Cred Forums characters designed for the express purpose of becoming waifus


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>waifuing anything from a film starring one of the worst comedians of the 21st century

Why is he so perfect?

Was he adopted? His parents both have blue eyes.



The stork brings what the stork brings.


Cred Forums would spank it to Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble if

well, there's no if, they just would

she thicc


>fanfiction writing, origami-weapon-wielding, cleptomaniac blue devil

Cio is cute, CUTE!

No, you fucking autists just have mommy issues.


cute af


Who is this mighty seducer?




She's not fappable though.


apply yourself

>gets a faint feeling that her presumed dead boyfriend might still be alive
>every one of her friends calls her crazy and leaves him for dead
>goes on a wild goose chase through the wilderness
>fights tooth and nail against a literal fucking demon and his army to get her husbando back
>settles down with him innawoods and has a couple of kids

Evangeline is weapons-grade waifu material

yEAH Shenzi is pretty hot.

inb4 officer hopps

don't forget that said boyfriend is a huge contender to be the next god for his race.

Everyone is furry for Gadget.

No exceptions.

yeah but she didn't know that at the time, she just loves him, it's cute as fuck

also I'm glad they cut off his arm and got rid of his powers (for now). He went from tolerable marysue to Kirito-tier marysue

my comrade

>ginger redhead
Excellent taste guys

>contender to god.

You must watch the OVAs user.

Don't have any pics of Freddy Fear's mum saved but...


Well she did inspire an entire cult, so there is that.

You can't beat pure happiness.

I can beat it until it's sad!

She'll enjoy every second, rendering your anger useless.


Waifuing has nothing to do with liking the movie, and it's not like she's voiced by Andy Sandberg

Preach. Jane Porter a cute.

see: Aunt Grandma

>OP's post
>this thread

Never been so ashamed to share a species with someone.

Her T H I C Cness wasn't given enough fanservice to shine through, unfortunately...

Designed purely to seduce

I totally want to do her ass.

I think you mean reproduce

I want to do her ass.

>I can beat it until it's sad!
>She'll enjoy every second

Someone must draw this situation.

Her face just kills it though. Im as hard concrete oatmeal from the neck down, but anything past the chin makes sink like Cosby at a BLM rally.

I mean, I don't personally find her that attractive, but Pendleton Ward said that he designed her to be a waifu, so.



Top tier

There are so, so many comedians worse and less clever than Andy Samberg. I don't even particularly care for most of his material (I strongly dislike sketch shows so I haven't seen much SNL) but he generally has some level of satire and effort in his work. I would watch any of his movies any day over the vast majority of modern Hollywood comedy films. Popstar was actually funny (especially if you're familiar with the music industry) and he was very believable and good as the character


Puberty hit her like a brick

The most obvious exemple.


Just saw this movie and I enjoyed it

>orphan living among birds whose faces and bodies are covered in feathers
>has access to eyeshadow and presumably other makeup
is this explained

They can always fly it to her.

The company the storks work for sell good to humans. So it isn't unreasonable to assume she buys it from them or steals it.



In color she really looks like a pig.



>Cred Forums would spank it to Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble
That already happened and no nobody did

She looks like young Lucille Ball.

Someone finally said it

Well, he failed.

10/10 would reproduce with gogo


I vastly preferred Disgust.

>Wanting sluts
>not wanting the purest


She's only pure because the mopey fat crying one is the least wanted.