Princess Ranking

This is correct.

Elsa isn't a Princess.

where's kiva?


nice try

>no jasmine

Mulan is god tier, fuck off.

Switch Mulan and Aurora and this list is correct.

>Rapunzel a tier below boring-as-fuck tier early princesses


OP's shit taste aside why don't people like Tiana?
Yeah, the movie was meh but the character itself was great. I found her to be cute and very endearing.

Are you seriously asking that? Clue: Cred Forums or internet in general

>movie was meh
movie was great my man

I bet most people wouldn't even be able to differentiate Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, much less tell the difference between their personalities

Mulan and Tiana are god tier easily because they aren't useless to their own stories

nothing wrong with Tiana but her prince was boring as fuck. Consequentially she suffers for it, because you need a good love interest to bring out all the characters best traits.

Pochahontas should be higher.
Her... Personality traits are much larger than any other princess.

Are you implying Cred Forums doesn't love cute brown girls to a distressing degree?

Because she spent 80% of the movie as a frog. Admitedly as a sexy frog but still.

This. Also why the fuck is Merida at the bottom? Fiery redhead not OPs thing I guess.

Comes with shit taste I see.

*Supreme Goddess Tier

Merida is shite though

He just doesn't like POC/feminist-friendly princesses.

I can understand Merida, she spent most of the film trying to be rebellious yet all it leads her is to mommy-daughter drama and very little to actually do that's in any way rebellious or badass.

You can argue this is more of the fault of the plot itself.

>1000 years of sexual experience

>Her prince was boring as fuck
Then Snow White, Aurora Ariel, and Cinderella ALL don't need to be up top.

Merida's meet and greet cast member single handedly makes her god-tier

I would like to congratulate OP for the successful bait. How does it feel to finally have someone notice anything that you have done?

I'd agree

"All will be well Milo Thatch."

Snow White and ESPECIALLY Aurora shouldn't be up there.

Ariel does have her own personality and I found Cinderella's plight relatable enough to not just make her a complete one dimensional character.


Aurora is barely a character

But at least she's not Merida

Where the shit is Jasmine?

>tfw you bump Merida to decent tier because you have a fetish for Scottish accents

This. Unless she's in Elder God tier and it's beyond the realm of this image.

The Cred Forums homo who made the OP forgot she exists because she doesn't wear a burqa

>this is correct
>Elsa and Anna in decent tier
>not below "literally shit"

OP you gay faggot

>Ariel does have her own personality
Yeah, selling her soul for a vagina

I disagree with Tiana's placement, but I've got the jungle fever bad

My personal rankings, as determined just now:

Snow White

So it's saying something about the other princesses that just that is enough to give her ten times more personality than almost all the princesses before her.

NO JASMINE !!!!!! By far the best princess FUCK YOUR LIST

Does vanellope von schweetz count as a princess? She was a princess in Wreck it Ralph and it is a disney movie

Jasmine fell for a liar and a thief.
She's clearly has a type

OP's chart is upside-down.

the movie was jim cummings as almost every other voice. Fucking disney shit on the budget for actors and it showed...regardless of how talented mr cummings skills are.

>Rapunzel not top tier
Fuck off you tasteless piece of shit

>snow white
>all god tier

well if you say so buddy

>all of the bland, generic princesses are god tier
>mulan only in decent tier
>shit tier
This is some excellent bait, my man.

Bait shit OP

Here's a question: Which of the princesses would give the most effort in the bedroom, and who would just lie back and think of England?

Bets are with Belle for me.Pretty girl who just reads books all day tend to be kinky.Lowest one would be Aurora or I assume she would since she never does anything by herself in her own movie.

Statistically Ariel, curious girls are known to be the kinkiest and most engaging in bed

Randy Newman

Belle or Anna would be the most kinky, Snow White would be the most boring.

Belle loves it doggy style.
Literally doggy style. Why do you think she fell in love with the Beast?

There are so many missing ones I don't feel like listing them.

I just want to say pic related is the real best Disney Princess.

>No Jasmine
>Putting Poke a Hot Ass so low
>Putting Ariel so fucking high

What do you expect, from stupid little faggots,
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Well, besides that.
It's because she loves the knot.