Hey, Cred Forums do you remember Newgrounds? Do you remember the games and flashes there? Do you remember the forum? What was your favorite game or flash there? Who was your favorite user there?

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i used to hang around back in the classic Pico and animutations days

'Member Star Wars?

it's still there if you want to relive some nostalgia artists are probably gonna be fleeing there because of jewtube's policy

few months ago I went by Newgrounds to watch some vids that Youtube had age-restricted or taken down.

Had a real soft spot for the Nicholas' Weird Adventure games.

I would generally go on other sites like Stickpage and stuff, so I have nostalgia for those sort of animations.

That and Madness Combat.

Stickpage was my jam.

sonic uncut was the shit

I spent too much time watching this shit

Stupid question, is newgrounds ded?

So, uh... Did you put it in her ass last night?

>Who was your favorite user there?

Me, I guess.

What the fuck kind of question is that?

The site's still going, you know... certainly not as strongly, but it's still going.

I member Johnny Rocketfingers
That was a better VN than Telltale's Walking Dead

I was on nergrounds around the time most of the popular flash animators were still animating stuff

>Max G.
>brothers chap
>Samimation or ebolaworld I guess

their forums were shit, this was back in the time where Cred Forums was the 1337 hackers anonymous. in fact the term "Newfag" originated from Cred Forums because people from newgrounds would often wander into Cred Forums to see what it was like and vice versa, which is where Cred Forumstard came from.

also I wish zone had uploaded full games to newground, he only uploaded teasers and demos

>tfw you wanted to animate in flash
>tfw it took you 8 years to even develop semi good art skills

maybe I should start trying to animate.

>tfw madness updated once every two years

I had no idea that he was walrusguy until a few years ago

Egoraptor's "Awesome" video game series always cracked me up.