Do you prefer Deathstroke as an honorable badass mercenary or thoroughly vicious crimelord that spends his time...

Do you prefer Deathstroke as an honorable badass mercenary or thoroughly vicious crimelord that spends his time tormenting teenagers?

Why not both? Comic book character need have belieavable versatilty if they're going to be used across mutiple stories with different tones.

Dishonorable mercenary

in retrospect, it is just weird how fascinated Slade is in the TV show with a group of kids and having a child (apprentice) of his own to mold into being as ruthless as him.

He seems like a pedo.

He killed 100k people. It's difficult to paint him in a positive light after that.

Evil asshole badass pedophile


Dropped Chemo on Bludhaven

no fuckin way he'd do this


One does not survive in Slade's profession by being honorable. They survive by being willing to do what their opponent isn't. Slade works better as a combat pragmatist.

he shouldn't have any honor and should be a complete dick
the comics are doing well with that

Good times.

Projecting much? He's a villain, the Titans are the most notable (or at the least most well-known closest to him) heroes. Of course he'd want to know them well in order to better beat them.

OG "Fulfill my contract and use this psychopathic little girl to avenge my son who hated me anyway because I was an awful dad by murdering a bunch of teenagers I don't even know" Deathstroke is BEST Deathstroke.

Jesus fuck the honorable nuthin personal kid badass merc is BORING.

It totally happened. It was a throwaway panel in Infinite Crisis, but it happened.

Why wouldn't he, assuming nobody could pin him to it besides his fellow Secret Society members? Has Slade Wilson ever struck you as someone who cares about the little guy?

remember that time he beat up the X-Men?

user... he is a pedo.

I'm pretty sure he bedded Terra. He also has a creepy as fuck relationship with his daughter that involves drugging her to do his bidding.

In all fairness it wasn't just Slade, it was an assemble of teen titans villains from the secret society. Thought Dick put the blame on him in Morrison's Batman and Robin.

you new to comics or something?

goddamn this is digusting

welcome to DC

God damn Slade, gimme summa dat fried chicken

Actually I'm pretty sure it's just Marv Wolfman, not DC in general

No, what's disgusting is that a mentally unstable 14 year ild girl was portrayed as pure evil but the 60 year old sociopath assassin was redeemed and became an anti-hero.

Mentally unstable people don't deserve our sympathy


>all of Cred Forums doesn't deserve sympathy
yeah, you're probably right

Yeah uhhhh seems...

t. mentally unstable person

Yeah, I have no beef with Slade slamming it with a 14y/o, I do have a problem with Terra being relegated to a monster during the climax of Judas Contract.

As someone who doesn't read a lot of comics, just how different is cartoon "Slade" to Deathstroke in the comics? Enough to be considered his own different character?

They're completely different characters.

Cartoon is a plain jane super villain and the other kills people for money. Both have a thing for kids.

>The Judas Contract
The only thing I know about this is that it's Linkara's favourite comic, and I feel unclean just writing that out.

absolutely, they aren't even remotely close to being the same character

I feel incredibly sorry for you, it's one of the best arcs in comics

By the time the New 52 started he was already veering back to being a garbage person. In his first comic he was so angry that he had to work with a group of teenagers on a contract that as soon as they finished the job he killed all of them out of sheer pettiness.

Who's more creepy, Wolfman or Claremont?

This is a trick question, I know. The answer is John Byrne.

I'm working on the second NTT trade right now, so I'll get there sooner or later.



He's not a pedophile, you idiot. He's an ephebophile.

>never read Judas Contract
>know what Linkara's favorite comic is

You aren't legit in comicland without a child sidekick.

Claremont at least listens to fans and for the most part, will retool if fans shit on his work.

Wolfman is still fucking butt-hurt Danny Chase was hated by Titans fans and blames them for "not getting the "awesomeness" of the character" and would have brought him back eventually

I was young and foolish, user.

boy i sure would like a deathstroke the animated series
also,im quite enjoying his rebirth comics

You didn't read the last couple of issues of Devin Grayson's Nightwing, which fleshed out the whole reason WHY Slade was with the Brotherhood when Alex Luthor gave the order to nuke it, or who gave the idea to Alex in the first place.

