NYCC DC Announcements

DC is announcing 5 new books and 2 new creative teams at NYCC. Aquaman will be bumped down to a monthly title as will Cyborg.

New Teams:
Action Comics: Gail Simone and Patrick Zircher/Tyler Kirkham
Titans: Sterling Gates and Trevor McCarthy

New Titles:
Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and
Elsa Charretier
WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham
Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez

Source: ~*THE FUTURE*~

See you in 2 weeks.

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Everything else seems pausible (except for Abnett leaving titans since he's essentially following what was established in DC Rebirth #1) so if this turns out to be true go fuck yourself with a cactus

I'm literally disgusted.

Mostly by this.

>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu
>Action Comics: Gail Simone

>Action Comics: Gail Simone and Patrick Zircher/Tyler Kirkham
i actually want this

>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and Elsa Charretier
>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham
>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
>Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez
You better not be screwing with us here, OP.

>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham
>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
I would literally kill myself.

>Action Comics: Gail Simone
I believed everything but that, you almost did it

>Sterling Gates on Titans
I feel good about that.

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes

The best new book.

>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham
Will this have Stargirl?
Important question
>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes

>No Legion


Source: your fucking ass.

>implying Simone will write for a biweekly
>***Humphries***, of all the fucking DC writers, on JSA
>implying Abnett will leave Titans after becoming a DC exclusive
>Wildstorm minis (because they're clearly not going to last) this early into Rebirth

Anyone who believes this is retarded.

>Elsa Charretier
she's gonna be on marvel's wasp book user

Wasn't supposed that Orlando would write JSA?

And didn't Gail hint that she was going to write the upcoming Thundercats comic?

hes doing JLA

Gail was bretty good on New52 Secret Six.

Ed Benes deserves better than Gen13

Wildstorm announcements are confirmed for NYCC.

>Ed Benes drawing hot teenaged girls

You don't want that?

>More Harley shit
>No Shazam

>Brazilian drawing comic with lots of asses.
Benes is perfect for Gen13.

>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and
Elsa Charretier
Does that mean Ivyfags would finally get their wish or is it a monkey paw situation?

Yeah i don't believe these either. At least not all of them.


>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham

Monkey's paw, the Ivy League can't stand Harley and Ivy just being Harley's loyal gf.

Would be hilarious if this were true.

I'll take anybody over Jurgens for Action. But she better be gone before we get to 1000

>Gen 13

That's good

>Scott Lobdell

That's bad

>and Ed Benes

That's good.

>and Ed Benes

But also bad

Ed Benes should write and draw a comic book with Brazilian superheroines.


Pretty clear that it's BS.

>Action Comics: Gail Simone

I want it.

Harley is a much better character than that superman clone :^)

Lobdell/Benes sounds comfy as fuck.


>Jim Lee
>being able to draw more than 3 issues a year
Yeah I call bullshit.

Didn't you like Zero Hour? Dan Jurgens defined DC in the 90s

>Action Comics: Gail Simone
I... I don't know if I want this. but I am confused.

Simone is a hack feminazi neocon.

He can't even draw one full issue of Suicide Squad lol

Isn't he doing suicide Squad bi-weekly?
Jurgens is overstaying his welcome. I'd like to see what Gail can do in action.
Damn, we're getting so close to 1000. It seems like an event too big to be written by a single writer, we'll probably get several stories in a giant size issue.

>Aquaman will be bumped down to a monthly
No it wont its selling fine and there still working on his long term push.

At least it come's with a free frogurt?

>Aquaman will be bumped down to a monthly title
>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and
Elsa Charretier
if its not lesbians I dont want it.
dont give it to me if its not lesbians
i swear to god
give me fucking lesbians goddamnit
>Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez

>Isn't he doing suicide Squad bi-weekly?
Even with *months* of lead time, he hasn't been able to draw a full issue. And the commonly accepted rumor is that he's leaving the book after the first arc is over.

>Isn't he doing suicide Squad bi-weekly?
He can't even draw one full issue of it.

Some sound plausible, others fucking bullshit.

Its not like shazam has not been getting shafted for years we keep getting teased by a comic that never comes.

Imagine if Swamp Thing was confirmed for Injustice 2 on the same day/week

>Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

I'd rather spend my money on regurgitated stomach acid.

>No Catwoman ongoing

Why do you fail me, God....

>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
Yeah right.


wait what

>Jim Lee and Orlando were the ones to confirm Wildstorm announcements for NYCC
Maybe OP is on to something.

>Aquaman will be bumped down to a monthly title as will Cyborg




u wot

Simone is based. She ripped Dan Slott(I think it was him) apart on Twitter. Shit was hilarious.

Op clearly did not care about his fake rumors enough to look at the sales figures or what they are doing with him right now.

Authority would be more likely than wildCATS considering Midnighter

>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and Elsa Charretier

IvyLeague will freak

Thanks for the laugh

does lee care about authority?

really doubt this

Doesn't matter, he won't be on the book for more than 3 issues anyway.

Simone said on twitter she was working on a title for DC and gave the word Cat as a hint which could be Catwoman, Catman or Cat Grant.

Shit OP you better be lying, I don’t want Humphries on JSA.

But let's be honest, Cyborg will probably the first to drop to monthly.

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
hohhohoohoho...oh wow...
I would try anything else, say thanks to your uncle working in Nintendo for the inside info.

The yogurt is cursed.

I mean, Simone has her own problems, but being a feminazi isn't one of them.

Nah, she is a SJW but I wouldn't put her on the Feminazi level especially since she tends to piss off Feminazis exactly because she won't agree with them and triggers them.

The while Savant and Creote fake dead that she pulled in Birds of Prey angered scans-daily and even triggered a tranny who argued with Simone and caused s-d mods to ban Simone over the tranny's hurt feelings.

OP's wrong. It's not Gail Simone on Action Comics.
It's Mark Waid. At NYCC, Bob Harras will announce his retirement; word got to Waid and he's been in a few talks.

Dang. That's some pretty nice art.

>Waid and Geoff Johns recently had dinner together

I don't know what to think.

she also regularly defends stuff like Red Sonya's chainmail bikini, Black Canary's fishnets and Ed Benes' art

mayeb they're gay instead

Those are all horrible.

Everytime I see posts like this I hope for Palmiotti and Conner name to be in them and everytime I get disappointed

When will they leave!?

>Gail Simone on Action Comics

>she is a SJW
Not really. She's always pissing off SJW's.

>not wanting a Lobdell/Benes Gen13 book
That sounds like the best trainwreck in existence.

I don't have much interest in trainwrecks.

>Tagging me in any Harley Quinn or Gotham City Sirens or Harley movie related tweet will result in an instant block from me.

>If the only thing you have to say about Ivy is that she's Harley's girlfried then you are a sexist piece of shit that objectifies women. Because sexy bisexual criminal Poison Ivy is obviously hotter than environmentalist STEM scientist wanting to save the planet right?

