JSA Storytime: Quasar

Good evening owls of Cred Forums,

well, this won't be as violent as yesterday

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shit this is my kind of /d/

Hello Storyteller.

>Dr. Minerva
But she looks nothing like the Cheetah.

>Well, this won't be as violent as yesterday.
That's a little hard to top, yeah.

dat fucking title

I'd honestly forgotten about the last half of the last issue

How am I suppose to take Quasar seriously? He doesn't even have hoop earrings!

I ran into unexpected Wizard World traffic today

god, that sucked

>Farewell to arms?!

this is why i miss cover text. amazing

>dat fucking title

9/10 pun.

Is this /d/?

That second panel is some good ~comics~

oh my god, he's SO POLITE about stripping her down, and he calls her 'Miss'

this is totally /d/

>I'd honestly forgotten about the last half of the last issue
What's wrong Storyteller? Can't handle the BLEEDING EDGE?

>Kree for All
I can't take the Kree seriously due to being a Stargate fan. "Jaffa, KREE!"

Kree are pretty low tier Marvel aliens.

poor Robbie

Wendell, you are not hip, not remotely hip. It's much of your charm.

Kree have a high waifu quotient

NGL, I'm still buttmad about Hickman wrecking Ronan/Crystal

oh goodness just look at the time

that was trash. that relationship was maybe the best thing from that era of cosmic

Yeah, never really seen or heard of Kree fans. It probably doesn't help that they're honestly pretty bland looking. Yet another species of "aliens" who look exactly like humans, only some are blue. Oh, and they're racist as fuck and are at war with the Skrulls.

Not exactly compelling material.

It was legitimately interesting and mixed things up

hey, this is all vintage Captain Marvel stuff, right?

i assume there's good stuff about them in Stan/Jack FF?

should I buy Dishonored on steam? does it take legit FPS skillz?

I am a Kree fan. There is always a fan user, you should know that by now.

Yeah it's a pretty good game. It doesn't require legit FPS skills. Stealth play is rewarded.

>I'm still buttmad about Hickman wrecking Ronan/Crystal

Yeah, why did he drop the whole Inhuman Kree thing again?
How the hell are there Dire Wraith Inhumans, if Dire Wraiths are Skrulls?

i didn't think it took FPS skill, more stealth stuff. I got it this year and had fun, made me wanna try those old Thief games but never got to them


I thought Dire Wraiths were owned by another company

>the lube, it does NOTHING

hmmmm, I can probably spare 20 bux for that

Ah, c'mon man. There are some fun bits. Like how they were primitives that the Skrulls offered to uplift, but they got beat out by the Cotati and the Kree responded by murdering the Skrull traders and starting the Kree-Skrull War.

Or the fact that they decided to computerize government, that's pretty alright.

the Supreme Intelligence is good weird shit when done right

If you like Dishonored's setting there's a solid webcomic with several similarities called Unsounded. The prose/dialogue in it might kill it for you though.

i got so irrationally mad at the steampunk shit

The Kree are interesting because okay they might just be occasionally blue humans as you draw them but they take their societal weirdness and run deep with it, so there's still lots of interesting nonhuman places to go. Plus, dem headfins.

If you don't do that then maybe they're just boring. Like the Inhumans right now largely ignore any complex weird stuff in Inhuman society.

>Skrullian Cube

I love the small touches of shit like having Aliens have different names for things. Lazy writers tend to not bother with stuff like that.

I have a friend who's just absolutely mad about Dishonored

Shit, I still have to play Dragon Age, I'm bad at working on games these days

You got that backwards. The issue is that ROM had no backstory or supporting elements whatsoever, then the Marvel comic was made, and the writers had to make up everything. But then Marvel lost the rights to use the toy license.

Yes, they can use everything about ROM(the other Space Knights, the Dire Wraiths, etc), but not the character himself. Because that's the dumbest fucking thing ever, so of course that's how it turned out.



They are and they aren't.

You can't own a name like that, but Hasbro, who owns the ROM IP, still has a claim to Dire Wraiths as Rom's nemesis, because it was right there on the original box.

But the particular Dire Wraith DESIGN that Marvel used in the 80s is owned by them, so the IDW Wraiths look different.

>Dr. Minverva

Huh, you know who'd make a good Captain Marvel villain?