Slade was training Rose to kill Superman and put a chuck of Kryptonite in her empty eye socket to give her a massive advantage. Dick was undercover with the Secret Society at the time in his solo book. Slade found out and arranged for Dick to work for him as a flunky. He made Dick train Rose to kill Superman, with the plan to have Rose kill Dick after he finished training her and yet, Slade made a HUGE mistake: he had stopped giving Rose the mind control serum after it made her act psychotic and caused her to gouge out her own eye.

As such, when he revealed to Dick that he knew who he was, he was fully expecting Rose to still be 100% loyal to him and be perfectly fine in killing Nightwing AND putting Kryptonite in her eye socket, behind her eyepatch. Even though Kryptonite causes cancer and horrific death in humans if they are exposed to it for prolong periods of time.

Rose, no longer under the serum's spell, basically freaked out that Slade was planning on giving her incurable cancer for the CHANCE that she might kill Superman. Especially since Slade NEVER TOLD ROSE that Kryptonite was fatal to humans and was selling her on the entire plan by making out like Kryptonite was safe and harmless to humans. She basically told Slade to go kill himself and left with Nightwing.

Slade, needlessly, had a complete mental breakdown from the rage he felt from losing his last family member, called up Alex and basically asked him what his plans were for Bludhaven (which Alex was planning on destroying but not right away). When Alex told him that they were still working on it, Slade basically told him he wanted to drop Chemo on the city and kill everyone and if he didn't OK the plan, he'd do it without Alex's consent behind his back.

I like the rebirth stuff too, it's a real return to roots for him

They had to do that so that fans and assholes like Brad Meltzer, couldn't fanwank reasons for retconning Terra as a good girl who fell in with a pedo who made her evil.

say,ill there be a sex scene in the judas contract animated movie between terra and slade?

don't kid yourself.
they probably won't even include that entire sub-plut

>tfw DC refuses to make good age gap romance ;_;

they did barbara and batman and the only complaint they got from that was that it was not in the comic but this is so they might

The original pitch for Judas Contract kept the pedophilia. The only thing cut was fucking JERICHO of all things...

>they had to do that or else would someone try to fix their terrible writing
That's circular logic right there.

In reply to

That's a retarded ass plan. Not just because Kryptonite can cause cancer, but because it is as heavy as any normal rock. One bad movement and she could get brain damage.

So why is Terra irredeemable but Slade isn't? Cause that's the thing I don't get, Terra didn't really do anything to deserve this treatment.

terra was the kind of crazy that you lock up in a mental asylum for life while slade was and is a sane person

At least Deathstroke has the decency to look a little embarrassed.

It's just the way they're written. Slade had a pretty clear goal, revenge for his son and fulfilling a contract. Terra was a pretty pure sociopath, she did it all just to hurt people and had no interest in redemption.

Any other interpretation is from a retcon or the show.

By that would mean Terra is innocent, she's not in full control of her faculties and is unware of the full ramifications of her actions. That would also mean Slade is fully culpable for the judas contract which would make him the irredeemable one.

>it's just the way it written
Well then I guess the judas contract is written like shit then.

The new colonel of two worlds looks intense

We get it. She's your waifu, probably because you're a showfag. Now try reading the comics that you're arguing about.

>Slade is a sane person
That's just make it worse. He knew the difference from right and wrong and knew the consequences of his actions but he did it anyway.

What Terra was a one dimensional villain and any other interpretation of that would be an improvement.

When did it become so acceptable on Cred Forums to

1. Not read comics

2. Shit on comics that you openly haven't read

I did and it was shit. Your timeless classic teen titans story is shit.

Killing for money is never honorable, no matter how much they try and church it up

An Ephebophile is a Pedophile with a thesaurus

Dude just accept that judas contract aged like milk.

What if you only kill people who pose a threat to humanity at large?

But it holds up perfectly well. Especially in the context of long term storytelling like it was published and meant to be read. A lot of the arcs like Dick's transition to Nightwing, Terra's deep cover, Deathstroke's origin Titan hatred, etc. had been slow burns throughout the entire series.