>wanting to erase a character's sexuality and relationship to a woman
Hmmm Ivy League is being quite problematic.

>Action Comics: Gail Simone
I will rage so hard

She also wrote the Birds of prey song in tbatb

I'm torn, because I hate Harley/Ivy, but I also hate people wanting to push Ivy as some misunderstood anti-hero.

Will they talk about the new Judas Contract?
I wanna see more of my OTP

What's funny about this is that:

1) They completely ignore Ivy's best appearances

2)They treat traits of Ivy as differents things, I.E sexy bisexual criminal Poison Ivy is the same or it adds to environmentalist STEM scientist wanting to save the planet traits of Ivy

It's funny how people how are fans of the characters don't really get the character


He tweeted some anti-dc shit the next day so I don't think that went anywhere

Hope it's scrapped.

>It's just some autistic retard sperging his fan fiction
Phew, I was almost worried Aquaman went monthly, but it's just the retarded Ivyfag.


Can anyone redpill me on Waid's feud with dc?

Why is Waid such a cuck? Was he always a cuck? Even before his falling out with DC?


>Can anyone redpill me on Waid's feud with dc?
He really fucking hates harras

>Aquaman went monthly
It will sooner or later, Green Arrow will keep going bi-weekly as long as trade sales are great otherwise that's a contender too. And Cyborg is most definitely going monthly.

This is a awful art

How soon people forget about past runs.


I am hoping for a new Wonder Woman artists

>Cred Forums
>reading comics

It isn't a meme.

Hey! You leave Jim Lee alone! Do you know how long it took him to draw that? The whole goddamn year!

How the fuck did that work?

>Aquaman will be bumped down to a monthly title as will Cyborg.

cyborg monthly would never work, sooner or later it will be monthly again

Who cares about Wild Cats anymore?

it didn't, Byrne left pretty soon afterwards and then Infinite Crisis came along

No it's not. That's better than even Openas work and I'm as anti Jim Lee as it gets. The guy is great if he tries, which he doesn't 99% of the time.

>She whined about Clayface being redeemed

>>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and Elsa Charretier

elsa charretier is doing the wasp ongoing at marvel, and the solo harley quinn already has lots of poison ivy. I see no point in a team up book, unless it is a mini

I hate that I'm agreeing with this fag, but he's right. I despise Jim Lee, but Hush was gorgeous.

Well, she's already written Action, so I hope you've been raging for 10 years already.

I want reading Action in 2005 and 2006. I am now.

What have you read of Simone's recently that would make you rage at that? Better than fucking Jurgens.

I think waid still is marvel exclusive

Secret six. Fuck what she did to sue and ralph

I haven't read a single Gail Simone story I've liked. Agent X, Deadpool, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Secret Six all rubbed me the wrong way. Sorry I have shit taste

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes

He'll ruin them again like he did in Superboy and Teen Titans during that awful "The Culling" cross-over.

what did she do
not read any of her new run

Ralph looked like a big bulky 20s mobster because he was working for riddler who was fucking an amnesiac sue

I don't believe you, but I don't want you to show me a source in case you're telling the truth. I'm in a lose-lose situation, user. Tell me you're lying, please!

It was canceled on account of low sales so Sue suddenly recovered from her amnesia and everyone had a happy ending except the Ventriloquist. Sue still fucked Eddie though.

Nope. Sue had amnesia and was fuck8ng riddler and ralph was workibg for hin to betray the 6 so he could get sue back. They she suddenly regained her memories and it was never mentioned again

>He tweeted some anti-dc shit the next day so I don't think that went anywhere

shit, so Johns couldn't seduce Waid. dammit

>Humphries on JSA


Most likely yeah.

Please stop posting my drawfu, delete this

Gail Simone taking over Action sounds plausible, since Jurgens was not announced to be in the Superman panel at NYCC.

Elsa Charretier is confirmed Wasp at Marvel so that one is definitely bullshit.

Steve Orlando is doing Supergirl and JLA (already confirmed). Can the guy do three titles?

Gleason on Super Sons is very possible since he's co-writing Superman and already wrote Damian alone in his own series.

If Humphries on JSA is true DC just destroyed my hype.

She's getting better. It's always nice to witness an artist's artistic evolution.

Not anytime soon aquaman is selling really well.
The only way i can see it going monthly is if they need to slow the plot right down to put the wedding special together in time and decompression is not enough.

>wanting SJWaid
Nah, Marlel can keep him

Yeah, she came across was some sort of faux-liberal with Neocon tendencies.

He's infinitely better at DC

>There was a n52 secret six run

I had completely forgotten about it

Who dat

What I'm gathering from this post is that DC has realized that Abnett is shit

>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
they arn't dead!

He's DC exclusive, soooo

Marvel has the primate. For this reason he abbandoned this crap of pubblisher.

Wow, it's like you ugly faggots stopped read the run at page 2.

I can tell you a certain thing on that list is false, so probably the rest of it is.

Source: I know one of the writers

but Sue may or may not have banged the Riddler, clearly she is ruined forever!

>Gail Simone
Welp, so much for Action Comics

All bullshit aside how likely do you guys think it is that they will do a Gen13 announcement? I know they said Wildstorm announcements were coming, but will Gen13 be among them?

And if they do bring it back is it more likely to try and PC it up or will there be some old school fanservice?

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
Oh shit, time for some ass. Teen ass everywhere on every panel

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
>Ed Benes
My dick is ready.

>Action Comics: Gail Simone and Patrick Zircher/Tyler Kirkham
may or maynot be an improvement over Lobdell
>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
not sure how to feel about this
>Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez
MUH and Dick

On an unrelated note: Is anyone else going to NYCC? I was going to go with people but they never got around to buying tickets because the verification system is a piece of shit and now I am stuck going alone, which is always depressing

Meant Jurgens

>>wanting SJWaid
>Nah, Marlel can keep him

I was just kidding. for me make little difference marvel or DC

Ask Devin Grayson about being DC exclusive

This is pretty much bullshit when it's all butt confirmed that Steve Orlando is writing whatever JSA book is spinning out of JL v SS

>>Action Comics: Gail Simone and Patrick Zircher/Tyler Kirkham
>may or maynot be an improvement over Lobdell

of course it is a improvement

>Ask Devin Grayson about being DC exclusive

I don't know about her, but Ordway got screwed up with DC exclusivity

Get lost drone. Back to the Mouse hole.

>This is pretty much bullshit when it's all butt confirmed that Steve Orlando is writing whatever JSA book is spinning out of JL v SS

he is writing JLA

I actually kind of liked it but it didn't last long. Simone got along with Byrne OK and it she wrote Clark and Lois as a fun couple.

