Is Dark Horse Comics any good?

Is Dark Horse Comics any good?

I'm familiar with Alien vs Predator, The Mask and Hellboy but I've never actually read anything from those. What would Cred Forums recommend?

All of Hellboy.


90s Dark Horse was one of the best publishers ever.

Then they became "the manga and movie licenses company".

Now they're Hellboy, Groo, Usagi Yojimbo, and occasionally Mister X, and Aliens/Predator comics, and not much else of note.

Read old DH star wars and weep. Weep for what could have been.

I recommend you having a look through what they have and finding things that interest you.

What? and not asking strangers to tell you what to read or if you would like something even tho nobody knows you?

Clearly you don't know where you are.

>Now they're Hellboy, Groo, Usagi Yojimbo, and occasionally Mister X, and Aliens/Predator comics, and not much else of note.
>not much else of note.

that still way more than Image currently has

Yes they have some of the best non image originals on the market sure they targeted manga more because it's more profitable but damn if they're comics aren't great besides usagi, Hellboy and the good black hammer and resident alien are fucking great

What is the context for that image?

They're those are good and would recommend a read.

>first guys to publish samura in the fucking 90s
they were pretty based if u ask me

>just finished house of penance

Holy shit, that splash was legendary.

>Not a single mention of the Goon comics

Why does Cred Forums hate good comics?

That's the one based on the story about the woman who built a house to try and make up for all the guns her family sold, right? There was a Swamp Thing comic that covered it.
It's good then?

Because we have shit taste.
Real talk though, Goon is fucking amazing. I'm digging Hillbilly too.

The one with the midget with ptsd is great

If you like bizarre art and analyzing the eccentricities of guilt and insanity, yeah.

Big Man Plans was a kick in the balls. I enjoyed it though, Powell can write black humour and revenge really damn well.

they publish Hellsing and Berserk

Fire and Stone, it's Alien vs Predator stuff and it's awesome

Barb Wire, Ghost, Will to Power were all the shit back in the day.

I'm intereted, yes.
Also, Rat God. Rat God's great. Corben draws some ugly, lumpy people and it's perfect for horror.

You forgot The Goon and Conan.

There's a bunch of old First comics stuff that's part of their catalog now like American Flagg, Jon Sable and Grimjack.


Usagi Yojimbo. It's insane how good it is. Same for Mignolaverse.

Some Dark Horse recs:

Creator-owned/creator-driven stuff:
- Usagi Yojimbo
- various Hellboy/BPRD ongoing and minis (you could have a whole thread just listing these)
- Resident Alien
- select Sin City miniseries/graphic novels
- Empowered
- Polar
- Mister X
- Concrete
- Groo
- Harrow County
- Fear Agent
- Rex Mundi
- Finder
- Lady Killer
- The Marquis
- Juice Squeezers
- Nexus
- Pariah
- The Victories
- Resurrectionists
- Grindhouse
- Cheval Noir (anthology comic which features work from various creators including Jacques Tardi)
- Buzzkill
- Colder
- Smoke-Ashes
- Tiger Lung
- Green River Killer: A True Detective Story

Licensed comics:
- various Conan ongoings/miniseries
- select Aliens miniseries
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- The Witcher

Dark Horse Manga:
- Blade of the Immortal
- Appleseed
- The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
- Astro Boy
- Gunsmith Cats
- Planetes
- Wandering Island
- Black Magic
- I Am a Hero
- Lone Wolf & Cub
- Lady Snowblood
- New Lone Wolf & Cub
- Old Boy
- Trigun
- The Legend of Mother Sarah
- Outlanders
- Ohikkoshi
- Orion
- Satoshi Kon's OPUS
- Oh My Goddess!!
- The Dirty Pair (though it's not technically manga)

European comics:
- Blacksad
- Fax from Sarajevo
- Red Moon
- Tex: The Lonesome Rider

Licensed classic reprints:
- The EC Archives
- Eerie Archives
- Creepy Archives
- Savage Sword of Conan

Forgot to add Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon's Two Brothers graphic novel to the list. Also, besides Harrow County, some of the current/new-ish stuff Dark Horse is publishing also looks to have potential. I'm really digging Weird Detective, House of Penance, and Kingsway West in particular.

Also, if you're into Neil Gaiman (I'm hot and cold on his work myself), Dark Horse has a bunch of his creator-owned work (some of which were originally published by Vertigo back in the 1990s).

>Fax from Sarajevo
It's by Joe Kubert, user.

Yeah, I know. But it was originally printed by SAF Comics (a company based in the former Yugoslavia) and was originally printed in English under a co-publishing deal by Dark Horse and SAF.

>that feel when snubbed

I heard good things about the Cal McDonald books but I think part of the problem is timing. It just got lost in the deluge of "occult/adventure" genre titles that came out after Hellboy became a mainstream(-ish) success (see also: IDW's Locke & Key).

I've heard mixed things about it.

Seconding for Resident Alien. It doesn't seem to have a set schedule but every one has been great.

Someone on Cred Forums is compiling a mega of every Hellboy related title in chronological order, so keep an eye for it.

>Tiger Lung
Yeah Tiger Lung is great