>Like the Inhumans right now largely ignore any complex weird stuff in Inhuman society.

Like how they have eugenics and slave caste system based on genetics?

I actually got annoyed at some of the stuff in Dishonored which I felt Unsounded had hit on prior to it in an irrational fan moment (as in a, did they steal this because they knew they would get away with it) but once I got around to playing it I enjoyed it.

CW2 is really sparking a lot of "So what does Marvel *want* from Carol" discussion that's far more interesting than the past Carol Corps completely uncritical rah-rah Cult of KSD stuff.

>I'm NOT a crab. I'm EON.

For the movie?
Because she was just in a two issue arc of Captain Marvel the comic.

They have a really weird kind of eugenics where yes they 100% have eugenics but actual members of Inhuman society have a limited influence on those eugenics. Terrigenesis is like fate or a religious vocation, and not everyone undergoes it.

And they don't have a slave caste anymore! The alpha primitives were freed IIRC. But they do have a slave caste within living memory, which everyone just ignored. And they do have a caste society apart from that too.

Well, obviously if you actually explore the interesting aspects of their culture, THEN they become worth a damn. Like how Talokians, also blue humans, have their mystical tribal thing they have going for them. Though frankly, if it were up to me, Talokians would be straight up space vampires, because dammit, comic book aliens should have SOME kind of non-human behavior.


i just don't like steampunk

Authoritarian! Gimme dat contrast with ever other Avenger. Someone posted Civil War pages where she took down Stature by flying at her throat.


>"So what does Marvel *want* from Carol"
I think it's fairly obvious they don't know, the frequent relaunches of her book being the primary indicator. We're seeing another classic case of not having a plan. They wanted to prop her up as their new mascot, without any idea of what actually to do with her.

Look before you leap, folks.


I don't think KSD had a stronger hook than "put her in this new costume", either. It's kind of bitter that Fazekas/Butters *did* have a good hook, and CW2 has largely ruined it.

All those mindwipes user. How much can be left?

They had "lesbian science baby" on the table and the cowards wouldn't even take it.

Oh, they're definitely not brave enough to make her bi, she's gonna be headlining a movie.

I was on the fence about Wendell until this moment.

I think steampunk has a lot of ranges, just like cyberpunk or anything else that's a balance of aesthetic and technology.

There's steampunk which is "fantasy industrialization which we tried to think about" and there's steampunk which is "cogs and wheels on everything".

> It's kind of bitter that Fazekas/Butters *did* have a good hook

Maybe they can launch a new Alpha Flight with them in six months or something, with this new version of it.

That page gives us another pretty decent and frequent, Kree story hook- Genetic stagnation.
Also, Blue Alien Women coming to Earth to /hc/

There was also the alternate universe Carl Danvers play.

I went to a street fair today and saw some really lazy steampunk jewelry of that sort

>They had "lesbian science baby" on the table and the cowards wouldn't even take it.

user, please.
Why make Carol even worse by tying her forever to Worst Spider-Woman?

At the rate Marvel are going they will launch a bunch of doomed Alpha Flight books together in six months or so anyway.

That's as good a team book idea as anything they're actually throwing at the wall

how is he so NICE

I'm not even a Carol/Jess shipper, that was just a way more interesting way to go than the actual, incredibly dumb answer.

Like the reason why Jess was pregnant was because "I'm a new dad and I wanted to write a book and I picked Spider-Woman".

>"put her in this new costume"
As much as I like the new costume(it better reflects her military background), is anyone else confused by the blue? Carol has always worn black, so shouldn't this new outfit be primarily black?

>They had "lesbian science baby" on the table and the cowards wouldn't even take it.
'Cowards' is the correct word. These chickenshit bastards robbed us all of some good old fashion COMIC BOOKS shenanigans.

Though it's odd they lacked the balls to do that considering the rather obvious diversity push they've been going with.


Another thing is NOTHING you could do to give Carol a weird new baby could possibly compare to what actually already happened.

New husbando detected?

That bookcase gimmick is pretty amazing btw

He's definitely pure husbando material

>They had "lesbian science baby" on the table and the cowards wouldn't even take it.
god, that would have been so much better than what they actually did

I'm still so annoyed about it


Ah crap, the Phoenix is evil again.

Someone call the X-Terminators.