That was the last time a chick got to write any actual flagship character for even a few months.

he's writing JLA, not JSA. no saying this list is right at all

Yeah because Marvel is better. Bullshit

I got a Sunday ticket. I'm planning on going to these panels:


Abnett's DC work is lackluster. He's by far the worst of the Rebirth exclusives.

> Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes

Even though Lobdell sucks, I will actually re-open my pull list if this is true. Voting with my wallet for more sweet cheesecake in comics and less SJW shit.

But Aquaman is one of the best Rebirth titles so you're fucking wrong

Who? Gates? Lobdell? Orlando?

One of these days I gotta make my own list of bullshit rumors and post them on Cred Forums just to see people's reactions to what I gotta say. Sounds like fun.

>Rebirth Aquaman now with 10000% more Black Manta

New Cred Forums has such shit taste


do you also bitch when lex is in superman and action comics all the time?

I'd pick it up for the art and the idiot hope that Lobdell's second run on the title would be better

Lex actually has an interesting narrative going on now.

Forever Evil leads to Lex League leads to Lex-MAN

He's the hero of the story.

Manta has just become the backwash they serve up in Aquaman books.

>Elsa Charretier on a marvel ongoing
>Jim Lee can't even draw a full issue of Suicide Squad and is solicited until December
>Gail Simone mentioning thunder, cats, and a new heroine
>DC making abnett exclusive then kicking him off the book he's putting seeds into
>WildCATS instead of Authority or not alongside Authority

At least try to keep up with stuff so you can make more believable rumors

lex was upgraded from villain to superman supporting character up there with lois and jimmy years ago

That's great but I'm talking about something that happened in the last three years. A narrative developed by multiple writers and used linewide

Black Manta doesn't have that and never will

Wait is the implication here that you don't want more black manta? why? He's an excellent villain. Really entertaining, threatening on his own and works better when he isn't being overshadowed by fucking orm.

Still no fucking Shazam? Why does DC keep promising to give us this ongoing only to lie to our fucking faces? Seriously, if they do not announce a Shazam ongoing I'm not adding a single DC book to my pull. Fuck them and their lying faces.

They need to dial the Manta usage way the fuck back. Manta vs Arthur only works because they legit hate each other. But hatred needs to be fed so we're gonna need another spark to light the flames of war.

New52 gave us double dead dads and Manta murdering some friend of Arthur's. Escalating violence user

>I want a different villain every single issue

Shut the fuck up.

People like you ruin comics.

>Wanting another Manta arc ever

They should just stick with the Atlantean dissidents and from their loop back to Rise of the Seven Seas.

And throw Manta back into the bin

While Manta is cool, and I have grown to love him as a character, I feel like just defaulting back to him is the same as when they pit Flash against a speedster, I'd much rather see some other less known villains get a little exposure.

>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham

Not saying this is true but JSA is definitely one of those books that DC knows that fans (like me) will buy no matter what garbage creators they put on it. JSA fans take what they can get.

>Charretier on a Marvel book
welp, there goes one of my favorite newcomer artists wasted on a Marvel Now Nower comic

Sales for earth 2 are shit though

damn, that Frenchie seems to have a thicc rump

Sounds like horseshit. We already know there's a JLA book written by Orlando coming out, why would they not announce that if they're announcing new books?

Gen13 seems like it might be a better fit for Lobdell since it's always been a little goofier and that's where he shines. Would've been nice if they could get Warren for that instead however.

Thanks for killing any interest I had in a JSA revival though if indeed this is all true. Fucking Humphries.

It's readable, but the previous arc dragged.

People keep shitting on Humphries, but Green Lanterns is actually pretty good. The problem is Marvel, not the writer.

GLs is mediocre

People thinking that Lobdell would be good for the Gen13 book forget that he fucked the Gen13 characters with The New 52 reboot.

His Caitlin Fairchild was a scientist working for Men from NOWHERE, as a spy, and she took care of Superboy. His Grunge was just some generic bad meta hired to torture Superboy. Most of the characters associated with Gen13 worked as elite soldiers for Harvest, that awful as fuck villain, and the organization.

If he worked on the new comic he'd brought it all back. DO YOU WANT TO SEE HARVEST AGAIN?

Ocean Master, Dead King, Chimera, and Legend are better than Black "MY FATHER IS DEEAAADD" Manta

It was just a disguise, user.

Earth 2 =/= JSA.

French Goddess.

>More Harley
>No MM

But it's bad when Snyder uses Joker, amirite?

It doesn't really help that Joker is the most over exposed villain in cape history. He sucks when most people write him, Synder can't write dogshit, so his Joker was even worse.

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee

>Jimbo drawing two books.
>Benes beeing back
Benes is too "problematic" for this day and age to be put on an active titles as recurring artist. He was fucking good on "green lanterns" #1 though.

The only plausible thing is the HQ/PI.

DC doesn't give a shit about 'problematic' nonsense. Remember that Batgirl cover that they got shit over? They've now got Albuquerque drawing a Batgirl book. They don't give a fuck.

Gen 13 and Wild C.A.T.S. will barely survive getting enough issues to get a single trade out before they're both canceled. No one cares about these properties anymore. Prove me wrong.

In defense/hope I'd say that those were likely editorial mandates given how intrusive/shitty DC editorial was at the start of the New 52. In fact those sound exactly like the types of shitty ideas editorial would force on people and Lobdell's always been a "don't rock the boat" kind of guy and will go along with them.

If a Gen13 book is coming they're almost certainly going to ignore/retcon that shit anyway to the point where it won't matter. Just say they were clones or something of the actual teens and it's good. If he can write it in a style like his GenX (which was character heavy over big plots/actions and kind of stream of consciousness, all things that would serve Gen13 well IMO) it could work.

You'd think it would be since the only good thing he ever wrote was Generation X. He already worked on Gen13 though and while it got the tone right it wasn't very good.

>In defense/hope I'd say that those were likely editorial mandates given how intrusive/shitty DC editorial was at the start of the New 52. In fact those sound exactly like the types of shitty ideas editorial would force on people and Lobdell's always been a "don't rock the boat" kind of guy and will go along with them.

So why did he kept bringing Harvest again and again even after DCYou? Lobdell love that shitty villain he created. There was no reason to reference Harvest ever again after the end of the first TT series, specially when Pfeifer did everything he could to steer the new book away from that and give the characters STARlabs as new antagonist, but when Lobdell assumed the book again for a bit the first he did was bring Harvest into the fold again.

How many times are you guys going to blame the editors for everything bad Lobdell writes?

Pissed at the lack of Martian Manhunter, New Gods or Shazam.
>Gail Simone
Mother Fuck.
>Elsa Charretier
Ok that could be ok, not cheesecakey in directions I like but at least its a form of cheesecake.
>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
Cool but meh, who will be on Suicide Squad then?
>Justice Society of America: Dale Eaglesham
FUCK YES, put pic related female Judomaster on the team & let Dale cheesecake it up with her.
>Gen 13: Ed Benes
Meh, I appreciate a cheesecake artist being on it but Guillem March or Cho would be much better.
>Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez
God damn waste of art talent
Who the fuck will be on Superman then?


