Out Of Placers Update!!

Let the discussion begin!


You can do it Artorias! Kill that garbage species!

You know how someone's always saying they'll "have to use... that."

Imagine a yinglet saying "Looks like we'll have to use... zat." at some critical moment.


Succeed Artorias where others have failed

Wait. He doesn't think "zhat's" what mutated him?

I think he's just making fun of him

It sounds like he's saying Zatzing as a single word


I'm pretty sure that phrase has preceeded incidents that look like mass-suicide involving a perfectly harmless object that yinglets somehow were using in a way that is only dangerous to the user.

Ran is a dick

Artorias is a pussy

I love how quick he was to that. I bet he wanted to watch Kass get fucked. You know, for "science". No really, it would be.

>watching two yinglets go at it while he stands in the corner, pencil in hand

do sergals even have tits

>artist can draw animal creatures better than humans

How does that happen?

OH, his art in inproving, on the scavs at least, in fact the blond guy and the scavs lok like drawn by two different people

Same way many newer artists find it very difficult to draw hands, despite them typically having them their entire lives?

>Abstract shapes are easier than real ass human anatomy


In their original setting no.

But furries don't give a fuck and will commission sergal with tits to be drawn.

ITS THE THING.... Ugh I dunno the thing?! What about the thing? It's a thing!

>Background in the first panel
>Ran is on the verge of figuring out basic atomic theory

Why doesn't fancy lad have painted nails?

I want to give a yinglet a noogie

Yinglets are cute!

That or it's a depiction of that Travelling Moon thing... in orbit around the planet's real moon, and that diagram is trying to figure out its crazy orbital dynamics.

Animals are interesting to draw. Many artists who draw anthros are weird creatures suck at drawing humans, even if they're amazing at everything else, simply because they don't wanna draw people. I think the artist of this comic should have tried to stylize them instead of making them somewhat generic half-anime looking.

What a awful time of the week for an update,Val

Somehow I'm imagining this scene with them surrounded by water that is on fire.

I want to kiss Fancy Lad.

What going on in thi-



Simple the human brain is hardwired to recognize human forms and features and is hypersensitive to any deviations.
Thus humans are the hardest thing to draw.


I am more excited about this update than I should be.
Hopefully Val keeps up a steady pace.

post kass


I'm stealing your faces


Kass's actual expression is what makes this picture for me.
So how much actually useful information do people think Lopin actually knows?


I know there's that picture of Yinglets from various historical periods but has anyone done something with say cyberpunk Yinglets?

>first Queblock, now Sildre

Feels like back when gen V Pokemon were first revealed.

He doesn't have any friends to paint them for him.

Very little about the Zhing itself, but would be a wealth of information about the social dynamics of the males.

last time the topic was broached it resulted in this

Wow I'm not the only one.
Smugleaf never forget.

No, but I feel like it needs to be a thing.

Can't forget this

I still have trouble remembering its real name


ganbatte artorius-san

>Valsalia liked a tf sequence where a guy became a horny imp, and even commented he liked the part at the end where the Imp's mind was changed.

I know your endgame, Val!

>tfw a webcomic artist shares your fetishes and you can tell it's dangerously straddling that thin line and it could topple over into degeneracy at any moment

link me

>do sergals even have tits
>But furries don't give a fuck and will commission sergal with tits to be drawn.


This is something I'm paying attention to; from the beginning, I've been going for a semi-realistic look for the humans, most other species, and the environment; not as realistic as most cape comics, but also not so stylized that the prominent human features are lost.

Part of that is meant to emphasize the difference between them and the bug-eyed little monstery things that yinglets are.

That's the spirit! Sunbro-ism suits them, on a behavioral level.

Oh come on you KNOW this thing's gonna end with everyone fucking, including the cameos, alternate-timeline and commission characters.

Yup! It's a delicate balance, as a single page with blatant porn/fetish material tends to get the whole thing labeled as a porn/fetish comic in a reader's mind, and I really want to avoid that.

I do feel that I've found a good balance, though; I want this story to be about the other sorts of narrative elements that this theme can offer, so I've been staying pretty wary about taking anything too far.

With that said, keeping the comic clean(ish) and doing the more cheesecake/fetishy stuff via commissions and other stuff relegated to the art sites (and possibly Patreon) seems to be the best way to balance that out, so that's the plan.

Hell, maybe I should go the route that Dan Shive's taking lately; only give out little glimpses of the fetishy stuff in the main/free material, with promises of harder substances for just a little money... it won't cost you much, you know you want it etc

The fact you didn't pick that up from the comic makes me question if you're paying attention. I guess you could maybe miss it if it's not your fetish.

But yes, his mind changing has already been touched on in the comic in case you didn't notice.

Every update that isn't porn is just Val edging himself.

They really, really aren't.

gonna have to show me some proof there

I'm still standing by my conclusion that yinglets, in the future, will most likely become an existential zerglike threat as their evolution accelerates and their behavior changes and we should wipe them out now while we still can.

So when's transformation happening and accelerating from sex and climax.

So the glasses were missing when the page went up?

Strangely, Valsalia is pretty damn good at drawing hands.


i was just using it as a general example, not aimed at anyone specific

Well they're like... right in front of me, all the time!

Honestly, this is the most logical course of action, but when has that ever influenced old-world political action?


Poor Kass is starting to think of Fancy Lad as an equal instead of a dirty Scav.


I thought that sergals were banned?

user was referring to "he" as Lopin, not Ran.

Of course not. It wouldn't have been easy for Lopin to correlate human Kass to yinglet (and genderbent) Kass. Without witnessing the transformation, he wasn't given many hints other than "you will know what you've done" and the bodyguard Elim.

It's reaction images, the page. Panel 2's fancy lad, panel 4's fancy lad, panel 6's Kass, it's all gold.

Don't forget panel 1 Elim.

Too good to pass up. Have fun folks.

Yo Val you still here? I got a lore question for you.
I noticed Kass said God dammit, have you decided what religion(s) exist in your setting?


Shit, I missed last thread.

Will Lopin ever not have a face of internal and external suffering?


Dead thread, dead comic

It's late man, people got work in the morning.

I'm gonna be real about this for a second, every update I sort of dread that they're going to fall into Kass not hating and rejecting the Yinglife and changing his mind and that would just ruin all the best stuff for me.

He SHOULD fuck the yinglet that licked his ear, though. Just because.