Shouldn't he be in jail for weaponizing the super soldier serum?


>American Military ever being punished for their misdeeds

lol good one user

What? I'm pretty sure that never happened, user.


Never happened. There was a freak radiation accident involving an aging military nut, but he was an isolated actor going on a psychotic rampage with no backing by the US government nor any agency on Earth.

You would at least think SHIELD would step in and do something, though.

No he's high enough in the ladder to be basically untouchable assuming he doesn't fuck up too much

I still hate that this asshole got away with Abomination. I almost wish Banner was in CW to knock him down a peg

>partnership between several nation
>ever touching an American officer let alone a general

>white general

Same reason why they didn't care that a large portion of New Yorkers were briefly turned into lizard men.

What are you talking about?

That was in Amazon Spider-Man dumbasd

Why hasn't Abomination been referenced, yet? You'd think they could do him on a shitty prison secruity cam.

I wouldn't be made if he came back as an Anti-hero in the MCU.

He could be a member for the T-Bokrs movie

According to a one shot and AoS, he's in a cryo chamber indefinitely. But then one has to ask why HYDRA never did anything with him

Shield doesn't care about non-Marvel Studios things.

I know, it's just you'd think that would get their attention.

ASM isn't canon with MCU and SHIELD probably doesn't exist in that universe


>Shield doesn't care about non-Marvel Studios things.
So, AoS is canon then.

Where the fuck is his marksmanship badge?

A Hulk stole it.

You're not getting what I'm saying, nevermind.

I wouldn't know.

>You're not getting what I'm saying,
You're not making any damn sense.

The user above asked why Shield wasn't on Ross's ass for the SSS fuckery, and i meant that, to my knowledge, Shield just wasn't around except for the Iron Man movies, then the MCU movies and so on.

ASM is obviously not canon, I'm not that stupid, just using it as a (admittedly poor) comparison.

Ross is Marvel's Oliver North.
He will never be proportionally punished. At best he'll be disbarred and work for Fox News.

It wasn't that bad, they were probably being intentionally oblivious or just having a slow moment.

>implying he didn't do an MKULTRA-tier cover up

>"Tell me Captain, do you know where Thor and Banner are right now?"
>After the meeting Ross goes home and crosses another item off his "How Can I Find the Hulk" ideas list

General Ross


Super soldier


General... weaponize... soldier

Do you guys know how the military works?

I'm more concerned with the fact that none of his ribbons are American awards.

Same reason none of the senior personnel of Abu Ghraib were arrested for torture

I didn't word it correctly, sorry. Just rewatched the movie and was curious as to why nothing ever really happened with Ross due to the catastrophe of the Abomination.

The point is he is responsible for both the Hulk, Abomination and the destruction caused in attempting to capture Hulk.

his weaponization was fairly successful, since blonsky was stronger and faster and with super healing, with only small bone growths as a downside.

the abomination was caused by blonsky fiddling with the super soldier serum, without ross knowledge, indeed when ross saw what blonsky had become, he actually tried to help the hulk against the abomination

SHIELD's lucky they're still able to exist after Cap 2.

>I don’t think it’s a reprise, I think it’s a new iteration completely. It’s a totally different production and a totally different style. I was worried, for a while, very worried, and so I asked them if I could go down early, which is something I usually do anyway. So I went down three or four days earlier and started looking at the old version of it and other movies, “Avengers” and the “Captain America” series, and realizing that we weren’t going to be doing that same thing at all.

>What I created before was a Ross who was right out of the graphic novel type of thing, where he was as much of a cartoon, in a way, as the monsters were. His ego was just as big and his problems were just as big. I really did do that consciously. I created a General Ross before which created a verisimilitude for the monsters, by making him a human monster. I worked really hard on the makeup and the exaggerated behavior and things like that and a controlled psychosis.

The answer is the MCU is shit with continuity

Is Incredible Hulk even canon anymore? Banner sure doesn't seem to give a shit about Betty.

why should he, none of the audience care either

Yes. General Ross appeared in Civil War as Secretary of State Ross.

BTW Civil War was pretty good. You should see it.

It is canon. They broke it off and she's probably still dating that psychiatrist guy.

why would the Nazis care?

Technically the hulk part of Abomination wasn't his doing. That was the dude going rogue.

I'm sure Ross was authorized to super soldier the guy.

>going to jail for weponizing a weapon

>I'm sure Ross was authorized to super soldier the guy.
Yeah, authorised by himself.

Made my night too.
>general jailed for weaponizing super soldier
Even the filthiest attorney would pause for a second before saying that.

It would mean that they'd have to acknowledge that everything was at least somewhat their fault.

There was the running of the the covert super-soldier program, all of the collateral damage from their attempts to recapture Banner including the disaster at Culver University, the fact that an American general cleared a mentally unstable dude for use in an unsatisfactory tested super soldier program, the fact that Blonsky then went fully rogue and wrecked Harlem...

I'm sure Ross caught some shit from his superiors over the whole thing and got some quiet, off the books reprimands that may have wrecked some of his future career prospects, but from a PR angle, it's way easier just to blame everything that the public knows about on the Hulk and call it a day. If it all came out, it wouldn't have just been Ross's head on the chopping block.

SHIELD doesn't exist anymore I don't care how many helicarriers Fury had or how much Whedon cried about it, they even mention it being done and gone in Civil War

Incredible Hulk IS an MCU movie. SHIELD even appears in the film, helping Ross find Banner by wiretapping his emails with "Mr. Blue" (Leader).

Ross being punished for his role in creating Hulk and Blonsky would've happened well before Winter Soldier if it was going to happen at all, but obviously, any knowledge of the army's SSS-recreation experiments would've been so classified that Ross himself is probably the only person who knew what he was doing.

SHIELD is back to being a government run agency, although it is still officially listed as a terrorist organisation.

Weren't there tie in comics too? I swear I remember one with Fury and Brice and one where Natasha is undercover at Culver watching it all go down. She also arrested Sterns I believe


>weaponizing the super soldier serum
>weaponizing a weapon

When will Ross become Rulk?

What movie did that happen in?

>But then one has to ask why HYDRA never did anything with him

Probably couldn't think of a way to make sure he'd stay loyal out in the field. Maybe they had no reliable way to neutralize him quickly and safely in the event he went rogue.

You can bring a Hulk to water but you can't make it drink, and so forth.

>"Bext up: walk around New York with a megaphone yelling, 'Has anyone seen Bruce Banner?'"

Agents of SHIELD.

So it didn't happen in the movies, ok then.


>put in jail for
>a serum
>designed to create
>super soldiers
Do you not see the raging absurdity in your question user?

So it's not canon then

Yes, yes your meme is very funny.

All he wanted was to stop the army of dustbunnies from building up dust in his home

No? He's just an actor user, in a make-believe world.

>shouldnt he in jail for weaponizing soldiers
how dumb are you op?

What is it with you Capfags and always trying to make Ross look like the bad guy? Yeah, he made some mistakes but for fucks sake.

Because he is telling the Avengers to take responsibility for their actions while he himself never actually took responsibility for his actions.

What crime is that again?
Something like hire him.

Yeah he's a hypocrite, but he has a point. Besides, maybe he atoned off screen?

>What is it with you Capfags and always trying to make Ross look like the bad guy?
He's usually a Hulk antagonist.