There's still too much at risk, since it's pretty much the second most hyped return after Wally West. Leaving it to a mediocre writer whose only good book is based on a buddy cop dynamic would be a bad move.


Really if I had my way it'd be Adam Warren writing it with Rick Mays on art because any love I have for those characters is due mainly to Warren which is one of my favorite cape runs of all time.

>Titans: Sterling Gates and Trevor McCarthy

Hope Gates can keep up the same character banter that Abnett does so well, but this overall makes me VERY happy.

>Humphries on JSA



>>***Humphries***, of all the fucking DC writers, on JSA
You STRONGLY overestimate how much of a shit current DC management gives about JSA.

Naw dude
Seeley would be really good on Gen13 I think

Justice Society existing when we already have Justice League? For what purpose?

If Abnett can't keep up the writing with Titans and the last stretch of Earth 2 along with it, then I wouldn't be surprised.

>he hasn't read Johns' modern JSA

Look at this post.

Look at this post and laugh.

>It's Mark Waid

You know what would be great? A Judomaster comic in the style of the Yakuza games. Just let her Kiryu it up in a crime/revenge/honor drama while also occasionally doing goofy shit and chatting with JAV actresses.

Yeah if they could get Warren to come back it would be amazing. It's one of my favorite runs ever too. His skill set is just perfect for Gen13, with all his pop culture references and sex and humor, and the high-concept stuff to give it that Wildstormy sci-fi edge. I feel like he's way off their radar though, it would never even occur to them to bring him back.

But do you get your choice of toppings?

I never read vol 3 of JSA. Is it as good as vol 2?

>liking feminazis

Geoff Johns is making all these decisions now and he loves the JSA.

>I think waid still is marvel exclusive

Waid's been freelance for several years.

If Harras was eventually leaving, I could see Waid jumping taking the Superman gig despite the fact that Marvel's given him the flagship Avengers book and is pushing the fuck out of Champions #1. The guy know's how to burn a bridge and come back to it later.

No, but it's still worth reading up until Johns leaves.

The main problem is that it suffers A LOT from having too many people on the team, and no one gets the page time needed for any interesting development because of how crowded the team gets.

Conflicted... I feel Ian Churchill would have been sexier then Benes.

or Ken Lashley, but he is being wasted on X-Dreck.

>Synder can't write dogshit, so his Joker was even worse.
Yes, yes. In the circle we sit, jerking.

Well it's not as if Cred Forums reads comic, let alone indie comics either...

People give GLs a lot of slack because Humphries isn't actually ruining pre-existing characterization except for Baz but nobody cared about him before he started acting like a less douchey Guy

Put him on a book with 75 year old characters and it will be trash

>dat magnificent black canary ass

I'm really excited about him and Jock getting back on Wytches after Jock's done with pic related.

I read Synder's New 52 Batman run up until the conclusion of Death of the Family, it was then that I realized that his comic (while at DC) is utter garbage, and remained as such throughout the years. I'm sure in his own little sandbox he could write something good, but what I know him from is garbage, and until I read something that may change my mind, he will remain garbage and to be avoided at any point in the future.

Is that actually happening
When is Jock going to be off that batbook or whatever

Most of this isn't very believable at all nor are they good lies.

Abnett is already working on the Judas Contract rehash with Priest. They aren't taking Abnett off it unless he's getting another book. He is exclusive so it would be on the list with the new stuff. You should have at least realized this and put him on something like LoSH since it's believable they'd give it to a previous writer and Johns has been saying it's in the next wave.

Simone teased something to do with thunder, I'd have at least put her on JSA if we're memeing.

And there will likely be more than two Wildstorm books if they're doing a big announcement for it. HB was 4. YA was 4. Very good chance this is also 4.

You know, Gen 13 might be the one book that actually SHOULD be written by Lobdell and drawn by Benes.

It's sweet, sweet 90's all the way through.

>Benes is too "problematic

I don't see your point

The fuck is Hawk's problem. The team has to seduce Penguin and he isn't even fucking trying!


>Superboy is suppose to be in that
>Scott Lobdell
Why cant they keep him away!

Dale Eaglesham Is a Honorary Brazilian for his cheesecake art.

Issue 6 and 7 of All Star is the reunion of Black Mirror team, then he's going to start with Wytches. Probably expect to hear about it in November/December.

I would love to see a version that is still stuck in the 90s. A guy named grunge just won't work for present day

I am interested and will add to pull list if this is real

Hey she's pretty hot I would fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to draw anymore

I think his Batman run is like Lost. Had good momentum, inconsistant characterization and a promise of great endings which never happened. And like Lost, it was only after it was ovet that most people realized what utter shit it was.

Don't care, Injustice 2 is still coming and it's still being written by Tom Taylor. More butlering, more NAAARGH, more face Harley having bouts of sobriety without Queen, and now he's getting his hands on Peeg.

when are we going to get a Catwoman comic again?

than again it would probably be just sjw shit nowadays so maybe it´s better this way

MM is all but confirmed for JLA, Orlando's been posting tons of shit about him

No, that's Dinah's thing. Selina's thing is class privilege, 99%, that kinda thing.

*pre 52

I want a fun Catwoman book. like a romantic comedy about her actually doing some heists for once while a rookie detective tries to catch her

I'd be so hype if this is real
Generation X is the best
Gen13 would be a perfect fit

I just want them to announce Wally West solo.

>Titans: Sterling Gates and Trevor McCarthy
This is fanfic tier. Booth has already said he's staying on Titans for at least 2 years until Wally gets a book and Abnett has said he'll delve into Donna's origins which comes after Judas Contract.


Gen13 + Benes. Good combo.

>implying the O5 Gen13 will come back with that writer
>implying Charretier will work on two books simultaneously
>implying Jim Lee can draw even full issues by his own pacing today
Sauce: OP's ass

Can wally even carry his own book now? I mean let's be honest here, the only reason why people get interested in him was because of the rebirth plot and they starting to lose interest because it went nowhere.

>Action Comics: Gail Simone and Patrick Zircher/Tyler Kirkham
Better than Jurgens but doubt it's going to happen
>Titans: Sterling Gates and Trevor McCarthy
Don't think they're kicking an exclusive off a well selling title. It would be an improvement but fuck Titans, it's better to keep it as an Abnett containment book.

>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and
Elsa Charretier
>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee
ew bu I can see DC doing this
>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham
oh come on...
>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
literally fucking why on so many levels
>Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez
Called it a long time ago.

Does DC really think it's wise to have three Wildstorm titles running while Wildstorm has failed to sell every single time? And what's with the obsession for team books? Give the characters a solo, make the audience care about them individually and them put them on a team.

