox

There was some bike game we used to own (I'm too lazy to look it up, but "[sports guy] BMX" something) that had the Slim Jim Guy as an unlockable character. He was great in the crash-for-points mode.


That reminds me
>staying up all night watching Discovery channel
>suddenly hear "WARNING blah blah blah"
>it's a fucking Girls Gone Wild commercial
>thirsty for porn (because no internet and nothing physical)
>fap myself to sleep

Friend of a friend tried to stick his dick in one of those thinking it would feel better than his fist. The seam in the plastic sliced his dick like a papercut.

What is up with Quizno's?

>remember ring tone commercials
I remember that time not too long ago when pop and rap songs were literally written to be sold as fucking ringtones, it was an awful time to be alive

>Those old diaper commercials that kept ending with the kids walking away from the camera naked
Who approved that shit?

>that ending


is this a chicago land thing?

Arin with Esurance was pretty good, I played Mirror's Edge and loved those cutscenes.


Bust out the moisturizer and check around to make sure nobody is awake.

I can't still get off to the commercial.

Is Girls Gone Wild even still a company?

No they went bankrupt and Joe Rogan was on Couples Counciling with Dr.Drew couple years back.

Check out Hanna Hilton for a perfect woman who spun GGW into a good porn career.

No one used "squad" like that until a few months ago. It was always used for actual squads.

I'm surprised the mods allowed this thread when 95% of it is not about animated commercials.

God, anyone remember those Nick ads from like 2004 or 2005 with the singing food? They were edutainment about healthy eating.

ASPCA commercials annoy me because they focus on dogs and cats. Trust me, small pets have it worse. Most people don't even realize they're abusing their pets. Everyone knows tying a dog to a tree 24/7 is bad but no one understands leaving a Budgie in a cage with two basic perches and maybe a mirror is just as bad.

Great thread, everybody.

Give yourselves a round of applause.

Great thread, everybody.

Give yourselves a round of applause.