Milo Murphy's Law

I'm sorry, but this was nowhere near as good as Phineas and Ferb. Not terrible. But definitely below average.

Cred Forums only wants to fuck the girl. I thought it was garbage, P&F was a lot better.

Theme song was good and had me hyped. But the actual show was boring. I mean there wasn't even a plot. And sure PnF was formulaic, but it worked. This? I don't know how much they can do with Milo and his friends dodging trouble and no interconnected plots.

I wish they kept Phineas and Ferb instead.

I honestly never thought P&F was that good, in the first place. The main cast is really unlikable and the only thing that held it up was the Perry sidestories (albeit mostly for merch).

>reminder that she's 13

>Weird Al is title character
>there are no songs

It's the first episode calm down.

Isn't it only one episode in? Every first episode of every show is terrible.

Spectacular Spider-man disagrees.

>mostly for merch
english? i know what merchandise is, but 'for' is puzzling me here

Back when the show was still popular, Perry was used as a huge cash cow for selling merchandise, i.e. tee-shirts, hats, plush dolls, you name it.

first of all, really? never saw any. and i mean any.
secondly, what does that have to do with your..
Oh I see, when you said "the only thing that held it up" you actually meant the only thing that kept it on the air, rather than the thing that made it watchable for you
yeah you're an idiot

I disagree. Liked the whole main cast.

I thought Gravity Falls had a really strong first episode.

>first of all, really? never saw any. and i mean any.

Youre right about that guy being an idiot, but how did you never see any Perry merchandise? He was everywhere around 2013-2014

Ohhh that explains a lot actually. I had severe cataracts during those years and I tried not to leave the house much
I thought P+F-mania was largely quite a few years prior to that. Like, they had kids meal toys at a lower-end fast food place (I forget which) way back in 08 or so


yeah that was it
not so much lower-end but just unusual to expect toys in their meals.
at that time i thought P+F looked fucking retarded. basically everything about its marketing made it look terrible and babyish as hell

It was based on doodles they did as a kid, and I agree


I forgot how old P&F is sometimes.

There was a lot of merch pretty much throughout the early 2010s. Somehow everything just fucking vanished into thin air once 2015 hit.

Especially during the construction scenes, I totally think they got the idea for this show when they were figuring out how to get rid of stuff in P&F.

It was ok but it was just the first ep. I don't think the first season of P&F was great/even had that many songs

Not as a kid. Povenmire designed them in the 90s. And that's because he thought weird shapes are an interesting design.

the hard part is figuring out that interesting isn't the same thing as good

>spectacular spider man
Stop this meme

I want Jeph Loeb to leave.

Any teen is 18

It took Phineas and Ferb a really long time before it really found its wit. Most of the first 20 or so episode are really weak, save for a couple of exceptions (that are mostly carried by musical numbers).

eh, the first episode was good, I just hope it isn't going to be the same thing over and over again.


>Time Ape
does he go to summer camp?