>Wildstorm has failed to sell every single time?
Constant relaunches and crossovers in its final years didn't help.

I doubt someone will take over action comics, jurgens has a bunch of plot points from lois & clark that needs to be resolved

Look man, it had it's chance with the new52 and it had it's chance to sell with the Midnighter ongoing. If you want to build up a brand you don't just launch a bunch of team books with literal whos hoping that old WS fans will buy your shit because "muhh nostalgia".

I'm talking about pre-N52 Wildstorm (the imprint).

I know but that was a long time ago. If you want to try with WS again your best bet is to build them up instead of just slapping ideas together and hoping for the best, especially since, like you said, last couple of years were rough and you'll have a hard time surviving on nostalgia bucks.

>Action Comics: Gail Simone and Patrick Zircher/Tyler Kirkham
Jurgens was no loss
>Titans: Sterling Gates and Trevor McCarthy
>Abnett Gone
>But Booth also Gone
I have no idea how to feel for this, how is this creative team?

>Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy: Amy Chu and
Elsa Charretier
Fucking finally Ivy Fags can shut up

>WildC.A.T.s: Steve Orlando and Jim Lee

>Justice Society of America: Sam Humphries and Dale Eaglesham
Humphries has been Rebirthed in my eyes, I have no qualms

>Gen 13: Scott Lobdell and Ed Benes
>Scott "Our Guy" Lobdell
>Ed Benes Cheesecake
Shit you know I'm picking this up

>Super Sons: Patrick Gleason and Jorge Jiminez
Already autobuying it.

>If Humphries on JSA is true DC just destroyed my hype.
>He isn't hyped for Humphries JSA
he's been reborn user, instead of being the Proto-Bendis, Johns has been slowly remaking him into his image.

Of course he can. It'd be in top 3 DC books.


>Can wally even carry his own book now?

He carried it for over 20 years and more than Barry did during new52, no reason why he can't now.

Put a solid team and he sells.

>Abnett containment book.

>implying abnett is a bad writer

>Humphries has been Rebirthed in my eyes, I have no qualms

>>If Humphries on JSA is true DC just destroyed my hype.
> >He isn't hyped for Humphries JSA
> he's been reborn user, instead of being the Proto-Bendis, Johns has been slowly remaking him into his image.

Wha? Because his GL book is pretty good? Bunn's Sinestro was too but his other work is still, at best, mediocre.

That was 20 years ago, user.

Things changed now and Wally isn't as popular as he used to be.

not bad, just mediocre.

Do they ever announce creative team change at NYCC?

Then why aren't there Tomasi, Tynion, Humphries and King containment books?

>Flash book
>Not selling
It's not like they will name the book Wally west

I want this to be true, damnit. Titans needs a new team, and I just want a JSA book to get off the ground even if it's trash just so they can at least save it with a good writer later. Humphries' Lanterns is good anyways.

No LoSH and Shazam makes this sound legit. Of course DC wouldn't do that.

>no Atom on going
>no Shazam in going
>no LoSH on going
>based Abnett Aquaman down to monthly
>Abnett off Titans already
You better be fucking lying.

Because King is anything but mediocre.

>Aquaman will be bumped down to a monthly title

If true that's terrible news. It most likely means the relaunch hasn't added any new real sales at all to the title after returned copies are taken into account.

Watch for other titles taken off double shipping too in that case.

Which why we have multiple Flash books. Oh wait, we don't.

It dropped from 77,000* to 50,000* in under two months, 10k of that between issues 4 and 5 (both August).


You really need to learn what those stars mean. Those figures no longer represent sales, they represent printing numbers. Sales can't be calculated until after the returns are dealt with.


Look, it's a title that sells around 20k naturally. That's probably what it's still doing under all the unsold copies - for sale or return 40% of printing sold is pretty good. Hell, look at Iron Man, wildly popular for a decade of movies - can't shift books worth a damn. Tops out 40k average on most runs.

There's no "long term push". Comic books don't drive movie audiences. There aren't enough sales in the entire market to account for that, let alone 77,000*. He's not going to become movie-popular just because he sells more books - nor is he going to sell more books just because he's getting a movie. If it worked that way, Batman would have been selling a million copies a month on a slow month ever since 2008. Hell, Walking Dead had a big jump from becoming a tv show and you know what? when you're getting 18m viewers and you can't even reliably sell 100k copies a month without 50 fuckin variants, it's time to accept that the comic book market is niche.

Cat Grant in Action Comics could work. She might have said Cat to intentionally midlead fans to think Catwoman and Catman.

She also tweeted something about thunder, which means she'll be writing Thundercats.


>That was 20 years ago, user.

Are you an idiot? Wally lost the book in late 2009, he sold well for entirely 20 YEARS.
And when DC offed him from the book it was because he was selling under 50k, which is around the numbers Barry sells on a good day during New52.

There isnt a second Flash book because suits were scared of Wally overshadowing Barry's One True Flash status. There is no danger of that anymore so they can give him a second title.

How long have you been following Flash, you fucking casual.

But she also mentioned cat.

Also back when Wally was the Flash there was a second Impulse book and it went for about 100 issues.

So yeah, in its good day Flash had a second book.

Stay mad and keep buying Titans, user. Maybe (and it is a big maybe) DC will give Wally his own book if he manged to gain fans beside you.

Is it that He-Man crossover book, then?

Also, Sterling Gates has said he'd sign a DC exclusive if he was guaranteed two years of a Supergirl book. It might seem like Orlando is going to be too busy juggling Supergirl, JLA, and now this, but he may just leave Supergirl to Gates, and Gates will sign an exclusive and work on Titans.

I imagine, after the Judas Contract arc, if this is true that is, Abnett'll probably be ready to move onto another book, like, say, a LoSH a few months down the line. He's probably off Titans only because he can't keep up with the schedule right now, it might be why Aquaman is going monthly.

Tawky tawny?

>Gen 13, Wild Cats

B-but what about Milestone!?!? I want Icon and Blood Syndicate.

> if he manged to gain fans beside you.

stay delusional and have your (You)

>Humphries on JSA

you are so full if shit

It still will be a graphic novel line. Even still looking for new creative teams.

No it's not the he man crossover user
3 issues of that are already solicited

Just get over you didn't do enough research on the people you listed and didn't see projects they already announced or hinted

Linkypoos? I can't find anything on the google

Cyborg is DC's Inhumans. They jut want it to happen so badly

I guess it's always possible she was talking about Shazam with Tawky Tawny but once you get to reaching like that, you could easily say she's on Action Comics writing Cat Grant and Lightning Lad as supporting characters. Wouldn't make much sense, is what you're thinking, but it would mean that Action Comics is now set up to easily crossover with Supergirl as well as setting up a potential LoSH Rebirth book. Of course, I just thought this up on the spot, but what I mean is, we don't really know what she's doing.