It was pure undiluted shit, what they did


i remember actually owning this comic while the QUASAR series was just starting. good times, meng

>It was pure undiluted shit, what they did
At least we can all be reassured that by five years from now, the kid will either be dead or quietly swept under the rug.

it's pretty delightful!

What did they do?

>starts writing a pitch for that kid and Jubilee's kid coming from the future as adults having adventures present day

God, this series is so unapologetically Silver Age in it's sensibilities, with its science lessons and its alien horror hidden behind a bookshelf.

oh look it's X-Mans

Jessica Drew's sperm donor "I had a pregnancy scare and then I wanted babby so I knocked myself up" bullshit

those spikes are pretty kinky

Kree are shit because they invent a formula that 'disproves the existence of god" but make the Supreme Intelligence and treat it as a virtual one.

always did enjoy the warhound bdsm phoenix. surprised that Marvel got it past the censors

I was really hoping that Jessica would give birth to a bunch of adorable half-human half-spider daughters with accelerated growth and their mother's powers, and they keep trying to follow Jess around and help mommy fight crime.

Nothing compared to Penance tho

Rachel's design is like prime Claremont

Surely you can see the "I am a jealous god" angle on that one though, right? I mean, who invented that formula?

I kind of love the weird-ass Summers Family Tree

Sup DC Insider

Hah, that'd be something, but I don't believe it

I smell bull maybe is real

>Kree are shit because they invent a formula that 'disproves the existence of god"

I'm pretty sure that was Grant Morrison Marvel Boy bullshit, and Marvel Boy isn't even from 616.

Ha, I like Elsa Charretier's art but that Harley & Ivy book would be unbearable.

>*removes glasses*

>WildC.A.T.S Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
Alright, which one of you made that thread? Fess up.

Rachel is awesome. she's just wearing skintight bondage suits most of the time.....

i'm still convinced Orlando is gonna be the one to get JSA. Jim Lee and someone launching Wildc.a.t.s. wouldn't shock me.

Gates and anyone but Booth on Titans is an amazing dream

>Wasp artist at DC
>Lee on another book
>Simone bringing the thunder and something about cats and a new heroine

The only believable thing is Aquaman and Cyborg getting bumped down to monthlies.

Mind control is the most fundamentally Claremontian kink

Was that a battle cry or a panicked shriek?

If true: that Titans team would be pretty good.

A Gen13 of Lobdell and BUTTS is pretty much a continuation of the original series.

I've long wondered what Claremont's username is on mcstories.com.


>Mind control is the most fundamentally Claremontian kink
Hm. And here I thought he liked Saturn Girl because he's into stern chicks, but I guess that's just a bonus.

>Simone bringing the thunder and something about cats and a new heroine

goddamn she really is doing Cece

Oh shit, a LARPer!


I mean if you can search the stories for certain phrases...

That's basically what Wendell thinks

>Jessica Drew's sperm donor "I had a pregnancy scare and then I wanted babby so I knocked myself up" bullshit
don't forget that Jessica has straight up said she didn't want kids before, so this is yet another example of more condescending "you'll change your mind!" bullshit

>Marvel recently entered a joint agreement with Heroic Publications over the publishing of a new Marvel comic series Champions comic, while still allowing Heroic who own the trademark to publish its own line of Champions-related titles.

>But just in case, it appears that Marvel is in the process of trademarking the name “League Of Champions”…

And invoking his own and his wife's situation to paper over that condescension

>Dogfucker on JSA
no thank you, I've suffered long enough

Annette getting kicked off Titans is the biggest mistake there. No way that's happening. He's been building up stories for much later and he didn't get an exclusive for nothing.

oh yeah he said he and his wife didn't want kids but then they had twins so he totally understands what childfree women go through!

'Superheroine' is even a specific category there.

How long has Danielle Cage been around? As much as I enjoy what Ewing did with the future version of her, teing Cage down to Bendis's self-interest wasn't worth it.

>“League Of Champions”

Sounds like a pay2win mobile game.

flames down the side of my fucking face, user

I think they've paid enough attention to things like how E2 bombed and the like that JSA really has to get someone who loves and knows continuity on it.

