Grab a Disney Princess from google

>Grab a Disney Princess from google
>Mess them up

Show me what you got, Cred Forums


Fuck off.


Why you gotta be that way?

That's actually interesting

these are great keep going, ignore the 2 newfags

Somebody put Chaika's face on Snow White!

I would still fuck them.

My MSPaintfu is weak OP

I'm lurking this thread


Posting a classic


Very nice, got me to kek.

The blue emblem should be Egg of the King

Still would do.


Would still marry.



Paint is no my forte


The picture is unedited.

Actually I think this is a tumblr meme
Correct me if I'm wrong tumblrfriends

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That isn't all there is to the joke, spongebob.

Racism isn't allowed on Cred Forums


I've yet to see an edit I still wouldn't have sex with.
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holy shit that's terrifying

That's scary

Does anybody have the humiliation edit of this with her smeared in cum and her clothing torn to shit?


That's the joke.



Nice, keep going!



they remain surprisingly fuckable

I don't see it, someone post the original


Not mine, but I had to share it.

>no visible Pupils
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>the tv said that megan is a traitor working for hades

where did this "asians and their buck teeth" come from anyway?

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god fucking damnit, I fucking hate spiders

I think it was WW2 propaganda

I think the Japanese actually had problems with dentistry because advancing dental hygiene meant they didn't lose any teeth but wisdom teeth wouldn't actually fit right in a full set of teeth, leading to the front teeth getting shoved forward.
This happenstance then got made into a hyperbolic stereotype.
You will also notice a ton of racist notions at play that can't separate between Asian nations or cultures and just mix it all together.
For example rice straw hats put on people who had no business wearing them or depicting Japanese with Manchu-style buttoned hats that shouldn't be seen anywhere outside Qing-dynasty Chinese officials.


neat thread.

sad about the post above mine.

It predates that, goes all the way back to phrenology.

Are you a fuckng Buzzfeed writer trying to come up with the newest "Disney princesses reimagned as X" article?

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How's your weekend going?