And I freely admit I don't really know what every creator is currently doing, and I was asking about the crossover because I'd completely forgotten who the writer was, all I remember is Williams II is on art. Thanks for answering, but I didn't really need to see how deep that stick up your ass went. I realize this is Cred Forums but I after how nice nearly every Rebirth thread has been, I was expecting something similar. My bad.

what a weird way to type "birds of prey".

Aquaman is fine.

God you really have a shitty taste. Abnett's Aquaman is one of the best Rebirth titles! Probably you are a Marvel intern, still butthurt because Abnett said at Marlel to go fuck themselves, and signed a DC exclusive, and as always your company did, you begun the dirty war against Dan. But don't blame Dan for leaving Marvel. Instead you should blame your own company and Bendis, for shitting upon Abnett's work.

Nigga go read 60s Marvel

>ruin comics

Ruin my dick with your throat

I hope they don't put Daily planet cast as leads. They put alot too much emphasis on them in 80s, and it was awful.

Shut up Dan, your mediocre ass belongs with marlel.

Drone enjoy your Bendis, and your Mouse's boss. You are not welcome in a DC thread you Marvel paid shitposter.

>mouseketeer pretending to be DCfag acting like a retard to make DCfags looks bad
pathetic effort, chump.

Nice try drone. But the mouseketeer is your onw ass. Get the hell out of here.

Seriously kid, this is pathetic. If you want to try something better go ahead, but this...I just feel sorry for you...

You should sorry about yourself.

What a cancerous exchange

>Simone teased something to do with thunder
>Johnny Thunder
>Also said the word "cat"

It's happening. Simone is on JSA.

Dang you're probably right.

>characters she's never written before
>teams are the perfect opportunity to make a new heroine

Considering how surprisingly enjoyable Red Hood has become, Gen 13 might have a chance to be actually decent.

Did everybody forget how shit Lobdell was with them before?

Thunder could mean storm as in Wildstorm
And Cat could mean WildCATs.

>implying you already weren't a fan of Lobell's Red Hood before Rebirth.

That was like 15+ years ago though. Maybe he's up to it now.

She said she would "help to bring the thunder". Wildstorm is a pretty big stretch, Johnny Thunder is more fitting.

He did not improve much as a writer from then

Anyway he fucked them up with the new 52

I don't know, user. Rebirth seems to have brought the best of everyone. I even find Snyder's All Star Batman a lot more enjoyable than his previous run.

No, you giant tucking tool.

I actually love Snyder's Joker, so try again.

The power of branding
Makes mediocre products seem good


Don't like me wrong, user. I think Snyder's original Batman run is a good comic, but it dragged a lot in some places and it was too fucking dense on monologues. Snyder is a good writer but he comes from a literary background so he often seems to forget that he's writing comics and starts writing a fucking book. All Star is written more like a comic.

I forgot to mention, I think his previous run on Detective was better than his Batman. I actually fucking loved that run.

No, you just bought into the hype and marketing.

Tom King and Peter Tomasi are only writing one series each, so I think something new with them is going to be announced.
Azzarello surely is going to get a book after he finishes DKIII.

king has sheriff of babylon in addition to batman

Oh yeah. But he's already finishing Vision and pitched something new to DC, we don't know it yet what it is.

Azzarello doesn't write many comics at once. He's found a mini at Image, American Monster and has an upcoming project with Risso in November at Image.

Writers that are doing just one book

Tom King
Peter Tomasi
Greg Rucka
Josh Williamson
Sam Humphries
Rob Venditti
Christopher Priest
Scott Lobdell
Keith Giffen

You're going to have to just go through her Twitter. It was earlier this year. Basically Slott started talking shit on Rebirth, then Simone ripped him a new one.

>But he's already finishing Vision
The script's already done and the art is nearing completion.

Fucking should be this

King is doing two(SoB),
Williamson still has his Image titles, Frostbite and JLA vs SS
Rucka said he's only back at DC for Diana
Most of the others just don't write more than 1-2 titles at once.

Is Grant Morrison writing anything atm?

Multiversity Too, Wonder Woman Earth One and editing Heavy Metal.

Vision is already finished, at least when it comes to writing. There is only one more issue left to come out.

He doesn't want to do ongoings at the big two but he has three DC OGNs in the works

King is doing Sheriff of Babylon and Batman
Rucka is doing Wonder Woman and intends to get back to Black Magick soon
Joshua Williamson is doing Flash, Birthright, Nailbiter, and Frostbite
Rob Venditti has a bunch of Valiant books

Theve already said that JSA, Shazam, Atom and Legion are getting books, we just don't know when, OP's pulling this out of their ass

Geoff Johns is president of DC Entertainment you dipshit

If they look hot, they look hot, you think I care about they're political ideology when thinking about how nice her ass is?

>Theve already said
They say a lot of things though

It's most likely LOSH. DC confirmed he is one of the candidates.

>Rucka is doing Wonder Woman and intends to get back to Black Magick soon
>get back to Black Magick
Diana's rucka's crack, mate.
Rucka'll leave wondy if his either kicked out or "mishandled" again or dead.

Captain Marvel seems also likely. The rumors of a Simone Shazam book has been around forever.

They didn't just tease them in the rebirth issue to just suddenly go "nope" we're doing JSA instead.

The editor of Black Magick and him go back. He won't abandon the book.

He can always go back, doesn't mean that he's going back soon. Magic hasn't been off for atleast a year, expect Rucka to kick around DC for atleast a year or two.

They're hoping to do both, though. LOSH was teased in DC Rebirth as well.

They could, especially considering the person that wrote Rebirth special is Geoff Johns. Besides, JSA was teased too.

Oh, yeah.
I forgot they teased LOSH and JSA with the "old insane" guy.

It's probably not. It's something Tom King pitched personally to DC. A personal project. Probably a revival of an obscure property like Omega Men, but not LOSH since King said his pitch was going to be approved after DC already decided the LOSH was coming back.

Knowing King that could be some extremely obscure shit though.

Nothing you said makes any sense.

He'll throw a fit and flounce in six months like always.

How does it not?

LOSH was already decided months ago. It was after the Rebirth one shot was already out that Tom King said he pitched something to DC and he was pretty sure they were going to approve it.

He said in an AMA at Reddit months ago that he would like to try with some really obscure shit like Atomic Knights. He thinks you can write about anything and make it interesting and then he cited the example of how Moore did Watchmen with the Charlton characters.

Here's the exact quote:

>"I honestly don't care who I write, who they give me. You make the best of what you have. Moore made Watchmen with the Charltons characters. You can do anything with anyone."

>"Again, I write what's in front or me. I think anything can be anything. That said, I'd love to do an Atomic Knights thing. End of the world, a bunch of people dressed as medieval knights running around on Dalmatians, it writes itself."