Like, there are books where they've gone looser (like GLs) and stuff where they've very much gone for "Who is a steady hand to pull back in picky old fans"

time for /d/

How old are Rachel and Nate Gray? I want to know if it's weird to pair them with Speed or Virginia, to make their family tree even more convoluted.

>I think they've paid enough attention to things like how E2 bombed and the like that JSA really has to get someone who loves and knows continuity on it.
I want to believe they finally realized that everybody hates Earth 2 and why but I am not confident this is true

Rachel's like 20ish? A little older than Kitty.

Nate Grey hung out with the New Mutants so their age? Which is also 20ish


They're Young Adults to Speed's teenie, I think. And there's already Alex/Polaris to link those two.

Hopefully they'll finally put Earth 2 out of its misery. There must be some big egos involved with keeping that book going so long after they ruined it.

Yeah, but they aren't combining the Summers time and reality spanning dynasty with the Pym's weirdness.

I got you.

By the way, I saw someone speculate that Jessica's kid would turn out to be Marcus. I almost want that to happen because the shitstorm over it would be amazing.

Rachel is maybe 30? Old enough for Jean to have her, Sentinels to happen, and then various time travel shenanigans.

Cable is in his late 40s to somewhere in his 60s, because he's solidly a grizzled old man, and even after he got deaged in Cable and Deadpool, he spent 20 years raising Hope.

Nate "X-Man" Grey is biologically like 6, and physically like in his late 20s?

Everything about it confuses me and I can't wait for the internal tell-all at a panel

I saw a "please keep these amazing characters even though you fucked up the book" tweet and I'm all NO, BURN IT ALL, SALT THE EARTH

Sadly no, he's basically the kid version of MC2 Spider-Man.
Apparently someone in Marvel remembered a future where she has a son, but forgot he died horribly.

DOFP was in like 2013 (though sliding timeline and shit...) for what it's worth


Why stop there?

Marcus rapes the Marvel Universe


I figure Rachel is probably less than a decade younger than Scott, and Scott's gonna be like, 36-38, with the sliding timescale, because GOTTA KEEP SPIDER-MAN YOUNG AND HIP.

what the fuck is Widget

It's very complicated.....

buddy robot from the future

Wait, isn't Mordred a good guy in Marvel?

>Jessica Drew gives birth to Marcus
>Marcus grows quickly again, but no one really notices because we're running on Soap Opera logic here
>Marcus starts making moves on Carol again
>"C'Mon babe. It ain't creepy this time, you aren't my mom anymore. Now gimme some sugar"

one more?

Clearly a lesser rip off of Quislet.

Can't leave us with that existential angst, OP.


arena arc???

Orlando is doing JLA, so someone else is probably getting JSA. Unless he drops Supergirl, cause there's no way he's writing 3 ongoings.

>time for official /d/

I already feel Wendell handling this better than the Hulk.

Also, this big guy is going to get at least a hand cut off by the end of this issue. Wendell may have no killer instinct, but he's Jedi as hell.

This but except he does it to everyone.


Abnett's writing three, at least until E2 is kill

oh yeah I have seen a few people saying stuff like "save Val-Zod and Lois!" and I know everyone is titled to their own opinion and whatever but their opinion is shit and they don't deserve anything nice

Ah the Blood Brothers. They're like the Wrecking Crew of Cosmic Marvel.

i was thinking him on JLA would make the yearly crossovers easier somehow

what if JLA is actually JSA for mainline earth somehow.

I would trade Orlando on Supergirl for him on JSA

also Middy/Apollo is a mini not an ongoing

I guess it's possible. King has been writing 3 ongoings for about a year now.

I miss Quislet. I hope the new LOSH book makes use of the more alien Legionnaires, and emphasizes the alien traits of the human looking ones.

... Goddamn, there's just no talking about the Legion without any news whatsoever. Tried like three times to get a thread going, and they all went nowhere.

unnaturally aged up and killed off, as per tradition

who did you see

Bendis is writing five, but that's an argument for nothing at all

>Two bit magician

Bro, he had the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. That's at least Doctor Strange Tier powerful. Actually, Wendell should really have a talk with Stephen at some point.

is Simon still stuck in Rogue?


