Chaos will always triumph over order; it is the way of things

Chaos will always triumph over order; it is the way of things.

But if it is the way of things, it would be some of order.
And therefore the chaos that follows after order is still transitioning in an orderly fashion.

So is it still chaos then?

Sounds like she wants a nice hard defrag.

>Being proud of such laziness.

Look buddy, "chaos" is just a name for whatever concept the villain has in mind at the moment, it's not actually actual ontological absolute chaos.

Well that's lame.

Does this mean I need to wear pants?

"Order vs Chaos" is fucking retarded.

And even when it results in the logical conclusion of Order and Chaos being necessary equals and opposites of each other, it fails to be compelling because anyone with half a brain already knows that.

Well tell the villain to come up with better names.

You don't see me saying "I'LL RIP YOU TO SHREDS" while using a flame thrower on a hero, cause that obviously wouldn't be ripping at all it'd be burning.

>the logical conclusion of Order and Chaos being necessary equals

That's not a logical conclusion. I don't see any evidence to support the idea order and chaos are somehow equally balanced. If they were that would be a paradox because perfectly equal balancing would itself imply order over chaos.

When an orderly society fails to change, it stagnates. When a chaotic society fails to sort itself out, it collapses.

The science of DNA, the very blueprint of life, is little more than an organized mess.

You need rules to keep things going, but you also need to change them to adapt to the situation.

Order and Chaos are two sides of the same coin, which is why it's boring as fuck when it's played up as a theme.


I come from the net

Reboot depicted chaos and order as both villains
and things got really bad when they combined

what anime is this from

Wrong, the universe will end in absolute equilibrium

So how come you guys are okay when Zaheer does it?

Because Zaheer is such a nice guy, we can't help but agree with him.

He's a murderer.


But he's a nice, civil murderer. He's not the Joker, who is insane and kills whoever he wants in painful ways.

Zaheer kills when he has to, and is almost always polite and respectful.

Given the choice between to two, I'd take Zaheer and his brand of murder. At least he would be sort of comforting in my final moments.

He also kidnapped and attempted to murder the avatar, her friends, and the entire air nation. Food for thought.

The Neutral route is always the hardest; SMT taught us that.

>Chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.

Again, lesser of two evils. Compare him to most other chaotic obsessed villains. At worst, he's a well intentioned extremist. At best, he's an misunderstood anti hero. More than likely he's probably both. Besides, his actions involving the gang and the air nomads only happened because they directly opposed him. He could have killed them several times, but instead chose to use diplomacy and other methods to avoid violence and his achieve his goal. As far as plans involving death go, his has a very low body count.


If Chaos always triumphs isn't it predictable and thus not chaotic?


Well, you don't know HOW it's gonna win. Chaos is gonna keep the crowd entertained, most assuredly.

I agree