Black Magick is only on haitus because of Nicola Scott, not Rucka

Just because they decided on doing LoSH doesn't mean they had a team locked in. Hell, they had plans of using Plastic Man around Forever Evil...

>"I want to do something on the side that takes as many risks as Killing Joke and DKR. I think I've got something. I think it might be something special. But I'm a crazy writer, so don't trust me."

>4)Are you going to write any more ongoings for Rebirth in the next wave? Also, any spoilers on what more craziness is awaiting us in your upcoming Batman issues?

>4) I got a thing coming. It's cool. I wrote a Kite-Man thing that will make you want to see this character more. I hope.

is there a list of who's gonna be at NYCC from DC? i wanna cross check it with the Legion writer contenders

Based King. I'm not sure why Cred Forums turned on him, he's fucking great.

Because Cred Forums eventually turns on everything that becomes popular enough. Ignore them and enjoy what you like, fuck the haters.

>Hell, they had plans of using Plastic Man around Forever Evil...

No they haven't. Geoff Johns had plans and put a lock on the character that nobody else could use him. But like Seven Seas those plans didn't go anywhere.

Why would Atom get a book, who eve wants that?

It's just batfags. They hate everyone who writes Batman.

Actually Suicide Squad was the first to drop to monthly

That's 'cause old jimbo can't draw more than a book a year.
Not because of sales figures.

>Gerard Way
>Amanda Conner
>Jimmy Palmiotti
>Juan Ferreyra
>Christopher Priest
>Ben Percy
>Greg Rucka
>Rob Venditti
>Joshua Williamson
>Marc Andreyko
>Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
>Yanick Paquette
>Jill Thompson
>Cat Staggs
>Shea Fontana
>Margueritte Bennett
>Steve Orlando
>Nick Derington
>Jody Houser
>Marley Zarcone
>Tom King
>David Finch
>Scott Snyder
>Julie and Shawna Benson
>Tim Seeley
>James Tynion IV
>Pat Gleason
>Peter Tomasi
>Doug Mahnke
>Phil Jimenez

Maybe more, but these were in the press release.

ok but it's still the first to be monthly again

>ANOTHER Harley book
>a new Gen13 book

That's not really anything "big" though.
It was more suprising that even was announced as a weekly, seeing as jimbo is basically a "meme" at this point with his quick drawing skills.

Yeah the best was when it was announced he fully embraced the meme

" Me on a bi-weekly lolz ;) "

Aquaman/Wonder Woman/Flash/Superman are strong candidates to go monthly when Rebirth Wave 2 hits.

No way are they going to put the JSA, atom and the LoS in the Rebirth oneshots and not do it, Johns is president, he'll make them do them

Again, it's perfectly plausible, especially since Geoff " I like to tease but I forget to deliver" Johns is involved.

>Rise of the Seven Seas never

They teased JSA too

I forgets to deliver things he wants to write but he's not writing any of them

Jiminez wanted Legion stuff in Superwoman but was told to hold off bc of plans for what that's worth

I wish this meme would fucking end already. Johns started to become like that only when they had his hands full and made him jump from a title to another quickly. Previous to that he always delivered what he promised. Now that he doesn't have to write anything he can call the shots for other writers to actually do it.

what was he jumping around on to constantly delay that stupid 7 seas arc?

Fucking Batfags have shit taste as usual desu.

Forever Evil and Lex League happened

He wasn't able to write more than two books so he had to drop everything but JL and Earth One after Forever Evil.

Justice League, Superman, the entire TV stuff and the movies

Oh and if he did write more than 2 books then Diane Nelson would have to get told and tell him to stop that

>They hate everyone who writes Batman.
That makes no sense. I think it's just antibatfags that like to shipost and shit on anyone that writes Batman.

He was also very involved with the TV shows and had a limited amount of input in the movies at the time. He was also planning Rebirth for a long time already and having talks with all the writers. The guy is a fucking machine, I don't know how he found the time to do everything, I don't blame him for his quality of writing going down in JL, since he didn't have that much time and also it shows that he put all of him on DC Rebirth.

He was writing Superman as well

and he had to drop it after like 7 issues despite him hinting at a bunch of stuff like he originally planned to have a longer run

> despite him hinting at a bunch of stuff

The Legend of Geoff Johns

Love me some Johns but damn he's been doing this shit for every franchise he touches recently

Not his fault being CCO makes him more money than writing comics

Because they want him to be in charge of the TV shows and now movies. He has no time to write anything anymore.

>implying Johns isn't Bendis

Yeah. I just hope his new role means he can sketch out the plotlines he wants to see and give them to some handpicked creators to run with

That's what Rebirth is. The entire thing was his idea. He sat down with each creative team to discuss every book.

Assuming all of this is true.

I'm happy Titans has a new artist, sad that Abnett is leaving.

I was hoping to see some Wally centric spinoff so Titans wasn't just the Wally West show, too, but it looks like it didn't do well enough in their eyes to try that out.

Johns role in Rebirth is to create the universe bible for the creatives.

but I'm talking about the storylines he was developing like Rise of the Seven Seas, Shazam et al

The only reason Wally sold well for 20 years was he was on The Flash title. It's the same reason Batman books will sell even when Jim Gordon is Batman. It's why Superman books will have a minimum amount of sales even at the worst of times.

You stick Wally West in a book that isn't called "The Flash" and he putters out around 20k and gets cancelled in a year. Barry on The Flash could barely, consistently hold over 30K and Wally wasn't any better when he was leading the title in 2009 under MARK WAID. Name recognition alone should've sold that book and it didn't.

Now we're nearly a decade removed, his fanbase scattered to the winds, and you think he can handle a solo? Be happy he's a major character in a team book.

>Wally saves DC singlehandedly
>hurr he can't carry a solo

Giving someone a big moment in an event book doesn't mean they can sell, user.

If you kicked Barry off The Flash title and put Wally in it it'd probably sell about the same, probably a little worse from diehard Barry fans tossing it. You give Wally his own book and it's gonna flop unless it's got a big name like Johns on it.

Normal observers:
>Maximum nostalgiafag pandering sells like hotcakes

>Wally is DC
>#Ginger masterrace

Wallyfags are truly delusional

DCU Rebirth didn't sell because Wally West was in it, user. It sold because of good marketing and The Watchmen. Wally West was just Johns' wanking one of his preferred characters.

Geoff Johns hates Wally West.

t. Wallyfags

The closest thing DC ever had to a Bendis was Bob Haney.

you take that back right now

I think it's just anti johns fags trying to latch onto a sore point of one of Johns' mistakes more than Wallyfags. Either that or power level fags who aren't really Wallyfags.

Wallyfags fucking love Johns. Most of them who aren't in their 40s probably started reading Wally comics with him writing the character.

johns' wally run has a huge weak spot because the majority of it is "LOOK HOW BADASS THE ROGUES ARE GUISE. TAKE THEM SRSLY"

i mean he did a good job with the run I just care about Wally West not Snart and co.