JLA is probably more like the new 52 JLA

Killer Frost will probably be on it considering they're making her a main character in JLvSS

i think so. i also don't think anyone cares?

at least he got some love in Vision

>is Simon still stuck in Rogue?
You can't see, but I'm wiggling my eyebrows.

that pageturn to OMEGA THE UNKNOWN was pretty great


>no Legion
>no Shazam
>Lee actually on a book without a second artist


this won't backfire.jpg

>who did you see
just a few folks around twitter/cbr/reddit/the like

I like Simon but not enough to read UA or whatever the hell he's been in lately

I really hope Orlando's mediocre writing isn't on JSA

Is Makkari a jackass like all other Marvel speedsters?

So, Wendell's nice to everybody but the people who should be closest to him.


naw, he seems pretty cool

IIRC The Eternals are kind of dickasses. Ikaris is the only one who isn't a bit of a cunt.


UA's been ok since Standoff, I liked the Pymtron arc. i realized in some x-thread that it can be a good avengers book but hasn't figured out how to be a good x book

Also King is confirmed to be on a new book and Snyder/Capullo project will at least be hinted at. And DC for the first time is actually working their exclusives that's not named Geoff Johns, so I doubt they'll take away titles from Abnett. And fan response to Titans is very strong. It's just bs.


Wendell, god damn it,

Crimson Bands is a pretty common power spell, dude.

It's probably like a level 5 conjuring or evocation spell.

So Supergirl's doing CADMUS? man we might actually get best superboy on tv. what a world

When did it get confirmed that King's pitch was accepted? I mean it's a good chance that they'd accept it but I didn't see it anywhere.

>If I keep repeating it, it'll become true and everyone will start agreeing with me.
>R-right guys? That's how it works, is it?

>King is confirmed to be on a new book
Really? I guess with Vision ending it frees him up. I hope he does something cosmic.


Wendell is not really good at running his company. That lady shark will take over within a month.

I don't know if I want to try sigiling again given what the Thunderbolts turned out as

>Also King is confirmed to be on a new book
>it still won't be GL
what's the point

and she'll dom him and he'll like it, too

Will DC bring him back for synergy?


He said on Twitter. It's both mainstream and experimental, it's definitely going to be Legion.

I don't think so?

But I've only ever read him in Gaiman Eternals, and that did a hard reset on ALL those characters.

Conner was on Smallville.

The Eternals are slightly annoying but generally altruistic. The Deviants are..well read on and see.


user pls

watch it be a Batman mini

I'm really sure he's locked up with other YJ3 in Oz' cells.

I am pretty much immune to Gaiman's charms

>king legion hype

never gonna be ready

Damian in the Legion would be gold i maintain

Unless that means everyone becomes alien as fuck, we should be cautious about this.

oh shit

Experimental storytelling, dummy.

I really hope Bryan Fuller can make American Gods good and not boring shit.

Could a Bat-Person work in the 31st century? An original one, I mean.

Why would you want a Bat character in the Legion? They're screentime vacuums

Experimental like what he did with Kyle Rayner in Omega Men. It's probably a mainstream title that he's going to have a new take on.


>experimental storytelling
I stand by what I said. Caution is called for.

The only "experimental" storytelling" that has even a chance of not going immediately to shit is episodic anthology.

King doing a book about a bunch of kids who made a semi-military group and have been through hell but always come out smiling.

can't wait!

Isn't there already one for the right time period between Robertson's S/B and Morrison? There's like a million future Batmen.


>always come out smiling.
This is how I know you weren't there for for DnA's Legion Lost. Those kids were fucking dead inside by the end.

threeboot was a mistake

Eat it, Grandma.


thanks for reading! more tomorrow!

>episodic anthology

I would argue that is the opposite of experimental


3boot is greatest. eat it grandpa

Well we gotta do SOMETHING to draw in the casuals.

Well, Eon is certainly going to make this worse.

See you tomorrow to find out how.

Thanks for posting as always, Storyteller.

How come superheroes stopped being nice? Everyone became an asshole at some point.

How did it come to it that Superman wasn't enough?

>How come superheroes stopped being nice?

Batman became the most popular individual hero, and he's primed to go jerk at the drop of the hat.

Also, they keep hiring writers who want "realistic" characters, which is to say characters as dickish as they themselves are or wish they were allowed to be.

people stopped caring

but they aren't fun dicks like silver age losh anymore

Waid stop samefagging.

Saw this and thought of you guys.

