Why did Herb invite Bojack if he wasnt going to forgive him anyways?

Why did Herb invite Bojack if he wasnt going to forgive him anyways?

To just talk

He just wanted to tell him "fuck you" for one last time.

Here;s the thing.

Diane telling him to go back was a mistake. If he had just left it at that and come back later, do his part to support him, Herb MIGHT have been able to forgive him later. Because when the chips were down, Bojack was willing to come back and support his friend during the hardest time of his life.

Bojack coming back and apologizing made things worse. Because all of a sudden, it wasn't about Bojack trying to support his friend. It was Bojack trying to clear his conscience. Herb knew that.

Some things are better left unsaid.

He doesn't have to forgive him. Dude already has his affairs in order and has come to terms with his own death. He can still enjoy spending time with an old friend, but forgiveness would accomplish nothing except absolving Bojack of wrongdoing. Although they are still friends, Herb does NOT think he deserves that absolution. Especially because he's clearly still a shallow and petty piece of shit.

Both of these, Herb might have thought 'man bojack might stop being such a coward' and then he clawed everything for that pitty mouth fuck.

Just watched season 1 over the past few days, put me in a bit of a downer at times

Because Bojack Horseman takes cynicism to a cartoonish level.

bojack was the one who called him

Herb never hated Bojack, but he wanted to essentially give him a wake up call to try and make him a better person.

>Herb gets caught in a PR shit storm
>tells Bojack to threaten to quit if the execs fire Herb
>exec strong arms Bojack, makes it very obvious Herb was done and there wasn't shit Bojack could do about it

Herb is literally in the wrong here. Bojack couldn't do a fucking thing to help him even if he tried, so the argument basically boils down to "Fuck you for not pointlessly quitting because of my mistakes."

I did fine. I had a good life. What I needed then was a friend and you abandoned me and I will never forgive you for that.

Now get the fuck out of my thread.

I agree with this, but at the same time I feel like it's a shame that Herb would want to take all that hate to the grave rather than have any more to say to him about it.

Though I guess once Bojack made it about him, there wasn't much else to say.

I think it was more about Bojack cutting ties with him afterward than anything.

>Bojack coming back and apologizing made things worse. Because all of a sudden, it wasn't about Bojack trying to support his friend. It was Bojack trying to clear his conscience. Herb knew that

Who thinks like that? That wouldn't have occurred to me.

>Who thinks like that?
Somebody who knew BoJack for a long time and knows what he's like.

because he knows Bojack exists for pain.

Anyone else not a huge fan of how Herb's actual death was played for laughs?

ultimately it doesn't really matter what Bojack did or didn't do, Herb was clearly attracted to Bojack and you can't be friends with someone you are in love with. The friendship was doomed the moment Herb was outed.

they never played it for laughs tough just his actual reason of death but they kept it pretty straight with the funeral and all

Knowing how long he held that grudge and how bitter he was? To rub it in Bojack's face that he wasn't going to forgive him.

Oh yea, forgot about that. Sorry, I'm retarded.

Yea, BJ dun goofed.

It was consistent enough with Secretariat's death being mentioned as some idiot blocking off traffic.

That's what made it so tragic. Bojack avoided Herb because he was too ashamed of his own weakness and cowardice. Because he had just proven he wasn't the man he thought he was, or thought would be, before the situation actually occurred. So he betrayed his friend and hurt him much worse. It also explains why he was never going to forgive Princess Caroline in season 3.

This. Bojack left him a message basically saying "So I heard you were dying....Wanna hang out?" and Herb took him up on it and responded with the invitation.

Did YOU ever call Bojack, Herb?

Even if you can't be an intimate friend with someone attracted to you, you can still give that person emotional support while going through a rough time. At least give them a phone call every now and again.

What will this show do to my emotions?


This show is so beautiful when it wants to be.

It's like art.

It wasn't hate. As Herb said, he has a good life and was ready to die.

He moved on from Bojack's bullshit but still wouldn't forgive him, that would be great too convenient and he doesn't deserve it.

So why even bother? Herb ain't really winning me over with this deathbed fuck you.

>show establishes that Bojack never really answers his calls until later in the series
for all i know, he could have been one of many people other than mr. peanutbutter to constantly call bojack

Venting one last time. Settling things once and for all even if time passed and Herb moved on.

An I think that it's Bojack who contacted him at first.

I liked it when they kissed.

I can see that, it's just to me I find deathbed fuck you to be very sanctimonious.

I liked it when PB and BJ kissed and I hope they do it again with BJ hating every second of it as much as PB is loving it... again.

Maybe, point is Herb didn't have to care. Just a big fuck you to someone you cared and who betrayed you.

I can relate to and understand his behavior

Notice that Herb spends the first half of the episode making nonstop "you're a backstabber" jabs at Bojack, but then stops once they really get talking again. On some level, Herb was just happy that Bojack still considered him enough of a friend to see him one last time before he died. That was the closure he wanted.

It wasn't even Bojack coming back to apologize that set him off. It was when Bojack demanded forgiveness. If Bojack had just agreed that Herb shouldn't forgive him, then it probably would have played out a lot better. It was Bojack trying to make it all about himself that really set Herb off.

also bojack tried to steal the telescope from him making this whole thing just much worse.

He might have eventually forgiven him if Bojack hadn't been so pushy about getting forgiveness right then. But Bojack's refusal to accept anything but immediate exoneration killed any chance of that.

Not really. They had no idea Secretariat had stopped his car on the bridge because he had gotten out and jumped off and killed himself. It was a bit of dramatic irony, with the announcers talking about it like some banal thing when we knew it was really the tragic end of a former hero's story.

Compare that to Herb's death, which was completely ridiculous.

It will ruin their shit.

Occasionally it will take a break from doing so and let you get your hopes up. Once the show decides your guard has been sufficiently let down, it will ruin your shit even harder.

That's my least favorite thing about this show. NOBODY can have ANYTHING nice for more than half a season without it going away at best or blowing up in their face at worst. Not even the side characters can be happy.

Idk man. the rabbit guy and Jessica gecko seemed pretty happy. And it seemed like the end of season 3 everyone was happy except bojack.

Life's good for Rabbitowitz and Gecko

todd too i mean he lost 3 million dollars but he couldnt care less about it which just shows you how content he is with life now.

They're the good guys.

What animal are you unsure of fucking, user?

not sure, it was implied that Diane will betray Mr. Peanutbutter, and that it will somehow result in his death


Cred Forums is way too insecure and autistic to understand basic human interaction.


Just finished watching the whole three seasons in a week, and Jesus fuck, that's good TV.
the wait for season 4 is going to be fucking unbearable

go watch Venture Bros to pass the time

he didn't really invite him

it was more along the lines of "you got something you want to say to me, you know where i am"

>Who thinks like that?

I dunno man probably someone who is on the verge of death getting a sudden visit from someone they hadn't seen nor heard of in close to twenty years after a massive backstab.

reverse satan has spoken

Nothing. It tries too hard most of the time.