I'm calling bullshit on this because
1) Simone wouldn't do a biweekly
2) Abnett wouldn't leave a book after being made an exclusive
3) Steve Orlando said he's writing JLA as part of the new wave
4) Legion is coming with the new wave as well
5) I would expect a huge name on JSA, not someone who's never done a DC book

This is the worst reply I've ever seen. Just look at porn dude, holy shit.

fucing SJW it is his RIGHT to do nothing but jerk it to comics

It's nice that you try and sounds authoritative, but when you don't know that Humphries has been writing for DC since Rebirth, you just sound retarded

>Action Comics: Gail Simone

How is that worse than Borgens?

Yeah Simone has some problems but she's pretty solid. I can't think of anything offhand that she's done that I dislike.

Martian Manhunter still MIA

yeah Manhattan's got him locked up or something. duh

> The samefag Barryfag thinks Wally wouldn't carry a solo when even Nighwing is doing crazy good.

The amount of butthurt is hilarious. Titans is doing fine without ZERO marketing and ZERO push.


>ZERO push.
Zero push? Pretty much everything said by DC is "If you want the story of Rebirth, read Titans."

He'll be in JLA.

Jim Lee is on suicide squad. Will he be writing or drawing wildcats?

Here's the real list
Wild Dog mini series
Gen 13 and superboy
Larry Hama on Wetworks
Len Wein Metal Men continuation/ ongoing
I can't think of a fifth thing they're bringing Fate and Scarb back and teaming them up

I would prefer these over OP's list

>Len Wein Metal Men continuation/ ongoing

This is bullshit. There's no way Metal Men are getting an ongoing. A miniseries like the Hawkman/Adam Strange and Vigilante things it's possible. Same with Firestorm and Metamorpho. Miniseries doing a spotlight of less popular characters that can't carry an ongoing.

More ideas
plastic man anthology like bizzaro world
a new question series with Vic Sage and Renee and the magic one
Enemy Ace or another Blackhawk series

Howard Chaykin's Blackhawk led to an ongoing

i figure if metal men are showing up it's gonna be in Cyborg

That was like 30 years ago, when C tier characters could hold an ongoing.

I think Steel could get an ongoing too. They brought some of supporting cast back in superwoman

Ivyfags hates Harley Quinn

I think Steel's ongoing is Superwoman, or at least, that's how most would perceive it. Steel is about as important to Superwoman as Lois is in the main Superman book, which is pretty damn important, so I don't see the point in having a Steel ongoing when you can just double ship on Superwoman.

Nah, just Ivyleague. I know a lot of Ivyfags that like Harley

Well this is a proven fact
Make another Flash book with Wally and watch it barely last 12 issues

this is some true arrogance
I mean you have a character who is barely known to the public anymore
Wally is not some huge character anymore

Nightwing is a Batman character. Much like how Robin could keep a solo series running but Impulse couldn't. Flash isn't popular enough to support spinoffs for any lengthy period of time anymore and hasn't since Waid wrote the book.

It's why after Rebirth 1.0 they never did anything but the main Flash book. They knew a book starring Wally but not called The Flash wouldn't sell and they were in dire straights.

The Flash -- the name, the comic -- sells. Not Barry or Wally.

There's 0 advertisement in comic stores for Titans and it sure as hell doesn't get brought up in other comics.

It's going to crossover with fucking Deathstroke of all irrelevant things.

The thing had no marketing or push to it because they had to keep the Wally secret for so long that the book was fucking made and the marketing done by the time Rebirth launched.

If it was a real thing they were pushing they'd put a big team on it. You know, like they did Wonder Woman.

The vast majority of people who even know the name Wally West only know him from the TV show and YJ cartoon (and maaaybe the JL cartoon but most people would just remember him as The Flash).

It's a joke that anyone thinks their precious Wally West from the comics is anything more than a brief nostalgia trip. They wanted nothing to do with him for the last 8 years, he clearly isn't that important or that irreplaceable to the company.

Much like Cyborg, he's one of Johns' pet favorites.

And to think Johns wanted to do for the Flash franchise the same he did for Green Lantern.

Too bad the reboot screwed up his plans.

The reboot didn't screw up his plans. The reboot wasn't even beginning to be planed when he started Rebirth.

Rebirth failing is what did it. It just didn't make enough money because Barry Allen, as a name, wasn't a huge draw for a lot of people. Just like a Wally return itself isn't a big deal (Watchmen is).

It also wasn't nearly as good a comic and the delays were awful.

They could have done the same thing they did for Green Lantern if they let Johns make his big "Sinestro Corps War" type event.

Maybe it would fare better now that Barry is a better estabilished name.

Is magneto fighting Superman in this issue? Or is Superman becoming the new Master of Magnet?

I'm just exited for Super Sons. Anyone else here exited for that?

>Wally West isn't important the Flash name alone could sell!
>Flash franchise crashes and burns without Wally
>DC circling the drain without Wally

No mate, DC said if you want to learn about Rebirth, you read The Flash. There wasn't even an editorials note in Flash Rebirth when Wally left the book.

It's all word of mouth and hardcore Wallyfags that spread the word.

> being this butthurt about a character

I swear i love barry and wally but there fans are the biggest fags who can't seem to be happy no matter what only batfamily fans are worse. Particularly jasonfags.

Flash franchise crashed and burned with Wally at the helm. Sales plummeted nearing the end of Johns' run. It's why they brought in Bart.

Again, management wanted to do that, too, but Flash Rebirth failed as a series. Sales were half what was expected (they were expecting MORE than GL Rebirth's huge numbers) with shop owners voicing discontent with extra copies on shelves that people weren't buying.

There was no money in The Flash during or after Barry's return. His #1, series reboot numbers were worse than BART'S, for god's sake.

They specifically said the only two titles that followed up on DCU rebirth were Titans and Flash, and both did in very minor ways before doing their own shit.

Because of course they aren't going to blow their Watchmen load in a B solo book and a C team book.

I'm the one telling him his special snowflake favorite character isn't worth shit. The Flash is important, not Barry or Wally.

I guess after the movie it'll just be Barry by name recognition tho.

I hope the new Titans artist is good.

WildCATS, JSA, and Gen13. I'm hyped.

That sounds like absolute horseshit. Flash Rebirth has been one of the biggest breakouts by all metrics and every report. It continually goes back for more and more reprints and continues to be a top seller.

I'm talking about the 2009 Flash Rebirth, dude. Keep up.

Manapul/Buccellato Flash was a top seller of the New 52

It was around the numbers of Wally's worst days.

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By Don rosa

Dave Sim

I don't know if I believe these announcements at all!!!

so is the only way for a solo lobo comic is by the success of that harley lobo comic?

Basically, yeah