>Kaine wants to be hardcore but his clone bros won't let him

Fuck you glfags

It's a "I need to see it to believe it" thing for me. Like what even would be their gimmick beyond a Batsuit? Do you make them human even? What if future Wayne left in the 2600s and fucked a Korugan? Hell are they even a Wayne? I don't know.

Karate Kid is the Legion's Batman equivalent. I like the lack of direct legacies in the Legion.

Except Xs. Best 31st Cen Legacy.

>forcing them to break up


Oh yeah, she's an exception. I like Jenni. But at least she has the creativity to not call herself Flash Girl, even though she's his granddaughter.

I kind of like Thunder, too.

Yeah I agree with you, but I'm saying I'm willing to give it a chance even if I have no idea how it might work. Would guess you have to at least retcon future Gotham to relevant if you make it a human.


This needs to be a monthly.

Threeboot always should have been a separate Earth rather than the main canon version of the LoSH to the point where I can't tell if it was intended from the start or just hypercrisis that they ended up that way


The presence of DC Comics from the start sorta implies an alternate Earth?

But then again, Post-Crisis Barry Allen must have been a collector of Jay Garrick's real adventures in comic book form?

Yeah the comics certainly suggest that it should have been a different Earth but they started to play it straight with Supergirl and all. Felt like we were supposed to accept it as the main version.

>But then again, Post-Crisis Barry Allen must have been a collector of Jay Garrick's real adventures in comic book form?

Genuinely not sure about this. Barry being dead basically meant that kind of stuff generally didn't always get smoothed out. It may have been mentioned in JLA Year One but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I don't think it was mentioned in Flash v2 or (more likely) that Brave and the Bold mini but it's been a while since I read either and I can't remember for sure.

fun books never ever

i need to dig out that secret origins annual to see if the barry segment has anything about flash comics

was so pissed the Flash TV show didn't take the chance and have Barry with Jay comics. nowadays they'd totally sneak that easter egg in

Need to return that defective neural disruptor.


Sure, I think so.

To be honest that is one way for a Legion book to sell

I see like 2 or 3 ways to do it:
>'Bat 3000' is nonpowered and polices the worst parts of future earth with other nonpowereds. This character isn't really a legion character, but a chip-on-the-shoulder ally they occasionally interact with.
>In the future what survives of the Wayne foundation is tied up in social programs and economic stimulus. They don't put on batsuits anymore, but the young heir of the foundation finds this boring - and maybe isn't capable of doing it - and decides to go back to that.
>The Wayne foundation went bankrupt in a failed colonization effort. Batwhatever keeps order on a broken-down planet which is kept invisible from the rest of space. When the legion discover it they are accused of abandonment, but the truth is the Wayne family member who funded the colony covered it up out of shame.

Are any of these ideas worth doing? Probably not but I think a strength of LoSH is that you can do pretty much anything of you want to, and you have a great cast to play around with. If you want a Bat character like our Batman then Reep and Brainy jump out as potentially interesting relationships.

To throw this out into the King LoSH comments too - what do you guys want for that? Because his predictive, tension-ramping style could lead to something really good/weird with Nura IMO.

>>'Bat 3000' is nonpowered and polices the worst parts of future earth with other nonpowereds. This character isn't really a legion character, but a chip-on-the-shoulder ally they occasionally interact with.
I think this would be the most sensible option, as it's something the series hasn't really done before.

>Because his predictive, tension-ramping style could lead to something really good/weird with Nura IMO.
I think Nura's powers could use a minor tweak so that she sees several potential futures, so that the tension is heightened with "Will they make the right choice?".

As a side note, something people forget about Nura even when praising her is that she was introduced as a skilled biologist. So you do something with that along with all the other skills she intentionally picks up to be more useful.

Pls no mad scientist brain dissecting Nura out to find the secret of prophecy King

Nah, she wouldn't go mad scientist. It's just there are times they would need a biologist, like say dealing with Dominator tech.

Besides, the Naltorian scientific community probably already knows how the precognition works. Something to do with a third eye I'm sure.

You could also tie it up with Leland McCauley

>I think Nura's powers could use a minor tweak so that she sees several potential futures, so that the tension is heightened with "Will they make the right choice?".
That really works with the alternate versions of the legion too. I think there's a lot to hope for if it is King.