How do you determine that?

>she's your waifu
Not at all, I just think it's fucked that she's get labeled as irredeemable when she didn't really do anything.

>but it holds up perfectly well
It obviously doesn't m8.

He was super creepy towards the characters.

Deserve it

Which crisis was this again?

I believe that was the point.

Jericho is the reason Slade lost an eye!

You're telling me you wouldn't feel up Raven? Superior long-hair Raven at that?

Besides he's a skellington at that point anyway, if anyone's violating the law it'd be her for getting with a dead guy

It's not pedophilia, it's a twisted version of the parental instinct. Once you hit a certain age you want to leave something behind. The logical result of Slade being a crime lord is Slade looking for somebody to take over the throne. The show also never really portrays this, but you also end up doubting yourself pretty severely if you go against the social contract like he does: converting Robin, one of the enforcers and protectors of that contract, validates his worldview as well as perpetuating it. And if he really believes in what he does (and is not doing it out of very complex self hatred) he believes he's doing Robin good. He's furthering the species. Slade is also solitary, meaning he's lonely. Man was not meant to live alone.

Slade is a kind of anti-batman. All the things that motivate batman to take on apprentices cause Slade to take them on. He's just a bad guy.

I still don't understand what Chemo is? Is it a bomb or a person? Is it still alive after detonated?

She was a hateful sociopath, the only thing she deserves is a bullet to the head to protect mentally stable people.

You seem pretty mentally unstable yourself.

Basically Chemo is a sentient vat of chemicals.

>a hateful sociopath
Who didn't really do anything that terrible. Slade is a sociopath too and he has done a lot of terrible things, Terra being one of them.

I like Terra being a sociopath and hateful and bitchy. She's my sociopath waifu.

>Projecting much?

It's his most famous story you dipshit. Dickstroke is a card carrying statutory rapist.

Merc only, his robot henchmen in Teen Titans were absolutely retarded.

Why isn't Red X canon yet?

Deathstroke being a monster is one thing (he's a villain after all), but BB excusing him for molesting a mentally unstable child is so utterly fucked.

Deathstroke was NEVER honorable.Wolfman tried to write him as a 'killer with a code' and the story suffered because Wolfman had to keep coming up with excuses to justify all the bad thing Deathstroke used directly and indirectly.

Have you not been paying attention? She's not irredeemable because of the things she did, she did the things she did because she's irredeemable. She's a terrible, hateful, manipulative person. In the Teen Titans Blackest Night mini, Cyborg and Starfire basically start off by wondering why BB couldn't see that. The mini ends with BB saying he knows, and that's why it pisses him off so much that he still loves her.

Priest is a good writer

>she's not irredeemable because of the things she did
>She did the things she cause she's irredeemable
That's circular logic and it doesn't make any sense.

>she's not irredeemable because of the thing she's done
That's cause she didn't really do anything irredeemably evil.
>she did the things she did because she's irredeemable
No that's retarded user. There has to be a reason why she's irredeemable, you can't say she's irredeemable just because.

Why is she hateful and terrible tho? Wolfman never gave a proper reason.

Wolfman created Terra because he had issues with Kitty Pryde. I remember reading somewhere that he thought Kitty should have been a villain instead of a hero.

It was implied that Terra's issues were related to being an illegitimate child of the Makarovian Royal family,but Wolfman never went in depth with it.


not everyone has a default good state unless something bad happens to them

Listen, you can't say she was born evil and that's why she's irredeemable when you have the daughter of the devil as a good guy.

I think you're mistaking pride for honor.

The daughter of the devil as a good guy means that what you expect ain't always what you get, not that good is the default.

Raven was a terrible good guy in Wolfman's run.She knew Terra was nuts and said nothing , mindraped her teammates on several occasions.

That zone animation still gets me rock hard

Neither. I prefer him as a murdering mercenary that fucked up his life and his job is the only thing left for him in the world.

I prefer Arrow Deathstroke


Honorable if you do it for free.