This is not bait! I swear to every god mankind has ever believed in and every god in fiction...

This is not bait! I swear to every god mankind has ever believed in and every god in fiction, and on Chris-chan's father's grave that this isn't bait, so you know I'm 100% serious.

I actually don't have many issues with Mighty Magiswords. In fact, I kinda like it for it's unapologetic stupidity and autism fuel. I mean, like what if I made my own Magiswords like the 8-Bit Magisword or the Supersoaker Magisword? Waifu Magisword? I mean the entire premise is just ASKING for both awesome and cringe-worthy fan made Magiswords.

And then on top of that, I love the British sounding sister, and what I can only assume is their boss who is this pretty qt ginger. Fuck, I've always loved redheaded characters, except Ariel, fuck her

Yea, Cred Forums, I kinda like Mighty Magiswords. It's almost a guilty pleasure of mine...

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I´m with you, there is something endearing about the entire concept, The show unapologetic about it´s content like an 8 grader drawing whatever they like on their notepad.

There's no shame, dude. I've been a Slayers fan since the 90s.

I love it for how just flat-out silly it is.

"You want a serious show? Here, have a man playing the accordion for a sentient pumpkin sword. FUCK serious."

Magisword OC roll call!

8-Ball Magisword reporting!

Very few people on Cred Forums hate mighty magiswords. particularly an autist who the creator pissed off and an autist who compares it to an anime it has nothing in common with but /similar/ character designs.

Chainsaw Dildo Magisword here!

hentai tenticle magisword
Massive penis magisword
(wake me up) magisword
(can't wake up) magisword
Divine God magisword

Let me guess, you were on of those unfunny cunts who repeated South Park when they pointed out that Avatar was just a copy of Dances with Wolves.

Kyle, go back to deviantArt and stop shilling your show.

The show and it's style don't particularly appeal to me, but it's definitely a show where I look at it and shrug it off because 1) it's got good merch potential, and 2) is colourful and silly enough to appeal to its target audience, which I'm clearly not a part of. It'll be good idle entertainment like TTG and UG, it's not even close to the same level of "oh fuck no" that nuPPG and Johnny Test are, it'll be a hit with kids.

I'm glad the guy was able to get it greenlit after 10 fucking years of pitching it and can only hope it ends up being everything he could have hoped it'd be.

Avatar IS just a copy of Dances with Wolves though.

Reminder that it's made by a neckbeard


I think he's just calling you annoying.

It has to connect to be a neckbeard

Reminder that nobody cares

cartoon creators sure are handsome

Are people really that mad about the show where you have to precede all praise you have for the show with a bunch of "It's not bait I promise!"

It's so inoffensive, what would people have to be mad about? Hell, I watched a couple of the shorts and got a few chuckles out of it, there's some good puns and stuff in there.

its okay, we can talk about it now

but really, i actually laughed during the premiere, and i want to see more of it

Dude, nobody gives a shit about slayers and the characters look nothing alike, shut the fuck up!

Man, he is particularly ugly. I'm not even saying that to be a dick, he's just really unfortunate looking.

Has he done anything aside from that one webcomic and getting all upset because John K said something mean about his art once?

>and on Chris-chan's father's grave
If theres an afterlife, i hope bob is getting beated and shitted upon for the horrors he had wrought

>nobody gives a shit about slayers

Slayers is one of the anime classics.

>the characters look nothing alike

They're direct rip offs.

this. cant usa animators do anything outside of nod at japan's ideas? At first avatar nods amused me, but then I noticed it became a lot of the glue that held some concepts together and that is cheating.

is this slayers ripoff anything like slayers? because I only saw one promo image and was like "oh hi sayers"

> inb4 genderbent Magisword

Friggin Sweet I love Slayers.
Has Martina shown up yet? She was always my favorite.

Well he's got a show on Cartoon Network right now.

Show some mercy. I'm sure living with Chris was enough of a hell for him.

He sure is a complete asshole to anyone that gives him the smallest amount of constructive criticism too.

Seriously this guy is a faggot that needs to be kept from Cartoon Network as much as possible.

The premise is fine.

The writing of the humor is whatever.

But it's incredibly painful to look at AND listen to. Not digging the art style or anyone's VA at all.

Except all the fans in all the countries that have kept Slayers alive for almost 30 years.

This shit is a total copy of Slayers but drawn by an untalented faggot.


we need more silly cartoons


Fuck off with the creator and Slayers autism. Just post Vambre.

Disney's pumping out loads of them.

Sadly they're all banished to the premium channel no one has and get no promotion outside word of mouth.

I don't think its particularly good, yet I keep watching it.

Most comics today suck, but people still read them. At least Mighty Magiswords is dumb but relaxing fun.

So has Cred Forums come along with accepting Grump on their Cartoon Network?

>needs to be kept away from Cartoon Network

I recognize that statement, it's the autistic blogger that got his feelings hurt! Between this faggot and the Slayers shitposters this is indeed your standard Magiswords thread.

>the piggeh magisword
I wouldn't be surprised if it was used as a reaction image in the near future

Post Lina? Okay.

I kind of like the british tone that the VA gives to the series

haven't there been a number of Magiswords shorts and minigames floating around CN's website/apps for a year or two now, like OK KO but moreso? Upgrading the brand from that to having a few full-length timeslots on the network seems barely noteworthy

I didn't recognize the Slayers thing because i'm an Cred Forums ignoramus who's only aware of that show due to dota ripping off one of the main characters, but I immediately recognized the two magiswords characters as generic magical bighair heroes from that era of anime, which slayers is just one of the most iconic examples of. Adapting anime action slapstick characters into a western cartoon only seems logical - looking forward to the Trigun ripoff next

seriously though i'd rather they air something like this than shit out some kind of nu-Courage or similar reboot that you know they're not above trying

>Posting the worst character
Let me help you, faggot.

I really do want to know if Zange is preparing for something with how she keeps leading the Warriors to Magiswords and then doubling their payment.

Reporting for not liking Magiswords
I don't shit up threads and I am not autistic about it, it just doesn't appeal to me and it feels kinda lazy. I guess my lack of visceral hate is telling that it's not really so bad.

I loved Slayers. To bad japan went from badass fantasy anime to moe blob shit. Nowaday there is nearly zero fantasy anime and they all nearly suck. At least magisword is funny and is mostly is own thing.

>Trigun ripoff.
Not gonna like I was hoping Wander Over Yonder was gonna be something like that.
Though it's a much better show for not being.

Probably just likes having what are basically clean-up crews so she doesn't have to pay the army to deal with shit.

And there are some people ITT right now who hate based John K.